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  1. In one review i heard that game have postgame 🤓
  2. Oh no... No more "Stroke *every creature on earth*"? 😂
  3. Tears of joy 😂
  4. I dont want new super hard without ng+ 😅
  5. Aaaaaand finally they patched it! Got platinum after 2 month of waiting 😅
  6. I think its new sega pr strategy for Sonic 🙃
  7. No, because there's still many good games with good trophy lists. And of course you can always play game for fun 😅
  8. Start with yourself, no? 😐
  9. On discord developers posted that they doing hotfix for Helob. I hope we can get our last Tarot card! 😳
  10. Lol... Ok, waiting another month 😡
  11. Demo was really enjoyable. And Valkyrie Elysium too Square Enix strong 😊 Cant wait to play both
  12. I've bought 60 followers 😂 and no card. Before patch. And couple now... Helob dont give the last card It was not fixed. I tested it already I hate it.
  13. No Tarot card fix?(((
  14. I hope last Tarot card will be fixed. Because all i saw it's snail problem fix 😓