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  1. I also did them solo and it's even better honestly. If you're playing alone you can focus on getting the sync points at the same time and pause the game to search for the locations
  2. I followed every possible step, but there are 4 games that just won't show up on PSNprofiles. They are unhidden on my PS4, PS5 and PS3 with the PS Plus premium method. I also tried to hide all the trophies from my profile, earn a trophy and then unhide it again but they still don't show up
  3. Thanks for this! Do you know whether you can access your old progress again after earning the trophies on a new account? By linking your PSN back again to your main Epic Games account
  4. I'm having the same problem. Can't get the trophy where you simply qualify from one round, or to equip a certain item... If I knew it would be unobtainable, I wouldn't have started playing on this stack
  5. Thanks man! Literally downloaded the game a few hours ago and got the trophy now, that's how easy it is 😂
  6. I just purchased it digitally as I don't have the patience to wait 8 more days and I do not regret it in any way! I love the game so far
  7. Do you know whether the delicious last course will be the final DLC? If so, I'll just wait till that releases so I can get my hands on a physical copy
  8. Looks pretty straightforward and not that long at all
  9. At this moment I won't even be surprised if there will be a GTA V 2 instead of GTA 6 lol
  10. Same. I feel like no one has enough preparation for this upcoming game of the year of 2022
  11. Anyone knows whether you will be able to play with ps4 players on the ps5 version?
  12. Loved it! I thought it was even better than The Dark Knight but that's just my opinion
  13. I don't know if it's supposed to be like this or whether it's bugged, but I was able to claim GTA Online for free without owning PS Plus on my main account. It doesn't matter at all as I've purchased the full version afterwards, but I thought only accounts with PS Plus could claim online for free
  14. I can't even beat the game normally with 2 healthy eyes
  15. I follow your method. The trophies did pop on the PS4 version but when I started the PS5 save nothing popped