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  1. I think Ghost of Tsushima really deserved the GOTY award from 2020 instead of The Last of Us Part II. The Last of Us Part II is an amazing game, but I personally think Ghost of Tsushima is way better in most aspects. I just think it's a shame that such a legendary game hasn't earned the the Game of the Year title because it really deserved it.
  2. Control - PS5 I hate it.
  3. Do you guys think they will add DLC trophies with this expansion?
  4. How do u get the PS4 version? the playstation store is only showing up the PS5 version for me
  5. I got this one for pre-ordering Ghost of Tsushima, and I love it
  6. I've participated in a few Telegram groups with bots that will notify you when the PS5 is available somewhere. I got mine from (dutch website)
  7. do you guys think they're ever going to take trophies away from PlayStation? I'm just afraid we will all have done all of this for nothing in the future.
  8. it's breathtaking
  9. I had the same problem, it's because you already tried the trial before. My trial is also bugged into the full game right now, but I can't access the trophies. If you really want to access the trophies you must purchase the game on another account or buy a physical copy.
  10. I'm so excited😄
  11. The game is getting a remake in 2021. What are your thoughts?
  12. Will you still get the trophies with cheats enabled?
  13. No there aren't any missable trophies