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  1. Can you autopop the PS4 version if you've completed the PS5 version first?
  2. I have purchased the season pass of Far Cry 6, so I should be able to claim this game for free. When I go to the PlayStation Store though it says 'Unavailable for purchase'. Before I select the game it says it is free but I can't purchase it. Did anyone experience the same thing and found a solution?
  3. Why is there actually no PS5 version? I was so excited to play this at 60FPS
  4. Same bro I literally just got connected in a server in which everyone was the same color and got the same name
  5. Seems pretty easy. Can't you just boost all these trophies to complete it even faster though? as you can join other people's game with a code
  6. This is actually a great month! I was planning to buy Godfall so this is amazing to hear
  7. No this really isn't that serious for professional help. I was just worried about it but paranoia was actually phrased a bit too extreme. By the way I understand every game has a code for unlocking trophies but I referred more to the PS6 days where there might be a huge difference in how games will run at that time
  8. Hey guys, I know this is very random and won't happen anytime soon (I hope) but do you think they will ever remove the whole trophy system from PlayStation Network? It's just that I got into trophy hunting a while ago again and I got a bit paranoid about them ever removing trophies from PlayStation, as we will have done all of this for nothing. I like gaming and trophy hunting but some trophies are just a pain and it wouldn't feel right if all of that would be gone someday. I know I'm looking to deep in the future right now but it still made me a bit paranoid
  9. Hey guys I have a question. I purchased the special edition of Skyrim and saw that it included both the PS4 and PS5 versions of the game, does the special edition include the 3 main DLC's though? Because on the PlayStation Store it says that the anniversary edition includes all 3 DLC packs but I'm not sure whether I will get them with the special edition too.
  10. ARK: Survival Evolved. I purchased the explorer edition for like 80 bucks back when it was new, because all my friends recommended the game to me and they said it's one of the best games ever. Guess what... I've only been playing it for 10 hours and never played it again as it's just super boring to me
  11. How much does the upgrade cost though ?
  12. I'm happy it isn't as short like modern warfare 2019 but I expected it to be a bit harder with the zombies. I hope you will eventually have to complete the zombies easter egg as a DLC trophy once it releases.
  13. Alright. Do you know whether the rest of the game is P2P? So like the zombies server
  14. are the BO4 servers P2P too? Because if it isn't I might actually start worrying about it too 😓