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  1. FIFA is a massive franchise with much scrutiny and attention afforded to it. Plus four months is one thing, but this has been a problem in PvZ Garden Warfare since October 2019. That's 13 months now. Plus, another game has since been released (PvZ Neighborville) and all support, future content and updates for that game have also been dropped. I appreciate what you're saying but sometimes its looking at things on a case by case basis, rather than it just being 'EA'. Their devs actually confirmed that community events were finished to focus on the new game, which flopped massively. With an even smaller player base now, I don't see what reason they'll have to reinstate the events? Further evidence for you. Official EA forums, countless requests for them to be reinstated or a work around, all have fell on deaf ears. The 100% is gone, people should just be grateful now that the platinum is still achievable.
  2. Bit late to the party expecting a fix now my friend, this was announced pretty much a year ago. We petitioned, sent tweets and spoke to devs back then to absolutely no avail.
  3. So when you have a large trophy collection and after what, 50/100 games on your list it says scroll down for more? I wonder if it'll be reduced to 20 games with these big ass squares? 🤣 Not a fan, but it is what it is.
  4. I didn't say he would struggle, I'm saying he's avoiding a game he wanted to play because the challenge in which the online brings, specifically the raids. I don't question the ability of the OP, just his thought process. And the irony is that the raids haven't even started yet, so you, myself or anyone else cannot yet deem how hard it is.
  5. How is it BS if you're ducking a game that you were going to originally play due to an update that may compromise your 100%? Just because his or anyone else's profile has hard trophies on there doesn't make my point invalid, especially if you're now choosing to avoid a game based on what the OP stated in his post.
  6. My sentiments exactly. Call out rotten opinions for what they are. What's even the worth of a 100% profile if there's zero challenge to it? Surely that's part of the fun of being a completionist, the challenge in which it brings.
  7. You've stated you don't own the game yet you've deemed the game good, but the new content trash. Are we to value opinions formed on something someone hasn't experienced?
  8. The decision was made over 9 months ago my friend. Mini petitions and complaints were made, I even had dialog with one of the dev team on twitter, got nowhere. But yeah, it's all already been done to no avail I'm afraid.
  9. "First party platinums and/or 100% requirements are too easy now!" "Wait, don't make it that hard! If it's going to pose any challenge to my 100%, make it stand alone!" Whilst I'm clearly generalising, it amazes me the category in which someone decides to write off a game and decide they're not playing it. The quality of the raids and free content they've just released may be absolutely amazing, but because you're required to do something outside a single player experience, it should be boycotted? No, it shouldn't have been released as stand alone as this was always clearly intended on being part of Ghost of Tsushimas experience. They simply allowed people to firstly digest the single player story before giving us the added content. Why should it be stand alone? To appease the small fraction of trophy hunters within the trophy hunting community who lose their shit the minute a 100% is jeprodised by a potentially hard or time consuming online trophy? Good lord.
  10. The issue isn't me being unable to distinguish between them? I know online trophies are time limited, but they are still a part of the game as a whole, and therefore a true 100% should include them, as they are part of the gaming experience now, which the trophies represent. Just because players are afraid they won't be able to earn them in four years time is on them, not me, or the developer. I don't mind online trophies and I welcome the fact Sucker Punch have given me a further reason to dive back in. So what can I not distinguish? Besides its a free update, so the players who dove into it don't have to flex any cash to have it. Trophy hunters represent a very small fraction of the people you're talking about.
  11. Then let's not add any trophies to any game at all then? Trophies represent the challenges of all aspect of a game. Why should that be limited to the offline experience, when gaming encompasses both offline and online play?
  12. Whilst a quick knock out on a formidable warrior may seem cheap, it also proves Jin wasn't infallible. Other moments in the game, namely with Taka, proved this point also. His journey through the game is very much one of learning and changing to the man he is to become, and I just saw this scene as another step on that journey. I can't imagine a little scene like that could diminish someone's enjoyment of the game to such a degree, but each to their own! My favourite game this year.
  13. I wouldn't yet understand any complaints. Literally a free update rather than payable dlc to add a component that was blatantly only sat on for a while so people could first enjoy the single player aspect. Moaning about how hard the trophies are or length of time they'll take is madness at this stage. You're never obliged to go for a 100%, nobody is forcing the fact. You're being offered potentially fun online play and co op missions for free on what is an absolutely stellar game. How can anyone even condemn the trophy requirements before we've fully played it, a day after release?
  14. They aren't officially unobtainable, but they haven't held a boss event since October 2019, so I think it's extremely unlikely they'll be achievable again. In fact, this month was probably the last hope of ever getting them I'd say, as it was the Halloween Spooky Squash boss that was last in rotation.