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  1. I got it to work now .. The problem was me lol I was going to the wrong google profile.. Happens when you have 2 or more lol
  2. No not first time I done it few times .. want to try agian but not working .. I k ow how to do it lol done it thousands of times .. now just not working
  3. No, I mean when I add the gmail I get an error (C2-14396-3) Says go to google and because app to not be secure. So, I did that and still nothing say error code I been trying for 1 hour now ...Maybe just dont work with gmail anymore cause I did everything!
  4. I believe this trick is not working anymore ... I tried it out today and when I get to my gmail account it shows a error .. So, I disabled settings on google to let me bypass on the vita and still says the same error? I guess it does not work anymore.
  5. thks
  6. Dont see this in the store?
  7. lol damn
  8. So, aftermath is out now and there are no trophies I see add so ... I think they will do what they have been doing release the game of the year or whatever Ed. With everything!!! Then I believe we will see a new trophy list
  9. Seems that way. But IM sure there maybe a point where you can re load a save or something.
  10. Yeah, Im playing it right now lol Just in case they add trophies LOL
  11. Nice! lol Never thought of that one . But I have a feeling there going to be do a friendship, do a fatal in new stage and so on .. If we do get one! Still hoping its a no thou
  12. If im not mistaken I believe Steam has this option I could be wrong?
  13. DLC should have its own trophy list!!! It has messed up my 100% for some games ANd the tracker ..What happen to that they said it was to be in one of the udates from 1 year ago but it still has not been added!! That should be the first thing added and COME ON lets delete any game we dont want on are list!!!!
  14. True .. so hoping nothing shows up
  15. As I said I could be wrong .. but I remember on mk x the dlc was 2 or 3 days before release date. Cause I remember I look on my ps app and saw it! I was like damnit lol 😂 but this time have not seen it yet