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  1. I see him sitting in the chair and i begin to smash the glass over his head but nothing? Do I wait till he rushes me with the pig head on before I try this ...??
  2. Any good roadmaps for this chapter 5 ... I tried the one on faq gamespot it was more confusing to follow?
  3. oh wow thanks for the heads up )
  4. ok understand now thanks for the info
  5. ok got it .. But can you just one hit kill them now?
  6. oh i see .. So, what is the rating now with cheats? 3/10 or 1/10
  7. Is this a platinum roadmap?
  8. So, Just heard about the cheats for this game ... Do you get the cheats from the beginning? so, what is the roadmap now with cheats? like set 1 set 2
  9. thanks for the heads up
  10. i got it ) no worries )
  11. thanks will give it a go
  12. ok is there any missable trophies
  13. Any 100% Platinum runs for this game?
  14. I know most people dont care about trophies or such! But a new fighting game that has a low budget ... At least make the trophies not a grind feast! Alot of people maybe turned off now and wont buy ... I will pick up later when the price goes down .. But by the time i pick it up will online play still be active ?? So, if the trophies were alot easier I think the case at hand would be yes online play maybe still strong!!
  15. oh ok that be kool thanks for the walkthrough