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  1. Sounds like you never played a game before ... Im talking about save transfer but im sure your just being a ass! But im thinking you may just found out about trophies im happy for you! Epic fail LOL
  2. How do we auto pop the trophies?
  3. I saw on my ps store any news on Auto pop?
  4. Maybe with all abilities it will be easy:)
  5. I guess people never been to the steam store??????
  6. 1. UC 1 2. UC 2 3. UC 4 4. UC LL 5. UC 3
  7. indeed
  8. 3 to 6 hours at best
  9. Yeah I got it long time ago but thks
  10. thks I beat it on my own ...way back but thks
  11. Its boring and Trash
  12. So SIFU will have GOD MODE looks like that plat % will get up to that 65% mark soon
  13. yes its something the developers did not think out!
  14. yeah ... What happen to the good old goods where you upload DLC from the menu lol Now you have to do this and do that an pray you have a save file lol cause 9.99 for the DLC could be wasted
  15. the melee weapon is bugged yes. I hope they fix this seems like a new one