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  1. i hear ya ... happy gaming mate
  2. the other 2 trophies are ... In the room with the fat guy with dinner table grab the knife and toss it at his chest! ) the last one is the door room with the coin slot ... just grab the coin and toss that in the slot dont drop it stand way back and toss it
  3. Ok start a new game ... when you see the tape don’t just put it in do a trick shot which means throw it in the vcr looking device ... next trophy will be the tree level when you see the goggles take the green battery from the machine and trick shot it meaning again throw the green battery in the battery slot )
  4. Just start a new game and you will get the trophies )
  5. Yes, i wonder this too
  6. have you figure out where you get these trophies
  7. awesome news thks
  8. great more trophies time to reload this game and get them
  9. thanks just email them as well)
  10. thanks for teh heads up )
  11. So, if you have to do everything in this game shouldn't it be harder not easier? And how can you get most trophies out of the way if you have to grind everything in the game ?
  12. What you mean finish all the trophies way too soon? How easy is this game?
  13. I notice no one has these 2 trophies? Is there a glitch here??
  14. Traveling to Vietnam in december .. Cant wait!! )

  15. Thanks will pick up soon )