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  1. S.M. studio is knocking it out with this game ... You dont need new trophies to play it again ... I will play it again forsure!! Shows some developers GET IT!!
  2. So, Only one? Choices dont have an impact?
  3. out of the 3 metrovania style games dead cells, death gambit... Is this on the easiest? And is there a roadmap for this game?
  4. I agree I love the play and 100% route ... But it was getting old and OLD fast so, yes I like to get more from the game and this will do just fine.
  5. Surething if you ... Would be awesome to check it out Thanks if you have the time if not no worries
  6. Yes, hearing about this i think I will pick it up ...Cause the game looks brutal lol but if it that easy mmmm
  7. Going to pick up this friday
  8. indeed this list seems easy then that last trophy SIgh! I mean at least put a few hard ones mixed in ... Like beat game on hardcore and beat game on epic lol But you get the picture
  9. Have to wait and see how brutal that trophy will be ... But If its to brutal you think the developers will ease it down a bit .. Another wait and see
  10. Thanks for the heads up mate .. How was the story .. ??
  11. Is this a 100% guide?
  12. I agree ... I will pick up soon but with other games coming I will pass for now! I thought about passing altogether but I will get it a shoot soon. Looks to good to just pass cause of that trophy HAHAH
  13. I was like man oh man this is a 3/10 then I went to the last trophy and I was like 👊 in the face!! bump it up to 9.5/10 lol I will be skipping this one!!
  14. Hey, great to hear you will be getting a ps4 ... Bloodborne is a must!
  15. Where you found enter the dreamland trophy?? I have all the trophies but this one and save dreamland Ok I know now why I could not found it this trophy is glitched ...Had to redue this part over 3 times blah