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  1. IS this that hard ?
  2. I agree ☝🏼
  3. So true my son never played a souls game … he has no skills with these games and he plat it! Once y son beat this game I k ow it’s around 3/10
  4. the 3rd is not bad at all ... Its teh 2nd one that gets me all the time
  5. I may go back ... I have other games I want to get started LOL THks for the info thou!
  6. Yeah but that second part were the space becomes so small I get killed every time its a mess!!! Its the part near the end where your at the bootom and you have to bend your ship to the top really really fast no leg room LOL
  7. It just says in a row lol they really need to describe that better Should say in a row without dying! F that !!!! lol
  8. I died 2 times ... can you die?
  9. I did it without leaving
  10. DId all the boosted races and trophy did not pop?
  11. ok thks
  12. How you access DLC 2
  13. I think your right? Don't see it on the list
  14. 19 to 13 million by 6 million and you cant found a PS5 lol plus the 13 million is S and x total 2 consoles LOL fail!!
  15. I believe you can go back and finish up everything after game is done