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  1. I think that was wrong .. Cause I try to found as well lol I just sucked it up and beat the game .. you can do it
  2. thanks for the info once again
  3. Is there a trophy list for ps4 .. I see only Vita? I see you can buy both ?
  4. WoW .. i was going to purchase this game this week! lol Thanks for the info... I think I will pass on this till a patch or something is done?
  5. True but ...We all know where there heart stands it was always SONY .. Just saying this isn't big news
  6. JUst saying this is not big news .. thats all
  7. True but all that aside they were always a Sony first party studio! Lets be real here sony were going to get 99.99 % exclusives anyways if this deal was not going to happen anyways! So, thus news is nothing to be honest
  8. not big news at all .. I mean they where only making games for Sony anyways! Only game was not (sunset Overdrive) Sony just wasted money on this!! The studio pretty much was making only Sony games anyways! SIGH SONY!
  9. I played it on steam its 2/10
  10. true .. at least if its true ... Put a neon city in the back ground!!
  11. oh wow the box art looks .. well, awful lol
  12. Its EA ... They will f this up!! wait and see ... And yes air combos!! But I think they had there stage today and showed nothing any other games have done before.
  13. I saw and was not thrilled about the combat system!! No air combos at all ..I mean your a jedi!!! come on the combat looks boring and soo last year!!
  14. I like to start this game up and just finish it up and move on (back log of games) SO, If I was to start this game with cheats what would be the right way to do this?
  15. Will they release a last of us without muti-player ? Like they did with uncharted?