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  1. about right ,, 17,18,19 and late 2019 ps5 cant wait!!!!
  2. i see .. thanks
  3. How much room I have with mistakes (30 min game trophy)
  4. great to hear .. Hope to see more games indeed!!
  5. YEah I beat it the same day I wrote that msg ... Game was so uneven in difficulty!
  6. So, seems the collectibles kinda a pain ... I think I wait if you get that roadmap done
  7. Is this the only missable trophy the collectables??
  8. thanks ... Playing now
  9. You have a time stamp where the 3 rune fights are? So, I can get a heads up when they will appear. Thanks
  10. Thanks
  11. gotcha, is this a easy game? And how long is this? How many euros?
  12. I am loving these trophy list coming from the newer games! Make them easy and enjoy the game! More games should do this!!! I hate to rage and make a great game a nightmare to play!! GOD of war and Zero dawn have doing these types of list! Saying that this may be hard lol but it seems like a 3/10
  13. What store is the game at? NA not yet so, is it in HK, EU ?
  14. Thats good to know ... I will wait and see if they patch it up
  15. thanks, hope it goes well!