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  1. I been using PS4 controller ..Only controller I like to be honest ..But that sucks it happens. When I get a PS5 I will use the PS5 controller.. Playing INMOST! Its awesome
  2. Its true lol Its the feeling when you ram all these enemy's its a rush I think LOL
  3. I was always waiting it seems to get a switch and it seems I always put it off for some reason? But its seems thanks to the PS5 I finally got one! Just trying to win a battle that I kn ew it was a 0.000 chance of getting a PS5 ... I just bought a switch and glad I did its been a awesome console! Its my first nin since my NES and my SNES. So, its been a while since I jumped back in the Nintendo pool. And honestly not really worried about getting a PS5 at the moment Oh! Just got Inmost! Loving it! Seems switch has all the games I loved as a kid BUNCH of platformers and pixel 2d platformers
  4. Abc murders, dead secret, the invisible hours , la noire , vanishing of Ethan crater , the raven just few to get started
  5. Yeah looks like alot of do this and that in areas ... I may get this on the switch and not worry about them trophies lol
  6. Put most of your points into Dexterity then Body and Skill. Plust he Kusarigama is also very nice to use aswell!
  7. Any good platinum roadmap around?
  8. That’s a shame
  9. How I change the inputs on switch to PS symbols? IF not is there a hack I can use to do this??
  10. Yeah i remember this game ... Just ordered a switch cause sick of waiting aroun d to get a PS5 so got the next best thing
  11. I believe this is for the Nintendo Switch does anybody know a release date? Really screams Ni No Kuni!! Studio Ghibli vibes as well!
  12. I enjoyed the game ... The game was hyped up when first showed and people ran with that. When it was released it was not what people thought? Saying that still it was a great game and story. Game was not easy! Easy yes if you follow a guide but going blindly into the game it was not a walk in the park at all!
  13. Yeah I got it
  14. πŸ† Arhat - Just play on easy πŸ† Shaolin warrior and Shaolin Legend - When your done with the story you should be OP with all upgrades just pick the mission in each chapter to Legend and beat it again. Saying that there is a Bug after I beat all missions in each chapter to legend the trophy did not pop. What I did was played the last boss fight in chapter 5 again and both trophies popped πŸ† Samsara - Revive your partner 20 times I believe πŸ† Cowards path - finish the mission and go back to the starting point
  15. Samsara what is this trophy? I thought it was for dying its not .. Any tips