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  1. We will see
  2. I see I will start a new game see if bug happens
  3. Yeah the map is done ✅ I just checked there is a bug people are stuck at 97% developers trying to fix now For people having issues with the 100% / 101% completion, we're looking into this and will have it patched very soon! that’s from there Twitter
  4. Yes I got everything … you can check my trophies all skills and relics beat all levels got all keys looked at the map over 20 mins! Is there a hidden path?
  5. I beat all levels , beat all fighting challenges got all skills and got all keys and relics and my game says 97% mmm
  6. yeah the game is awesome ... I love how they let you get use to a power and weapon before adding on something new! The pace is very well done!!
  7. Im playing it now ... I believe WOW rude is missable ... Try to skip it and nothing happen? seems like you have to get that from the start of the game
  8. Could be wrong but watching some videos it looks and plays just like dishonored ... Saying that its not a bad thing just they should have called it DH 3 to be honest they just slapped a new IP and said its new lol But its ok still cool game
  9. I thought this game was out already lol WOW its not yet!!
  10. Going by the % its not fixed! I dont see anybody with 100% Sad cause the game looks pretty good to boot!
  11. i see thks
  12. Anything missable here?
  13. Maybe .. But as it says on the PS blog its only on PS5 as we speak
  14. Naw is only for PlayStation 5 ... Not sure Sony must have gotten a deal! Timed or X
  15. Nope it’s a ps5 x … and it’s not new this game was showned like 5 months ago I pretty much knew about it … but did not expect to see it so I was happy to see it