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  1. We should have a option to change are COMPLETION TO AVERAGE???!!!
  2. HAHAHA This is sooo true!! LOL
  3. Can you play the New Game Mode on hardest diff. and no deaths? And if so what makes it easier? Thanks
  4. Yeah its 95% Should be out this September! Sony is all about remakes and repacked games nowadays so, This is coming BAR NONE!!
  5. May check it out
  6. Relax lol It was said yesterday that 3 or 4 things in the report are false! It was said pitch was turn down but the game Days Gone 2 is in development ... So, relax
  7. NONISSUE!!! If Sony is nomore then we can worry!
  8. This is the best thing to happen ..For one I never played the game because of the multiplayer trophies. So, If this is going to be like the UC remastered titles it shoul only have the base game no muti trophies! I've been waiting for this a long time So, I can play the game waiting for almost 8 years now! hope the trophy list is like UC remastered
  9. Yeah .. This one looks nice! Hope it can deliver? This is the 3rd game well, 2nd counting the demo last year to look photo realistic! The other game forspoken! Cant wait till we get only next gen games its going to be a great GEN!!!
  10. I started my 2nd run and it has 2 stars then I saved the game again (2 stars) again. Then I beat the first boss and saved after the boss but the 2 stars are not showing up? What happen?
  11. Its silly yes ... But Company's on April fools day release trailer like this it happens all the time ... If its real then its real? But I think its just a April fools day joke? Why release it on April fools day? Why not the day before or after lol Just say
  12. It was released on April fools day .. Its totally a April fools day trailer lol
  13. This was a April Fools joke!!! Not real!!
  14. No... You have to purchase the game. Free pass blocks out trophies for a heads up on this.
  15. haha Yeah, its a fun little title! Not to give away too much but ... Six is there and the bosses are very cool check it out!!!