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  1. awesome mate!! Was going to pick this up soon .. maybe now is the time lol
  2. YEs but can change it up and fans will know what it is? I would not be shocked to found out at the end of the story .. Are hero of the day wakes up .. and he is in a fog covered town
  3. Yes .. I feel like something is there
  4. Does anybody think death stranding is (PT)
  5. Never played COD .. But with no MP trophies I may pick it up lol
  6. Any roadmaps on this game (trophy guides)
  7. Yes, pretty much .. Plus trophy hunting dont mean i play mutiplayer games if I wanted that I go to xbox! Thats why I always loved sony .. The single player experience! Just wish developers would not push mutiplayers down are throat ... But it seems last of us 2 they got the picture ... Hats off to them for that
  8. it does sound complicated .. lol I may just pass on the game .. dont want to spend soo much time on multiplayer.
  9. SO, can i just spam play and quit 84 times ... If so, should be quick then
  10. I just downloaded it .. so, maybe I will play it soon! Just wondering is there a de-bug mode for mutiplayer so I can get the trophies is like 5 mins lol i know there is not but maybe there is lol cause I just read the trophy guide one trophy i have to play a whole month to get WTF!! This must the longest grind in history sigh
  11. Not going for 100% like to but not going to happen lol .. But I am trying to get pass 99 % when I get there ... I may pick it up and try it. If its easy then I will give it a go
  12. If you can stand the mkx grind, you can finish TLoU in less than half the time it took you to 100% the former. 


    You won't regret playing this game, I promise. 

  13. naw seeing the empty trophy spots will still piss me off ..I have ocd i guess lol
  14. See thats the point I dont have time anymore .. To grind .. I have 2 kids and a family .. I just wish developers would stop added these MP trophies to main game!!!!
  15. i see .. Then I wont play this game thanks for the info