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  1. true .. at least if its true ... Put a neon city in the back ground!!
  2. oh wow the box art looks .. well, awful lol
  3. Its EA ... They will f this up!! wait and see ... And yes air combos!! But I think they had there stage today and showed nothing any other games have done before.
  4. I saw and was not thrilled about the combat system!! No air combos at all ..I mean your a jedi!!! come on the combat looks boring and soo last year!!
  5. I like to start this game up and just finish it up and move on (back log of games) SO, If I was to start this game with cheats what would be the right way to do this?
  6. Will they release a last of us without muti-player ? Like they did with uncharted?
  7. yeah, its the horror one you mentioned
  8. Plus the soundtrack is to die for .. cant wait!!! Playing death mark right now and loving it!!
  9. mmm damn thanks for the info ... I been looking at the steam walkthrough guide .. I wonder have you glanced at that? Off topic here .. Is death mark any good? And if so, is there a roadmap for this?
  10. hey just wondering is their a walkthrough for this game? As you said are you going to do one soon?
  11. I am with you there ... I hope we can do this .. make it happen!! People will say but anybody can have a 100% profile! But as we know sony says they dont care about this so lets make it happen NOW!!
  12. Is there a trophy guide somewhere?
  13. I been trying that boss fight (Skarlet) for 1 hour now never gives me a team of 2 only me and 1 other so, frustrating
  14. When can we get the feature to delete any game from are list ... Please make this happen PS5!!!!!
  15. Mine reads pair up with 2 fighters.. but every time I search it only allows me and one other? Do I have to keep waiting here?