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  1. Yeah, we will see ;0
  2. Really .. NO GAMEPLAY!!! and ask us to buy this PLEASE!!!
  3. lol ok thats a relief
  4. Just saw video looks insanely hard??? Maybe misleading
  5. I have to buy assassin creed 3 to play this?? I cant purchase this alone??
  6. Was this a short game... being a vita port?
  7. any info on this?
  8. I just tried the web site and its not there as well???
  9. why is this game not in the UK store I checked for a week now nothing?????
  10. looks easy .. just beat up some bosses and upgrade maybe a 4.5/10 or 5/10 the endings maybe the hard part?
  11. I cant found my trophy cabinet anywhere??? Any info on this ? Nevermind it was erased for some reasons ???
  12. same here says PRIVATE .. Funny I never put private??
  13. Yeah, sorry but yes
  14. Seems no timed base trophies .. Thats a good thing ... I can enjoy each puzzle at my own speed!!