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  1. Damn I just started my run here ...And Fuck that I had to save at the first save spot! lol It took me almost 1 hour to get there!! SIGH! That damn zombie at the elevator
  2. OMG!!! Its a multiplayer game!! Thanks for crushing my dreams of playing a great gi joe ...SIGH
  3. You know most of the bigger titles are still coming to all consoles right lol? Get real its pretty must been said plus this is a gamepass move! Just if you want to play on other consoles pay 70 but on gamepass its free ..Thats all this move is no worries! But yes, the smaller titles will be xbox ex. But not the bigger ones! This is a business at the end of teh day
  4. Any 100% guides on youtube whole game walk through?
  5. Does this have to be done in one sitting? And If not what are good time stamps for saves? And can I pause ?
  6. Looks like old school funniness
  7. They have not answered me and its been over 3 weeks now! I hope your the ONE! lol
  8. Sure Its HugePixel on favebook I sent them msg and they read them but never answered me back
  9. Seems im glad I waited on this game .. Seems like a buggy GAME! A great game yes but Buggy as hell!! I will wait for it to release on PS5
  10. Yeah! Seems they dont care and are lazy!!
  11. I think no! I reached out to the developers and they will not answer back at all!!
  12. I see strange game lol
  13. IT will be the same 499 - 299 But I think Sony will make the D.C. 199 and take a lose !
  14. Not understanding your guide? So, When you finish the game your ng+ starts at the end and you go backwards to the beginning? I never seen a game like that ?
  15. Yeah, I wrote them about a week ago twice! And they have not answered me back at all!! Seems they avoiding the issue big time! Not sure what is the problem!!