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  1. About NASCAR Days of Thunder's sponsorship trophy, I got the trophy before completing the final race (30 laps at Talladega) - after taking pole on all races, instead of completing the last race at Talladega, I've re-runned Martinsville (I was also racking up takedowns - at that moment, there were lefting for me "takedown 100 cars" for a sponsor, and "pole all tracks/races" for another sponsor), and the trophy popped (I'm not sure if it was soon after ended the race or when I've checked all unlocked sponsors...). Maybe you must unlock all sponsors (and get the trophy) before actually finish the season.


    I hope my info helps you. You can send me a message if there still are some doubts.



    1. diddy09z


      I definitely did that the only difference on mine I think that I met a messed up is I did the takedowns on quick race and not on season

      But for some reason they still counted in my sponsors that's the only thing I can think of