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  1. Finished my ten seasons and no trophy. Can anyone tell me how they got theres? I don't want to sim through 10 seasons if the trophy doesn't pop doing it. I did my seasons legit and really don't want to do 10 again.
  2. Unfortunately mine gets worse I basically ran all four series for a season got all the trophies for the Xfinity series but once again didn't get them for the truck series and then when I won Homestead for monster energy cup my game glitched and said there's an error and now every time I go back to my season it says there's an error and basically I can't do anything but restart the whole career
  3. Has anyone had any trouble getting certain trophies to pop? I did four split screen races in a row that didn't work I finished the whole Camping series I got the trophy for making the finals but not for winning it even though I won the race and the championship. I didn't get the 25 wins trophy till after I had 42 wins. Just wondering if anyone else had any trouble or I need to delete my save and start over
  4. Street Fighter X Tekken....respect
  5. I don't know how I missed that but I did thank your for the guide!
  6. Are the bonus levels required for platinum because I can't seem to find any information or guides on them.
  7. So this is probably a stupid question but bare with me I didn't get the trophy for completed the chambers and I beat the game so do I have to beat every single level even the special levels because no one seems to have a guide for those levels.
  8. I tried going online like you said but I'm having the same trouble I'm at 70 bodies and still no trophy.
  9. I have the same problem as well I made sure none of the dates were the same none of the months none of the years nothing.
  10. Same thing happened to me alot and still does. Go to a stranger mission they talk about what to do and you leave the area nothing pops up as to where to go or what to do. Only about half of the stranger missions work for me online.
  11. So I Have to replay again to have it unlock?..Cause when I go to mine trophy still will not unlock with patch.
  12. Okay for anyone else having trouble with the church one I finally figured it out. I had to delete the game and disconnect from the internet so that the patch wouldn't upload then I tried from the same spot and got it first try.
  13. Tried every single one of these and none worked. It's definitely something to do with the piano because I get the other two when I do the other things but the piano is supposed to start or finish it and it makes no noise at all. This is literally the biggest piece of crap game I've ever played in my entire life.
  14. Madden 10 Plats. Madden 2010-2018 and did Madden 25 on ps3 and ps4.
  15. Turbo player hold R2 the whole time and hit the ball 10 times. I'm not sure how I got Auto laser but I think it's after you get the laser Power Up 3 times.
  16. I got mine but not until I had 100 percent and the dlc completed
  17. Mine's the same way all three of those statues have arrows above them when I go to replay it
  18. I have the same problem got all the gold bricks didn't get the trophy. I went back and replayed three different levels in free play mode finished them still no trophy.
  19. Does anyone have any advice?...I used the 49ers rams thing with fumble turned to 0. Sacked Goff a hundred times easy didn't fumble once. R1, L1 square hit stick...nothing works
  20. Okay so we fight him again?..I was worried I messed it up
  21. When do you get Diabetes Defender?..My character died but the one with diabetes didn't when we fought Randy and beat him but I didn't get the trophy.
  22. Do you have to get it on with all girls in one play through or overall because I've played through 3 times with different options and not gotten it
  23. NFL Blitz. Those online trophies are no joke.
  24. Been trying to find someone to trade for swap meet trophy all day. Anyone help please? Thanks dina997 for the trade!
  25. I get what you're saying but if you don't save after each one don't you lose each ability that you've gotten each time. Like I played 20 times and each time I get an ability and quit out of it and load my save I don't have that ability anymore