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  1. More than one this time. Anchors Aweigh Awarded for obtaining the Sea Cow. Pop Pop Fizz Fizz Awarded for alchemizing 10 different items. New Sheriff in Town Awarded for completing 10 different bounty hunts. Alchemy isn't really easy honestly but the guide I was using recommended some recipes so that's how I got that one. I probably won't be getting the other one though.
  2. Familiarizer Awarded for taming 20 different species. I've been trying to get everything I can when it gives it to me so not overly surprised I got this one
  3. Free demo will be available on all platforms this will be available on next week on January 28th Yes I will likely do a stream of it. Most likely anyway.
  4. There are A LOT of rumors and rumblings going around... that around the end of next month for the Pokemon 25th anniversary and/or Pokemon Day... Diamond and Pearl remakes will be announced. I just thought I should let everyone know. I, for one, am SERIOUSLY hoping this is true. 😣
  5. Boy Scout Awarded for running 15 different errands. These trophies aren't coming consistently. Oh well I guess. Also no I more than likely won't be getting the Platinum in this game either.
  6. SSSS.Gridman began airing on Toonami last night. I've heard too much about it so I watched it. I can't say all that much yet as I've only seen 1 ep so far. But... um... it's okay...? I guess...? 😓
  7. I had nothing better to do. I managed to start Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch Remastered last night. Out of this World Awarded for casting Gateway and traveling to another world. En Guardian! Awarded for defeating the Guardian of the Woods and bringing him back to his senses. I can't say much about this game just yet. It's very pretty though. Graphically I mean. Even the anime cutscenes are crisp and Ghibli-esque. Though I knew that going into this beforehand. 😅
  8. After finally finishing World of Final Fantasy (Maxima) to my liking with both endings I moved on to the next game in my backlog... Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch Remastered. a.k.a. the Studio Ghibli game. It shows too. 😅
  9. I leveled up to Level 234 last night in my final push to finish World of Final Fantasy. Unfortunately... I don't know which trophy did it. I was so focused on finishing it that I didn't really keep track of my level up progress. Whoops. 😓 So it was another World of Final Fantasy trophy that leveled me up... I just don't know which one. 😅 If someone wants to try to figure it out for me and do the math (because I have no idea how to do it myself and don't want to even try to figure it out)... currently I'm at Level 234 at 13% but that probably doesn't help all that much. 😓 I guess the important thing is that I leveled up again. 😅
  10. As much as I wanted to stream it again after my second attempt broke... perhaps it was for the best in the end that I didn't. I was pretty much at endgame and there may have been too much spoilers that would have been shown. Regardless... I finished World of Final Fantasy last night with both endings and the rest of the trophies that I wanted to get as, like I've stated before, I won't be going for the platinum due to the BS involved with it and how it practically involves RNG and luck. Here they are. The End? Reached an ending. The Dyad’s Servants Brought all seven of the Pleiad back in line. It’s Just Justice Joined forces with Shivalry to defeat the Golden Flan. Nine Lives Added Tamamohimé to your roster. Transcender of Time Completed every last intervention battle. People Pleaser Fulfilled the requests of every last townsperson in need. Turn Those Corners Up Reached the true ending. Overall I really enjoyed this game honestly. It was an extreme amount of fun and all the Final Fantasy crossovers, as well as it pretty much being a video game fusion between Pokemon and Final Fantasy, made me love this game so much. Plus, it was a good 'pretty much a break game' that had the easiest final bosses (including the True Ending versions) that I've ever fought since probably Persona 5. It was nice to play something that was relatively easy after everything I just went through in Tales of Zestiria with the frustrations I endured. I'd be lying if I said I wish I could have streamed it a 2nd time, because I wanted to obviously, but things happen that are beyond my control and there's nothing for me to do about it obviously. Anyway... next up in my backlog... is Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch Remastered. I may start this as soon as tonight. I'm not sure honestly but we'll see.
  11. I don't have the article for evidence... but apparently the release window for this game has been narrowed down. It's slated to release sometime in October of this year. Hopefully we'll get some gameplay of it/more trailers so we can see what this game is actually like and what it entails. Even if it's just an open world game where you play as a cat that might still be enough for me to get it. lol
  12. Attack on Titan: The Final Season started on Toonami last night. Great start I suppose... but this series has become really convoluted/confusing I guess lol I also plan on starting this tomorrow. Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt.
  13. Incoming trophy haul from everything I got Thursday night/Friday night. I managed to hit the A grade too and finish the rest of the minigame BS. Plus endgame seems to be where you get most of the trophies anymore. Well that's what it seems from everything I've been playing the last several months. lol The Final Reckoning Learned the location of Castle Exnine. Blitzball Ace Cleared the sky of uncountable einhänders. An Inseparable Pair Teamed up with Gilgamesh to stop the Bahamutian soldier. Soul Eater Chastised the fugitive Ifreeta. Threads of Fate Completed 30 intervention battles. Mirage Scholar Recorded an inconceivable number of Mirages in the Mirage Manual. Inking Up a Stink Defeated Ultros in Tometown. So yeah. The 75% Mirage Manuel trophy is the highest I'll get. Getting 100% is too much BS and too much RNG/luck because of the one you can only get from one of the BS minigames.
  14. Magitek Knight Defeated many foes using any Magitek armor. The Fast and the Nebulous Reached the final chamber of the Nether Nebula in record time. Zip Zip WHACK! Thwack a whole bunch of cactuars in a single thrashing. Well I've reached the WORST part of the entire game. The minigame part. Each one is worse than the last. Though so far... I'd say Sandstalkers is still the worst one of them all. The RNG and luck-based BS tilted me and all this BS minigame crap is ruining the entire game experience for me. I want to know who came up with this crap and throw them into the damn ocean. 😡 It looks like there's just one left that has a trophy attached to it though. I shall persist. Even though I hate this with the ENTIRE FIBER OF MY BEING. 💀
  15. Before I post the not one, but 2 silver trophies I got last night... I just thought I'd let everyone know... That the Crimson Prophecy ended exactly how I thought it would. By that... I mean MOST SHOCKING THING I'VE EVER SEEN IN GAMING HISTORY. M. Night Shyamalan stuff right here I tell you. 😱 (if you can't tell this is sarcasm then I don't know what to do anymore to show it lol) Canon Fodder Obtained every last Champion Medal. All in a Day’s Murk Defeated every last murkrift Mirage. The last batch for the above trophy were the hardest ones but I had amassed a lot of elemental items so after I failed in trying to do it normally... I just abused them to win. 😓