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  1. Dimensional Collapse Reached Yet Another Side Chapter 11. I can't really discuss what happened without spoilers. But I'll place it in spoilers and label it correctly. In other words... this is your warning. Read at your own risk. 😅 Also... WAS THIS GAME SERIOUS WITH THAT FREAKING 5 EATER BOSS?! Apparently not. It's a damn good thing I've learned more about this game and what to do, seemingly twice as much then what I knew with the first Cyber Sleuth. Because if this was the old 'first Cyber Sleuth' me I would have NEVER won this boss. Seriously. I wouldn't have. 😓 I'm surprised enough as it is that I even won this in the first place. But I did. Somehow. 😰 Oh and remember how I said I was going to have 2 Royal Knights? Yeah... I actually have 3. 😨 Looks like bosses are starting to have a crap-ton of HP now. At least with 'Territory Disputes' not sure about the other stuff though. I'm going to need to start getting more Digimon with penetrating moves or just more good Digimon in-general. I pretty much have all Megas now. Yep. It's really do that point. 😓 I'm scared. Help. 😩 I'll be fine. Maybe.
  2. Showing some Danganronpa love with my next avatar since, unfortunately, it seems as though this series is now over and seemingly dead. Sad really. I got into this series somewhat recently and it seems as though I got into it to late. Well, it's fine, I guess. I don't regret getting into it that's for sure. Besides, it has the most sadistic, psychotic, menacing, yet cutest villain. Monokuma, which I chose as my avatar. 😝 Now... Hope? Or Despair? Choose wisely!! Upupu!! 😈

  3. After seeing 5 episodes of The Promised Neverland... I still don't see what the big deal is. I'm sorry I just don't. By no means am I saying it's a bad show. Because it's not. However, for me, I'm starting to feel like this was overhyped. 😅
  4. Not much to say here. I showed the Digi-Market decision though. As I said, it's up to you what decision to make if you decide to play this game yourself. Though clearly the correct choice is to destroy it. The Chapter 9 Final Boss is in this video as well. Somewhat difficult really. I still won though. 😅 Anyway here it is.
  5. Just Below Zero Reached Yet Another Side Chapter 10. I'm now to the 'double-digit' Chapter mark. This is pretty much the only trophy I got from my stream. No worries though. The Chapter 9 final boss wasn't overly difficult. A bit annoying with constantly putting my Angewomon to sleep... but it wasn't something that I wasn't able to eventually overcome. 😅 The person who took Keisuke's account has finally been found, yet he still hasn't found his account. That's... just... 😑 Anyway I'll post the YouTube video of the stream soon.
  6. Well here we go again. Let's see if this works out better. Although, like I said before, at this point I really don't care if it's 'boring' or not because it's not boring for me. So consider these as support for more Digimon games to be made at this point I guess if you want to. Either way, another Digimon Cyber Sleuth Hacker's Memory stream is coming your way at 5:30 p.m. EST. https://www.twitch.tv/animedamage

  7. Hacker-of-All-Trades Solved 50 BBS cases. It wasn't really hard for me to get this. I just did every DigiFarm case that popped up when I chose to 'Investigate' in the Farm. Even if I had technically already done it before. (for whatever bizarre reason the Domination DigiFarm cases can apparently pop up multiple times for the same case even if you already did them once. They did for me anyway 😕) Anyway for anyone that actually reads my posts in here, I'm doing another stream for this today probably at 5:30 p.m. EST. At this point, as I said in a previous status update, I don't really care if it's 'boring' or not, because it's not for me. If it being 'boring' bothers you that much... then don't watch? 😅 So just consider it support for more Digimon games to be made I guess. 😰 Obviously it's up to you whether to come or not but I'll make a status update announcing as such around 4:30 p.m. EST or so.
  8. Don't expect any 'change' until or unless AEW starts beating WWE in the TV Ratings and there is a real threat of WWE shows being canceled by their networks or them dropping them altogether. That's probably the only way they'll 'change.' Of course somehow I don't think even that would get any sort of 'change.' IMO. I guess.
  9. Yeah your right. With little information, no release date, etc. it's hard to know whether I should get this or not. I guess, for now, I'll just keep an eye on it. 😅
  10. I'm really sorry but I'm looking for a recommendation. Not giving one. I hope it's okay to post something like that here and I don't want to try making a completely new topic. I just had to necro-post in the thread for it after searching for it. 😓 I just came across Biomutant and I read it's information on Wikipedia as well as watching some gameplay. Admittedly, for me, the game looked pretty good and interesting. The best way for me to describe it, is that it's like what would happen if Ratchet & Clank and Final Fantasy XV performed video game fusion. But I'm still a bit unsure. Should I get it? Help? 😰
  11. I am so sorry for necro-posting but I really didn't know where to post this. I'll post in the 'recommendation' area too I guess. So I just came across this game. From, of all places, VGLeaks. I'm not joking. 😰 Anyway I watched the gameplay trailer and read it's info on Wikipedia and the premise does sound interesting to me and the game looks good. To me, after watching the gameplay, it's like what would happen if Ratchet & Clank and Final Fantasy XV performed video game fusion. That's the best way I can describe it. 😅 But I'm still unsure though. Should I get this when it comes out? Help? 😓
  12. I'm doing another Cyber Sleuth Hacker's Memory stream this week. Probably this upcoming Thursday. At around the 5 p.m. range. So either 5 p.m. exactly or maybe 5:30. I'll give a more specific time on Thursday. This is because no one came last time so we'll see if this works out better. Either way, I've decided to no longer care if it's 'boring' or not. It's really not for me. I LOVE this game and it's AMAZING. Am I the only one that feels this way? Maybe. But I'm a Digimon fan. What do you expect? 😝 At this point, it's pretty much the same as the first Cyber Sleuth for me. The game is so AMAZING that no english dub doesn't matter at all. Everything in it makes up for it and makes no english dub completely irrelevant. So, just consider my streams of this to show support for more Digimon games to be made if that's the route you want to go. Either way, come or don't come, that's obviously, and completely, up to you. Either way... Digimon will be, forever and always, THE CHAMPIONS. 😍

  13. Cap'n Fashion Equipped a Digimon with an accessory for the first time. No I don't know why it took me this long to get this (Actually I do. It's because I kept forgetting 😳) Anyway it's official everyone. There are no more barriers. It's inevitable and it's going to happen. I will be getting not one, but 2 Royal Knights in this game. If you want specifics, Gallantmon and Kentaurosmon. (Which is good because Gallantmon is one of my favorite Royal Knights). Because my WarGrowlmon and Chirinmon both finally hit the 80 ABI range. Should be interesting to see how good they are. I'm expecting OP. In all honesty though... I just hope it was worth what I went through to get them. 😑
  14. Tumult of Winter Reached Yet Another Side Chapter 09. Well. I made my decision. It was pretty much the obvious one. I destroyed it. LET THE DIGIMON BE FREE. 😀 Anyway looks like things are getting pretty serious now for Hudie. 😰
  15. Today's Fill Savored every flavor from the Internet cafe's coffee maker. I'm not sure why it took me this long to get this. But I got it so I guess it doesn't matter. But it's good because this give me a chance to say/ask something. It looks like I have a decision to make now in this game believe it or not. Concerning the DigiMarket. Do I keep it? Or do I destroy it? Honestly... if it was left up to me... I'd destroy it no questions ask. But I'll go ahead and ask for other advice/suggestions/opinions. So what should I do? Keep it? Or destroy it? Oh... BTW... the DigiMarket... So there you go. Well? 🤔