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  1. I eagerly await the vast amount of complaints they will inevitably get for them to quickly backtrack and not do this BS 😡
  2. Can someone please explain to me why Fox thinks it's a good idea to have their champion be a lazy ass part timer? 😡


    FOR THE LOVE OF EVERYTHING PLEASE LET THIS BE TRUE. 😫 Particularly 'Klonoa Encore.' I'll just remain cautiously optimistic... for now... 😓

  4. CageSideSeats is claiming/stating the draft will put the brand split back into effect after Hell in a Cell for the SmackDown move to Fox and they are bringing in known Fox Sports people to announce picks. In other words... NFL Draft except with WWE. I hope this sticks. The 'Wild Card' rule was ridiculous to begin with.
  5. Master Linguist Find all 26 Al Bhed Primers This was all it took to put me over the edge. One trophy. 😲 I have the rank of A now. I wasn't expecting anything higher than a C and would have been happy with a C. Yet here I am with an A. Again... I'm out of things to say at this point. 😱
  6. Since I'm thinking about getting Berseria and Zestiria I might start getting more 'Tales of' games. lol. They have to be recent/new though. I haven't decided on Vesperia but I'm thinking about getting this. What do you all think? I think I need some more information first and with a vague release date of '2020' I clearly have time. 😅
  7. FFX HD Update: It's official. Anima is now my favorite summon. Why? Because it got me the 99,999 damage trophy. That's why. THANK YOU ANIMA. 😍

    1. Stan Lee

      Stan Lee

      Anima just kicks so much ass. Makes up for how moderately painful she is to acquire- that Bevelle Trial... ugh

    2. KANERKB


      she is cool and all but if you ask me, yojimbo is far better when you got the dosh to use him as he will do all the work for ya. don't be like me who finds out all his powerfulness when it is too late and you beaten and gotten everything done making using him kind of useless and waste of time

  8. I got quite the plethora last night. One I didn't expect to get AT ALL. 😱 Feel the Pain Obtain Anima Trio of 9999 + Slice and Dice=Dead Geos-however the hell you spell it. I wasn't going to deal with it's BS. So I don't really care if this was 'cheap' or not. Either way... 😍 Besides... Mega Strike Deal 99999 damage with one attack This is the one. I'll be completely honest with you everyone... I was not expecting to get this AT ALL. In fact... I was already pretty sure I wouldn't get it. Yet... here it is. 😲 You want to know how I did it? It's very complex, convoluted, and complicated. Are you sure? Okay... Summon Master Obtain all Aeons Delta Attack! Obtain Magus Sisters With all of this... I got put over the edge into the 'B' grade for the trophies for this game. I was perfectly happy with a C. But now... I have a B. With more trophies still to come. One involving my 'evil plan' I posted last time. A incoming?! 😮
  9. FFX HD Update: I think/I hope I'm as prepared as I'm going to be. I'm to the 'point of no return' Save Sphere and I have two sets of saves. So... Anima, Magus Sisters, and Omega Ruins sidequests in that order. Omega Weapon will be the final 'test' as I bribed to get Teleport & Return Spheres and taught everyone Entrust except Yuna and customized everyone a First Strike weapon except Tidus because I already bought him one. So it's FULL FORCE with this at this point really. ZANMATO ALL RIDICULOUS SUPERBOSSES. 😲*runs from angry mob*

    1. lordguwa


      sounds like lots of fun. zanmato is awesome against the super bosses. just wowed right when it happens.

    2. Masamune


      I used Yojimbo so much, I had his points high enough where he used Zanmato every time. xD No shame in using a normal mechanic that's in the game, the developers are the ones who made it overpowered & awesome. :P

  10. The Destination of Hatred Defeat Seymour Omnis With this... this jerkass is gone for good. GOOD RIDDANCE. 😒 I'm at the 'point of no return' Save Sphere and I have two sets of saves. I'll be doing the Anima, Magus Sister, and Omega Ruins sidequests next. *runs from angry mob*
  11. The more I see of this game the more confidant I get that I'm going to like it. 😍
  12. FFX HD Update: I went ahead and continued with the story and beat the 2 Sin Fin's and Genais. I'll keep going until I'm to the 'point of no return' Save Sphere before doing the other sidequests I want to do and going full force with my 'evil plan.' 😅


    Current Location: Airship, before Sin 'Overdrive' battle.

  13. Under the Table Spend 100,000 gil or more in bribes A totally and completely unintentional trophy that's totally not part of my evil plan being back in force. I swear.
  14. FFX HD Update: Other than the 'shocking' thing I just posted, I beat Yunalesca on the FIRST. TRY. I'm officially out of excuses at this point honestly. I guess I'm better at this game then I thought? 😅


    Current Location: Airship. I have free roam now. I'm unsure if I should sidequest now or what until I'm to that 'point of no return' Save Sphere (I'm thinking the latter honestly)