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  1. Signs and Omens Completed Chapter 5. I just realized that apparently I'm already close to the end of this game!! 😲 Only the current chapter I'm in (Chapter 6) and one more after that left Well... um... it's a good thing I'm playing the second game immediately after this one... 😅
  2. Flawless Jewel Raised a master quartz to level 5. This has made me realize something. Am I supposed to do something with the Master Quartz? I haven't played around with them at all. So in other words... I've been having the default on each character since the beginning. 😰
  3. Rush Master Used Rush in battle 100 times. Once again... it's because I've been fighting as much as I can. I'm currently in Chapter 5 Field Study (Legram) I have to admit... this game has legitimately surprised me with how good the story is and just how good the game is in general 😮
  4. Advanced Beatonomics Won 500 battles. A Midsummer's Revels Completed Chapter 4. The game and story is getting pretty good now. Two new characters have also just joined the party/class. Wait... what. 😰
  5. and I picked up both on Friday
  6. Well that was extremely boring. See you all for TGS. I guess. 😑
  7. Tomorrow is the day everyone. I still have my expectations really low. FF16 release date? I'd love one... but probably not FF Origins? I mean... maybe? idk... Digimon Survive? lol -50% Verum Rex? Mmmmmm.... hmmm.... yeah... I feel like Hard No. I'd just call it FF Versus 13 Except KH anyway. We'll see
  8. Follow-Up Master Used over 500 follow-up attacks in battle. Beyond the Railways Completed Chapter 3. Okay that didn't take as long as it normally does. I'll gladly take it though. Not much to say honestly. Story is actually really interesting honestly. It keeps me going despite all the struggles I've had.
  9. My last pre-order of the year was made today when I picked up Sonic Colors Ultimate (PS4) Well... it's likely to be my last pre-order of the year at least. Nothing definitive obviously.
  10. Yes I know about the glitches. You fail to understand how LARGE my backlog still is (still a year+ behind). So it should be fixed through patches by the time I actually get around to playing it.
  11. *sips from cup that says I TOLD YOU SO on it*
  12. Quick as a Flash Initiated 300 advantage encounters (including double and triple advantage). It takes forever to get trophies in this game. It really does. Plus... I've been grinding HARD in Nord Highlands. Will it help? Time will tell I suppose. Right now though... I am doing a bit better.
  13. I'll probably watch it. But I'm expecting to be bored and yawning for the full 40 minutes
  14. Pre-ordered these two yesterday. and Both for the PS5 versions. Because I have one so why not?
  15. This past weekend... Digimon Survive was rated in Australia. What does this mean exactly? Your guess is as good as mine. Personally though... this doesn't get my hopes up at all.