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  1. Openhearted (20 titles) Acquired 20 different titles for Cheria. Sobriquetian (20 titles) Acquired 20 different titles for Pascal. At least I'm getting trophies. I'm just not going have a good trophy grade once I'm done.
  2. First Flower (20 Titles) Acquired 20 different titles for Sophie. A Throne Reclaimed Completed Chapter 3. I finally fought some tough bosses in this game. I still won in the end though (even if it's finally gotten to the point where I've started to item abuse again. Admittedly that was probably the longest amount of time I haven't had to do that in a Tales of game since, again, Berseria) This poor MC's back just seems to attract knives... 😬
  3. Alright thank you. From what I've heard about this game and it's difficulty... I think I'll just stick to beating it.
  4. But I like possibly easy platinums..... if i actually get the platinum for this... i think i just might literally cry
  5. I know there's a thread on here about this already but I might not get help if I just update that one. Now obviously... I'm currently playing Tales of Graces f (freaking great BTW)... but my next game in my backlog... is this one. Now admittedly I did get all of the the gems in N. Sane Trilogy outside of the speedrunning one in Crash 3. But... I already know and realize that there's no way I'm going to be able to do this in this game. It's clearly too ridiculously difficult. So what I'm trying to ask is... if I don't go for the Platinum... or all of the gems/collectibles/100%/everything... how difficult is this game if I just want to beat it? If I beat this game... that's good enough for me IMO. As for 'True Endings' or whatever... I'll just watch them on YouTube or something I guess. So what difficulty am I looking at if I just want to beat this game? I beat N. Sane Trilogy like I said (with all gems in all games except for the speedrunning one in Crash 3)
  6. I'm happy for Liv Morgan. Really. I am. LONG overdue. But there's no chance in hell (haha) that she gets out of this month with the title. She'll lose it to either Charlotte, Bayley, or Ronda in a rematch at SummerSlam. Also I feel like they are pushing Theory FAR too fast. The only viable outcome here is a failed cash in. Cody needs to be the one to topple Reigns. End of story.
  7. Title Fighter (20 Titles) Acquired 20 different titles for Asbel. The Lord of Lhant Completed Chapter 2. So... what about the story being bad? This story is AMAZING so far and I'm really intrigued. Especially with what happened recently. Are we villains now?! Rebels?! Whatever the hell is going on... I AM HERE FOR IT. THIS GAME IS SO DAMN GOOD. 😍
  8. As of this me posting this... the Anime Expo stream featuring this game is still ongoing... But it's been confirmed that you can't save everyone on your first playthrough and will have to do a second playthrough and make the 'correct decisions' for the 'hidden route' in order to be able to save everyone 😭
  9. Bryce in 60 Seconds Defeated that jerk with the claw in a minute or less. Childhood's End Completed Chapter 1. Okay... um... GOOD. GOD. This game so far is actually AMAZING. I'm not even 10 hours in yet and I absolutely LOVE this game so far. Not sure what this whole 'story is bad' thing is all about to be completely honest. I'm LOVING the story thus far. AND MAN THAT GAMEPLAY. Seriously. Outstanding. Extremely fun. Haven't struggled much (or all that much at least). This is probably the best Tales of system I've seen since Berseria. Considering it's still my current all-time favorite Tales of right now... that says something right there. Even I have to admit I'm interested in seeing where it'll end up in my list when I'm done with it... 😮
  10. So... one of my Discord friends has been trying their hardest to convince me to get and play the Live A Live HD-2D remake for Switch. At the Nintendo Direct Mini it was announced that it was getting a Demo. Which is always good and helps me decide one way or another. So I tried it out and played it last night. To be completely honest... I really liked it. A LOT. I am actually honestly shocked at how much I ended up liking it. I was beginning to think that it was the retro-ish style that made me not like Octopath Traveler as much as everyone else seems to have. But clearly that wasn't it. Even though I didn't know what I was doing or what abilities/moves to use... it didn't seem to matter. I just did whatever and used whatever and still ended up winning. I really liked the Ninja part and running around on top of buildings and stuff. I'm bad at stealth like stuff though without a guide so I ended up killing most people in my way outside of anyone that begged for their life or women. The only problem was that I lost like 3 times. So clearly I do need a guide for this game. But it'll be fine because one will be available by the time I actually get around to playing it. The best part was definitely the future part with the robot. I loved that little robot so much and it needs so many hugs from all the unnecessary abuse it was taking and all the kicks it took. I just want to hug it. 😢 I'm sure everyone is going to take this the wrong way... but it gave me Among Us vibes (space and all that) and especially with the way that ended. I mean I'm surprised the game didn't just go like 'THERE'S AN IMPOSTER AMONGST US' *Queue Among Us Round Start Sound* 😂 I also really liked how this part didn't really have any battling and just sort of... allowed you to explore. If there's one thing that I like to do... it's explore. Honestly I can't really describe or explain why... but I just really loved this demo. So another recommendation has worked out and I'm sold for sure now. This is why demos are good for stuff like this and why it should be used a lot more often. Please try the demo for yourself. You might not regret it like I did. I'm not saying everyone will like it (because obviously not everyone is going to like everything) but I am saying you should at least give it a try for yourself before just assuming that it's 'not for you' or whatever. So another game for me to look forward to that will hopefully be better than Octopath Traveler
  11. Good to know that the soundtrack bangers will mostly be when fighting against enemies/bosses. Also that new character looks like something from Nier lol
  12. I finished Gravity Rush 2 and started Tales of Graces f. I've only played about an hour-ish of it so far... and... I'm loving it already. Shockingly. I wasn't expecting to like it this much honestly this fast after hearing it had bad story but great gameplay. I can see why most say it has great gameplay though. Definitely enjoying it and it's super fun. I just don't think I'm very good at it right now lol. We'll see what happens obviously.
  13. Platinum #11: Gravity Rush 2. No clue what my next one will be. It'll be.... whatever it'll be.

    1. Sgznf


      Congrats! I eventually plan on doing both Gravity Rush games, they look a lot of fun. 

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  14. Looking forward to Cesaro being lost in the shuffle in the already overly bloated roster in this company 😐
  15. What complete and utter BS. Sorry but this is just how I feel. I don't know why Nintendo has this 'holier than thou' mentality and attitude that they don't have to do a regular Direct in June/E3 time when literally everyone else did one and they don't have to show things off when they really do. But if they want to take the L to literally all other companies... their choice. I guess. WTF seriously. This is only further proof that E3 is ABSOLUTELY necessary and needed.