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  1. Yeah... I don't know where to post this sorry. 😅 The thread in the PS4 area is to recommend games not for recommendations. So basically... I chose the route of a completely new thread because there really isn't a 'recommendation' thread as, like I just said, the PS4 area thread is to recommend stuff not for actual recommendations, if that makes sense. So apologies for beforehand if I'm doing this completely incorrectly as there doesn't appear to be a 'recommendation' area/thread.😓 On to the point of this thread I guess. lol. So... I've been watching a YouTuber playthrough of Night in the Woods. Which is why I chose this area and not the PS4 area for the thread as it's a PSN game and not a physical PS4 game. It's probably one of the cutest and most unbelievably unique games I seen in quite a long time. Definitely one of the more unique ones. So... if I ever find myself with the extra money to buy and/or get it from PSN... should I? I've been streaming all of the PS4 games I've been getting recently and I would get this on PSN so I guess I could stream this too but I'm not sure if I will because it's a really short game and I don't want to appear as though I'm copying off YouTubers. lol (unless someone really wants me to do. doubtful). Well... we'll see I guess as I'm a year+ behind on games anyway so it'll probably be another year+ before I actually play it myself and that's not the point of this thread anyway.😅 The point is... should I get this game and experience it for myself eventually if I ever have the extra money? Basically... I need a recommendation I guess. Let me know? I guess? I still don't know if I'm doing this correctly... 😰
  2. Now that I've finally got a job again I'm going to try to begin to slowly, but surely, catch up on everything that I wasn't able to buy. 😅 (although honestly this was really the only game I wasn't able to buy)
  3. I Am Arcadia Reached Yet Another Side Chapter 17. Well everyone... it really is coming down to this. It appears as though I'm getting close to the end of this game at long last... 😢
  4. I'm sorry, I really am, but I seriously don't see what the big deal is. I've never tried to 'catch them all,' so for me anyway, this has absolutely no effect on me whatsoever. 😐
  5. Am I seriously the only one who think Impidimp looks like a Persona? 😍 Either way... I'm going to throw all the Pokeballs at it if I find one. 😆 Also... Yamper looks like a spirit from Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance. 😅
  6. WELP. RIP my external hard drive. 😭 I was going to ask if it was known how many parts the Remake was going to take yet, but clearly not. Because the above posts have stated that even the development team themselves apparently don't know. 7 Parts. Because Final Fantasy 7. 😑 Again seriously please don't let this actually be true 😒
  7. Banjo Kazooie as the next Smash DLC? Seriously? Hard pass for me. Sorry? 😅 Maybe it's time for me to give up on Pokemon vs Digimon...? 🤔 Nah... 😝
  8. So... um... Can someone please explain to me what '2 blu ray discs' means? Does it mean the remake will only take 2 parts? Or does it mean when it comes out in March it'll be 2 discs? I'm just MEGA confused right now. 😕 How many parts is this going to take? 😅
  9. Oh. That's... significantly fewer than what my expectation was. 😲
  10. Vanquished Boy Reached Yet Another Side Chapter 16. Sorry everyone. I had to go through new job training last week so I was on a forced 'hiatus' from this game but I'm back to it now so it's all good.
  11. I'm glad that we have an actual release date at least. Has it been announced how many 'parts' this is going to take or are we still waiting for that? With our luck... Square Enix will troll us all and it'll take '7' parts. Get it? You know... because... Final Fantasy 7... 😑 Please don't let this be true 😒
  12. I don't know what to say. I just don't. ALL OF THIS. JUST ALL OF IT. TAKE MY MONEY. This is already looking exceedingly better than Alola/Gen. 7. This time... it's not even just the Gyms for the reason. I like the looks of ALL of these pokemon as well. Also... not a surprise that the legendaries ended up being 'Sword' and 'Shield' related. STILL GREAT THOUGH. I LOVE ALL OF THIS. AMAZING. Even saying something like this seems to just not describe what I just watched. NOVEMBER CAN'T COME SOON ENOUGH. 😍
  13. Rescue and Return Reached Yet Another Side Chapter 15. ...................................
  14. To be completely honest... I think I'm done doing streams of this game. It's not because I don't like doing them (I do) it's just that I really don't see a point in showing anything else at this point and I don't want to spoil this game too much for anyone that actually wants to play and experience this game for themselves. (Which you really should. Seriously. Plus the first Cyber Sleuth. But that's up to the individual in the end obviously). So that pretty much means this is the end for me streaming for probably a REALLY long time again. The main reason is because I finally found another job and training starts this upcoming Monday. So, at the very least, I won't be streaming anymore until I get through training. The other reason is even I don't like making people sit and wait 5-10 minutes (sometimes longer) as I sit and reorganize my Digimon party, reorganize their equipment, or both. So... unless there is a large request to see the final boss and/or the end of the game (since I showed the beginning of the game) I just don't see the point in doing anymore. Sorry. I just don't. 😓 The other reason is because after I finish this game I'll be moving on to Kirby Star Allies for the Switch, and once I get through that game, I'll be playing Detective Pikachu for the 3DS. Both of these games I can't stream at all. I know these are supposed to be 'short' games and maybe it won't be as long as I seem to think it will be before I stream another game but I seem to tend to play games longer then their supposed 'length' so... yeah... 😅 I did announce at the end of this stream the next PS4 game I'll be playing and probably streaming though. Hint: it's a Final Fantasy game that most people seem to agree is really good. But I'll be attempting to play it and beat it the first time legitimately (because I cheated with CodeBreaker codes when I originally played the PS2 versions). I'll be streaming the sequel as well. Yes, the sequel that everyone bashes on constantly. I really don't care honestly. To me... I LOVED the sequel and really still do. Does it have it's problems? Of course it does. However... the way battles are done in the sequel are quite the improvement, and really for me, BETTER then the original. But if you hate it so badly... then don't come to my streams for it when I get to it. It's that simple really. So... yeah... that should be fun and I totally won't get 50+ Game Overs or anything... 😖 Nah. I'll be find. Maybe. Probably. HELP. Anyway here's the last stream I'll probably do for this game. If you want to see the final boss/end of the game badly enough let me know I guess.
  15. Legend of Dark Days Reached Yet Another Side Chapter 14. The trophy I got from streaming on Thursday. Before I go into spoilers, again, remember how previously I said I had 3 Royal Knights? Yeah... that's pretty much doubled now. I have 6 Royal Knights now. 😲 Oh almost forgot... I'll be posting the YouTube video version of the stream I did in the regular thread soon. 👍