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  1. I kind of already said this in the trophy posting thread but I'll go ahead and start now. Give me FFX HD advice if your feeling generous enough via private messaging I guess and I'll post my current location in the game via status updates so you can give me area-specific advice I guess. So... here we go.


    FFX HD Current Location: Besaid Island beach getting ready to board the boat to Kilika Island. (I was originally planning on grinding extra Sphere Levels against the upcoming infinite Sinspawn but I've been told that's a waste of time so I wasn't really planning on doing that anymore)

    1. KaiserVendrix


      If you want to grind then you go grind! X is my favourite game of all time and I over grind on it because I love it that much. I grind a little bit in Besaid and then do a bunch on the Sinspawn. Just try and get overkills as that give double AP.

    2. Dreggit


      I sent you a message with advice

      If you want more specific informations just let me know there