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  1. See? They calmed down... 😅 Mission Master Cleared 15 missions.
  2. So... I finally made it to Chapter 3. I think my trophies are going to start calming down now. Well... eventually all that will be left will be the Story ones or ones I have to do more Story for in order to actually get. 😰 Practice Makes Perfect Defeated a total of 20 enemies in combat simulation sessions. Practice Pays Off Defeated a total of 100 enemies in combat simulation sessions. Combat sim sessions are pretty hard honestly. 😓 Rookie Wrangler Captured a chocobo. Communing with the Gods Forged a covenant with an Eidolon. Secret of Souls Harvested 500 phantoma. Shots Fired Completed Chapter 2 "Raise the Vermilion Banner." The Hunted Becomes the Hunter Won 50 encounters in the overworld. The Chocobo Whisperer Captured 30 chocobos. ^^^Grinding for this one was a pain. 😩 Mortal Validation Collected 25 Knowing Tags.
  3. Hard Work's Reward Completed a secret training session. I'm totally not going to abuse this with the method in the Trophy Guide so I don't have to do that much grinding 😏
  4. So... not 14. But still a large chunk. lol. Mystery of Magic Harvested 100 phantoma. Collector of Memories Collected 5 Knowing Tags. A Lonely Battle Earned the "A Lonely Battle" bonus. Imperial Investigation Searched 15 surrendered imperial soldiers. An Army of One Earned the "An Army of One" bonus. A Full-Scale War Defeated 300 enemies. Eggs-citing Development Hatched 5 chocobos at the chocobo ranch. The Executioner Landed Killsight strikes on 100 enemies. One Big Happy Flock Hatched 100 chocobos at the chocobo ranch. I'm not even to Chapter 3 yet... and I've already hit over 50% of the trophies?! 😰 Well... apparently yes. At least according to the Trophies on my PSN and the Trophy page on my profile...😲
  5. And now here's Part 2, a.k.a. 'Maybe I'll get the Platinum after all?' 😅 Top Form in the Field Completed a mission using only Primed cadets. Taming the White Tiger Took down 100 imperial soldiers. Total Domination Won a 5-battle chain encounter in the overworld. Moogle Mingler Talked with the moogles from all thirteen classes. Teacher's Pet Sat in on one of Moglin's lectures. Perfect Marks Earned an S-Rank on a mission. New Recruit Cleared 3 missions. That's all for now. lol. Hopefully I won't get that many (14 remember?) when I play it again tonight. 😰 but what if I do...?
  6. So... um... yeah... Remember what I said in my last post? FORGET I SAID ANYTHING. I'm pretty sure I just broke my own record for '# of trophies I get in one playthrough' when I played Final Fantasy Type 0 HD last night. I got 14... yeah you read that correctly. 14 trophies last night 😱 Wait... that seems ironic for some reason... 😰 Regardless... I'm not going to post them all in one post so I can not boggle the thread. lol. I'll separate it into 2 posts. It's a nice even number anyway. Here's Part 1... a.k.a. 'Yep. I need to stop doubting myself so much' Make Mother Proud Completed an SO. Forced Charity Searched 3 surrendered imperial soldiers. Emergency Evasion Dodged 500 enemy attacks. A Simple Skirmish Defeated 100 enemies. Collateral Damage Defeated an enemy with the explosion from a fuel tank. Miraculous Mission Completed a mission without allowing any casualties. A Select Few Earned the "A Select Few" bonus.
  7. Well... I wasn't gone from this thread for very long... now was I? lol. Undertale's a short game. Obviously. Especially when your like me and you refuse to do Genocide due to it's difficulty. 😓 Anyway... I'm back again. Take a wild guess on what game it is simply based on the trophies. lol. The White Tiger Roars Took down 20 imperial soldiers. Enter Class Zero Completed Chapter 1 "War - Three Hours That Changed the World." Skilled Slayer Landed Killsight strikes on 20 enemies. Roaming Terror Won an encounter in the overworld. Yep. Final Fantasy Type 0 HD. Is this a good start for the Platinum? I honestly don't know. It seems easy and doable and I want it... but I'm already worried. 😟 Oh well. I guess all I can do is try my best... 😓 So far... this game is pretty damn great. The music is epic (epic chanting FTW. lol), the story seems interesting so far, MOOGLES. I MISSED MOOGLES. AND THEY'RE TEACHERS TOO. AND PERSONA-ESQUE SUPPORT CHARACTERS. THE. BEST. 😍 I'd actually look forward going to school/college/education if a freaking MOOGLE was my teacher. lol. (which I don't anymore. I've been out of college for a good for several years now. But still. lol.) This game has a lot of 'Persona' like stuff too. Free Time. Mini-Social Link-like events (but not really Social Links). School. etc. Persona inspired possibly? Or maybe just me. lol. Regardless I'm LOVING it so far. I don't regret this purchase. Yet. I guess. We'll see how long this lasts I guess. 😰 Oh. Don't expect streams just yet. I want to get more of a 'feel' for this game, how you play it, what to do, etc. before I even attempt any streams.
  8. In case anyone cares... I'm officially starting this game for myself tonight. I'll be deciding for myself if it's good or not. I tend to LOVE Final Fantasy games... so...
  9. I know there's already a thread in here about this and I already looked at it... but is this game good? Should I get it? A friend of mine on Discord keeps recommending it to me... 😅
  10. Here are the games I've played so far this year: Spyro Reignited Trilogy (PS4) Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (Switch) Kingdom Hearts 3 (PS4) Yo Kai Watch 3 (3DS) Yoshi's Crafted World (Switch) Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy (PS4) Undertale (Switch) That's only 7. I'll be completely honest... none of those game have really 'stuck out' for me. But if I had to choose one of them... I'd say... I never played the original games. So I finally got to play them myself. I don't regret it at all. Sure it was ridiculous and difficult at times... but I've always been the 'be persistent until I win' kind of person. I just really loved these games A LOT. I hope they make another game like they are doing for Crash. What? Did you expect something different? Kingdom Hearts 3? Why is that not it? It should be obvious... but...
  11. Well that didn't take long. Although I suppose it is technically a short game. Yeah... I finished Undertale (Switch version) last night. Pacifist & True Pacifist. I'll admit that this game was probably the funniest game I've ever played. Other than that... I can't really say much else. I get why everyone likes it so much though. But for me, personally, I wouldn't put it in a 'top tier' of games I've ever played. Possibly not even in a top tier of games I've played this year (we'll see though. It's only July) The reason may be because I don't really like 'bullet hells' and aren't good at them either. Still funny, cute & unique though that's for sure. I fully intend on starting Final Fantasy Type 0 HD tonight.
  12. ^^^I was just about to post something similar. lol. Here's the original video where I found out this information. Now here's a video I just saw as I was searching for this video on YouTube for evidence of my claim... that utterly contradicts it. (*insert Phoenix Wright music here.* Wait... why does this seem ironic...? lol) So there's some 'video evidence' for you and as @Domino_Destructo said... Toys For Bobs tweeted stating there won't be any microtransactions whatsoever. Let's just hope that this doesn't become a 'Crash Team Racing' situation (which I never played) and they end up putting microtransactions in a month after launch like what apparently happened to that game. All we can really do is hope for the best honestly. 😓
  13. Well... it looks like this game is going to have microtransactions. 😒 Admittedly I'm not surprised. As long as they aren't gameplay altering ones... I honestly don't care.
  14. I finished Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy last night and even managed to pull off getting the Platinum too!! 😲 So I went ahead and started playing the next game in my list. Let's just say... I'll be 'filled with determination' lol. Yep. I started playing Undertale (Switch version). Don't even try to get me to do Genocide. After seeing what that mode is like... NO. JUST NO. To freaking hard. So it'll be Pacifist only for me.
  15. Platinum #6: Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy (PS4). This seems fitting somehow... since I have an actual paralegal degree. Or it was just another easy one. Or maybe both. 🤔

  16. Well... it has been completed. Bridge to the Turnabout Clear Ep. 5 of PW: AA - T&T. A Lawyer Only Cries Once It's All Over Clear all of PW: AA Trilogy. Ace Attorney Trilogy Get every trophy. Yet it's only my 6th Platinum Trophy. lol. Playing these games again have once again re-reminded me how AMAZING they truly are. I really do hope they do more HD remakes of the other games as well. But knowing Capcom and how they are... yeah... not likely. 😒 Hmm? My next game? Um... Hmm... *getting the Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy Platinum fills you with determination* 😝
  17. There's an outbreak in WWE going on now. See the topic in 'The Stadium' for more details. I won't post the same thing twice in two different threads. BTW... how's that reopening going? That's what I thought. Exactly how I expected it to.
  18. I can't defend this shit. I seriously can't. In all my years as a WWE fan... this is the most atrocious, disgusting, and abhorrent thing they have ever done. This was preventable. But did they? No. Because Vince McMahon is the god damn Trump of WWE. There's only one thing to do at this point. I suggest it's done. NOW. SHUT IT DOWN I can live without WWE for a couple of months or however long it takes. There is no defense to this. AT ALL.
  19. Slightly off topic... but... In case no one has heard yet... (you likely have) The World Ends With You is getting an anime version. Even though this isn't what I actually wanted (AT ALL). I implore you to please support this show when it begins airing in whatever form you deem necessary (especially if it gets an english dub version) and also buy the game if you haven't already (I recommend the Switch version. Yes it has wonky ass controls but it also has a remixed soundtrack [soundtrack was already THE BEST EVER as it was] but it also has extra/new content. You have to do specific things in the game in order to actually 'unlock' it though. Let's just say... it's not easy. The only reason I'm asking is despite everything I may say... there is the minuscule chance that if this does well... I will get what I actually want. (a sequel)
  20. I Hate Childhood Friends As Edgeworth, hear all of his and Larry's childhood tales. (T&T, Ep. 5) Playing as Edgeworth? I'm sure that's TOTALLY not a hint for a spinoff or anything... 😉 Ladders Vs. Step-Ladders Get every ladder vs. step-ladder conversation in PW: AA Trilogy. Hey look... I got it. lol. It's not really that hard. Especially if your meticulous like me and you examine everything in every room anyway. 😅 Anyway... 3 trophies left. I should hopefully be able to finish this game and get the Platinum some time tonight. 😲
  21. *sighs* Of course it was. 😒
  22. I just love how IGN teased Biomutant details and then waited until practically the end of the stream to actually do it. The payoff? What payoff? There was none. Still no official release date. *sighs* 😒

  23. Well... here's the gameplay details/interview shown during the IGN stream event today. Still no official release date. At this rate... I'm not expecting it until 2021 at the minimum. 😒
  24. Turnabout Beginnings Clear Ep. 4 of PW: AA - T&T. With this I'm to the final/best case of the original trilogy. Case 5 of Trials and Tribulations.
  25. Why isn't there a thread on here about this? lol Sure not a lot was shown... but come on... IT'S A CAT. IN A BACKPACK. IN AN ALL ROBOT WORLD. What else could you possibly want? 😝 Admittedly I need to see more of this game (gameplay mostly) before I actually decide to get it... but... I'm DEFINITELY interested. 😮 Anyone else interested in this? No? Just me? Aww... 😢