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  1. Most of the ones have been extremely boring for me. So I'm going into this with the expectation that I will once again be bored the whole time. if they show ff16 though i promise to have an overreaction
  2. Looks like the speculation was right. So that's a thing I guess. I'm not a fan of those Pokemon but it's good to see Gen 5 getting some regional variant love. Admittedly it's a mostly popular pokemon so it was probably going to get one sooner or later so I suppose it's better to get it sooner? I don't know if I'll go after one myself though. (but there's a PokeTuber I like that most definitely will due to it being their favorite Pokemon lol. HeroVoltsy) so this means we are getting new evolutions for the legends starters right
  3. I guess Pokemon thinks it's a horror game/FNAF now. 😅 (in all seriousness though... this is pretty interesting I guess. Hopefully they'll officially reveal whatever this is teasing soon)
  4. Overdriven to Win Used Overdrive in battle 100 times. Just one this time lol. At least I finally have this now. Also... apparently I'm to the final dungeon? But... I'm not to Divertissement yet...? This game makes no sense I swear. 😕
  5. Incoming trophy horde. One of which I just got like 10 minutes ago or so. 😲 Inseparable Raised any two characters to Link Level 7. Perfect Harmony Spent the evening before the final battle with Elliot. A Lease on Love Spent the evening before the final battle with Alisa. ew. but why tho. Jaeger Mister Spent the evening before the final battle with Fie. One in a Millium Spent the evening before the final battle with Millium. Yes. I chose Millium in both games. Also that's the FBI at my door. Gotta go!! 😵 (in all seriousness... as you can see... I got double the bonding trophies than I did in the first game. I could have gotten more... I guess... but the guide I was using kept lying to me and I didn't trust this game in a lot of situations. Honestly... I'll take double the bonding trophies than I got in the first game) Forging the Future Acquired the strongest weapon for any character. Honor Roll Achieved student rank A0. At least the guide I was using was good enough to get me this again... 😓 The Reel Deal Caught all 24 varieties of fish. This is the trophy I got several minutes ago. I had to look up what fish I was missing... but... I managed to do it. Wahoo!! (if you get this reference... be my friend right now)
  6. The Awakening Lions Completed Act 2. Wartime Rationer Obtained all 22 recipes. Well... I got a trophy I didn't get in the last game. The recipe trophy. I'm also 3 fish away from the fishing trophy. Problem is... I have absolutely no idea where the last 3 fish are and fishing in this game/series seems too RNG reliant. So... I don't think I'll get it but we'll see I guess. 😓 Also... about the bonding trophy situation... So... it turns out... I was way wrong. lol. It's not as many as I guess I could have gotten... but... I just don't trust this game/series at times and I have no reason too honestly. You'll see for yourself soon enough. That's all I'm going to say about it. 😅
  7. Yeah... hard no on the Expansion for me as well. $50 is way too god damn much and Nintendo deserves all of the current flak that they are getting for this clearly greed led decision.
  8. Transcendent Jewel Raised a master quartz to level 5. Getting close to bonding trophy time. I'm 99% sure it won't me anymore than I got last time. The requirements are once again too BS 😒
  9. Mind if I Cut In? Used 100 S-Breaks in battle. I guess all that's really left at this point is the Overdrive trophy. I'm surprised I haven't gotten it already honestly. Either way back to the Trial Shrines to do the rest of them now. Which I'm just oh so sure won't take me 10+ attempts each to beat the boss of each... 😒
  10. Double the Trouble Used Rush in battle 100 times. It took way too long to get this... but at least I have it now. So I can finally go back to using Burst (thank god honestly. It's so much better) A couple of other things I want to mention... First of all... there is way too much happening to/in Crossbell in this game and it's making me way too god damn curious. This is going to eventually end up making me get the Crossbell games... isn't it...? 😓 Also... I've been trying my best to get more bonding trophies than I did last time. However I also don't trust this god damn game either. I'm trying my best though. Just... don't be surprised if I'm only able to get around the same amount that I got in the first game. 😒
  11. The Manway Method Won 600 battles. I've been trying to fight as much as I can. Yet somehow it still isn't enough it seems as there have still been bosses that I struggle with for no reason whatsoever and/or take way too long and too many attempts for me to beat. Right now my party is mostly in the 90's. So... yeah... I don't know what to do anymore at this point. I guess that means I just try to brute force my way through the rest of this game. It makes me happy that I'll be taking a break from this franchise for quite a long time after this game.
  12. Finished Vivy last week so this is the next one I started today. Shadows House Heard a lot about this one as well. I was told that it's 'better Promised Neverland' We shall see I guess.
  13. You mean I actually got something I wanted for once in Smash?! WUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUT 😱 In all seriousness though... I figured they would end it with a bang and they certainly didn't disappoint lol I guess I'm going back to Smash. At least for a little bit. If anyone wants to play... just let me know I guess. But I'm super bad so you will likely REK me. 😓
  14. Level 247: Aboard the Pantagruel Completed the Intermission. As much as I would like it... I don't think I'll get a second level up with this game. See you for my next game I guess.
  15. Aboard the Pantagruel Completed the Intermission. One Good Burn Deserves Another Used over 500 follow-up attacks in battle. Well... I got through it. Somehow. The rest of the Intermission was easy thankfully. The difficulty has pretty much returned to normal as well. I miss Toval/Claire/Sharon already though... and totally not because they were all OP and broken 😭 The game just became open world (sort of) and that's... surprising. To say the least. 😲
  16. Just a thread with the YouTube video of the stream I did last night. I cut it short because I got annoyed by the cutscenes being constantly blocked. Short answer to the topic question... Yes and No. Judge for yourself I suppose. 😅 Oh... and if anyone is really that curious... here's Infinite's theme that I was talking about. The 'full dark edge-lord' theme. You've been warned. 😱
  17. Smells Like Team Spirit Used Burst in battle 50 times. Ashen Chronicles Completed Act 1. Getting the Burst trophy in this game was easy compared to the last game. The Rush trophy will be the hard one to get for this game. Intermission is the stupidest and hardest part thus far. I don't see how this god damn game expects me to beat all of these hard enemies with 2 party members. The difficulty better return to normal after this. I swear. 😡
  18. Taking the Initiative Initiated 300 advantage encounters (including double and triple advantage). It looks like there aren't as many trophies as there were in the first game. Story wise anyway. Which means I probably won't get A this time. 😒 Either way I've already made it to the final part of the 'reunite Class 7' arc if you want to call it that. I've learned just how useful Turbo Mode is. 😅
  19. Well since everyone is posting their 'pipe dream' lists for the final Smash DLC character. Here's mine as well. Consider this my 'final' post on here (probably anyway) about Smash since most of the DLC has been 'meh' for me besides Joker and I guess Sephiroth maybe (even though I never tried him out) Sora (Kingdom Hearts) ANY Digimon (Digimon) Klonoa (Klonoa) Neku Sakuraba (TWEWY) Rindo (TWEWY2) Crash Bandicoot (Crash Bandicoot) Spyro the Dragon (Spyro) But let's be honest. It'll be another character I hate. Again. Also they posted some new trailers for Pokemon BDSP and Legends yesterday. The more I see Legends the more AMAZING it looks to me. 😍 And no. I don't care at all about 'lore contradictions.' I care more about gameplay, graphics, and sometimes story.
  20. Star Pupil Earned an S rank during part of any chapter. Not much to say here. Things are improving for me but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't still worried. Better to be safe than sorry as the saying goes. 😓 Either way getting S ranks seems to be a bit more complicated/harder this time. Oh... goodie... 😑
  21. Tactician Won a battle with a tactical bonus of x3.0 or greater. Once again... getting this trophy didn't take nearly as long as getting a similar trophy did in the last game. Either way... things are improving for me. I beat like 3 'trial' chest bosses to unlock more Overdrive pairs on my first try. Only the first one was annoying/a pain. The rest were pretty simple. I also completed the first 'shrine' and defeated the first 'shrine boss' on my first try. Hello Old Schoolhouse 2.0. Wait... UGH. WONDERFUL. 😒 Regardless... I can't shake the feeling that this is going to be another long game where I struggle every so often. *sighs* 😑
  22. How long are they going to last before AEW buys them? Yes this is a legit question
  23. The Depths of Despair Completed the Prologue. Born to the Battlefield Won 100 battles. Well... so much for this game being easier than the first game. 😒 Died 3 times to one particular enemy already and the first monster quest boss was a pain in the ass and the guide I'm using was no help at all because it didn't have a strategy for it. WTF?! 😡 *sighs* Back to struggling and just persevering and continuing to try until I win... I guess... 😩 I seriously need a break from this franchise after this... (luckily I'm getting one) 😓
  24. Unexpected Surroundings Woke up in the Eisengard Range. Pieces of Eight Defeated 8 enemies at once. So far so good. Not that I'm surprised. Just saying lol. I even already got a trophy that I didn't get in the first game!! I'd say that's a good start. 😲
  25. The Direct didn't really show much I cared about. Kirby and the Forgotten Land looked INCREDIBLE though and I'm definitely looking forward to it and am super hyped about it. It has the potential to be the best Kirby game ever made. IMO I guess. The Mario movie... Oh boy... don't get me started on that. Most of the reactions to it have been generally negative. Or, at minimum, very confusing and seemingly unfitting. My reaction is practically the same as most other reactions have been. This is going to end one of two ways. Hilariously bad but it doesn't matter because it's so bad it's funny or just plain terrible period.