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  1. I'm actually harassing them on Twitter and probably will sue me later but I'm having a blast there ngl
  2. Not sure about that, Judge... Anyway I bought it already and I might skip it as well
  3. Yeah, a friend of mine told me about this and it's making me really sad after I bought the bundle for the 3 games of infamous, will keep an eye on it along with Dante's Inferno...
  4. The trials are accessible in Brazil -as far as I saw on PSNP- and few people got the trophies before this issue came up. Edit: Nvm...
  5. No, I'm talking about setting up an actual VPN through the PC using a cable connected to the PS3 and then change the region of the connection on the VPN to Brazil... Well, you should know that a Brazilian player AND Australian player got their trophies recently and we can't -for some reason- access the trials... And it took too long to fix because according to one EA Community Manager named Tom, they couldn't point out the issue until some random guy gave them an actual and professional advice to fix it and it worked.
  6. It cought my attention that someone from Brazil got the trials trophy Friday and I think it's accessible there. Maybe if we use a VPN to access that region? I've paid around $40 for this game and I can't just leave it there tbh...
  7. Hello, Kim! Would you like to share the reason for the flag? Edit: Check the post above as well.
  8. You actually need to buy that bundle with that awful price on it to have full access to the trials.
  9. If you have time, go to Twitter and see what you can gather, if you don't mind ofc, and post your here later I'll keep monitoring that page.
  10. Here is the old topic in the EA Help Community page, the OP was back in November 2016 when the first problem came up. The link will lead you the latest post made on that same topic recently stating the current issue: https://answers.ea.com/t5/Other-EA-Games/Dante-s-Inferno-Trials/td-p/5704914/page/14 And btw, a friend of mine told me today that Star Wars Battlefront 2 online wasn't accessible today as well but he managed to connect later.
  11. I just ended a lovely and peaceful and mostly a useless live chat with EA Help, Sachin -the representative- told me that this game is basically a "sunset game" and they don't have any resolutions regarding this issue, I bet they received other complaints with the same issue, Sachin also told me that we might wanna pay a visit to the EA forums and look for answers there.
  12. So you're saying you got some trophies popped up then your console stopped then you rebooted your console then the trophies popped up again? I thought the pop-up sound along with the trophy notification could happen once but not twice, I would like to know more about this issue @lllSami
  13. Actually I believe in his innocence known him from previous sessions, I believe he won't use a CFW too, he plays a lot and I can see that when he is online on my FL, regarding the game itself, I was reading above last night and it seems this game has choices and routes to take (I guess?) more than one. Yup, he is French.
  14. If you happy and you know it say "bruh" 

  15. Could be maintenance, if EA is in charge of these servers they might as well shutdown Crysis 3 and Syndicate which didn't happen, especially for Syndicate