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  1. I saw it coming since they disabled the sales on the PS3... Time to have a serious talk with my credit card, I guess
  2. Did anybody manage to get in the server by using the DNS in that YT video? I've tried it many times with no luck...
  3. Yes, are you going to ask us the question about the DLC trophies being obtainable after the shutdown?
  4. Also, keep in mind that every Override Frequency has a specific Sleeper Node attached to it. Read the description of every O.F. you creat carefully so you don't waste time looking for the S.N.
  5. Okay, which one you suggest then?
  6. Yes, darling
  7. LET'S FUCKING GOOOOOOOOOOOO! Don't forget to rate my trial btw uwu
  8. I'm still tweeting at them almost every day, it's kinda depressing known that no one actually would care but whatever. I'm still working on an alternative way to access the trials, I'm not really sure about the community levels tho...
  9. @EdinhoN If it's not there yet, make sure you mark Dante's Inferno as closed. For now...
  10. As of right now? If yes then we still have a chance in this because I can't connect to EA servers at all.
  11. Not delisted, I bought the full bundle in the PSN UK store
  12. Nope, you have GoneSpy as a good example and no one got flagged for it.
  13. No, I tried today to access the trails menu and I just couldn't pass the "connecting..." screen, at first I thought they will do maintenance but now this is just absurd, I'll try to find a good server emulator money can buy to access these trials somehow...
  14. This is not acceptable, there was no closure notice and there was not a single hint about the closure at all. We must contact the BBB if we don't get any solution regarding this...
  15. Well, I just tried to login to the trails minutes ago and basically I couldn't even access the trails menu, I think something will be revealed soon regarding this one.