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  1. When I play this game the cinematics tend to stutter and sometimes create this horrible static sound for a half second. I'm on a PS4 Pro with the game on an external HDD. Has anybody else experienced this? I'm thinking I might re-download it.
  2. I generally don't enjoy 'souls like' games but I very much enjoyed Nioh. It didn't feel as sluggish or Janky as some of the others, and the setting was more interesting to me.
  3. Bummer. Pity, because it's a lot of fun.
  4. I'm trying to play through Doom VFR but it seems like my hands are at almost head height. Everything else also seems too high up. When reading the in-game lore I have to look almost at the roof to see the top of the page, it's like it thinks I'm a foot taller that I actually am. No other VR I have has had this issue, I tried re-calibrating my camera and headset but it hasn't helped. Anybody else have this issue in Doom VFR?
  5. Thanks.
  6. Can someone clarify whether the asian region version is also censored like the EU\US release?