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  1. They should have made it free to play some years ago. The game failed so hard because it is too unbalanced.
  2. I have finished Dying Light a game with a virus
  3. Saints Row 3 Battlefield 3 Gta 4 without multiplayer trophies
  4. Just play ranked and don't sweat for the trophy you can easily get it when you just play for fun.
  5. The Dark Knight , I watch it 4 times in every week.
  6. Powerpyx and PS4TROPHIES they are the best trophy youtubers(for me)
  7. Play bounty hunter stuff especially the legend ones on the highest difficulty. Supply missions bring as a four player troup 500 to 2000 ep per mission. And repeat challenges you can reset them you can earn 1000 ep per challenge. Try the one where you have to make multikills with dynamite(use fish).
  8. I will try thanks for the advice JWill_55
  9. How often should I repeat the mission to get the trophies? I don't get it when I play homeimprovements for beginners, can someone give me some advice?
  10. Red Dead Redemption Battlefield 3 Saints Row The Third
  11. Minecraft. You will have fun with it and you can get some trophies very easily:)
  12. Gaming has no future there are games like Fortnite which are the wrong role models to the great firms.Everyone copies the things and that is why the future games will mostly be bad. I hope the trend Battle Royale will end soon because, it is only a huge cashgrab.
  13. It looks too easy. I am disappointed I wanted a challenging platinum.
  14. Call of Duty Advanced Warfare