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  1. Want to say Thank You to all of the members that contribute to the Flagged Games forum. Nothing better then actually seeing evidence of the offemder talking about cheating. Excellent job everyone!

    1. TheYuriG


      @Kasper2005M has been quite helpful in the last few disputes

    2. Kasper2005M
  2. As probably one of the fee here old enough to actually watch these on theatre release, I'm in Thanks for the opportunity
  3. First week of my football playoffs. Need some advice, standard PPR scoting, Pick 2 Cook(Vikings), Carson (Seahawks), Edwards (Ravens), Coleman (Falcons) Pick 2 Ellington (Lions), Conley (Cheifs), Parker (Dolphins), Miller (Bears)
  4. I applaud KC for releasing him, I really do. But I have a feeling 20 teams will be lining up to sign him. Like Acasser said, talent trumps all. Good lawyers will be able to create enough doubt in the video and many teams will line up with their pocketbooks open
  5. It was a promotion that ran September and October. Only certain games qualified. 2 games needed to be preorderd
  6. Wondering if anyone has received their $15 code for preordering certain games. Sony's site said it was going to be sent on or around November 19th, and I have not received mine.
  7. Do it offline, solo. 1250 credits to open the door. Door is too the left of where you originally spawn
  8. Without a doubt, start it. We also have a PNSP co-op guild with about 15 very active members. Wee do team synergy every couple months as well. The key to progress is getting in a quality, active guild
  9. 23,950. Very proud of myself!
  10. Try Gems of War
  11. You owe it to yourself to get Tesla vs Lovecraft. Great game that I should have purchased on release. Well worth the $5
  12. It can be done on Zed Landing or even easier on Prison. Prison is easy with a couple melee guys, a healer, a support, and a demolition and swat on the tower. If everyone stays together you can destroy hell on earth. Invite me and I can provide the support or healing class. Also have a couple friends that will help when available
  13. I would contact the devs as they are are extremely active with their game and its community.
  14. I am all in on the Jets. Solid goaltending, fast and timely scoring. Blake Wheeler is extremely underrated
  15. I think the Hawks are going to sign every old coach..... Poor Skiddy.