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  1. I am all in on the Jets. Solid goaltending, fast and timely scoring. Blake Wheeler is extremely underrated
  2. I think the Hawks are going to sign every old coach..... Poor Skiddy.
  3. Not one bit. Rarely buy new games and constantly look for deals. Playstation + has helped for the last 5 years as well. Kids are moved out, not married and this is my hobby during the long winter months.
  4. LOL, actually probably have over 1000 with all the games still not on my profile. Also an update on unearned trophies.....22,043
  5. As of November 26, 2017. The team is still public and you can still get the 4 trophies
  6. Well PSN, lets knock some of the harder trophies out!
  7. Plat 48. Killing Floor 2. Amazing coop game, I cant recommend it enough. Thank You to all the amazing randoms for compensating for my shitty FPS abilities!
  8. rub catnip on the scratching post. Negative reinforcement does not work with cats, so lose the spray bottle
  9. I will also agree with SIngularity. I really loved the game and enjoyed the MP portion of it as well.
  10. I will be the first one to admit that I am a casual watcher and probably should not post in this thread. I laughed my ass off tonight when Cena and RR were in the ring right now and the crowd was canting "You both SUCK!!!" Love it as I have always loved Samoa Joe and The Miz
  11. Excellent! The community and myself say Thank You!
  12. Do yourself a favor and start Dark Cloud..... NOW!!! Even though 16 years old, the game is so tight! Dark Cloud 2 is unbelievable as well. Buy them both, you will not be disappointed.
  13. No and no. I wish I could elaborate more, but video games and consoles are dirt cheap in my opinion.
  14. Seriously one of the best. RIP brother.
  15. CTR is the best cart racing game period. Perfect balance. Would love to see this happen.