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  1. Lots of tips here, including a video link: This may help too:
  2. if you're talking about the character episodes, it's best to do them in order of release (gladiolus -> prompto -> ignis -> ardyn). there's no post-game dlc per say, but there is an expansion of chapter 14 (this is the bulk of the Royal Pack), and other QoL changes and quests sprinkled throughout the rest of the game. some events like assassin's festival and moogle-chocobo carnival are no longer available. basically, replay from the beginning and you should see the new quests pop up after reaching certain story checkpoints. if you decide to jump into chapter 14 immediately, beware your side-quest progress will be reset. the character episodes can be played at any time, really. and as someone above said, there are some royal pack trophies that require going through the game again to grab collectibles.
  3. Ashlay/Erys/T'nique is possible, but you might have messed up with T'nique if you saved. If you have an early save, I recommend going back to that for him. Generally you get Erys first, then T'nique, and then Welch or Pericci.
  4. No the party doesn't matter as long as their affinity is 9, it's just the safer option. You can try making additional books to be extra sure. Also for Gabriel, try using Roddick and spamming Dragon Roar if you haven't already. I don't know if you broke the game early or not, but here are some tips for better equipment:
  5. I can't give specific answers but I'd recommend getting all your stuff done before the point of no return. If you're having trouble with Gabriel, consider crafting high-stat equipment or switching up your party. As for Timeless Treasure, I can only guess you did one of several specific PAs between Ilia and Ronyx, which locks you out of that ending regardless of affinity.
  6. this is incorrect. the "royal pack" is treated as dlc for those who already own the game (digital or day 1 physical). the "royal edition" is both the game and dlc bundled into one. if the royal pack dlc didn't work for you, your base game may not have been patched to the recent update at the time. op, here are some official details that may help you: also, patch notes:
  7. you should save your farming until after you finish your 3rd playthrough, if your pot isn't already maxed out by then. that said, regular seeds come from rabites and goblins so try rabite forest. silver seeds are best farmed in frostbite fields from sahagins (the small round enemies with spears).
  8. I'll add some things: - Boomerangs for Erik are best for mid to endgame, use Knives or Swords in the beginning (his sleep/poison Knife skills are particularly helpful). - In the beginning, don't waste your money on new weapons in shops unless it's a significant stat boost. Forge them whenever possible. - Don't skimp on buffs/debuffs. Sylvando's Ladies First is a great way to switch to Veronica or Serena in a pinch. - One of Jade's swimsuits is also a rare drop from Merking. - Wait to grind to level 99 once you've done most other postgame content. That way you can use the least amount of Pep Pops for the EXP farm trick. - Don't bother with the last Trial until you're level 99. It'll go much easier.
  9. The above suggestions are good. I would also take a look at the Grade Shop and see what you might be interested in carrying over (and if you have enough Grade to buy it). If you're going for platinum, you should get used to doing a bit of grinding in-between story objectives (changing/strengthening equipment, learning skills,things like that). Personally I'd take care of the treasure chest trophy in your first run. You'll get a glacite later in-game that'll tell you how many you have left unopened in an area. Wait till you get to post-game, see how many chests you've opened, then go back through each area to check. You can also take care of the geotree trophy at the same time, if you need to.
  10. If it's your first time playing, I suggest PS4. Get those trophies, the grind is pretty fun. Relax with the Switch version after that if you end up liking the game, I imagine the extra content will be more enjoyable. The difference in graphic quality between PS4 and PC really isn't there, unless you're paying extra attention to things like grass details like the user above me. It doesn't change the fact that it's a fantastic game, so in the end pick whichever version is most convenient. It'll be a great choice no matter what.
  11. Looking to trade for a Maduin like the rest, simply for the Manual trophy so it'll be returned. Not 100% sure how trading works so shoot me a message and let me know what I have to do on my end. PSN name is the same as my name here. Thanks! all done
  12. there should also be some sort of "battle book" in-game that you can check out, it may be under 'tutorials' or 'system', something like that. best of luck (:
  13. Fiddle with note speed and modifiers until you find something that works for you. If you want Plat, you'll have to mess around with the settings anyway, so practice a little and you'll be fine.
  14. I imagine it would be about as easy or difficult as your first playthrough was. Royal adds several new bosses in the final chapter; most go down easy at max level while one is the game's second superboss. July's boss's recommended level is 99, take that as you will. If you want to go NG+, the beginning of the game will be a breeze but the difficulty will gradually come. You can also equip weaker weapons/outfits no matter which route you choose, then adjust at will. tl;dr either way is fine. A fresh new game offers a fair amount of challenge toward the second half.
  15. It's $10 is NA region at least, I don't know the prices in other regions.