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  1. Not sure if it has been answered already, but will online saints row iv work on the ps now version?
  2. Keefie_G would really love new friends
  3. Body language, not sure if you watched her Depo but check it out. She also tends to retcon certain points shes made.
  4. Hey, I was just wondering if anyone else was following the Vic Mignona case. I must have watched ten hours of content regarding it in the last 24 hours and I have to say things are definitely getting interesting, especially after watching Monica Rial's Deposition yesterday. I think she's lying.
  5. Hey everyone, I recently got the Vita and I've been pretty much obsessed with it. I'm debating on if I want to buy my games digital or physical copy, which do you prefer? 😀
  6. Hi guys, I recently purchased a Vita and I was wondering what games I should play. If you could help me out by listing some below, I'd greatly appreciate it. I love my Vita so far by the way.
  7. Persona 4 Golden bay-bay!
  8. That's also true, wasn't really thinking about that.
  9. Ni no kuni 2 from the recent PSN sale, I was fortunate enough to get the version with all DLC.
  10. It's definitely worth the price, I say go for it!
  11. Days Gone for sure, it was a little slow at first but about 6 hours in I started to genuinely love the game.
  12. Little adventure on the prairie
  13. Look, don't judge me...stop it, I can see your judging eyes already but.....
  14. Thank God, Sony has been taking all of my money lately... -Sighs in relief, though is secretly disappointed because he wanted more gammmess-