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  1. I added your suggestions to my list of possible ones. I didn't realize Dead Island didn't have one so maybe I'll work on that one because I've been looking for a reason to check it out.
  2. I appreciate the feedback. I'm working on Rage and Red Dead Redemption (1) for now, hopefully I can get those out a little quicker since it's not my first one anymore :). I tried looking for games that are missing guides so my videos may be useful, any suggestions?
  3. I believe it's separate DLC, but odd, PlayStation blog says it's out. Also, it's under the Extras menu, and I could only access it once I finished it the first time.
  4. FYI guide is up and published!
  5. It's released now.
  6. Horizon: Zero Dawn
  7. How many trophies require online? Don't want to get burned if I can't realistically get online trophies..
  8. I'm glad you'll get use out of this. Consider subscribing as I'll have more videos for it every Wednesday and Saturday pretty much until Sept scheduled. I'm trying to wrap this up before I move on to another game.
  9. I'm writing a guide for this, but the videos that will be in the guide can be seen here before it's finished.
  10. I got the online trophies last weekend or the weekend before. Naughty Bear Playlist
  11. Unfortunately I didn't receive this error when I did the quest last week so it doesn't look like it's glitched for everyone. Good luck :/
  12. And to add to this - I just played endurance and only got the 9 minute trophy, the 6 and 3 minute trophies didn't pop..
  13. Yeah, I was streaming and got to level 5, but no trophy popped. So video proof of the glitch. Who knows maybe even other trophies didn't pop.
  14. I've been playing my PS4 pro on my 4K tv for about a year now, recently I started collecting older consoles and dug out my launch PS3. I put a new 500gb HDD in and downloaded all my old purchased games (Including InFAMOUS 1, 2 and spinoff) I struggled with the composite cables. I intended to record some footage of the PS3 for games like Naughty Bear and Army of Two, but can't record with HDMI - so I tried composite on an older plasma TV and it's beautiful enough that the only 'chore' is getting used to the Dualshock 3 again. I think it's worth keeping your old PS3, the selection on PS Now just isn't that good, imho. I collect old PS3 games and it's so much better playing on the actual console.