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  1. The story is not trash. Honestly take a look to all stories in games/movies. Is not only about revenge. This game is touching something else, is challenging players reactions and emotions. This game is not only about hate. Is about emphatic feelings. And we are living in a world that people see the facts only with his/her eyes. We never do the effort to see others. This game is proving the huge values crisis in our world. We are not able to try to understand others. We are just selfish. This game is going beyond, is not only trying to see the perspective of the others, is trying to put our mindset in their skin. It is about swapping perspectives. And this is SUPERB. We NEVER experienced something like that in gaming. We have to see that there are not heroes. No villains. It is just about perspective. The heroes of ones, are the villains of others. And in TLOU universe is about grounded people trying to survive in a hostile world. And actions can have consequences. Nobody is a hero. No one has super powers. We are humans and we can die in any moment, in any way. There are no great deaths or mystical. We just die. No one is special. The fact that every single NPC has a name, is increasing that. This is why, a game without heroes or villains, TLOU2 a MASTERPIECE. This game, taking a look the the players reactions, is making evident our lack of values as a society. We prefer to destroy rather than building something. Is that simple. Is not about the story. Is not about being god or bad. Is not even the perspective. It just that this game is not what people wanted just because we were used to it. Is not a fan service. And this is the main controversial point. Videogames are art. A way that the author has to express his/her feelings, concerns, etc. The audience has to be receptive and judge after having a debate not only with the others, with our own mindset and position as well. People, must allow the game to explain ITS story. Not the one WE want to witness. Just my view.
  2. This is something that, maybe, we will see in PART III. Always a bit of mistery
  3. I think that the story and the point it is easier to understand that people thinks. It is just that people do not want to get it just because they are so attached to the characters. Man, this is a videogame. It is a story. It is fiction. For me, videogames is also an art. And this, Arts, is a way that an author has to express his/her feelings and to explain a story, deliver a message, etc. In this framework, freedom it is very important. We are NOBODY to tell the author what to do with the story/characters. This "power", belongs to them. Not to us. This is not a fan service. A Remake of RE2, 3, or 4 is fan service. This is not. The point is that TLOU universe is grounded. I mean, despite the fact of the fictional framework of the Cordyceps and so on, the characters and their concerns, feelings, etc., are GROUNDED. They are just regular people. No super heroes. No super powers. Just people like me or you. There is a quote from Ellie in Seattle Day 1 when she opens the Tank, "this guy from FEDRA was just an idiot killed by other idiots". This is the highlight of the whole thing. Again, in the TLOU universe, there are not heroes. No villains. Just grounded people trying to survive in a hostile world. And every single actions can have consequences. Hate, revenge, does not give anything to you in any case. It just take away things from you. Everybody is balanced. Grounded. People can die in any moment, any time, in any way. Again, no heroes. So nobody will die in a heroic way or espectacular. This is the reason why all NPC's have a name in this game. This has been done in order to increase this perception. Grounded and balanced. Here is when the mature audience is coming to the pitch. They know this and understood the intention of the author. The rest are just not enough mature people, Fortnite kids, fanboys from other systems that did not even played the game and they will never do, people that were expecting a fan service, and IdioTubers, InflueIdiots, and other streamers that were just making a show for the views (money). Man, I am sorry, people are really bad actors. I am doing my second run. The story is clear, and it is well explained. It is SUPERB how you are playing like Ellie first to see her perspective and create hate on Abby and the other guys. And when the hate is higher... PAM! Now, you will see the same reality from another point of view. So, you will see that, like in real life, everything is about PERSPECTIVE. The heroes of ones can be the villains of others and viceversa. Ellie is good or bad in the same way Abby can be. Even, Abby is just a GREAT character that is like Joel. And I felt that specially when you are with Lev. Just an observation. Ellie has a knife. Abby has shives like Joel had in the first game. It is no coincidence. The final scene, is just Ellie reminding and respecting Joel with her last promise to him: "I will learn to forgive". And she did. Revenge took away everything from her. She has to stop, and leaving the guitar in the house means that she wants to start again a new life with new and better VALUES. We always played in games with the character that is so called the guy or the girl doing the right thing. But not always must be like that. So for me, this approach to the universe and perspective, and the fact to deliver something brave and different, deserves the tag of MASTERPIECE. Just my opinion.
  4. I have played for 20H. If you are aware that is not a fan service, and a bit mature to understand what the game is making you feel. This is a masterpiece for me. Again, is not a fan service. This is the reason why I am in love for now. CRUEL and GROUNDED.
  5. Completely disagree. N64 controller together with GameCube and Xbox Elite are probably the best ones. Dreamcast was also good. All the controllers are great, is just to get used to them. But the best ones, I am between GameCube and Xbox controllers.
  6. Nice I would start on Hardcore. Hardcore in RE3 is less hard than Hardcore on RE2. But nice way to enjoy the game. Good luck with Nemesis on Inferno.
  7. Exactly. Well said. I agree with what you say. But, I am telling you that resources and enemies are completely different in higher difficulties. Nemesis is way more aggressive on hardcore and others. For example it happened that I did the first Nemesis boss fight on my first try but i missed objects and I was without healings, I keep the sprays for the end. So I reload, and man, I dunno what happened, maybe I was tired cuz was late But I was getting killed for almost 1 hours, and I did it with almost no damage and taking all items from that roof. I wanted to clean the "room". Nothing special after all, just some herbs and ammo. But I did not know if it was something special xD. I had fun. I found that bossfight harder than the second in the Clock Tower. Maxbe cuz I learned how to dodge properly after playing hours. Try Max Payne 3, "Shadows Rushed Me". Beat the game in one sitting with no chance to die and countdown xD. If you die, start over. If your PS3 gets frozen, start over. It took me 5 runs. I did it, and that was fun and satisfying. Cheers
  8. Hello, First I was respectful with my message. I did not insult nobody and I wrote "normal". You can say the things Right, "playing games is about having fun" as you said. But tell me, how is possible to have fun when you do not have a challenge in front of you. How is possible to have fun when on the first run you are on ASSISTED, and checking a guide to find all collectibles? It is impossoble to have fun in that way. I am on my first run on Hardcore, 7 hours in the Hospital, and I am enjoying every minute. I do not think on Assisted and checking a guide you can really enjoy. If you think so, I think you must try my advice and text me later on. Is not elitist. I am 35. RE was never a casual game. Came up as casual after RE4. An STUNNING GAME. But not a good Resident Evil. Resident evil is Survival Horror. Not a run in the park. The only way of having fun of this game is going blind on Normal difficulty in the first time. And this is Harcore. Hardcore is not that hard being honest. Again, I think you can tell me the same things without having a lack of respect to me. I did not insult nobody. You can have a debate, you are welcome. But if you are so defensive and offended means something: You know somehow I am right. But of course, you can do whatever you want. I am just giving you and advice to change the order: First, Hardcore, after Assisted. In order to have fun. Cheers.
  9. And this is how you RUIN the experience of RE3. The first run MUST be on Hardcore and try to collect collectibles there. I am doing that. 7 hours and I am in the Hospital. Really? Starting the game on Assisted? After do not say it is too short and easy. That difficulty is a JOKE. Assisted can be done for no healing, boxes and under 2 hours after the second or third run. Not in the first. Just my opinion. But I think since the 65% did the game on Assisted (Super Mega Hyper Insulting Easy), 30% on Standard (Easy), and the rest did it on Hardcore (Normal), on the first run, helps to understand why the bad-mixed reviews due the length and difficulty. The game is quite-short, like all other RE Survival Horror focused and the RE3 from 1999, but if you do that, is even worst and RUINS the experience of the game. My advice, START on Hardcore. Try to get everything there. If not, make a second run with a guide, on ASSISTED and there you can do no box, heal, and under 2 hours. After that, try to beat Inferno without crazy items. That will be a pain in the ass.
  10. My advice. Play directly on Hardcore. The problem is that Capcom never clarified the real balance. Assisted is focused for people who does not care about challenge and for those with accessibility issues. Today, thankfully, devs are making gaming accessible for all kind of audiences, including handicap people. This is something very important, I know some cases of people in wheelchair and they are playing with an adapted controller and the mouth. This people are like you or me. Also deserves the right to play. So it is great that they include modes adapted for them. If, thanks god, you are a person with full physical capabilities, you have to start this game on Hardcore. The real balance is that Standard is EASY and Hardcore is Normal. If you really want to enjoy the full experience, you MUST start on Hardcore and explore the game for the challenge, story, collectibles, etc. So, my advice, if you want to enjoy RE3, go directly for Hardcore. But of course, everyone is free to chose.
  11. Well, I do agree with you that technically this game is superior. We must have into the account that this game was originally released on Nintendo Wii. PS3 and Xbox 360 are ports from the Wii game. Besides that, I think the original from Nintendo 64 is superior as a whole game. So here, I confirm, since I have booth (N64 and PS3) that the original from Rareware for Nintendo 64 is far, far better. Is one of the those "Must Play" ever made. In addition, since they lost the 007 license, I would suggest you to play Perfect Dark for Nintendo 64. Another "Must Play". Sadly, I heard that the prequel for Xbox was very frustrating. Well, like all the other Rare games once they joined Microsoft. Being honest, they were great with Nintendo and creating Nintendo licensed games. DK Country, Killer Instinct, DK 64, Banjo Kazooie, etc. Besides that, this GoldenEye 007: Reloaded is a very good game and, probably, the best 007 game in the Wii-PS3-360 generation. Probably, BloodStone is remarkable since has an original story.
  12. I grinded with a friend Pike's Basin for level 50. If you are alone, Tesoro Azul sounds a good option. In a few hours you will get it. Really, this is nothing compare to Max Payne 3. I did that 100% and level 50 over there is a pain in the ass. Level 50 in RDR is a joke. GTA IV, and Max Payne 3 are the issue when we are talking about maximum online level on Rockstar games.
  13. Yes it is. And do not worry for the EXP trophies. Getting the maximum level in the game is not that hard as other Rockstar games such as Max Payne or GTA IV.
  14. Yes, the servers were shutdown without warming in February. I am lucky because I did the online trophies last September (trophies hidden in my profile). I will play the offline game soon. You can check the post they did announcing diminished or discontinued services, included GoldenEye 007: Reloaded: Honestly, they keep the servers working for quite long long time considering the fact that almost nobody was playing this game.
  15. As somebody mentioned above, if you did it once, you can do it again. I did it with Batman, and after with the others. I struggled a lot with Catwoman. There are not brutes, but there are more with shield. And I prefer to face brutes and less shield ones than a lot of those. This trophy is a good training for the last one.