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  1. Last night I tried to change. And man... Used to move, Dualshock3 it was a struggle I guess it is just to get use to it. After talking with a friend, he told me is good to use the wrist of the other hand to avoid shaking. And even better, the Sony Gun for Move the official, is the best option for precision. But you will need to change weapon/knife with the other hand in the same Move, since that part is vivible or using the Dualshock3 or, even better, the navy control with the other hand. Booth accesories can be found very cheap on internet.
  2. Like others said, what you download is the full version but blocked. In order to unblock the full game you have to buy it and what you get is the patch-key to unlock the full game. Same thing with Versus mode of Resident Evil 5. This mode is in-game. I mean it is already on disc. But you have to pay in order to play. So what you get when you buy the season pass or this mode, it is just the patch-key to unlock this. This is happening if you have the Day 1 version. Gold Edition has everything in disc. But the extra episodes you need to move forward in the story. Great game. I highly recommend Origins Blackgate if you like the Batman Arkham games and/or the Batman Universe. Please consider that this game came out originally on Vita and 3Ds. So do not expect something that big as Asylum, City, Origins or Knight. But still it is a good game in 2.5D Metroid/Castlevania style. Enjoy!
  3. Right. I am sure that something is coming. When, that is the point. I guess will be announced around the GAME AWARDS and will be available around January. God knows.
  4. Ghost Survivor was a fun challenge. They were not easy. But after almost a year, I hope this new DLC is deeper and story-based.
  5. Yes. But that's my point. The online it is just a mode. The game has a campaign/story like Aylum and City. Honestly is not fair to tag like that a game just becuase has online trophies. Specillay when in a few sessions, and less than a week if you are properly organized, you can get all of them since they are not long or complicated. There are a couple you need to be 7-8, the rest, easy.
  6. Why? Origins is really good. The story is great and have such epic moments like the Joker moments or Deathstroke fight. It is true that has online trophies, some of them need 8 players to boost, but they are not hard. And again, the game is awesome. I have the 100% done of this game. True that has some bugs, they are are quite fixed. Really good game and underrated one. Of course not in the level of Asylum or City. But if City and Asylum are 9.5 score, Origins is 9 of overall. No joke.
  7. This is not impossible. Just patience and good moves. Here is my trick. Just did it. Of course all it is about luck, but you have to know, you can learn very easily, how the machine works. I mean, the normal opponents are very easy, maybe the 8th it is a bit tricky, and the infected ones (the number 5 or 6 and the last one) are harder. Specially the last one which is a pain in the ass. So, my advice is not to spend the trump cards at all with the regular ones, at least not so many, and save them for the infected ones. You will need them since they are also playing with really good trump cards and can really instant kill you. For the last one, if you have 2 or 3 of those who are "blocking" them to take any card and use trump cards and heavily increasing the bet you can finish him in 1 or 2 rounds. The last guy can really finish you in 1 round if you do not have any GOOD trump cards. So, do not expect to achieve this trophy in 5 minutes and take it easy saving the trump cards for the infected ones, as I mentioned, specially the last one. Maybe in a bit more than 1 hour you will face him and you will have a higher percentage of success. Really, if you face him without nothing special, forget about. Good luck and I hope you found this info useful. PD: This weekend has been good for me. I did Platinum on Max Payne 3, beating "New York Minute Hardcore" (Shadows Rushed Me), and after a few tries I got this one.
  8. Being honest, Maximum Payne it is hard, but not that much if you take it easy. Extreme it is a joke compare to Old School. Now I am doing NYM, easy till level 12. From there, the main handicap it is the time pressure. Forces you more mistakes. This is what makes "easier" NYM Extreme, you earn the time that you got from previous chapters. And believe me, you can add almost 15 minutes. This is a lot to unpressure the game. Anyway, ALWAYS free aim.
  9. You ar note answering the question. Your problem is that u played this SOLO and this is a POSSE trophy. Of course, you reached the 50K and did not popped. U have to be in POSSE. So, it requires at least 2 people. He is asking if this can be done in Public or Private. And No so many people is clarifying this.
  10. This GOTY has all DLC's via voucher code. They are not in the disc.
  11. Hello! This is the one million dollar question my friend. Aparently, this is the fastest way to reach level 50. From 0 to 50 are about 620 times that you have to play this chapter. Before that, you can boost the other online trophies first, after the Challenge Mode, New York Minute, and New York Minute Extreme before attempting the farming of this chapter. The previously mentioned modes also give you EXP. But not that much. However, since you have to do the other modes as well, you will avoid save some time. But not that much.
  12. Oh! Thanks and sorry if I repeated. By the way, I did a mistake. Must be on Team DeathMatch. Not Regular DeathMatch.
  13. This is completely normal if you do not cheat even. Listen on RE7 I had 4 trophies popping at the same time. The one for finishing the game in less than 4 hours, the one for not healing more than 3 times, the one for not using the item box more than 3 times, and the one for choosing the other ending. IF I would do that the first time, I would have 2 more. Finishing the game in EASY and NORMAL. So 6 trophies at the same time! So yes, it can happen.
  14. Hello! It could be quite annoying to get this trophy. Firstly, the online is full of people with mods and this make them impossible to kill. Secondly, there are not may players online. And last, but not the least, sometimes it could be hard to join more than 3-4 players. 4 Is the minimum to get all the online trophies. Yes, you red well. If do not know if you know, but just in case, I will share it with you if you have some problems to reunite such a high number of players. You have to play a regular deathmatch, and kill everyone, the 3 other players. Having at least 3 players on game, with only 1 the game will be finished. So, 1 if you are 3, and 2 if you are 4, have to go out and join again by invitation and get killed again. Repeat the process till you will kill 5, specially those who are leaving and coming, and, by mistake, the game will count them as new players. In that moment, the trophy will pop and you can just go out. I highly recommend that the host will not go out, just in case. But believe me, it works 100%. I hope will be useful for those who are in the struggle to boost this game with more than 4 people.
  15. This trophy is not glitched. Once you kill the first one, you have 20 seconds to finish the work. It is not 20 seconds of difference each. Once you killed the first, the last one have to die in within 20 seconds max. For example, the first Eddie (Starts the counting), Lazarevic (10 seconds after), and Flynn (20 seconds after Eddie died, better before). If you play in Crushing, like I did, booth trophies will pop. Firstly the Hard one, and after the Crushing. Good luck, this trophy is easy, just patience. I would say that the path before the final fight is even more tricky than the final fight. I would suggest that you, and your partners, will hide on the left, 2 on the boxes, and one on the top of the container. This one can help to clean normal and armoured enemies, but, this one especially, CAN NOT, shot the bosses. After 6-7 minutes they will approach together (more or less close), that's the moment you have to throw 1 or 2 cluster bombs. Maybe, one will be still alive, if you have another cluster bomb kill him, if not, he will be wounded enough in order that 2 members must focus on shoot him till dead. We did with a difference of 6 seconds. If you are lucky all of them will die at the same time. But normally with this method, sometimes 1 is still alive. But not for longer. As I said, this trophy is easy, just patience. Overseer is another story. But doable as well with practice.