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  1. I am playing now and I have the 13 DLC packs. You need to download them from the game. The DLC content is only available on the Store via the game. They are hidden on the search, you need to go to options, the last one, and there ou have the list to download. But, even if you do so, you need to activate the HUBs/levels/story packs with the toy tags. Now that I am playing, I understand why this game is not playable without Toy Tags. The USB base, the portal, and the Toy Tags are needed to solve puzzles and other situations. So you need the physical stuff to play anyway. Is not possible to play if they decide to move all content to digital. They need to redo they content as well. But could be nice to be able to buy generic tags, cheap, and then to download that character/vehicle/gadget to the tag. But not possible. You can do it via other android/ios apps I think. Anyway, go to Bricklink if you do not want to spend that much and just buy the tags.
  2. GO FOR IT!!! I am playing now, 12 hours, and is the best LEGO I've played so far. Is not only about the quality of the content and gameplay, is a LEGO game, but every collectible, puzzle, cinematic, scene, etc, is pure nostalgia and a pop culture parade full of easter eggs. So well crafted. I have the 13 DLC, but I am considering to get all the other tags, maybe some sets, of fun and team packs to visit the Hubs. Man... what a shame that they decided to unlock the content in that way. This game is not only for kids, is for people over 30 and 40. Some of the franchises... they are too old for people born in the 2000's. Even for the 90's. Get at least the Starter Pack and download all the free DLC, you will need the tags at least anyway to unlock it, before they take them away from the Store. The only way to have access to that content in when you are inside the game. It is hidden in the Store. You need the game to have access. Not on Xbox, you can put it in your library even if you do not have the disc. Go for it. You won't regret. Is a trip to my childhood (I am 37). I am enjoying this a lot. And I was not expecting that. Go to Bricklink and buy at least the tags for the packs if you want the 100% of the content and/or Trophies. For the 100% trophies, you will need the Starter Pack and the 13 DLC tags. My favorite LEGO game so far.
  3. Honestly, If you want the 13 DLC packs for 125 euro... This is the price, today, of 4-5 packs only and the cheap ones. Some of them, cost 50-60 euro 1 pack. You can try on Bricklink and get just the chips. The characters and generic ones, empty, for vehicles and gadgets. The chips for characters were READ only. But the generic are READ and WRITE. So u can use a generic for any gadget. Those, the generic ones, u must buy blue ones and orange ones.
  4. Well u can imagine what will happen to certain characters since there are not in the first game. Quite obvious. But it is interesting to know the context that drives you to RDR1.
  5. I add: RE:Verse, Umbrella Corps, and Resistance were innecessary. Instead, improved RE2 and RE3 remake, and CV remake. You may wonder... Yes also RE2 had to be improved. The A/B scenarios is even worst than the original. Here no matter u do, is almost the same. Would be better to expand the game and make a completely diffrenent path for Leon and Claire.
  6. Looks like everything can be done SOLO, right?
  7. I saw it yesterday. My 100% dropped to 84%. I see there are 2 trophies for playing in the new 2 scenarios of Mercenaries. Just complete them. No trophies for 3rd Person Mode such as "complete the game in the 3rd person mode". The rest, it it for Shadows of Rose. I guess this DLC can be completed in a few hours.
  8. Today the game received an update. I have PS5 but I played this game on PS4. And right now I am playing RDRII on my PS4 Pro and... I received an update for Village. The DLC, purchased, is not available still. But the Trophy list dropped to 84%. The DLC pack has t7 trophies. Mostly for Shadow of Rose. But there are 2 that could be for Mercenaries. Just completing the 2 new scenarios. Nothing about completing the game in 3rd Person or related to the new characters. We will see.
  9. Hello, I do not know if this has been posted. My apologies in advance. Just to say that the Trophy List of the upcoming The Last of Us Part I has been leaked. Honestly, looks a VERY EASY PLATINUM. Even easier than Part II
  10. Nope. I am telling you it is just to have a good character level (105-135), being familiar with the missions and just playing. For example, we finished the run of 2 in less than a week. Playing 2 hours per day and 4 days. The fifth just for the finale. And then, easily we beat the finale on 29 mins. We had to repet 2-3 times due the headshots. But it is just a matter to keep locked the last hack a bit. Obviously the first run, even if you are 4, will be the once u will dedicate more time since you are going blind. But once this is done... piece of cake.
  11. Deals are coming and going
  12. Everybody. But of course you need to have the 3 Elite objectives done.
  13. Everybody in the final screen once you have done before the other 2 playthus. We did first the 4. Then I was out and a friend went to help other 3 friends and the other 2 did the one of 2. Then we did the one of 3 and they (the other 2) got the trophy. And finally, of one them help me with the one of 2 and I got it. The same with Elitist. The trophy is for everyone once you have done the Elite goals in the 3 final act mission. And the achievement pops in the same place, the final screen. Find 3 friends and go for them. They are not hard. Just playing and practising.
  14. We just did yesterday, July 3rd 2022, and works perfectly. EASY & QUICK method. THANK YOU.