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  1. I have the 20 Costumes Collection trophy. Sadly I can't remember how I got it to pop but it was very delayed. However, the trophy for acquiring all costumes is bugged. I have collected everything (beaten the game 4 times now) and no matter what I do, the trophy will not pop. I have sent the devs a mail without response. Gonna make a post on their forums as well. Reinstalling the game and downloading my save from the Cloud does not seem to work. On another note, the trophy The Prosecutor has completely glitched on me. I have done this bossfight around 3 times now, if not more, and each time I've spared his life, yet no trophy pops. I know people have this trophy but it seems as if several trophies on this list are a bit wonky. The trophy also remains locked in the "Achievements" tab. Hopefully this will get fixed soon. I enjoyed the game but I don't want to resort to starting from scratch to possibly get these trophies to pop.
  2. I've started this game and I'm really enjoying it so far. It's like a simplified version of Darkest Dungeon with a more asian look. Lots of lore to find which I always enjoy. Definitely worth picking up at the current price if you like these type of games. As for the trophies they are not up on the server yet I think. I've earned some but they do not show up on my PSN list. -edit- Trophies are up now and there seems to be a stack for each region.
  3. Will definitely be getting back to the game now that I've finished it to look for more secrets and hidden objects. Love the Oldest House and the environments in general, but finding certain Side quests was a bit of a pain and put me off further exploration while I made progress on the story.
  4. Gotcha, fair enough!
  5. Wow. Watched a gameplay video. You weren't kidding about the spelling errors. This is an ID card at the start of the game:
  6. That is awesome! The mod sounds extremely good, and I'll be sure to pick it up considering Grip is my go-to mode. Great find! Now I wonder if there are more "Absolute"-quality modifications out there.
  7. Sounds like an interesting theory. In regards to the locked door, are you referring to the door that is on an elevated platform on the right side (if facing the furnace)? That's one of the hidden areas and you can access it by following these instructions (courtesy of PowerPyx): You can find more information here: I went back and checked because I got a little bit excited but sadly I couldn't find a TV in that room/corridor. Dunno if that's because I've finished the game but I doubt it. This definitely feels like something Remedy would do though so you might be onto something. Let us know if you make any progress!
  8. #40 - Alien: Isolation Alien: Isolation (Not the most imaginative Platinum name) Another planned milestone. Personally, it's rare to find a game where I don't feel finished with it after getting the platinum or 100%. However, with Alien: Isolation, my first reaction was not to put it down and move on, but to start another playthrough on Nightmare difficulty, and experience the game in another way. This, despite having already 100%'d it on the ol' Xbone. I have a lot of appreciation for this game, and I do think it's one of the best ones ever made. To so masterfully nail the atmosphere of the original movie is a feat in and of itself, but the fact that they managed to leave their own mark which only enhanced the experience instead of detracting from it, can only be commended. This game was made with love, and it shows.
  9. Nice giveaway! I'll go with Murdered Soul Suspect's platinum, "Moving On." Quite a fitting name, considering that is exactly what most of us do after achieving a plat. Great game though!
  10. Agent 47 and his ballers.
  11. Do I need to achieve personal bankruptcy from buying too many games to get this code? Because I certainly haven't spent a low amount of money on games these last couple of months.
  12. Congrats! I have a question regarding the PvP series, like Elimination for example, which I can't seem to find an answer to. Does it matter if I stay in the match until the end, despite being dead? In terms of bonus XP or something like that. Or should I just move on to the next match? Just being paranoid that I'm missing out on XP. Not that this hasn't been said a million times before but man, Online fucking sucks. It is so poorly made and just a complete motivation killer.
  13. Some of Alan Wake's collectibles were quite interesting and added some story/background to the game, so I'm hoping Remedy does the same here.
  14. Have you tried zooming in on the urn as the ashes blow away? I did that on each urn and it popped on the first playthrough. Not sure if it helps but I thought I'd mention it.