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  1. Not sure if they do, but I don't think so. You can place your own persistent markers on the map so you know which ones you've opened.
  2. Ah, the STD trophy is back. :')
  3. Hitman 3 in VR... Now that is damn intriguing. First game that makes me consider getting a VR set for the PS4/PS5.

  4. If you haven't already, try liberating the area around him.
  5. Tfw you work in customer support over the summer and a customer literally sends you a fucking poem that rhymes, going over all the problems she has had with her latest order. On a sunday. Lockdown is fucking people up badly.

    1. DaivRules


      I feel like @Dr_Mayus would be inspired by learning about this. 

  6. Finally. There's a trophy for beating the game on Unfair so this will be a hard plat for sure. There are guides out there for how to handle this difficulty, but the enemies are buffed like crazy. The beginning of the game will be especially brutal until you can start specializing/min-maxing your party. As anyone who has played the PnP Pathfinder or any other similar games will know, RNG is going to be a bitch. It will be a long plat, most likely 2 playthroughs minimum recommended unless you want to neck yourself halfway through. Then you need to play some sort of "rogue-like mode" too. I'm sure it will be a frustrating but ultimately rewarding experience to 100% this.
  7. CohhCarnage for excellent and in-depth Let's Plays. ACG for honest and reliable reviews and analysis of games. Crowbcat for fail compilations.
  8. I get that people think it's an impactful mission and want to debate it. Personally though, I just like mowing down people in a video game. Great gameplay in that mission.
  9. Warhammer 40,000: Mechanicus The game has two lists that lack region tags. This seems to be the US version: This seems to be the EU version:
  10. S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Alan Wake Half-Life 2 Hatred Max Payne 2 Sunset Overdrive
  11. This is some weird shit, not gonna lie. I just can't handle those voices without cringing. But uh... it was certainly an experience to check this out... Yes, that is what this reminded me of, you glorious degenerate.
  12. You can delete 0% lists from your PSN profile though.
  13. Decided to pull out my old Band of Brothers dvd set last night. Had a sudden nostalgic feeling of rewatching this amazing show. I grew up as a kid watching it several times and I remember being completely immersed in the characters, the depictions of war and camaraderie. I love WWII movies, shows, games and documentaries, and when it comes to movies/shows that focus on the American perspective, I think Band of Brothers is the absolute best. The show is almost 20 years old now but it has aged really well.
  14. Was looking forward to a game about Spidercop, personally.
  15. Don't like the design. Like I said in another thread, I think it looks like a design student's exam project. Too much going on, and it looks... delicate for lack of a better word. Now, I'm not a fan of the brick tower design of the next Xbox, but eh... Since they stuck with the previous PS logo I was hoping for a more "traditional" design of the console. Controller looks good though, but we've already seen that. At the end of the day, I'm more interested in what's inside the console. Hoping for a user interface reveal soon.