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    I dream of one day becoming an author. I also spend a lot of time roleplaying on different games, creating music (though never managing to finish a single song), and of course gaming. My annoying but adorable Maine Coon half-breed keeps be company during good and bad times.

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  1. Thanks for sharing! I do hope other developers and publishers can have a go at the franchise soon. Imagine CD Projekt Red creating an open world rpg with the same quality as Witcher 3. Or Sony sealing the deal on another exclusive (seeing as how they already made it work with Marvel) to kick off the early years of the next generation. The Star Wars franchise and universe has too much potential and too many corners to explore to leave it solely in the hands of EA's neglectful care.
  2. I wish I could speedrun games as fast as I speedrun away from my real life responsibilities. On a serious note, I quite enjoy watching speedruns, but I'd never attempt them myself. I hate having a timer when I play games, regardless of whether it's visible or hidden. Playing games should, imo, be a relaxing and enjoyable form of escapism. Having a deadline or timer ruins that for me.
  3. Bought this when I got my PS4 and haven't switched since. Amazing quality, great background music and it just sets the mood perfectly for me.
  4. Playing match after match, grinding through what feels like an endless journey of The Last of Us Remastered multiplayer. I'm gonna get that platinum.
  5. I appreciate it! I'll try it out during the weekend. 👍
  6. Welcome! Nice to see a buddhist join up. I've been interested in buddhism for a while, but I've always wondered how one fits that together with the way our western societies are shaped and function. Do you find it hard to adhere to the teachings in everyday life? Are there any sacrifices you've had to make? Don't mean to turn this into an interview, I'm just inquisitive by nature... I'll check out that Sam Harris app (I do like what I've seen from him before), and I might even take a closer look at buddhism as well. I definitely need to learn to control my anger. It's gotten to a point where I get frustrated at being frustrated. I can get angry at the tiniest things, and just after a few moments of rage, I calm down and feel ridiculous. I've been going through these emotional cycles pretty much my entire life and if they don't turn out harmful they are just mentally exhausting. It'd be nice to be able to break the pattern. Anyways, sorry if I hogged your thread, I might've gotten a bit carried away. Hope you enjoy your stay, happy hunting!
  7. Well color me intrigued. Haven't played much of either Destiny games, but I like their concept and what little lore there is could definitely turn out to be somewhat engaging if developed properly. What I didn't like was their shitty business practices and near scam-like DLC, like expecting people to be happy to pay twice for the game, anyone remember that? Destiny is a series I've wanted to enjoy, but couldn't, due to how the they treat their customers. I don't think Activision is solely to blame for this, but it's pretty obvious where the main pressure to milk cash came from. I really hope Bungie will deliver on their next, (possibly) self-published installment of the series. I'll definitely be keeping an eye on this.
  8. The HD collection comes out on friday, 11/1.
  9. Not treating your playerbase/fans like shit and focusing on quality and content instead of microtransactions and paywalls is a good way to sell copies. It has nothing to do with us thinking of EA or Bioware as our "personal friends", it is about standing up to bullshit practices and letting the companies and their shareholders know that if you're going to try and milk us for every penny we have, then you're going to fail. Of course every company needs to make a profit and investors expect their money. That doesn't mean we shouldn't let them know when they're wrong, and stop buying their trash games. You can still hold them accountable for their actions and expect better of them. There is a middle-way between entitlement and indifference.
  10. First year for me. Starting out a bit safe for now... 1. Heavy Rain 2. Burly Men at Sea 3. Horizon Zero Dawn 4. The Bunker 5. God of War (PS4) 6. Sherlock Holmes: Crimes and Punishment 7. The Council 8. Late Shift 9. Sherlock Holmes: The Devil's Daughter 10. Life is Strange: Before the Storm
  11. Damn, don't I feel old reading this thread. I still clench my fist in a moment of childish excitement whenever I see the clock turn 13:37...