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  1. Listening to some dark ambient jazz this fine Sunday afternoon.
  2. Blood of Elves by Andrzej Sapkowski is the second book in the series. After getting completely hooked by the first book I bought the entire series about a year ago. Finally gotten around to continuing this amazing experience and I am loving every page of it. While I sadly cannot attest to the faithfulness of the translation (as I don't understand Polish in the slightest), I am going to go out on a limb and say that this English translation is very, very good. The imagery is painted vividly in my mind whilst reading and not only is the writing of high quality, the translator seems to have successfully managed to capture the author's "personality" and way of writing, despite the change of language.
  3. No German campaign, no buy download. What is a WW2 game without killing American Schweinhunde invading the glorious Vaterland.
  4. The game is free? That's not how you pursue money, Whiteboyz.
  5. That is quite literally the definition of a microtransaction. Small sums of money used to buy items. It's in the name. Loot boxes are just another form of microtransactions. You also buy loot boxes and fake currency with real money so I'm not sure I follow your logic.
  6. Don't mind TJ_Solo, he just feels the need to be a white knight for every game/dev/publisher that gets criticized, regardless of whether your criticism is valid or not. Thank you for letting people know this title needs a patch before purchase.
  7. Read my mind...
  8. I'm sure Epic Games will give me some Chinese freebies as well if I download their client.
  9. Ah, yes, "It was my brother." Now where have I heard that one before...
  10. Did you discover the internet 5 minutes ago?
  11. Nice to see someone with a passion for Viking culture. I seem to recall from your trophy checklist that your name is Erik, so I figured you might have Scandinavian ancestry. And yes, atrocious is one word to use for the outfits. No offence to the people of Vinland but my first thought when seeing the armours was "Ah, so they went with the American LARPers' wet dream." Reminded me a bit of that HBO show I lost an interest in. Still, this is an AC game so I obviously didn't expect historical accuracy. The trailer looks badass though. Will wait for more gameplay footage, but if Ubisoft plays their cards right it may be an early purchase for me. All I know is it's gonna be good to be chieftain when it's time for the boys to clean their faces. ūüėŹ
  12. A lot of game trailers have the Xbox/PS logo at the end without being exclusives. Just MS paying for some advertisement on a hugely anticipated reveal trailer.
  13. This just reinforces my view that PS+ and PS Now should be merged. Both of these games are on PS Now, and in what universe is picking these two titles in the same month a good idea.
  14. Nope, you can set your own region, it's not dictated by your Xbox Live/PSN account region. You can change your country/state by going into your TT/TA settings and automatically join the respective leaderboard. - But yeah OP, don't get your hopes up. Nothing significant is happening on this site last time I checked. We did get an option to have abbreviated numbers on the site statistics though, which was a highly requested feature by the entire PSNP community...
  15. *AC Odyssey: Legacy of the First Blade DLC spoilers*


    This DLC went from good to absurd real quick... I thought the LGBT community was overreacting with all this outrage over the forced heterosexual relationship but damn, that was some horrible writing. I've just been laughing my ass off at the ridiculous events that has transpired, wondering what the fuck is going on. I play as Kassandra and my character is forced to not only love this dare I say almost random dude, but also have a damn child with him? During all the DLC chapters I made no advances, no flirting, nothing. We were friendly associates at best, yet every time I was not guiding the conversation they were giving each other looks and hinting at stuff.


    Fast forward a bit and the dude and his father are at the port ready to sail off, and you get the option to ask the guy to stay or just say farewell. I ofc tell him to get his Persian ass out of glorious Greece, but not before he lets me know he left me a gay letter full of feelings at my house (more on this house later). So Kassandra walks back up to her newfound home, reads the letter, and starts going "Oh, <NAME I CAN'T EVEN REMEMBER BECAUSE HE'S A BLAND NPC>", sobbing like a little girl. Like what. I have treated him like nothing more than a friend and she starts crying because of his love letter?


    Well not to worry, guess who's now standing by the door? That's right, my character is about to get raped apparently, because a few cutscenes later they have a child. I legit thought it was some sort of dream or hallucination but nope, this is happening and there is NO REASON, no foundation to build on for any of this to happen. Also, this house they have is in the middle of nowhere and they have no real ties to it, yet Kassandra keeps talking about how this feels like home for the first time. I'm so fucking confused because across the shore is Sparta where your family home know...your damn mother and father waiting for you.


    Not to mention this forced partner is Persian and my character has the blood of Leonidas in her veins, so I guess I'm going full race traitor here. Too bad this was the partner we were forced to have as I tried the entire fucking game to get together with Brasidas, a badass Spartan warrior that also happens to have a functioning production of testosterone. Imagine that Ubisoft. But nope, only STD-ridden sluts and Persians are allowed apparently.


    I also took a look at the supposed patch they had made after the outrage, and it literally changes nothing except removing a cosy scene under the moonlight. Why does that even matter if she's still getting knocked up? It really is a shame that they felt the need to ruin the experience because the base game is really, really good imo. Oh well.

    1. mecharobot


      I've skipped all dialogue after chapter 2. I don't even know who I'm killing anymore or why. I felt writing has been robotic at best whenever it's not full of annoying people. I did pick some gay choices for laughs tho, since some guy fell in love Alexios for getting him some herbs. The hetero options are pretty low tier as well, undoubtly intentional


      Shame, since gameplay is very fun

    2. SinisterPledge


      Honestly didn't mind the base game story. I did skip a lot of the side quest dialogue though because some of the plebeians just aren't interesting enough. I think I remember that herb guy... Yeah romance was handled very poorly in this game and it's just a bunch of one night stands. Honestly didn't find a single good option which is why it annoyed me when it was forced upon you.


      Gameplay is fun. I find the combat and progression to be quite rewarding, especially when you get your legendary set and start dishing out some insane crits. It may not play like a typical AC game but it's certainly not a bad game combat wise.