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  1. Wonder if they're gonna fix the bug that disconnects me from every online match/event after 5 minutes. That would be pretty sweet. Generic Free Roam is only fun for so long and I'd rather free roam in singleplayer without all the griefers. But please, take your time and add some more content instead. (not salty at all)
  2. As opposed to his male characters? And sure. It's funny the way you put that, considering how our previous run-ins have turned out, but rest assured I have no problem admitting when I'm wrong. Let's see if Dany is reduced to arm candy for Jon Snow. See ya in a few weeks.
  3. You keep trying to boast and "educate" with more or less every post you make but it doesn't work, sadly. Yes, you've read books. Well done. I truly hope everyone knows Odin isn't created by Marvel or Final Fantasy. Furthermore, I don't doubt you've read the ASOIAF-series, nor do I dispute your claim. Instead of throwing seemingly unfounded predictions at us (which I believe to be little more than bait at this point - in which case you have succeeded. Congrats!), please elaborate on why you think there is any possibility that Dany will be reduced to arm candy for Jon? Don't say "I've read lotsa books you seeee" or list the series for a third time. Tell me, what indication do you have that Dany (as she is now, with all character development in mind), will allow herself to be sidelined by Jon and turned into a happy, smiling housewife? This series has provided so many strong female characters who refuse to stay in the shadow of the other sex, and I don't see Dany being any different. Besides, Jon has explicitly said he doesn't want the crown, and there is no reason not to believe him. He would be crushed by the weight of it. tl;dr: Please provide some arguments instead.
  4. If you think there's any chance Dany will be reduced to arm candy for Jon Snow at this point then I really question your ability to notice patterns, and your knowledge/understanding of the show/books. Dany will be a queen (with or without Jon), or she will lose. That she would end up as a trophy wife is not happening unless someone performs a lobotomy on her. - I have to agree with a lot of people here, I'm frustrated at Dany's arrogance, and the fact that she flew ahead without any sort of intel/scouts checking the surroundings. The first loss of her dragon should have taught her something. For personal - though still strange reasons I can relate to Dany when her children fall from the sky. I haven't been a huge fan of her throughout the show/books, but part of me wants to see her succeed more and more with each passing episode. The alternatives seem far worse. Marriage between her and Jon could be interesting, though I think the traditional husband and wife roles wouldn't apply in their case. Which actually makes me want to see it happen even more... I can't help but feel emotionally depleted after each episode this season. Honestly regret it somewhat, feels like this is not the right time to be watching this shit, personally. I had so much I wanted to say and discuss but I find myself to mostly be at a loss of words when I sit down to write this. It seems like my reluctance to watch this season was some kind of subconscious attempt to tell myself I wasn't ready. Oh well. The things you do for procrastination... Also, anyone else hate Euron? I realize he isn't exactly set up to be a likable character, but man I almost feels like he ruins the show a bit. He's just so one-layered it kinda ruins the immersion for me whenever he's in the scene. A depraved man whose only goal seems to be to get into Cersei's pants and smile at her like an absolute creep whenever that's not happening. I do realize he's pretty eager to become the Queen's partner and sit upon the throne, but still... Something about him just rubs me the wrong way (and this is coming from someone who enjoyed watching Ramsay have his fun). Perhaps it's the fact that he is a constant reminder that they ignored Victarion's story arc in the show. I'll never forget that fuckin' viking blocking a sword of Valyrian steel with his damn gauntlet. This, so much.
  5. Good thing I haven't defended that then, or I'd be in trouble. They are different though. You're being cautions about what you add to your list, instead of regretting choices you've made down the line. Not saying I approve or would do that either.
  6. What an incredibly lame notion. I really hope they don't add this feature. And no, I wouldn't. When you start a game you make a commitment to finish the game, or fail trying. Rarity already has questionable relevance to determine difficulty, and with this change it would make it entirely unnecessary to track. I realize that there are valid reasons for wanting to remove a list, but it would just be abused. Don't do it Sony.
  7. Yikes. I hate to break it to you but I wasn't being serious. Try reading it again with a heavy dose of sarcasm in mind. Also, 11 Bit Studios is an indie publisher.
  8. This is hands down, without question, the most hilarious thing I have read in months. Thanks for the laugh man... :') I literally had to wipe away a tiny but very much existent tear from the corner of my eye. The mental image just won't go away... Also to answer the question - no, I don't. It feels a bit absurd to celebrate a platinum with something other than the reward itself - which is the feeling of having beaten the game. I'm not saying trophies don't matter, because why the hell would we be hunting them if they didn't, but let's keep things real here. Just my opinion. But maybe it's because I buy a damn cake whenever I feel like it (which is...never, but you get my point). The reward I get for my accomplishments are all psychological, and that's what matters to me. Feeling less shitty, allowing myself a moment of pride.
  9. Wonder if the subscription price will get a 70% discount after two weeks just like all their under-performing games? 🤔
  10. It's hilarious how people seem to have a hard time understanding the concept of a subscription. You pay to have access to the games. In what possible way are they free? If you didn't pay, you wouldn't have access. The connection between payment and access shouldn't be that hard to grasp, but oh well... Companies make this mistake as well, but at least it's deliberate. As for the content of the EA Vault, if it's the same as on Xbox One it's mostly sport titles, as well as the old Battlefield games, Battlefront one, and a couple of Plant vs Zombies games. Oh, and Dragon Age Inquisition along with some of the old Mass Effect games. Been a few years since I had a subscription though, so the selection is probably better now.
  11. Only online with randoms. I tried to do it with bots (before the nerf) but it wasn't for me. Found it boring to play alone. And I didn't want to mix online/offline as someone said that caused the trophy not to pop. Not sure if it's true or not but I'd recommend picking one alternative and sticking with it.
  12. Electronic Arts. Sure, they publish games with questionable quality and not everything works on day one, week one...month one...y-year one?... And granted, maybe their games are riddled with microtransactions but when you're four guys and a dog in a basement the quality control can't be superb everytime, and the cash gotta come in somehow. 11 Bit Studios is pretty good as well, I guess...
  13. I made the mistake of worrying too much about my % when I started achievement hunting back on the ol' 360. Pretty much killed console gaming for me. Not making that mistake again. I have a personal goal of not going under 80%. Which is about the same level of effort I put into my real life, coincidentally (or not). I'll never skip out on a game whether it's hard or easy, but at the same time, keeping my completion at 80% makes sure I don't slack off too much. Not sure if I'll ever plat Darkest Dungeon or RDR2, but I sure as shit am gonna play them. I also suck at fighting games but I have every intention of starting Skullgirls. Another issue with going for 100%, which is probably the biggest issue for me personally, is that I would have to force myself to play games I don't enjoy anymore, just to complete them. There are far too many games, far too much real life shit and not nearly enough time to put up with that. Everything in moderation (including moderation).
  14. War Thunde- Oh wait. Fuck.
  15. This is how you sell a game with the help of a trophy list the right way. Damn that was a good laugh... So much trophy cabinet potential right there.