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  1. *Calls the cops* You stay right where you are buddy, everything is gonna be fine.
  2. You mean to say Premium members aren't just as toxic? I like the idea of custom leaderboards/subforums. Not sure if it can or will be done here though. There's always discord if you want private groups/forums. Quick and easy!
  3. That's kind of a paradox for me, since I want to plat a game if I enjoy it. I never start or even buy a game just for getting a plat. Keeping things realistic though, I'm not sure I'll ever plat Red Dead Redemption 2 or Darkest Dungeon, but I still play both of those games for pure enjoyment. Trying to get the plat is part of the fun. Games like Life is Strange (<3) and the Telltale stuff are nice because you can sit back and enjoy the journey without having to break the immersion with a guide or constantly checking corners. Marvel's Spider-Man is good like that too. You can just enjoy the game in your own way and pace. Regarding whether to play first and plat later, well, that really depends on the game. Usually I do a blind playthrough first if it's a heavily story-driven game. Sometimes I skip that step though, as I did with Until Dawn. The bad performance and laughable audio quality just made me roll my eyes after a few chapters, so I started over again and did the 100% playthrough directly. Trophy Hunting can get a bit exhausting sometimes, but when that happens I just take a break from gaming for a while and catch up on some books and music. Everything in moderation, I guess.
  4. Привіт! Welcome to the forums! I'm sure you can find a lot of friends here. Can't promise they will make you happy though!
  5. Feels like this should have been a status update.
  6. Welcome, enjoy your stay! Ah, Ergo Proxy. The only anime I've genuinely enjoyed watching.
  7. Try going into Settings > Playstation Network/Account Management > Restore Licenses.
  8. Seems I'm alone in thinking this game was pretty much utter trash. Bad performance (at least during the early weeks of release) which affected the gameplay quite a lot, along with bland level design. Meh-story and typical cringy dialogue that you can expect from a Japanese game. I forced myself to play through it, luckily I had a friend who helped me shit on the game to at least give us both some enjoyment. I've heard the sequel is better, but I cannot recommend this game to anyone. Just my opinion.
  9. >not sure if poetic or high as fuck. Good luck on the outside buddy!
  10. So far it's definitely God of War. Now, I realize I might need to explain that. I really liked the game. The story, the visuals, the boss fights, the way they used Norse mythology. It was all great. Thing is, I felt done with the game after I finished the story, which I usually don't do with open world games. I don't agree at all with their decision to make the world some sort of an open world/linear levels hybrid abomination. The trophies and collectibles were designed as if the world is completely open, yet every location is very linear and you have to walk very specific routes to reach what you're looking for. I'm not saying it's a hard plat by any stretch of the imagination, or that it's horribly tedious, it's just a very weird way to go about it, imo. I don't mind exploring and spending time with a game, but I dislike when I have to follow a step-by-step video guide for collectibles.
  11. Well damn, looks like I need to make an appointment. Yeah, and I figured out the rest of the mystery. Apparently I've started a 7-day trial. Absolutely zero information, warning or notification about doing that, all I got was a confirmation mail. I didn't lose any money since it's a trial, so I'm not mad. Just... a very weird and unsecure way to start a subscription.
  12. It's weird, I have it too but I haven't paid for it or agreed to any ToS. Still, I got a message saying "Thanks for subscribing" and I have access to all the games. Did you sign up for the beta? I'm thinking it's not actually released, they just sent out a bunch of beta invites. There's no news regarding a release on the PlayStation eu blog, unless I'm blind.
  13. So I powered on my PS4 a few minutes ago and the Playstation Now application was on my homescreen. Doesn't say "beta" anywhere, and I've received no mail regarding any kind of invitation. Still, I have full access to the PS Now library and I'm currently downloading Until Dawn. I got a message saying "Thanks for subscribing" but I haven't paid anything, so I guess I'm in. It's a bit slow, but I'm looking forward to trying it out. Can definitely see myself subscribing, at least for a few months until the offered content grows stale.
  14. No problem! Feel free to let me know what you thought after you're done. Hope I didn't turn out to be a shill or something. And yeah, I had that same reaction when I played LiS the first time. Wrecked me a bit tbh. I'd say have fun but I'm not quite sure what you'll experience. Enjoy the emotional rollercoaster I guess!
  15. Hey, sure you don't need the bonus content to get the plat, but you said you loved the first game. As a fan of LiS, I cannot praise that bonus mission enough. Please do yourself a favour and get the deluxe edition. I promise you it's worth it. You'll get some very emotional insight into one of the most crucial pieces of backstory for both LiS and LiS: BtS.