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  1. It's basically a parody of Dungeons & Dragons, although there are several different versions released these days with different themes. It's a cardbased dungeon crawl with silly monsters and equipment. Some examples: This could be a fun game, especially since there's co-op.
  2. The developer responded on October 2nd saying that they would patch the game if they found the trophy to be glitched. Keyword is if. Kinda bugs me since it's quite easy to determine, considering no one has it on PSN. No patch as of yet and I don't have much faith. The dev is pushing for their next game now so I think this will remain unobtainable. I'd therefore advise against starting this for now. But please feel free to add some pressure to the devs by contacting them on twitter about this issue. The devs are: Devespresso Games.
  3. I was looking to buy this game digitally and had the same question. The answer from the developer was that apparently they got the publishing rights from the old publisher, which caused the game to be taken down. It was supposed to be fixed soonℒ️, but I got the response a month ago or so. Don't know what's taking them so long. Edit: Actually they responded on September 6th.
  4. I've been lurking this thread for a while, and always enjoy reading the latest discussions and plat updates. Feels like a cosy clubhouse, so I hope I'm not intruding here. πŸ™‚ My favourite games on the PS4 so far, in no order: The Witcher III - Absolute masterpiece in my opinion, despite its technical issues. While I had played the second game before, it was the third one that made me fall in love with the series and start reading the books. The atmosphere in that game is like nothing else. I'll never forget when I first entered Crookback Bog, rain smattering against my armor as the wind threatened to rip up the weak trees from their roots. I just stood there and lost track of time as I became fully immersed in the world, listening to distant screams of monsters and victims alike in that ancient, cursed swamp. Also, Triss is best girl. Alien Isolation - I'm awful when it comes to horror games. An absolute pussy. This game was so damn good though, that I just could not stop playing it. Definitely one of my all-time favourites and one of those games I can play over and over again without ever getting bored. I hope this game gets the sequel it deserves, or just let it be and stop with these mobile versions. It's unworthy of what these devs managed to accomplish. The Last Of Us Remastered - This game receives enough compliments, so there's no need to inflate its ego further. Although this might primarily be a PS3 game, I never played it on that console, so for me this was a PS4 experience. Enjoyed it from start to finish, though I'll never forgive Naughty Dog for stealing my fucking ammo during my Grounded run. Seriously, fuck you for that. Life is Strange - I'm glad you said we shouldn't mention entries in a series separately, because that means I can add Before the Storm here as well. I love Life is Strange (and BtS) so much. Certain parts of these games wrecked me, hard. While a lot of people would laugh at the notion of a 20-something guy saying he can relate to a bunch of teenage girls, I really could. I felt like it touched on a lot of emotional points for me, as well as the creative side I think a lot of us struggle to bring out and maintain. It was as inspirational as it was depressing. What further enhanced this amazing journey was the soundtrack, as it featured a lot of post-rock and indie music, which are my favourite genres. I will exclude Life is Strange 2 from this praise though. I played the first episode and found it to be far too political and I didn't feel engaged or interested in any of the characters. South Park: The Stick of Truth - So many tears of laughter. If Alien Isolation is the best adaptation from a movie ever made, then I'd say the Stick of Truth is the best adaptation from a tv-show. At first I was bummed out that the EU version was censored, but when I read the replacement screens they had added, I realized that version was even funnier. I'm a fan of turn-based combat so that was a big plus as well. Pls nerf Jews, Obsidian. Honourable mentions: Batman Arkham Series - Although these games have been remastered, and I do have them in my backlog, I played these games on the old 360, and as such I view them mainly as last-gen games. They're so great though that I had to mention them, especially Arkham City which is my personal favourite. Rebel Cops - If people enjoy TBS games, I can really recommend this little gem. Made by the same guys that developed This is the Police, it's a short and enjoyable experience. Don't expect much in terms of story, but I think it does a great job at setting the tone and overall gritty atmosphere. This game released for like $9 or something, which is almost a steal. It's refreshing when a game is released underpriced instead of overpriced though. The Order 1866 - I can understand why people felt ripped off if they bought this at full price. I borrowed this from a friend so I wasn't in the same situation. The length (or lack thereof, rather) is definitely the biggest flaw of this game, because I genuinely enjoyed every other aspect of it. The characters, story and setting was great, and while the combat was simplistic, I think it did its job without messing up. I hope this IP has a future when we move on to the next generation. Mutant Year Zero is based on a Swedish tabletop RPG by the same name. The original version is simply called Mutant. Year Zero is a spin-off, set in a different time period. All versions include talking animals though, and giant bumblebees. I've always been interested in the tabletop game, but was kinda put off by the talking elks and badgers. I had the idea of simply replacing all those characters with human counterparts instead, because the setting is quite nice. The official campaigns revolved mostly around detective work in various city hubs iirc, but that doesn't seem to be the case with Year Zero? I firmly recall there being multiple cities and settlements, and if Year Zero only has the Ark, I suppose it would make sense to focus on the survival aspect. Shame though. I've always wanted to use some questionable interrogation tactics on Donald Duck.
  5. *Inside Divinity Original Sin's Development HQ*


    [Lead Game Designer]: So, how do we make the player feel more immersed in the world?

    [Developer]: How about we cover every accessible surface with mines?


    [Lead Game Designer]: Yeah that sounds good.

  6. Swords n' Sandals was the shit. πŸ‘Œ Still remember that intro like it was yesterday. As long as the game is enjoyable and/or the story is captivating I don't give a damn about the rarity % (which isn't always a reliable indicator anyways) or difficulty. When I look at other people's profiles, I just filter out all the shovelware and shiny speshul UR's and look for titles that actually mean something to me. In essence, a 95% plat and a 0.60% plat has more or less the same value to me if I don't know anything about the games in question. That said, I think multiple stacks of the same game is a bit stupid. But that's another topic I suppose.
  7. Do you know if the game prioritizes the buildings your friends have made or if it's completely random? Using structures made by people from your friends list would be nicer than those made by complete strangers.
  8. Civ games are awesome and I'm looking forward to playing VI on the PS4. As for Deity, the AI has a huge advantage at the start. They start with more military units and more Tech/Civic progress. Perhaps strongest of all advantages is the fact that they start with 3 settlers, instead of one, as well as 2 builders, instead of none. They also receive bonuses to pretty much every aspect of the game. That said, it's very much doable. I'd recommend a youtuber called quill18. He does a lot of Deity playthroughs on PC and makes it look easy. There are many ways to beat Deity but one of the most common tips I've seen is to play aggressive at the beginning and try to capture one or a couple of their advanced cities before they build walls. Personally I'm gonna try to go for a Culture/Science victory as Sweden as they seem to be really strong for that playstyle. Good luck! DLC trophies were pretty much guaranteed considering it launches alongside the two major expansions.
  9. Whenever I see Jeff Kaplan in a cosy sweater, saying "Hey guysss" and being down to earth, I just remember those rants from his Everquest days: "Whoever came up with this sheer fisting of an encounter can go fuck themselves. Do me a favor so I don't waste my guild's time on this kind of jackass shit-fest again, send me an email at [email protected] when you decide to A) Implement an encounter that wasn't designed by a retarded chimp chained to a cubicle A.)Get a Quality Assuarance Department C) Actually beta test the fucking thing and D) Patch it live. And please for god's sake -- do it in the order I laid out for you. Don't worry, I won't charge you a consulting fee on that one. And for good luck you might as well E) Pull your heads out of your asses. While you're at it rename the game to BetaQuest since you've used up you're alotted false advertising karma on the Bazaar and user interface scam of '01.Fix the Emperor encounter. Fix Seru. Rethink your time-sink bullshit. Fix all the buggy motherfucking ring encounters (I suggest you let whoever made the Burrower one do this since that dude apparently laid off the crack the rest of you were smoking). Fix the VT key quest. Fix VT (just guessing it's fucked up considering your track record). Don't have the resources to fix this stuff? Move the ENTIRE Planes of Power team over to fixing Shadows of Luclin AND DO IT NOW. If you don't fix Luclin, you jackassess will be the only ones playing the Planes of Power." Source
  10. Have to agree with this, and well-put. I have zero respect for the vast majority of video game journalists, but it's funny how ratings are fine when people agree with them. As soon as they don't however, they've obviously been paid to praise/trash the game. If anything I'd be more suspicious about the reviews that say the game is a bit boring at times and then ends up giving it a 10/10. The last part of your post reminded me of that Anthem thread that happened months ago. It's like we have to buy a game to have a legitimate opinion. Doing research, watching gameplay, walkthroughs, looking at the history of the creator/developer - it doesn't cut it anymore. Doubt they would accept trying out the demo either as a way to form an opinion. They seem to assume people judge games based on their title or something. Newsflash, there is something called Youtube. If I watched parts of a movie on youtube and figured it wasn't for me, do I have to pay for the DVD before I voice my opinions? Nope. Anyways, I'm kinda done with this thread. ✌️
  11. Lmao I'm sorry dude but I just can't. You're talking about two separate things. First you mention that games are supposed to be fun, then you say being negative isn't fun. Being negative on a forum topic has no relevance to the statement "games should be fun". I agree that games should be fun, and I agree that being negative isn't fun. They're not mutually exclusive so I don't get the point you're trying to make. I do like to question people's convictions (and my own). I think it's healthy for the mind and for society. And in this case, the community/hobby. Ignoring irrationality sounds kinda bad if you ask me. I disagree that I would be anything by neutral and cautious about the game. What you are referring to is my statement regarding certain community members, not the game. But I'm not sure how to explain that in a better way so I guess I'll just leave it. Yeah I'm no fan of Kojima either. I find him to be a poor writer and messy director that adds complexity for the sake of complexity. That said, and despite apparently being negative about this game, I think Death Stranding looks like his most interesting work and I will definitely give it an honest try in the future. I'm sure there are plenty of reasons why people pick up this game on day one, and I hope you all enjoy it. Games should be fun, after all.
  12. Oh well, I tried... I'd prefer to stay neutral and make up my own mind, which I will. I'm not negative or positive, I'm only cautious and questioning core aspects of the game before I dish out $59 or whatever it costs. I agree that games are supposed to be fun, not really sure where that ties in with the rest of your post but whatever. I hope you enjoy the game and get hooked. Hopefully I will end up getting my money's worth when I do pick it up. πŸ‘
  13. Not really sure if you're talking to me because your post is so inaccurate. I have already admitted I haven't played the game, I have already said that the story might redeem the apparent lack of engaging gameplay. I will find out when I get this on a sale for $20 or something. I can't disagree with anyone regarding the game because I haven't played it yet. I'm pointing out the hypocrisy of several members here and how ridiculous it is that people are supporting a game without even having touched the disc yet. My comments aren't directed at everyone who will pick this up day one/pre-orders (I know you have a horse in this race), but those that have already picked up their sword and shields, ready to defend the latest Kojima product against any legitimate concerns and sub-200 IQ detractors. As for calling people gullible shills, I guess you'd have to actually read through this topic properly to understand why those two terms are present in my post. Granted, most of my posts were on the other forum topic for this game and I guess I'm just having a bigger perspective on this discussion because of that. Edit: I'll admit "mass hysteria" was written for effect and is an exaggeration of the actual meaning. I just can't help being a bit edgy sometimes.
  14. Very accurate. The mass hysteria in this thread is interesting to read. People who were previously against day one purchases, pre-orders and games valuing visuals/story over gameplay/fun are all of a sudden defending this game before even playing it. It's about delivering parcels. I'm sorry if my mind isn't blown by this concept. Calling reviewers shills while acting like proper shills themselves. As soon as someone raises criticism about this game they're just "hating" and have "already made up their mind". But if you somehow love it before even touching the damn cover it's alright? The only argument I have found for this game being worth a day one purchase is that it's different. I'm sorry but that just makes people look incredibly gullible.
  15. I don't know what Ubisoft's/Activision's MTX practices has to do with the quality of Death Stranding though? Just because they sell red dot reticles in CoD for 10 dollars doesn't mean that Death Stranding isn't a snoozefest. 50 hours of delivery quests doesn't seem that interesting to me. I'd rather play some Team Deathmatch on CoD if I'm gonna be perfectly honest. But maybe the story can redeem the lack of engaging gameplay? I haven't played the game so I wouldn't know. You seem to assume Death Stranding is good because it is different and because it doesn't have Call of Duty or Far Cry attached to its name though. "the older generation of gamers appreciates a good game, the newer generation just want another episode of the most boring soap opera ever" - What does this even mean? Is Death Stranding objectively good now and if you don't agree you're a 12 year old CoD fan? I'm 26 and I'm very much bored with CoD and roll my eyes at the new Far Cry games. That still doesn't magically elevate Death Stranding. It needs to stand on its own legs, regardless of what the mainstream franchises push out every year. I hope you enjoy Death Stranding. Personally I will wait for a sale. Perhaps I lack the IQ needed to pick it up at Β£59. Oooh but look at all those golden skins you get. I'll be missing out...