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  1. Hello there! My PSN ID is thejoemoke . I typically play a lot of single player games but I like to compare trophies with people and I will try to answer any messages I get.
  2. Spider man: Far from Home. Excellent movie better than Homecoming IMO.
  3. I do try and 100% or Platinum every game but usually I get bored or annoyed with certain trophies. My bare minimum for a game is either an A rank or at least 50% of trophies earned.
  4. 1. The Evil Within 3 2. New Alien game 3. Sunset Overdrive 2 4. Alan Wake 2 5. Resident Evil 3 remake 6. New Silent Hill 7. Timesplitters HD Collection 8. New Duke Nukem game 9. Spider Man 2 10. Spider Man 3 Thats all doable like this year right?
  5. The Waterboy
  6. Got back to being a PlayStation gamer last November. I play a lot of single player games but feel free to add me!

  7. Picking up Days Gone this afternoon