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  1. Hey All! I will no longer be using this account since I am unable to link the correct PSN account to my PSNProfiles account. Unfortunately Ill lose premium but Ill probably buy it again! My account that I will be using is @FinalFormYT


    This will be my last post on this profile, and can even be terminated if thats a thing. Thank You:)

    1. FinalFormYT
    2. grimydawg___


      Talk to Sly, and he can link the right PSN for you....

    3. FinalFormYT


      I sent him a message about 5 weeks ago and never got a response so I didnt want to bug him. dot dot dot dot

  2. Horse 1 Horse 2 Horse 3 Horse 4 Horse 5
  3. I am probably the only person in the entire world who has all of the Blackout characters unlocked in Black Ops 4, but only has 1 win. This is getting so frustrating 😂

  4. Im now infamy XXV-100 and have the platinum haha. Just gotta do the DLC eventually
  5. Ace Combat 7 is going to be an INSANELY hard platinum when the game releases. Anybody here play/played the previous titles?

    1. Sir_Bee


      Last Ace Combat I played was 4 on the PS4.  What makes you say it will be so difficult?




      If anything it looks grindy with only one or two difficult trophies.  All S rank Ace difficulty missions for example.



    2. iJLAW_



      Completing all the Campaign missions on Ace difficulty getting all S ranks

      Getting 40,000,000 MRP will take ages

      Sortied 50 times in battle royale

      Getting all medals


    3. Sir_Bee


      We have no gauge as to how long it will take to get 40,000,000 MRP, so we don't know.


      I don't actually know what it means to "sortie", but it likely just means play in 50 battle royales.


      The medals and S ranks will likely be difficult, but we have no gauge to know just how difficult.

  6. Nope! Just depends on if you want to be a guy and sleep with a girl, or a girl and sleep with a guy. Either way you get the trophy
  7. Here we go! I have made it my mission to finish the blackout trophies in BO4 before earning any other trophy for any game! I love the mode, just suck at it as I always place top 5 but have yet to ever win one! (FinalFormYT)


    Wish me luck :D

    1. GT__Jedi


      Well, good luck!  And, don't get frustrated!

    2. ihadalifeb4this


      Good luck! 


      I learned one thing while trophy hunting online. It doesn't matter how good you are. It's more important how bad everyone else is to get the trophy. 

    3. Maxximum


      Good luck! ☺

  8. Will do! Thank you both! and @kidson2004 i have not played it in over a year on PS4 but it was active then. Idk now though. Hopefully its still fun
  9. I remember how much I enjoyed this game on the PS3. I remember playing whatever mode it was where you simply ride in a car the whole match and rack up money and XP. I noticed there were two editions to the game! Deluxe Edition Ultimate Edition - Do either of these come with all the DLC (4 dlc packs) needed for the 100%? I dont believe it states it on the PSN store as it normally does with other games. I am NOT spending $60 on the DLC so I hope one of the editions includes it!
  10. So I have had many PSN accounts in the last decade for one reason or another. Whether it be not liking the name, just wanting a fresh start, or whatever. I made one more that is going to be my account until the day I die (FinalFormYT) and the only concern with this one is I want my completion rate to stay at 100% but I cant fight the urge to keep playing/starting new games. Difficulty of games isnt a concern to me as I believe anyone can platinum any game if they REALLY want to, nor is time to platinum. I just either get bored of playing one game, or excited to play another, and move on without finishing. Do you guys have any tips for maintaining that completion rate and sticking to one game? Yes I know it is as simple as dont play another game until I finish one, but for whatever reason I cant seem to do that. My completion rate has dropped from 90+ to 70% in about a week
  11. GUYS


    I have the trophy noise as a ringtone every time I get a text message, and I was at a VAMC in Indianapolis getting coffee when it went off, and a very attractive female said "is that the trophy sound"


    Needles to say, I got her PSN name 😎 

    1. closertim


      I thought I was the only one.  I hope you get more than just her psn name if you know what I mean. 😉😉😉

  12. @Wuthg21 is the real MVP. He will drive you from mission to mission on Borderlands 2 while you respond to your tinder matches

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. iJLAW_


      @ResoluteRock The app has since been deleted lol

    3. ResoluteRock


      @Final Form Guess there were no good matches lol. Tinder is kind of weird tbh

    4. iJLAW_


      @ResoluteRock I have trolled a lot and had a few good laughs haha

  13. Resident Evil 2 has a trophy for completing the game taking less than 14,000 steps lol

  14. It does not show up because assuming you have played it on this profile, you have the trophies for it hidden