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  1. Bring it.
  2. To me, Resident Evil 6 has a huge identity problem. It tries to be an action game at times, then a horror game, even a puzzle game in certain moments, but ultimately fails to be good in any of those things for the most part. Leon's campaign is perhaps the best one; Ada's is maybe the second best, but that doesn't say much. Chris' campaign is every god-awful generic third-person shooter that's come out in the past decade; Jake's campaign has its moments, but the protagonist is just a lazy excuse to shoehorn Wesker into the game in some way after Capcom regretted killing him off. The story is bland, the new characters are boring and uninteresting, Derek Simmons is a lame villain. Plus the fact RE6 was released in the same year as RE: Operation Raccoon City didn't help; many people thought RE6 was the nail in the coffin of a dead franchise at the time. But I will say this: it's still a fun game. Perhaps even a decent one; I don't think it's the worst game ever made, although it's also not a good game. Playing co-op with a friend helps to mitigate much of the annoyance. If anything, you can laugh at the game's absurd moments together.
  3. RE4 doesn't need a remake, and neither does RE1 (it's already a remake, for Christ's sake). The only mainline RE game that "needs" a remake (it doesn't, but whatever) is Code Veronica, but even then I'd rather see an actual new Resident Evil entry like RE8 or Revelations 3. Unfortunately I have a feeling Capcom doesn't know what to do with the series anymore and that's why they're stalling with remakes for now. If they're going to keep pushing remakes I'd prefer they remake some obscure game like RE Survivor, Gaiden and the like.
  4. I have no idea what's up with those blantantly fake rumors coming up these days. But ever since the "Red Dead Redemption Remake in 2020" I guess people will believe anything. Personally, I'd like Tenchu instead of a Demon's Souls remake (if it actually is a Demon's Souls remake after all), but if I could choose one franchise for Bluepoint to work on it would definitely not be either of them.
  5. I once read somewhere (and have no idea if any of it is true) that Creative Assembly and Playground Games have little to no crunch culture. What little crunch they have is usually compensated by bonuses to all employees on the amount of units their games sell (we're talking Alien Isolation/Total War series and Forza Horizon, so a lot). If it's true, maybe crunch isn't exactly a necessity but more of a consequence of poor working culture/management. Speaking of course as someone with no experience in game dev whatsoever. Still, it's sad to see that all the games we play are made possible by adversely affecting other people's lives.
  6. Probably not. And yet anyone could go on Reddit, make up some "leak" and everyone would buy it. lol
  7. > Leaker deletes his account immediately after posting > Leak looks more like a wishlist than an actual leak > Literally a dozen AAA-quality games greenlit at once as if that's how it works in game development > Remakes of REmake, 0, 4 (REALLY?) People on Reddit: SURE, SEEMS LEGIT 10/10 I BELIEVE YOU!!!!!!!!
  8. Not the method he mentioned, but here are a few very good tips that should get you to level 55 in around 10 hours or so.
  9. The game itself is pretty good, though if you haven't played previous games you probably won't understand much of the storyline from the present day time. Trophy-wise you're looking at a handful of annoying ones. Original Gamer can be cheesed by looking up implementations of the minigames on Google (Fanorona and Nine Men's Morris) and using them to beat the NPCs. You'll have to install Java and use Internet Explorer as Chrome/Firefox/Edge stopped natively supporting it years ago. Other boring trophies including hunting every animal in the game, getting every challenge and physically exploring the majority of the map. A time sink, but far from difficult. The Homestead can glitch, but whenever you come across a worker doing the same thing over and over again just get some distance between you and them, enough that their icon will disappear from the minimap (~200m distance is good), then go back and they should be doing something else. Rinse and repeat until you get all the activities. Fast-traveling doesn't work.
  10. I did it on Xbox way back in the day. You have to log into multiplayer, then go back to single player and check to see if a social chest appears in the bedroom on the hideout in Great Inagua. Rinse and repeat. It can take a while but eventually you'll get it to spawn.
  11. S-Ranking first, then the mission tasks. I used Powerpyx's video guides and highly recommend them. As for the suit, I believe the Parasite Suit (?) actually lowers your rank to A if you wear it. However, it doesn't stop you from completing tasks so go ahead and use it when you're done S-ranking everything.
  12. Very hyped for Nintendo PlayStation 5, but confused by the black background. Microsoft generally uses green when unveiling their new consoles. EDIT: question. Is it going to be sold for, like, money? Rumors seem to suggest so. Nothing confirmed yet.
  13. I understand. Still, make sure you check out Shaolin Soccer. I'm sure you won't regret it. A few more suggestions: I haven't seen either, but The Grandmaster (2013) and The Assassin (2015) were critically acclaimed a few years ago. The latter specifically is held as one of the finest wuxia movies of the decade, but it does seem to have more of a poetic/philosophical thing going on in addition to pure straight up martial arts. Check out the trailer below:
  14. Seconding Shaolin Soccer and adding Kung Fu Hustle though both are more about comedy than proper martial arts. They're really over the top, but hilarious.
  15. Ghost was already mentioned elsewhere in this thread, but I especially like this acoustic version of Jigolo Har Megiddo.