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  1. You should always do the PS4 version of any game first before you load it's PS5 version to have the chance of autopoping trophies; not the other way.
  2. I haven´t tested it on PS3 myself but i know it does work fine on ps4. As Postal said, the best option is get another ps3 for that. PS3s are way cheaper than a 1TB HDD nowadays.
  3. You can connect more than one as the systems have more than one USB port.
  4. Can you play the DLC content without playing the "story" first?
  5. Having both hard drives connected to the system (ps4 or ps5) should give you the option to transfer data from one hard drive to the other.
  6. There are a lot things yet to be clarified, you are making a guess on several things they haven´t confirmed.
  7. Is it possible to use the unlinked ea account for a different PSN acconunt? For example; PSN account A is linked to EA account 1; if i unlink them using the above method, can i used EA account 1 on a PSN account B?
  8. It´s now fixed.
  9. It´s now fixed
  10. Ride 2´s plat is also affected, online seems to be fixed but there is a potential unobtainable trophy Try and beat this! which is obtained by uploading a lap time to the leaderboard but it´s down. I hope they fix it asap.
  11. Online seem to be fixed but there is a potential unobtainable trophy. Try and beat this! I hope they fix it asap.
  12. It must surely be the same as when the game was realased.
  13. I think he must advance to a certain point in story mode for that or get a specific ranking online in other to play it.
  14. So my ps4 gets me stacked at the home menu (Welcome back to playstation, press PS button to use the controller), i plug in a usb with two different controllers but it can´t pair with any of them but in safe mode the controllers work fine via usb. I just got an idea but i´d need help from fellow gamers to test my idea before spending more money on bluetooth adaptor. Is it possible to use a bluetooth adaptor on the ps4 that would pair with a controller? If so, can you let me know brands supported? Thanks in advance. My idea is, if you have a bluetooth adaptor try it on your ps4 and intend to pair your controller through it. Ideally, make the test from "Welcome back to playstation, press PS button to use the controller".
  15. I think you can play on 3 systems simultaneuosly with one ps4 digital game and the same ps plus on all 3 systems.