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  1. One of the best places to get consoles and games for a good price is wallapop; you can get some really good bargains there.
  2. The plat is still obtainable from scratch as of now. If anyone needs help with the online draft trophy just reach me in discord. List 2 players with starting price at 7800 and by now price at 7900 for 3 days then send me a screenshot on discord KingmathyGoodman#9840.
  3. I bought my first ps3 game Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe months back before buying a ps3 in January 2010; lol
  4. Where did you get that info?
  5. You can only get on fut using a ps4; ps5 gives error.
  6. To my knowledge the only fifa games you can plat starting from zero as of today are fifa 17 ps3, fifa 17 ps4 and fifa 21; the rest all have unobtainable trophies among them. Though fifa 17 ps3 has a trophy (Here we go...) which only unlocks few days within each month.
  7. It´s still possible to get the trophies if you don´t have access to that account anymore but you´d lose any progress you have on all EA titles you´ve ever played. Use this method from @Fugoha of medal of honor warfighter... "Hey guys! I just read this forum about Global Warfighters because... oh boy I remembered I was having a hard time to get this trophy. I asked EA support to delete my account so many times, and they never did their job. Then I had finally found a new solution to unlock this trophy in an easy way. I even helped CS-Sovereign (he posted on this forum), but when I read his post... I have to say that he went through a lot and in bad processing. Yes! You can unlink your PSN ID on your EA account BUT not in CS-Sovereign's way because it's wrong Here is my method that I unlocked a glitch trophy and it's 100% working! 1. Create a new EA account with a new email. 2. Go to this link Contact EA Login your original EA account, search 'Origin' > PC > Manage my account > Transfer between accounts > Write your headline 'Unlink my PSN ID' 3. Then you start chatting AND when they say why you want to unlink your PSN ID? You answer them this exactly answer (you can copy and paste the answer)! 'Because my PSN ID is linked to the wrong account, and I want to link it to my actual account (the correct one).' 4. When they finish unlink it, open any EA games and do the login (to link your PSN ID to the new EA account). I did it in PS4 'FIFA 20 Demo' and it worked. 5. Then you can play in online and get the trophy with no problem (be sure to pick the third option, Korea Soldier). 6. After you get the trophy, login to your new account in Contact EA and ask the support again to unlink it. Same as Number 2 and 3. 7. Do the same thing as Number 4. To link your PSN ID back to your original EA account. So that way you will have all your statistics of other games. 8. That's all I know it's waaaaaaaaaaay too late now, but it's better to give a new solution than nothing I hope you guys find this useful and helpful!" Here is the link to it...
  8. yes, both versions but the ps3 version has a glitched trophy which only unlocks within a 1 to 14 days ish per month.
  9. FIfa 17´s is the only achievable; you can get all the trophies from it.
  10. The best and cheapest option is this Magic-s pro or Magis-s pro Mayflash; it works on all consoles and controllers. With this adapter, you can play with any controller on any console flawlessly; just update the firmware for it to work on PS5 and Xbox series X. I even tested it on a ps4 with Bluetooth connection issues and it worked like a charm.
  11. You can use ps4 controller wireless on ps3 without the need of any adapter
  12. Don´t you still have a copy of said saved data before the transfer to the ps5 on either your ps4 or cloud save?
  13. Discord on PSN seem to be a good news for most people but for me it isn´t; we´ll lose the privacy we have on discord once it gets on PSN.
  14. You´re still in time to do race 60 until Sunday 23:59 GMT +02, so you can still get entries to all remaining 20 events.
  15. Am surprised no one is talking about less than 24h notification for the delistings...