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  1. Don´t you still have a copy of said saved data before the transfer to the ps5 on either your ps4 or cloud save?
  2. Discord on PSN seem to be a good news for most people but for me it isn´t; we´ll lose the privacy we have on discord once it gets on PSN.
  3. You´re still in time to do race 60 until Sunday 23:59 GMT +02, so you can still get entries to all remaining 20 events.
  4. Am surprised no one is talking about less than 24h notification for the delistings...
  5. You have 14 hours to do an entry to event 58 (58/79); after that race, you still have 21 (59 to 79) events to get 20 entries from.
  6. As far as i know, the ps3 auto sync trophies when you load a game; it checks and syncs in the process.
  7. First of all, i hate false accusers like you; the last season i held for this game ended on the 21st April. Secondly, can you even read at all? Reread my post again. I´ve given facts about what´s going on with the servers and you come saying "I think the draft throphy is still obtainable though" without even testing it yourself to verify what i said. I made the case known to everyone when i noticed it and also asked someone else to verify and collaborate to the discovery i made. Check the following topic and date posted below.
  8. The trophy is obtainable now this weekend at least 15/05/21
  9. To sum up, also make sure you're logged off of your main account on the PS4 before you play on another account to prevent having the trophy list of said game appear on your main account.
  10. Seen it, thanks
  11. Thanks, am going to download the game and start this weekend then; is it possible to unlock this trophy as my first one?
  12. So is it one event per week? I´d like to do the trilogy but just a bit worried about this one.
  13. If I remember correctly, using costumes disable trophies.
  14. I´m back again; am giving anyone who needs coins for the draft trophy one entry fee. All you have to do to get the free entry fee is to list 2 players with starting price at 7800 and by now price at 7900 for 3 days then send me a screenshot on discord KingmathyGoodman#9840; i'll buy them later after i receive the picture(s).
  15. Delete everything about GTA, restart your ps4 then redownload them again.