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  1. I did Soul Calibur V, I think I'll be just fine with this list. If there is a challenge that is even better because that means I'll have a rarer platinum
  2. I am reading a lot along the lines of "PSNP Drama" and I'm clueless, anybody care to explain? :lol: 

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    2. Omar


      Thank you all, I should have know it would have something to do with cheaters being figured out and snapping like children, it is a cycle that occurs regularly, like seasons and Christmas :lol: 

    3. Nimera


      I think my drama is trying to survive against laura on evil within. that bitch is faster than me :P

    4. Omar


      LMAO my drama is that I keep doing stuff and stuff in Yakuza Zero and everything I do raises completion by 0.08% and I'm on the verge of tears :lol: 




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    2. PooPooBlast


      That's Yakuza 0 for you xD

      You have a pink circle nearby and many distractions around you from telephone clubs to disco to karoake to bowling to darts to pool to card games to whatever you think off.. next thing you know the guy you're supposed to help is probably dead and has been buried already xD


      Anyways hope you enjoy DQ and soul calibur :)

    3. JaM


      hmmm... strange, why I buy this "piping hot" Takoyaki again?

    4. PooPooBlast


      I've never seen someone so happy about takoyaki before but damn did it make her look innocent!

  4. I had to stop yesterday because it was getting pretty late and now, after a whole Monday of work, I AM READY TO END THIS <3 



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    2. PooPooBlast


      You know shit's about to go down when you take off your shirt and badass music like these play!







    3. SaltyCat


      The thing that amazes me in this series is the striping of the suits without any effort.

    4. Omar


      LMAO who needs to unbutton a shirt? Let's just pull like strippers :lol:


  5. I..........I am at a loss for words. I feel like I just lost my Yakuza virginity :lol: 



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    2. Omar


      LMAO @PooPooBlast I did that substory today but didn't choose that option, now I regret it :lol: 


      @madbuk I still call him Walking Erection lol 

    3. PooPooBlast


      Honestly one of the best sidestories if not the best. xD


      So many shits and giggles in that game hahaha. Sometimes I knowingly screw up in dialogue options just to experience them haha. Of course I reload right after in case I miss out on a good reward :)


    4. Temmie


      I'm not quite sure why, but I got starkly reminded of Masuka from Dexter.

  6. Grand Theft Auto IV: I lack the willpower to max MP level Burnout Paradise: I don't have a webcam which is needed for one of the trophies The Last of Us: I lack the willpower to do the MP
  7. Some games lack in trophy trigger placement, loading or optimisation but they always pop. Dragon Quest XI definitely has a slight delay, but it isn't a big deal at all, because the trophy remains yours at the end of the day
  8. I have always had my message inbox only open to friends on PSN because I see little point in exchanging messages with people not even on my friend list other than having the typical salty fellow tell me I suck and curse some after I beat the living stuff out of them in whatever game so that's a non-issue here thanks for the heads-up though! I am terribly annoyed by the number of blank friend requests I get, which I do not accept under any circumstance, including those with a message which does not explain who they are. Maybe that will prevent some odds at being hit by this too
  9. Me 3 days ago, after getting Dragon Quest XI's platinum trophy: "I am worn out by JRPG's! No more until Kingdom Hearts III comes out!"


    Me, today: *buys Ni No Kuni II* 



    1. mecharobot


      I know this feeling. It's not too bad, but sometimes it's nice to play something with not so many... numbers.

    2. Omar


      Sometimes I feel exhausted when I play 2-3 JRPGs in a row, which just happened to me with Octopath Traveler and DQXI. Still, I keep getting more JRPGs :lol:


  10. Do you know that feeling when you love a game so much that, even though you got every single trophy from it a long time ago, you still keep coming back from time to time? This is my go-to place <3 



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    2. Omar


      I love Tekken 7! I wish my internet was stable enough to find just ONE match but that's not the case :lol:


    3. PooPooBlast


      I know what you mean! People won't verse you unless you have minimum 3 bars otherwise good luck. 

    4. ee28max


      Used to be FIFA 15. Now that I've got FIFA 16, I think it'll be that :lol: 

  11. Oh it's not the knowledge that hurts, it's HOW LAME IT IS, I NEED CLOSURE
  12. #133 - Celeste Heartbeat - Unlock every trophy Achieved: October 11th, 2018 PSNP's RS: Uncommon Difficulty: 10 (Assist Mode OFF) - 0 (Assist Mode ON) Enjoyment: 8 (Assist Mode OFF) - 0 (Assist Mode ON) A chronology of my contact with this game: 1 - I saw it got glowing reviews and amazing scores 2 - People on Twitter said it was brutal, got me intrigued 3 - Came to PSNP after a while and saw many people got the platinum which turned me off because I wanted a challenge 4 - Bought the game anyway, only to find out it has an Assist Mode, but I didn't know how it worked 5 - Decided to do it the way the developers intended players to, or at least try my best And that's how my journey started. Not only does this game touch on very important issues, but it also does so in style. Super solid, fun platforming and a great learning curve allowed me to play through the main levels and collect every strawberry and other collectibles without using Assist Mode once. Then came the B-Sides, harder versions of each level. I STRUGGLED, I SUFFERED YET I CONQUERED. I did not use Assist Mode. And when I thought I was done, then came the C-Sides, short, ultra-hard versions of each level and the game got me good here LMAO I prevailed in the first five levels but the last 3........I decided to turn on Assist Mode and I was shocked to find out it's more like God Mode, as it makes you invincible and you can just dash through the levels as if they were empty. I used it to do those last 3 C-Sides but I am really glad I didn't use it before, as it takes the fun and the challenge completely away from the experience. If you go for it, make sure you try to get as far as you can without Assist Mode and, when it gets too rough for you, don't hesitate to turn it on, it'll save the day!
  13. :platinum: #133 - Celeste <3 



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    2. Omar


      Thanks everybody! ^_^


    3. marvelboy10


      Great job! 👍

    4. ee28max


      Well done! 💯 

  14. Just letting y'all know I'm 726% changing my PSN ID when the feature is live, 15-year-old me thought nobody would see my PSN ID back when I created it as I was a major internet noob. That mistake will be UNDONE next year
  15. First of all, DO NOT GIVE UP ON THUMPER! It's a super awesome game and a great challenge through the frustration! I got the platinum a while ago, but I think I know what you're talking about. If you want to stay flying after a curve you need to perfect the tilt at the curve. If you do a regular tilt (regular timing) your flight will end, but as soon as you keep hitting perfect tiltings (there is a sharp metallic sound to them) you will stay in the air and collect the blue rings. You don't need to try any other thing, just time the tilt against the curve and hit a perfect one, you'll stay in the air EDIT: I found this clip I uploaded when I was playing, you can actually hear the sound tilts make when they're perfectly timed on the first ones!