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  1. Oh you're back!! Happy to have you back at creating epic art, I may ask for an updated Trophy Checklist banner, my old Versus-XIII Noctis one (done by your talent ) is much outdated at this point. I also subscribed to your Youtube channel, will get back to you as soon as I come up with a rough idea on what the banner will contain
  2. "Moogles are peaceful, adorable creatures"




    1. mking_63


      Tell that to the moogle who punched me in the face and took my gold! Although to be fair that could've been a person in a moogle suit. :hmm:

  3. I have been making some pretty awesome fitness progress, feeling much stronger, faster and more flexible than ever before! Yay for health! :lol::lol:



  4. It had to be said :lol: 



  5. Happy to be of help! Congratulations!!
  6. People may be overreacting a little to this list. Rope jumping is extremely nice to do if you attach your button presses to SOUND. Here's what I do: -Turn Sound OFF, keep Sound Effects ON -Start jumping to get my rhythm on, keep mental count -Look away from the screen and press X in sync with Vivi's footstep sound This gets me to 200 on every single attempt and I'm not even looking at the game! The pace shift from 201 to 300 is a b*tch but once we get the hang of it this won't be so bad, as 300 onwards has a steady flow As for Excalibur II, people again seem to forget there is a SPEED BOOST in this game that keeps the clock at REGULAR SPEED, making the speedrun 4835465386 times easier than it ever was on PS One. On top of that, CG cutscenes can be skipped, which will save us all 35 minutes total. Getting to Memoria in 12 hours should be pretty doable. The rest of the list is simple 100% game completion, there's an ingame reward behind every grind on the list and the speed boost is going to make everything faster and more manageable. I am totally gunning for this one and I'm absolutely convinced I'll get it done. I've done much worse In short: GO FOR IT! YOU CAN DO IT!!
  7. I am 10 years old all over again <3 



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    2. Omar


      It is polished, especially charcter models and font. However, scenarios look predictably dated. To be honest, it doesn't make it any less enjoyable, I'm having a really good time ^_^ 

    3. JaM


      Does the game still lags when you use skills/magic? xDCan I fully enjoy now the battle theme? 

    4. Omar


      I haven't made it far enough to check yet, but I dearly remember that hahahahaha hopefully it won't be present :lol:


  8. Final Fantasy IX is OUT NOW on PlayStation 4! Discounted for a limited time so you better get it :lol: 

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    2. TheFinalEmblem


      With the discount, it's an okay price, but I think I'll wait on it.

    3. Omar


      Yup, it's overpriced wait it out if you can.....I certainly can't :lol:


    4. Hemiak
  9. Want to be even more excited? It's coming out today. I am in tears.
  10. Final Fantasy IX has been rated for PlayStation 4 in Europe!!!!!!!! I CANNOT BREATHE

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    2. Omar


      The case with VIII is that it has no Android version out, which means it lacks that development advantage VII and IX have had. It's taking longer than it should but here's a thought: the original PAL version of FFVIII came out on October 27, 1999. Paris Games Week is on October 30........ ;);) 

    3. RVMcypress_grave


      @DamagingRob I'm not sure but I do know that they added the chocobo world game. I'm not Japanese so I only played a pc version of that but couldn't connect it to my ps1.

    4. T1M1D_HER0


      Nice! Final Fantasy IX was my first FF game and is still one of my favorites.

  11. Introducing Highwind, MY CHOCOBOOOOOO <3<3:lol:^_^:yay: 



  12. I finally look like a decent Hyur :lol: 



  13. I am back in Eorzea aka RIP MY LIFE :lol: 



  14. 120 - Gravity Rush 2 Ultimate Shifter - Collected every trophy. .Achieved: September 11th, 2017 .PSNP's RS: Uncommon .Difficulty: 2 ("Hard" Mode ) .Enjoyment: 7 I loved the first Gravity Rush (on PS4) so I was excited about this one. It is clear that it's a step up on EVERY field, with visuals and performance being the most improved aspects. The game runs in pure perfection as a lot of stuff is rendered at the same time. It is obvious the game had enough time to be completed and optimised and I encountered no bugs or glitches, which seem to be showing up more and more lately so I'm grateful for that. The story is pure boredom and takes a long time to take off, but once it does it's super good! I was at the edge of my seat with excitement and speculation during the later stages. Gameplay and music have always been stellar and they continue to be so. The little things I didn't enjoy so much were how inherently easy this game is (Kat GETS AROUND) and how the trophies force you to grind for gems, which was an off-putting end to my platinum run. It wasn't too bad though, and I overall enjoyed this one! Now time to get it to 100% through Raven's story DLC
  15. :platinum: 120 - Gravity Rush 2 <3