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  1. #139 - Jak II Done Done Done - For excellent and dedicated field work in the field of battle for completion (lol) Achieved: January 8th, 2019 PSNP's RS: Common Difficulty: 3 Enjoyment: 8 I love these games and I have finished them multiple times so the challenge is not that bad at this point. It will always be weird to me that the version they chose to take the trilogy to PS4 was the base PS2 games instead of the PS3 HD Collection, but the fun is there regardless. Checkpoints in this series are famous for their scarcity and in a couple of instances the game almost took me back to Jak 1 but other than that I didn't die much so I was alright! I will save Jak 3 for a later date, possibly this year but I got A LOT of gaming goodness during the holidays and I think I should give those some love first
  2. :platinum: #139 - Jak II <3 



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    2. MidnightDragon


      Congrats. I was a bit confused by your private profile, but then I looked at your posts and your ID has changed. Hopefully Sly can make them re-merge once it's fully live.

    3. Omar


      Thanks everyone! @MidnightDragon I used the name change feature and you can find my trophies in my signature if you want to have a look. Hopefully Sly will get it fixed once the update goes live for everybody and it becomes easier to figure out what to do ^_^


    4. DamagingRob


      Nice work!

  3. The frame which marked the end of my 7-hour Kingdom Hearts speedrun came out EPIC AS HELL <3 



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    2. PooPooBlast


      Much :P


      I was a victim of black screens many times especially with telltale games as the final scene fades to black and the trophy pops for finishing the episode. 


      And grats!

    3. BlindMango


      Sweet! Congrats! :yay::pimp:

    4. ee28max


      Sparkling screenshot 👍

  4. :platinum: #138 - Kingdom Hearts Final Mix <3 



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    2. MidnightDragon
    3. Omar


      Thanks guys! @PooPooBlast the one I got for the Speedster trophy is crazy epic!! Will post it later on another status update, it's that good :lol:


    4. Ala-Arska


      Nicely done, congrats :yay:

  5. #138 - Kingdom Hearts Final Mix KINGDOM HEARTS Master - Obtain all trophies. Achieved: January 6th, 2019 PSNP's RS: Rare Difficulty: 0 because it is imprinted on my soul at this point Enjoyment: SIMPLE AND CLEAAAAN IS THE WAAAAY THAT YOU'RE MAAAAKING ME FEEEEEL TONIIIGHT The first platinum of the year hasn't taken that long to arrive! I have played Kingdom Hearts from start to finish a total of TEN times after being done with the game on PS4, but this time I gave it a very special twist. When I was at the end of primary school, my English was just not good. I have always had really good marks but my English was nowhere to be found. Then, I got my PS2 and Kingdom Hearts for Christmas and, I still don't know what happened. Maybe I was charmed by all the Disney characters and their English voices (which I had never heard due to movies being dubbed and the internet being far from commonplace back then) or maybe I just fell in love with the game, but I took such an interest that I started to imitate the dialogue lines from the game and to look up words based on what they sounded like, which involuntarily sparked the flame of languages inside me. Now I am a language teacher, translator and interpreter and Kingdom Hearts was with me at the starting point so I want it to be with me upon acquiring new skills too Last year, I started studying German to expand my language portfolio. That is why now I felt like I had enough level to give Kingdom Hearts a go with German text and I had a blast and learnt a lot about how certain things are said in German. I intend to do the same with KHII but that will happen later this year. With this, I am all ready for Kingdom Hearts III to scar me forever in just 23 days
  6. Cursed trophy count :lol: 



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    2. Omar


      I wish I had that many trophies indeed LMAO

    3. ee28max


      3 Silver trophies away as well. :P 

    4. Omar


      SUPER CURSED LOL I hadn't noticed that :lol: 

  7. Dear PSNP, have a lovely Christmas Eve and Merry Christmas to all of you! May you find the best gaming goodness under the tree <3


    1. GoldenShaka


      Thank you.

      Same for you.

      Have a wonderful Xmas time 


    2. ee28max


      Hope you had a blast too :) 

  8. This is a really special moment for me. When I was 11 years old, I was TERRIBLE at English and my results at school were not that good. Then, Kingdom Hearts came to me and I started to parrot its dialogue lines around the house, which eventually led to strong interest in the language and the fact that you can read this today tells you how that turned out in the end. 

    Well, today, I am holding hands with Kingdom Hearts once again, this time in German. My language motivator and companion, let's do this noch einmal! <3 



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    2. Omar


      Hahahaha indeed! I hope I can use this power to learn many languages :lol: 

    3. Lorajet


      What a great post Omar!  And an awesome idea! :)

    4. Omar


      Thanks! It is by no means a random thing by the way. I forgot to mention above that I have been a German student for almost 2 years now, and I finally have enough level to take on this quest! It's perfect because it's a familiar trip with brand new text, so I can find most equivalents in my brain, without a dictionary. I know most of the game's English script by heart :lol: 

  9. At a genuine loss for words <3 



    1. JaM


      The feels. I know it will be unlikely that she reappeared again but seeing Xion again mkes me happy. DDD's Op is still the best imo though :P

    2. Omar


      Well, this isn't the full thing yet so we'll have to wait until release to decide which OP we like most ^_^


  10. I cannot concentrate on anything today after seeing that. My brain is processing just how beautiful it looks and the symbolism behind everything. Yeah, visuals and music are great but it's how this opening positions the player towards the narrative that I am most pleased by. 50 more days!
  11. :platinum: #137 - Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage <3 



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    2. WhiteDragonAura


      Great job man!  Congrats!

    3. Omar


      Thanks everyone!! ❤

      @BlindMango great minds play alike :awesome: congrats to you too!


    4. PSXtreme_

      PSXtreme_ version didn't have trophies...

  12. Today is a joyous day, as Kingdom Hearts III has been finalized. Development is done, game has gone gold, discs will now proceed to be printed en masse to arrange launch shipments. Surreal <3 

  13. Since Final Fantasy XV's Comrades multiplayer mode will be discontinued next month, I decided to put some work towards getting the 3 trophies they added back in March this year and 2 are down! I only need to beat a quest 4 times and I'll be all good ^_^ 



    1. eigen-space


      Congrats! The trophy you posted here was more difficult than the one you still have IMO.

    2. ee28max


      Nice screenshot regarding the background color and the bronze trophy 👍

    3. Omar


      Thanks guys! @eigen-space I have indeed been told that the fight I won gave people lots of trouble! I died twice but a few strategy adjustments and lots and lots of dodging helped on the 3rd and final attempt ^_^

      Dreading the 4-time mission repeat though :lol:


  14. #136 - Spyro the Dragon Gnasty's Demise - Collect all Spyro the Dragon trophies Achieved: November 18th, 2018 PSNP's RS: Uncommon Difficulty: 2 Enjoyment: 8 When I was about 6 years old, a family moved to our street and they had a kid my age, we bonded immediately and I would go to his house and he had a PS One, which I had never heard of. Playing Spyro with him was what made me ask my parents for one so my journey with PlayStation was ignited (pun intended) by Spyro. Seeing this game look so unbelievably good provides me with a type of satisfaction I cannot explain, but it feels great! The game plays great, sounds great, feels great. The difficulty I remembered hasn't aged too well as I am a more skillful gamer now so the game is overall easy for any recurrent console player. I appreciate the fact that the trophy list both forces you to get everything and at the same time includes requirements out of the game's natural progression, which adds variety. As a whole I had a super blast with it and the journey to 120% didn't even take 10 hours, so it's a quick one if you're looking for something like that. Now it's when the fun part comes, though, as the game I consider the best platforming videogame TO DATE is coming up next! Not ready for the nostalgia punch the almighty Spyro 2 will throw at me