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  1. Hello y'all, I have been away from focused trophy hunting for a bit due to Final Fantasy XIV entrancing my soul LMAO now I'm all caught up (minus the just released 5.4 patch) so I'm back to my trophies! Over this time I have aced two games so gaming tidings I bring! #162 - The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel Cold Steel Conqueror - Mastered Trails of Cold Steel and earned every trophy. Achieved: November 23rd, 2020 PSNP's RS: Rare Difficulty: 3 Enjoyment: 8 I am now on board for this series and I cannot be stopped: I'm already familiar with the events in the Sky trilogy and will follow up with Zero/Azure to be fully ready to enjoy the rest of Cold Steel. I really enjoyed this first game in the Cold Steel series and even though it required careful attention to missables and other stuff I enjoyed my time with it. Cool music, cool characters and cool gameplay so it was time well spent! That being said, the dev team should go to jail for ending the game on such a cliffhanger LMAO #163 - Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory Melody of Memory Complete Master - Obtain all trophies. Achieved: December 9th, 2020 PSNP's RS: Uncommon Difficulty: 3 Enjoyment: 645727592572 I can safely say I INHALED this game and it wouldn't be an overstatement. I could not put it down! The Kingdom Hearts series has one of the most iconic OSTs in videogame history so it should be no surprise just how fun this game is. Loved every second and the learning curve was really satisfying. I was one day struggling to make it past the hardest Standard songs, then crushing it on Proud mode the next. The visuals are fun and not overly distracting (glares at them Persona Dancing games) and the rhythm was really cool to follow, especially on harder difficulties since they tend to ride the main melody of tracks more often so patterns are more recognizable. The story was pretty light but the future is promising! Us KH fans have EATEN this year with this and ReMind so the team can now take their time to prepare for whatever's next Now if you excuse me, I'll go continue to die my way through Nioh, which I started 2 weeks ago but it feels like I've been playing for 8 years because it is STRESSFUL 💀 wish me luck and enjoy The Game Awards!
  2. Welp, been a while! :lol: 


    :platinum: #162 - Trails of Cold Steel




    :platinum: #163 - Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory 



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    2. MidnightDragon
    3. ihadalifeb4this
    4. Omar


      Thanks! @Crispy_Oglop I am definitely in for the long haul with it! There are lots to pay attention to and the Sky trilogy and Zero/Azure are necessary to fully understand Cold Steel (from 3 onwards) but I'm sure it'll be satisfying when I play everything, so far I'm enjoying the series 😋 

  3. #161 - Atelier Ryza Atelier Ryza - Earn all trophies Achieved: August 22nd, 2020 PSNP's RS: Uncommon Difficulty: 1 Enjoyment: 8 And thus, a new franchise has been discovered and added to the list of series to catch up on! What an awesome surprise this game has been Those who know me probably know that I am quite a bubbly, uplifting guy so playing the story of three friends doing their wholesome best to chase their dreams made me unreasonably happy throughout! I was craving some cool crafting system and it's so cool in this game! The gathering was fun, the music is soothing and triumphant and the atmosphere is overall wholesome and relaxing. I love a good challenge but I felt like it would be a waste to make this game difficult so I played it on Very Easy difficulty and focused on the fun, and I absolutely recommend it! Now I take a trophy break as I dive back into the world of Final Fantasy XIV, happy trophy hunting everybody!
  4. I've been sleeping on this series! I'm in love with this game (and have some monumental series catching-up to do lol) <3 



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    2. Omar


      @HcG Clawz I've spent the past hour or so gathering materials just for the chill of it so congratulations on your victory LMAO 🙌🏼

      @KingGuy420 in my case the same may happen due to my backlog and also to prevent formula burnout.....I'll space them out 😋

    3. NERVergoproxy


      I remember looking into this series and it seems to be huge! Not even sure where to start but the latest games look really promising.

    4. Omar


      I had the same problem when I looked into it, there are A BUNCH :lol:

      I chose Ryza because it's the latest and it got a sequel so it seemed like a good entry point and I think I chose well 😋

  5. #160 - Persona 5: Dancing in Starlight Dancing in Starlight - Obtained all trophies Achieved: August 10th, 2020 PSNP's RS: Uncommon Difficulty: 2 Enjoyment: 7 After wrapping up Star Ocean 4 I was craving something extra simple and this was just what I needed! I love rhythm games (even though I'm not that great at them ) and Persona 5 music is some of the coolest in gaming so how could I possibly resist? I was really glad to see they did not concoct some super elaborate storyline for this one, there's a focus on the dancing and the characters we all know and love and the game doesn't take itself too seriously. Some of the remixes are really cool (shoutout to Will Power's President Remix) and luckily the trophy set doesn't really ask much of you at all, only needing a couple of incursions into the hectic All Night difficulty setting. Overall I had some mindless fun and it was the perfect transition coming from such a meticulously planned platinum journey with SO4. Now, I'm off to a new series for me, already in absolute love with Atelier Ryza!
  6. :platinum: #160 - Persona 5: Dancing in Starlight 



  7. #159 - The Last of Us Part II Every last one of them - Collect all trophies Achieved: August 9th, 2020 PSNP's RS: Uncommon Difficulty: 5 Enjoyment: 8 Back when I played The Last of Us, I promised myself that, should there ever be a sequel, I wouldn't play it because the game was a wonderful story with beginning and end and needed to forced continuation. I still stand by that today, but I gave myself the chance to try this sequel and I freaking loved it, more than the original! Game is getting all sorts of criticism for a number of reasons but as far as I'm concerned it is excellent and I had a blast. I'm glad there was no shoehorned ass multiplayer this time, which allowed me to hit platinum. As an ABSOLUTE CHICKEN, it was hard going through some portions as this one has more horror elements than the first but I'm glad I powered through because the experience was worth the suffering lol I should be back here soon, dancing with the Phantom Thieves at the moment but the ball is almost over
  8. :platinum: #159 - The Last of Us Part II



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    2. ronin_leon


      Well done! 

    3. Omar


      Thank you guys! Did you play it? And if so, did you enjoy it? 😋

    4. MaximumOverdrive


      Well done! 💯 

  9. LMAO imagine if that was the case 😂 Congrats on the win, when I saw my score I was like 'hold on a sec' 🤔
  10. Hahaha thank you so much, still trying to process I don't think the last trophies I had left are enough for me to turn the tables but with such an accomplishment I'll gladly take a loss here, wouldn't be the first LMAO Now the process of adjusting to earning plats that do not require 610 hours begins 😅
  11. #158 - Star Ocean: The Last Hope Remaster Platinum Trophy - Congratulations! You've collected every last trophy! Achieved: August 5th, 2020 PSNP's RS: Ultra Rare Difficulty: 10 Enjoyment: 10 I don't even know where to begin, I still cannot believe I've done it. On May 15th, I decided I was going to get into the Star Ocean series and I checked a list of entries by chronological order. Turns out Star Ocean 4 (notorious for being one of those platinum trophies that conquer you, rather than the opposite) was the first game so here I went, entirely ready to play the story and give the heck up at the slightest inconvenience. But then the game was great. And then I started to use spreadsheets and planning things carefully. And then it got really entertaining and thrilling as I could miss a playthrough-breaking chest or enemy at any given moment. By the time I finished the story, I had accomplished so much within the game's content that I simply couldn't bring myself to stop. I kept going and going and going. Now, 610 hours later, I'm here. Perhaps what surprises me the most isn't that I made it (I can be quite stubborn when it comes to reaching goals) but that I had fun THROUGHOUT. Mindless grinding? Took the chance to soak up on all sorts of podcasts on a variety of topics and I learned a lot in the process. Ethereal Queen multi-nuking my party? Let's pause and re-strategize, try something else, no full retries were ever needed. SIXTY THOUSAND ENEMY KILLS? Reading, playing mobile games, listening to music or watching my favorite movies while I press X to win an unholy amount of times. It was the way I paced myself that allowed me to get here and I now know I can manage just about any type of grind with the right plan. I'm really proud of myself for obtaining this one and it soars all the way up to the top of my list of platinum trophies I'm most proud of. Now I'm going to take a break and play some shorter stuff for the rest of the year, kay?
  12. The impossible, possible. 

    :platinum: #158 is Star Ocean 4.



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    2. Burek_san


      congrats :yay:

    3. Omar


      Thank you! Still reeling hahaha :yay:


    4. Ala-Arska


      Now that's spectacular, huge congrats :yay:

  13. EVERYBODY CALM DOWN *cries in Eldarian*


    1. Sword


      Star Ocean: The Last Grind. 


      So close. You can do it. :)

    2. Omar


      Thank you! Currently ending Gabe on a loop to get my 55 Grigori kills with Faize 😂

  14. I'm just going to leave this here



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    2. Omar


      Thank you! I never thought I'd make it this far, it's pretty much done now! Let's see if I can endure the home stretch :lol:


    3. ResoluteRock


      How many hours have you put in so far? :jaymon:

    4. Omar


      Around 420 LMAO will definitely hit 500 before it's all over but in terms of difficulty/tediousness the worst is well gone, so only a matter of time now :lol: