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  1. Use you icon points over the lucly perk..that may help
  2. I got mine by riding my hypercar for few mins unknowingly and the trophy popped
  3. hope the video helps!
  4. i noe!just waiting for assassins creed rising phoenix!
  5. okay!most of them said playstaion all star is easy!!well,thank u guys for letting me noe!
  6. New Information A. The light bar has a feature that was not announced formally, the light bar actually emits a light source of any hue to send a illumination of light across your room. The light fades through animation to another color depending on what features the developer implements into the game. Such as when a character is low on health the light bar may transition from blue > orange > pulsating red. B. When using PS Vita with a PS4, you can set PS4 to automatically download updates for your games, system, and ect to be instantly transferred to Vita faster than downloading from Wi-Fi and 3G. C. The PS4 controller also has more hidden functionality, within the PS4 the motion sensing technology is still there, not only does the PS4 Eye sense what's around the room and in the room, but the PS4's light bar also has sort of a scanning mechanism. This can be used to scan AR like images that you find in magazines and other places to be instantly taken to the PlayStation Store to download that content you found. D. PS4 automatically has a feature where you can set to allow you controllers to turn off momentarily when set down and resume when picked up or held. The feature allows your system to know when you are playing or taking a quick break to conserve energy. Well hope you enjoy the information I found.
  7. 2013 Released in NA [Dec 16] Sonic all stars racing [Dec 16] Knytt underground, Oddworld Strangers Wrath, Burn the rope (psn) [Dec 31] Chronovolt (psn), Jetpack Joyride (psn) [Jan 08] Earth Defence Force 2017 Portable (psn) [Jan 14] Corpse Party - Book of shadows psp (psn) [Jan 21] Escape Vektor (psn) [Jan 29] Let's Fish! Hooked On (psn) [Feb 05] Sly Cooper - Thieves in Time [Feb 12] Alien Breed mobile [Feb 12] Ecolibrium (psn-app) [Feb 12] Rocketbirds:Hardboiled Chicken (psn) [Feb 19] Urban Trial Freestyle (psn) [Feb 26] DLC - Zen Pinball 2 - Starwars pinball 3 tables [Feb 26] Mud motocross (psn) [sep 28,2012-eu] [Feb 26] Ninja Gaiden - Sigma 2+ [Feb 28,2013-jpn] [Mar 05] Germinator (psn) [Mar 05] MLB 13 The Show [Mar 19] DLC - Hots Shots Golf - 3 course, + 3chars (incl. Kat) [Mar 19] DLC - Pinball arcade - DLC pack 9, Startrek TNG table [Mar 19] Atelier Totori Plus (psn) [Mar 19] Nun attack (psn) [Mar 19] Dead or Alive 5+ [Mar 20,2013-jpn] 2013 Announced (with Release date) [Mar 26] DLC - Pinball arcade - DLC pack 10 [Mar 26] Machinarium (psn) [Mar 26] WRC 3 (psn) [Oct 16,2012-eu] [Apr 29] Thomas was alone (psn) [Apr 24, 2013-eu] [Apr 30] Zombie Tycoon 2 - Brainhov's Revenge (psn) [Apr 30] History Legends of War - Patton's Campaign [Apr 30] Soul Sacrifice [Mar 06,2013-jpn] [Jun 25] Muramasa:The Demon Blade [Mar 28,2013-jpn] [Jun 30] Lego Legend of Chima: Laval's Journey [Aug 06] Dragon's Crown [Jul 25,2013-jpn] [sep 04] Valhalla Knights 3 [May 25,2013-jpn] [sep 17] Killzone Mercenary [sep 25] Y's Foliage Ocean of Celceta [sep 27,2012-jpn] [Oct 30] Lego Marvel Superheroes - Avengers 2013 Announced (no release date yet or tbd) [Jun tbd] MotoGP 13 [Jul tbd] Lone Survivor (psn) [spr tbd] Hotline Miami (psn) [spr tbd] Ratchet and Clank - Full Frontal Assault [sum tbd] Bit Trip Runner 2 (psn) [Oct tbd] Tearaway [2013] Guacamelee (psn) [2013] Velocity HD (psn) [2013] SuperFrog HD (psn) [2013] Luftrausers (psn) [2013] Frozen Synapse (psn) [2013] The Binding of Isaac - Rebirth (psn) [2013] Oddworld - Munch's Oddysee HD [2013] Open Me (psn) [2013] Rainbow Moon (psn) [2013] Malicious Rebirth (psn) [2013] Final Fantasy X HD [2013] Final Fantasy X-2 HD [2013] The Walking Dead - season 1 [2013] Kickbeat (psn) [2013] Epic Mickey 2 - power of two [2013] Top Darts (psn) [Feb 22,2012-eu] 2013 Released only in Japan (localization not yet announced) [Jan 24] Monster Monpiece (Japan) [Jan 24] Demon Gaze (Japan) [Feb 07] Romance of the Three Kingdoms (Japan) [Feb 28] Phantasy Star Online 2 (Japan) [Mar 02] Senran Kagura Shinobi Versus (Japan) [Mar 06] Tales of Heart R (Japan) [Mar 14] Steins:Gate (Japan) [Mar 19] Atelier Meruru Plus(Japan) [Mar 19] Guilty Gear XX accent Core Plus R (psn) [Mar 19] One Piece Pirate Warrior 2 [Mar 20] Pro baseball spirits 2013 (Japan) [Mar 28] SeiMadou monogatari - Holy Sorcery Story 2013 Upcoming for Japan (localization not yet announced) [Apr 25] Photo Kano Kiss (Japan) [Apr 25] Meikyuu Cross Blood Infinity (Japan) [2013] Gods Eater 2 (Japan) [2013] Toukiden (Japan) [2013] The Legend of Heroes:Trails in the flash (Japan) [2013] Gundam Breaker (Japan) [2013] Conception 2 (Japan) [2013] Hyperdimension Idol Neptune PP (Japan) [2013] Hyper Goddess Faith Noire: Extreme God Black Heart (Japan) [2013] Neptunia "Re;Birth 1" (Japan) [2013] Mind 0 (Japan) Unannounced - Conjecture, Rumours and Vapourware Assasin's Creed Phoenix Rising Bioshock Vita Borderlands 2 Castlestorm- Coconut Dodge (TBA 2013) Death match village Dragon's Racing (TBA 2013) Dragon Fantasy Book 2 (TBA 2013) Egg "n" roll Fez Great little War game Injustice - gods among us Jax and Daxter Collection Madden 14 Pub Games Picotto Knights Orc Attack Over My Dead Body sequel(Japan) Rocketbirds 2: Evolution Snapshot Starlight:Inception Switch Galaxy(psmobile?) Terreria Warriors Lair (TBA 2013) Zone of the Enders HD collection (TBA)
  8. I looking for a nice easy game for which I can easily platinum! Please exclude GRAVITY RUSH,ASSASSINS CREED,NEED FOR SPEED! Yea one more thing,ONLY VITA GAMES!
  9. so since u have an otption of returning thn system so u better do!i had this problem after a month of my purchase,i solved it by entering the safemode!! i still have this problem,every week it happens to me atleast once,so i do the same process
  10. Yup!! Had this problem!!what I did was I pressed the on/off button instead of the ps button for something like 30 secs and then u will enter the safe mode!there u can restart ur system
  11. The worst game in my sense was asphalt injection cuz of the grafics when I compared to my need for speed
  12. Just waiting for the big update winch allows video play
  13. ok!!!!!!yea,it still does when im on firmware 2.02!!!what i do is when the screen loads and when it comes to the end before it refreshe click the X WHEN IT LOADS AND THE LOADING WILL STOP AND U CAN BROWSE FREELY!!!!!!!hope im clear wid dat
  14. it continously refreshes !!! the prob is reduced scince the 2.01 update!!think they have fixed it
  15. hey guys!!!! i have noticed that when ever is surf the vita browser,it automatically refreshes a lot of times which is totally bugging! any suggestions??