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  1. Really? That's odd. I'd tried today a couple attempts at easy.. but for now i was struggling with it alot. Ill give it a shot at medium too. Thanks! Edit: Unbelievable.. worked for me too. Made it on my second attempt:)
  2. I tried, but it looks like it is still glitched:(
  3. This is the article i was talking about..
  4. I read earlier this week on their Facebook page that they will release a patch tomorrow. Hopefully they fixed that too..
  5. I like the games too, but it would be Nice of milestone to change the trophylist a bit. Maybe some difficulty related trophies or something like that.
  6. Thanks Supak! Very helpfull 😇
  7. All (13) country's are included when you start next season in wrc , so nothing to worry about;)
  8. Yeah, it still works. I did it with this method also a couple days ago.
  9. Resident Evil 5, just only 7 years and 4 months
  10. Awesome, never played this before on the ps2, but im surely gonna pick it up this time
  11. My first were Ridge Racer 7 and Motorstorm.
  12. 7th of october according to their fb page.
  13. Unfortunatly not free for me, still cost €9,99
  14. Most of them are not hard at all, but for me especially Qatar in MotoGP class is quite easy.
  15. I started in Moto2 and then played two seasons in MotoGP class, they all counted towards the three championship titles.