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  1. For the final section I was able to pull it off using the rattler turret on the bottom and using the arrows for the right side. 4 got through by the end of it so probably not the most reliable method but it worked for me.
  2. If anyone is struggling with gold ward swap boss I used body builder with poison tipped, magic life, slugs secret, killer sting, pump up. Enter the room use killer sting then immediately spam pump up. His first ward is sharp the second is blunt. If you keep using pump up you can kill him before his third ward is up.
  3. For the dark speedrun you can get through it fairly easily just using the dodge ability. Dodge through the first blade, dodge through that set of lights near the second blade, dodge again to get to the top, dodge twice down the hallway. When you get to the area with the rockets stay towards the middle and just time it to get through them. Took a few tries but the dodge ability with cool down can carry you through that one.
  4. The developer has put the list up. Thank you for the help.
  5. I just got the platinum on the NA PS5 version of this game and can't seem to get the trophy list to appear. I also didn't see a listing for the PS5 version on this website despite the game releasing several months ago. Not sure what to do since I can't get my trophy list to sync anymore. Any help would be appreciated.
  6. I also had trouble unlocking this trophy but managed to get it on the ancient enemy archers while playing the last level on the hardest difficulty. I know I killed way more than 20 with deflected bullets before that so maybe the archers are what count towards it?
  7. I'm glad it popped for me today. A little bit annoyed that the tower reset is 20 days now.
  8. Can confirm this works.. I went from 33% to having the trophy done in about 3 and a half hours of rubber banding. The game had 2 errors while i was doing it so just check in every hour or so to make sure you're still moving. If you have the PS app downloaded you can check if your percentage went up on it. I only saw increases of 6% at a time whenever I checked.
  9. I had that mission crash several times for me on PS5. If you happen to have a ps4 try uploading your save to the cloud and playing it on there. That's the only way I was able to get it to work personally.
  10. Just a tip once you've challenged someone and they accept it when the fight is done you can rematch. You do not need to start the process over every time.
  11. I also like to start multiple games at a time but try to only have one game from one genre active. So one action game, one racing game, one shooter etc. It helps me still make progress on something without having too hard of a time relearning controls and mechanics.
  12. I would just like to say I crashed on mission 18 12 times on PS5 before giving up. I uploaded my save to the cloud and downloaded the game on PS4 and was able to pass the mission on the first attempt.
  13. You can do that in the forest on the little tree guys pretty easily. If you don't kill them in one hit just wait for the red dot to go away. I got 3 of my kills on enemies that took me 3 shots to kill. Just stay far away from them.
  14. Another fairly easy way is to play the first kraken level let his tentacle knock you into the air and do as many flips as you can. I got x13 in one jump.
  15. Ravager bell puzzle is definitely the easiest way. If you aren't fast enough to do the puzzle solo you can do it online with someone then disconnect your internet forcing the game to go offline.