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  1. I have the items ion, thermal, painted, and veteran certified feel free to send a friend request and I'll try to help out when I can. Just please give the items back when you're done. PSN: MACHONACHO44556
  2. I just got the trophy after finishing the dlc. I didn't have to restart it at all. I went from active investigations and backtracked down to abandoned offices. There are 6 vending machines. I seemed to get one every 2 or 3 runs. I turned on the one shot kill to speed up the process. Took about 30 minutes for me.
  3. If anyone struggles with skate heaven try to lower your speed and ollie stats to around 6-7. Makes it much more manageable in my opinion
  4. So is it increasing 700 per level in the 90s? Because in the 60s it went up 400 per level 70 has been 500 and I'm assuming 80s will be 600 per level. So if that's how the trend keeps going you'll probably be looking at just over 30k for 99-100. Just grinding levels in the 70s takes about 2 hours per level so you're doing roughly 4 hour a level grinds? Keep at it man you're almost done lol
  5. I'm at 77 currently and I think 70-80 will add up to 135,000
  6. I just hit level 71 and it increased another 500 points for 72. This is gonna be ridiculous. Probably at least a 60 hour grind just for these last 30 levels. Daily and weekly challenges would definitely be welcomed. Or maybe if they had a higher cap on the xp you can earn in a single match.
  7. So 68 to 69 the increase was 400 more xp. Same with 69 to 70. 70 to 71 takes 500 more per level. So 70-80 should take about 135,000 xp if I did that math right
  8. I agree that there should be a skill balance. Or at least let you play matches with friends that count towards the challenges without having to be in a public lobby.
  9. The hard get there's were pretty rough. It took me two days to get them done. The real wall currently is level 100. Once you hit level 50 the xp stops coming in quickly. From level 68 to 69 takes 10,350 xp. On average I get between 100-150 xp in a multiplayer match. It will be a pretty long grind but the game is fun and the matches are quick.
  10. Currently at level 66. Done all hard get there's have a few normal ones left. Have 5 more levels to get all gaps on. Done all missions. Have rookie, veteran, legend badges. We're all probably going to be grinding for awhile.
  11. Honestly alot of the challenges are pretty manageable. I'm having a hard time with the hard get there's and some of the gaps though. Those will probably end up being the trickier parts of the game.
  12. You can. Also you can get gaps in free skate with the game mods on.
  13. You can pause the game and go to game options view gaps. The aliens all have question marks so I think you just have to remember. It only takes a few minutes to do that though and if you already have it then it won't be there. Just a warning though I tried to find them in freeskate and they were not there. But loading up the tour mode they spawned as they should. They are both for grinding the entire halfpipe. Just grind down both sides.
  14. Medium seems about right. I personally had the hardest time with the two game modes that got lumped together in the same search. But it sounds like those should be easy enough to boost. The game isn't too hard but it will take awhile.
  15. You can but if you find at least one other person that will speed it up alot. A few of the weapons are pretty annoying to use.