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  1. I had that mission crash several times for me on PS5. If you happen to have a ps4 try uploading your save to the cloud and playing it on there. That's the only way I was able to get it to work personally.
  2. Just a tip once you've challenged someone and they accept it when the fight is done you can rematch. You do not need to start the process over every time.
  3. I also like to start multiple games at a time but try to only have one game from one genre active. So one action game, one racing game, one shooter etc. It helps me still make progress on something without having too hard of a time relearning controls and mechanics.
  4. I would just like to say I crashed on mission 18 12 times on PS5 before giving up. I uploaded my save to the cloud and downloaded the game on PS4 and was able to pass the mission on the first attempt.
  5. You can do that in the forest on the little tree guys pretty easily. If you don't kill them in one hit just wait for the red dot to go away. I got 3 of my kills on enemies that took me 3 shots to kill. Just stay far away from them.
  6. Another fairly easy way is to play the first kraken level let his tentacle knock you into the air and do as many flips as you can. I got x13 in one jump.
  7. Ravager bell puzzle is definitely the easiest way. If you aren't fast enough to do the puzzle solo you can do it online with someone then disconnect your internet forcing the game to go offline.
  8. Sorry not sure. I did it online with a friend both of us changed the system clock. I don't see why it wouldn't work though.
  9. You can change the date for the trophy
  10. That is really strange lol glad you got it figured out though.
  11. That's entirely possible. Hopefully the issue gets resolved. I'd be willing to try it with you and see if we can figure something out
  12. They unlocked fine for me and I just helped someone else do it. If you get the happy ending trophy you probably won't get dungeon master in the same run because you're interacting with the lever too many times. For happy ending I just mashed x on the red lever until it popped. Dungeon master I went blue lever, green lever, blue lever, red lever, blue lever, green lever, exit
  13. So I was finishing in the top 3 for most of my games and on average was spending around 200-250 gold a game. I got my 500 star ups one match before 10K gold. Took me roughly 50 matches. Level 15 should come naturally before then. Make sure to check if you have any xp booster. When I used one it lasted for around 3 days.
  14. It's in cheeks crest
  15. Laser barrage gets you ko helmet, get wingsuit from the event at windy butte, there's a hide and seek teddy bear event in cheek's crest that gets you a pool float you can get on the dock at hustle beach. The boxing gloves and boots are both on stunt island. The gloves are in a red barn like building and the boots are on top of the volcano.