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  1. I used the fog of war challenge and killed about 1 tank a minute. After killing 2 tanks I restarted the challenge.
  2. For crushing 250 vehicles with the tank the fastest method I have found so far is to spawn small vehicles from your cell phone while driving the tank then just running them over and calling in another one. It still takes awhile but I personally think it's faster than driving around.
  3. Crash dummy Suicide guy sleeping deeply Maria the witch Toro
  4. Sadly you have to do every floor. You could possibly skip by joining someone that's already doing it and is on a higher floor but I can't guarantee the trophy will unlock. You only NEED to dispel 3 obelisks. Where it's possible I recommend grabbing the chests and getting the obelisks you know you can do quickly. You do still need the chests in the rooms even if you don't dispel the obelisk. Find out which ones take you too long to do and just grab the chests in them. Leave the obelisks for the short portals.
  5. Most floors have 5 portals and you can search separate ones. Most portals contain two chests but there is one that has 3. The timer is shorter with multiple people but you cannot pause the game even in solo offline so you will want to learn the locations. Both players do get the trophy. I wasn't the host and it unlocked for me.
  6. Yes it can be done in co-op
  7. I did the game after the patch but alot of the trophies still took me a couple additional playthroughs to unlock. Definitely buggy but they did eventually work.
  8. If anybody has any trouble getting this trophy currently you can use hide of the nemean lion and let the reflection damage kill 5 people for the trophy. It does work in duel 1v1
  9. You just had to wait one more day lol it's fixed now
  10. The trophy is fixed now
  11. I've helped a few people with the serial quester and it unlocked fine for all of them besides one person. With that person we did 4 difficulties and then the weekly and it didn't unlock but then went back and did legendary and it unlocked. I personally unlocked the trophy by doing the weekly instead of legendary after doing all other difficulties. My thought is that maybe if you don't own the dlc the weekly doesn't count as a difficulty level.
  12. The gravity with impactron still works fine on the normal enemies. Gravity is great for helping speed along those rounds. Spell stringing is when you use wizard companion once you cast a spell icons will pop up and you just have to hit the corresponding buttons. I used evenstar, ogre fingers, water gun as Leander and just spammed whichever did the most damage. As for the tweaker o didn't really mess with defense very much because alot of the enemies we're killing me in 1 hit anyways later on but there's an accessory that makes it so you survive with 1 hp from a big hit that I definitely recommend putting on everyone. There are 20 manuals for each and I'm not 100% positive but I think there are 2 per door and they aren't hard to find. Just check all around the map the only tricky ones were on a rooftop and the one in the water kingdom down some stairs to the left if I remember correctly. You get one at the little house you get some from rewards for s ranking the arenas and you get some for talking to people in evermore after finishing up each door. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be but you may have to grind out a good physical weapon for 27. Everything else wasn't too hard. Took me probably 20 hours to do it all give or take.
  13. I just got it as well with A+ in everything but damage incurred which I got an A in. What I did was played on easy cleared 1 area saved the game and during every fight I used the item to take less damage. And then I would go back and save if I was happy with my results at the end of the fight. I got my combo from the last area before fighting the boss. 600 is for sure an A+ combo idk about lower. It's not too hard with proper save management and a few items to help along. You may have to reload a save or two if stuff goes wrong but it took me about 3 hours and I collected every item (there is no bonus for it so it's not necessary) and destroyed all the stuff I could find that gave points. I had 1,000,000 battle score and 500,000 rampage score for an A+ in total score.
  14. Glad I could help at all sadly I got stuck at 27 with this method. Need to find a quicker way to take out the snake guy. I have Leander with evenstar waterpistol mind of magos and ogres fingers all maxed out. threw on as many massively strengthen magical attack items as I had but also have 1 extra MP so I can cast mind of magos then I like to hit with ogres fingers since it has a quicker cast time than evenstar and sometimes knocks the enemies down or interrupts them then I quickly use a restorative and cast evenstar and hope it lands before they move. I also have hibber dinner the hopeful as one of my higgledies because he increases the amount of time you're awakened for. Sadly the magical resistant enemies are going to make this tough and I'll probably have to grind out high end gear for good physical attack. I'll try to let you know if I find anything out
  15. So once you hit floor 26 it changes to 4 battles but the time for s rank is increased to 17 minutes. I'm using Leander with wizards companion and using as many spell strengtheners as I can. My highest weapon is only a 772. I have Batu with the Gizmo style so I can use more items and use a genie juice to make my attacks stronger and just spam spells. It's gotten me this far and I hope it continues to work