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  1. As I man who has Plat this game legitimately, I'm calling bullshit here. Akumu is unlocked by beating the game on Survival or Nightmare, beating on Casual only unlocks Nightmare. So you must of downloaded a game that had everything unlocked from the start after your long break on the game. This isn't getting lifted and rightfully so.
  2. It's worth it to some people, just a excuse to boost their Plat number up sadly.
  3. Need to vent this out a little bit so excuse the pointless status. 


    I woke up yesterday in a very productive mood, you know the one I'm talking about. Where you wake up and say to yourself "I have a fuck tone of games, let's work on that backlog!" I booted up Amazing Spider-Man on my PS3, not the best game but hey I enjoy it for what it is. After about 2-3 hours I'd say, the game crashes and will not get past a loading screen no matter how many times I reboot it. Little bit pissed but at the same time it was a second hand game what can I expect but still annoying I started it up and now I need to get myself a new copy to continue. I didn't let that get to me though "Okay well that idea is gone but I have plenty others" I pick God of War Ascension. Played it for a good while and then freezes and won't get past the loading screen. I'm panicking it's my PS3 at this point but other games work fine so it just so happens the two games I pick giving me the same problem. So now I need two new copies of game I already have to carry on! Safe to say my productive mood has gone down greatly now. xD 

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    2. KaiserVendrix


      @LucianaRosethornI know, why I keep you around for moments like this! xD Love you really. 


      @DaivRulesTrust me, I tried just about everything yesterday to avoid myself buying new copies, but in the end I just had to bite the bullet on it.


      @BlackSquirrell1I had to order mind online because my local doesn't have what I need sadly, but here's hoping I don't have any more problems...

    3. BlackSquirrell1


      Well, good luck on continuing the game(s) and getting these wrapped up!

    4. DamagingRob


      Crazy. I very rarely have an issue with Blu-Rays. Had to return a Ratchet & Clank game that was scratched to hell, and an Onechanbara disc that had a crack in it.. But those are really all I can think of. 

  4. Oh wow, it's been unlocked! Now I can say my peace on the matter that may or may not upset some snowflakes, here goes. A long time has passed since 1999, the way the world views things now are much different from when the game was originally came out. So Siren got get nunu covered, okay I see it as a very pointless thing to do but overall I'm not bothered by it because it's such a small thing. But some people nowadays would get offended by it as stupid as it sounds and I think they was just making sure more then anything. Is this "censorship" going to stop you playing the game? No. Is it going to change the overall enjoyment of a classic that fans have been waiting for? No. Are you going to actually use Siren as a summon? No. I think some censorship is a crappy thing, very much so if a game is cancelled because of it, but I feel giving this much negativity over a summon isn't needed and some people are just venting. At the end of the day kids stop getting upset over the slightest things and save it for a time when it's actually needed. Censorship is happening more and more because people are very oversensitive in 2019 and it's not going to stop, in the same way getting upset over little changes in a game don't make you any different from them.
  5. You know what? It's been a trend recently to throw up NG+ in games that have been out for months. I hate this, as a trophy hunter sure but more so as just a gamer. People are gonna say "it's free so nothing to complain about" but this just shows me and many others how bloody unfinished games are nowadays. I hate the mindset of "it will be patched later" it's just lazy! NG+ shouldn't be a feature that is added in at a later date, it should come when you buy the game. It's been in games for years but no they would rather rush it out so they can get payed and just "patch" it in later. Rant over.
  6. Borderlands 3 for me, likely won't win but it doesn't hurt.
  7. Welcome to the site! I hope you have fun being more active on the forum, some lovely people on here and a lot of JRPG fans also. I like a wide selection of genres but I do love JRPGs myself, my favourite game of all time is Final Fantasy X after all. If you are looking for some new friends also, feel free to send a friend request my way. Have a wonderful day.
  8. Not to sound like a asshole or anything but you've had years to get the multiplayer done, that along with given notice when the servers will be shut down. You want more time because you personally want it, I understand that but maintaining severs takes time and money and there is no point for Naughty Dog to keep it up any longer then needed. In other words, no it's not going to be extended, the deadline has been given and that's it.
  9. I have a little question for everyone here, what do you think of playing the same game but on different consoles for extra trophies, example would be RE5 on PS3 and PS4. I was always against it because you would be getting a extra Plat for the same game, but recently I've been thinking is that such a bad thing? I only would ever do it for a game series I actually enjoy and not do it again purely for trophies though. I would like other peoples insight on the matter. xD 

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    2. Charizarzar


      I’ve done it for Skyrim and Alien: Isolation cause I really loved the trophy experience. You could argue you could just do them on another account but I managed to get them pretty cheap. 

    3. DamagingRob


      @The Tick Other than trophies, a lot of the PS2-on-PS4 games had nothing of value added. But I see your point, if your PS2 no longer works. Mine bit the dust long ago, too. :/ But someone whose PS3 is busted could say the same.


      I really just prefer playing everything on the PS4, myself. Trophy screenshots, better controller, no long waits for trophies to sync, etc. But I still won't pay a lot for games I've already played. Many were free on Plus, or less than $5. 

    4. KaiserVendrix


      I don't think I'd ever rebuy a game just to do the trophies, I've had many accounts over the years and some of them have versions of games on other consoles. I wouldn't go ham with the idea, just a few games I have very good memories with that's all. 

  10. waddel; waddel; your pengu was here and like it so now you have a following more; waddel..

  11. Plat #17 - Dragon Ball Z Budokai HD Collection Enjoyment: 5/10 Difficulty: 5/10 I've been very much slacking with my update on my Plats, but I'll try and keep up from now on. I used to play the Budokai game a bunch back in the PS2, so replaying the 2 games was a nice little bolt of nostalgia. But that's my gripe about the game, it's called a collection but leaves out the second entry of the trilogy. Never understand why they did this, I'm guessing because Budokai 2 wasn't popular and was mostly hated for some reason. I can happily say it was my favourite out of the 3, but everyone has their own tastes.
  12. We need to thank the publishers for giving us laughable trophy lists to remove any real challenge that game has to offer. Insensitive people not to purchase the game because it's a great game, but because it's easy Platinum. Therefore ruining anything the game has to offer and no one till touch it again. Yeah we really need to thank them for abusing the system just to fill their pockets with money.
  13. Plat #17 - Dragon Ball Z Budokai Collection


    Had a nice time replaying this, I played these games a bunch back when I was younger so the games was muscle memory at that point. Although I hated how they didn't put Budokai 2 in this "collection" I always loved that one more then 3.

  14. Finally finished the online portion of Binary Domain, would like to thank @SuperSkullJoe, @JESTERKING45 and @pot1414 for assisting me and each other on the journey that was the online grind for the game. We finished up the challenges rather quickly, it was Invasion that tested our patients. We had many attempts on Invasion, 2 of them we all died on the final wave. But we pulled though and beat it finally today! Now then, guess it's time to relax and enjoy the single player now. xD 

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    2. N7-Azrael


      tell me about it, those are the worse type of people in the world. In the end he acted like he was the one that carried the team. Was always dead last on kills lol 

    3. kidson2004


      Congrats!! I’m looking to finish it up next weekend! 

    4. WhiteDragonAura


      Nice going, Kai and friends. :D

  15. Well to be fair I had a word with the guy and he will more likely give XII a try and I'm okay with that kinda. He did say he wanted a pretty game though and XII is anything but pretty honestly.