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  1. @fisty123 No coming back form that burn, very well said.
  2. Oh look, 29 people have the Platinum after just over a week. So much for it being impossible and not needed in the game. Wow some people just need to suck it up and just practice mixed in with a little bit of patience. You can get very far with some hard work and motivation.
  3. I thought I was pretty clear with my sarcasm but I guess it's hard to pick up online, I'm not being serious with the whole "everything is pointless" comment. The said OP it means nothing, is pointless and nothing all that different? I was only saying because I see a lot of negativity, we all love this hobby for one reason or another. While I agree with rankings in my opinion dose mean nothing since I got to word it that way. I don't think creating another thread about it when the topic has been done to death already honestly helps. While to me and you it's nothing or pointless, others don't see it that way and use the board as a way to motivate themselves. Trying to be the best and all that, it's harmless and if it's what they want to do then just let them.
  4. Oh boy, your one of those Souls players. You know the type of player that gets salts because someone had help with Ornstein and Smough, so they never got the "true experience". First of all get off the high horse, a lot of people have been playing since Demon's and have only found the games get more easy as they went on. The whole mentality of the Souls games being the hardest thing a gamer can do is bloody stupid. The reason why it started off with that reputation is because Demon's and Dark was all new and it as catching people off guard by how different it was. We have had 2 sequels and the closest thing we will ever get to a sequel to Demon's with Bloodborne. If we wasn't meant to play the games in co-op then why is it in the game? Why was the remaster given a password system so its even more easy for you to play with friends? Because it's part of the game and if people want to play it like that then let them play it that way. Don't be a snob and look down on people for just wanting to enjoy a game, I've helped many in co-op in the past and I would do it more times over. Regarding Sekiro though, it's not a souls game. From what I've seen it's very different from what everyone is grown to used too, so people will struggle at the start. But like Demon's, Dark and Blood, people will beat it into the ground like any other game.
  5. You are much more likely to get a group of people together by making gaming session by clicking here.
  6. Fuck me, a positive DMC 5 thread. One giving actually advice and being generally helpful to people who are going to be attempting the game. Make's a nice change from people whining about wanting a patch to make S ranks more easy. Good job sir.
  7. @Spaz I love how I got a response to this out of everyone here, mainly because my opinion doesn't match yours. So even stating the fact this is your "opinion" gets thrown out the window. You can say it as many times as you like it won't change anything. Yes people don't need to read your posts, but when we all see something negative on a site a lot of us visit often we normally have a good look to see what's it about. Some get concerned, some curious, others like to laugh and watch the thread burn because of the amount of drama this site can get. Shit we are only human at the end of the day. I'm pretty tired of obvious things being said all the time, like it some ground breaking revolution. Is it going to stop any time soon? Nope. You may have some unpopular opinions but I've noticed along with others on here you have a reputation of just being a negative Nelly too. I'll say this, yes you are right about people who only play games to boost their PSN level and their ranking will play whatever rubbish to do it. It's why we are seeing so much piss easy games because it's for those players. But it's their time and money, if they generally enjoy playing that way why do you need to ruin that for them? Because you don't agree with it? Didn't you say you're tired people like that and thought it was bullshit? Gaming has gone much more further then just beating a game and telling your friends about it. We have a trophy system while some people will seek out the hardest games and conquer them, while other will play anything just to get their Platinum. We have speed runners, fighting game tournaments and other competitive events just for gaming. What I'm getting at is, we all play for different reasons. So if some guy wants to play Mayo a lot to inflate he's ranking, just let the guy do it. Is it hurting anyone? No.
  8. I love it when people make threads about pointing out the obvious, have you honestly just realised this right now? If you really want to be negative about something why don’t you just say everything is pointless because we all will die in the end? That way you cover everything and pointless threads can stop. A lot of us here care about how we play our games and believe it or not some of us care about what ranking we are. Why try shit on something that gives people joy? Honestly.
  9. You cheated! End of story! Why do you need to be special and have the rules bent to you because you was caught? You didn’t give a damn about any of this until you was caught, now your begging on here because some games may or may not be wrongfully flagged. Dude you cheated your games and that’s the end of it, three cheated games and you are done. No it’s or buts. If you didn’t want to be in this situation in the first place then you shouldn’t of cheated on your trophies.
  10. @sunashigure1 I had a good read and all I can say is thank you for your insight and I’m sure it will help a lot of people and maybe myself if I plan on tackling the game. As many have said also in reguarding rather toxic comments is that don’t take it to heart or as apersonal attack, some people aren’t worth the effort honestly. Don’t let one bad apple ruin the bunch as the saying goes or something like that.
  11. Don't worry, I believe you completely. Not like this game has a history of game save use and the most blatant obvious sign is you get 100% of the Blast Shards before 50%. Because that isn't the case for you right?
  12. So let me get this correct, the game haven’t even been out a week and you want something nerfed because you can’t do it? Saying the difficulty has no place in the game? Oh god my head hurts... Just because PowerPyx hasn’t given you a 100% guild within a week doesn’t mean you can cry out for a trophy to be nerfed. Give it a little time and someone will have done all the hard work for you and found out a way so you can get the Plat. Because let’s be honest here, putting effort into your hobby and actually earning something is stupid, having it spoon-fed to you though a patch sounds a lot more better.
  13. Platinum #4 Resident Evil 0!


    Dur to recent events I haven’t really felt like playing anything or going for trophies. So I kicked myself in the ass and got to work! I’ve more then likely played RE0 more then the original at this point and I’ve enjoyed going back to it for the Plat. You gotta love Billy though, sadly we don’t hear from him ever again. =/

    1. ee28max


      Well done! 💯

    2. DamagingRob


      Nice work!

    3. ihadalifeb4this
  14. Yeah... Getting 100% of the blast shards trophy before you got the 50% trophy. As a lot of people are going to point out that this is more likely other save file use and won’t be getting lifted. So much for being “legit”.
  15. Platinum #3 Dragon Ball Z Ultimate Tenkaichi! Difficulty: 5/10 Enjoyment: 6/10 Boy do I remember this game being bashed on when it came out! I get it though, the game had a very simplistic battle mechanic and it came down to a guessing game most of the time. While the game had it's flaws I still enjoyed it. Something it did right compared to later games like Xenoverse, is that your created character has a voice and he's own little story and I very much enjoyed that.