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  1. People won’t care because it doesn’t have a Platinum...
  2. I honestly wish I could slap some people on this site, seeing threads about a game not having a Platinum and seeing people complaining and saying they won’t buy/play it purely based on that fact alone is infuriating to me. 

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    2. DamagingRob


      I don't know why everyone gets all "up in arms" over every little thing here. Trophies are what made me kick my Xbox 360 to the curb, and start buying games exclusively on PlayStation systems. And Platinums are a large part of it. It's that extra "reward" for completing a game. If I just wanted achievements, I'd go play on Steam or Xbox. 


      And sure, I played and enjoyed games before trophies. If they ever went away, I'm sure I'd keep playing. But I have no problem not buying a game without a Plat, or at least waiting for a deep sale on it. There are way more than enough games with Plats I can spend my money on. 

    3. ShonenCat
    4. MidnightDragon


      No plat no buy has existed for a while. Yes, it’s dumb.

  3. Fuck me I’m so sick of some people on this site! You will fork over money for games with little effort, taking advantage of the trophy system and generally not caring if the game is a broken mess, but as long it has a Platinum it’s fine. A free to play games comes out and all I can see it negativity about the graphics and complaining about having no Platinum. Can some of you have some fucking standards?
  4. This may be a old thread and completely unrelated but The Evil Within 2 would like a word with you about the worse sequel ever made.
  5. Can’t say I’ll be upset, considering I’ve never heard of it.
  6. You know what else is pathetic? Dismissing quality of a game based if it has a Platinum or not.
  7. So I got myself Super Meat Boy today... I’m pretty sure the Plat will murder me. xD 

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    2. BB-BakkerJ


      @KaiserVendrix Too bad. I’ll keep it in my backlog then.

    3. Deceptrox


      You can totally do it if you are persistance.

      I mean persistant.

    4. Hemiak


      Just remember, meat boy wants to fly. Hold that sprint button and to fast. You'll have to do it to finish the later levels, might as well practice like that from the start.

  8. Am I the only one who thinks using the word “retire” for a hobby that is trophy hunting rather silly?

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    2. DeathByRyuku


      It’s not silly to the people how take it seriously

    3. PooPooBlast


      @TheYuriG described it better than I did. 

      That's basically what I tried to say

    4. Midnightwards666


      Interesting debate. At my level, it's purely enjoyment and retiring simply isn't the correct term. However, if I was to start taking it far more seriously and eventually felt a need to stop... the term would probably be very appropriate. It wouldn't be silly of me to retire - the silliness starts long before then. It would be silly of me to take trophy hunting so seriously that it starts having that effect on my mental health that makes me feel like I want to "retire". However, if I was doing it professionally, that would be another matter still, and it wouldn't be wrong to push through the occasional burnout. 

  9. @SpyroChampion Oh that glitch! The one where you hacked? Please we aren’t idiots and just saying it’s a glitch is such a pathetic excuse.
  10. "KnightedFromHell" very edgy. If you look at the top of the forum page you'll see announcements that's retailed to name changes on the site. I'd suggest looking there. But I'll cut out the hard work so you can just click Here.
  11. Actually you only need 3 including yourself to start a public match.
  12. Platinum #8 Resident Evil Difficulty: 6/10 Enjoyment: 7/10 This Plat took me 4 days! That's insane to me because I wasn't tired of the game, even after my 5th playthrough. I'm the type of guy that put to much effort into saving ammo then actually using it, most of the time I had 50+ shotgun shells when I was in the laboratory! If you plan on following in my footsteps then do yourself a favour, use the damn ammo because you are saving far to much.
  13. Plat #8 - Resident Evil.


    Bloody hell that a lovely journey! I could not put it down even after 5 playthroughs. :)  

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. KaiserVendrix


      Thank you everyone! Always nice when people congratulate you on something well earned. 😁

    3. ihadalifeb4this
    4. ee28max


      Well done! 💯

  14. When it comes to beating a game on a difficulty never do it via chapter select, this has been a thing for many games over the years. My best bet is using chapter select does void the trophy in question, I have no experience with this game itself but I’m just speaking as a guy who has been in the situation with other games.
  15. [Resident Evil] I’d say I’m making quite good progress, I’ve almost finished my invisible enemy playthrough. Been blitzing through it! xD 

    1. LucianaRosethorn


      Itchy, Tasty....