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  1. I haven't been on the site much recently but it's time to change that! :lol: 


    I'm currently working on a few games and really want to sort out my trophies but I've also pre-ordered Crystar and Code Vein, so I have my work cut out for me if I want to get this sorted by the end of the year. 


    I'm mainly working on Demon Gaze, Dark Souls 2, Tales From the Borderlands and Ni No Kuni II right now. Demon Gaze is a game I personally love so that shouldn't take me too long to do, Dark Souls 2 is dragging because I've played it around 15+ times and so it's gotten to a point of being unfun, Tales from The Borderlands is also dragging because I've played it before and story games really aren't fun after you know what happens.


    Finally, Ni No Kuni II. Oh boy, this game is something. I went into this game thinking I'll love it due to the first one but no, no I don't. The gameplay is decent but that's it. I've skipped the whole story because it was so bad, the building your kingdom is okay but the fact you have to wait like a mobile game bothers me, the little creatures are very pointless and none of the quests are fun. I've heard the DLC is worse than the main game so that will be interesting to see, hopefully all the post game stuff won't take too much time. I hope. 

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    2. thepeaguy


      @LucianaRosethorn I know you're looking for work, so that's something for to you to keep in mind when things get busy for you. I did the same for a friend who has a busier work schedule than me.

    3. OhDearGodRun


      Who are you again? :P 

    4. Kitsune


      Good luck with hunting! =)

  2. I'll go with Slime Rancher, the platinum image is really cute and it's an amazing game in general. I mean, look at this guy!
  3. Final Fantasy XIII, I just wish they came to PS4.
  4. I don't mind if he doesn't like the game, I just want him to try a Final Fantasy game. Plus he loves to get 100% so he would probably power through it, if that means hearing him suffer, I will have done my job.
  5. I made a deal with him, he has to play a game in the series. I don't care what, as long as he knows he's wrong when it comes to games not being pretty enough not to play.
  6. If it's out of Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy XV then I would definitely pick X. XV is a terrible game let alone a good final fantasy. But if we're including all the games then XIII and IX would have my vote.
  7. Sniper Elite 4 is amazing, pretty boring on your own but with someone it's great!
  8. Time to start Ni No Kuni II! 

  9. I think I've seen it go on sale once or twice but not often, it would be better to buy a cheap physical version. I hoping there are Vita games but they just haven't been listed, most of the times they'll just be there without any notice. If there generally isn't then this Summer Sale is terrible
  10. Isn't Wolfenstein not being censored in Germany anymore? Meaning there's no need for another list.
  11. I'm excited for the game even if it doesn't have Mein Leben, it's just a difficulty. I'm not sure why people are making it such a big deal, it just means more people are able to get the platinum.
  12. Members are only Blue which you are or Yellow if you buy premium, that's all we get.
  13. It depends on what role you have on the site, blue is for members, yellow for premium, purple for cheaters, green for mods and red for the owner.
  14. Just got back from an interview, it went pretty poorly. The guy hated the fact I don't have any work experience (no body will give me a job so I can't earn experience), and kept questioning my strong points because I haven't worked so I can't prove it. I said I've done 2 years of Catering & Hospitality in college but that didn't seem to matter or prove I can work in a team. 


    The only thing he did like was I live so close, I find out tomorrow if I got it or not. =(

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    2. LucianaRosethorn


      @LucasIIGD It was an open interview meaning  you just walk in and be interviewed, he didn't pick me. Yeah it isn't great he did that, honestly it happens more often than not. I find out tomorrow if I got the job or not, after what everyones said I'm okay not getting it.


      Thanks so much though, I'll definitely keep looking! ^_^

    3. Jelloycat


      Best of luck!

      The whole 'can't get a job without experience, but can't get experience without a job' cycle is ridiculous. 

    4. Midnightwards666


      Job hunting is very tedious. Just keep persisting and don't get discouraged. But if the interviewer isn't even hiding where he's looking, that is a red flag... not sure you want to work for someone like that. Awful management is way too common, but I have never known it go that far.  

  15. I love RE5, it's probably my favourite in the series. It starts out clunky but once you get more use to it, isn't a problem.