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  1. The Promised Neverland, I think I'm on chapter 63?
  2. Currently watching Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Monsters for the first time and my lord, the early 2000 vibes I'm getting from this. So far Kuriboh is my favourite and honestly a lot more, also the finger guns and "fruit juice" is amazing!
  3. The reason why it's clearly cheated is because of the difficulties. He beat Casual and went straight to Akumu, that's not how it works. To unlock Akumu you must beat the game on Survival first, beating it on Casual only unlock Nightmare.
  4. So I've picked all 10 games I'm planning on doing 0. Chocobo Mystery Dungeon: 1. Bloodborne: 2. Okami: 3. Life is Strange: 4. Sonic Forces: 5. Tales Of Graces F: 6. Final Fantasy Type-0: 7. Dust An Elysian Tail: 8. Star Ocean Integrity and Faithlessness: 9. Ratchet & Clank: Crack in Time:
  5. [Yi-Gi-OH: Legacy of the Duelist] After struggling for a few hours trying to understand the actual rules of the game I've finally built but own deck. And let me tell you, I have the master deck! (This is coming from someone who only just worked out tribute and fusion summoning and still has no idea what they're doing). 


    But honestly it's going pretty well, first challenge was to pick which type of build I want since there's soooo many (over 7,000 cards). I picked Winged Beasts, Wind Element and a few Spellcasters here and there. I'm just waiting on my Koriboh and the four sheep token things xD

  6. Hey guys, wanna know something? It's down everywhere. Yes PSN is down, no you're not going to die, no it's not the end of the world if you can't synch your trophies or use any other PSN feature, yes you can still play your games, yes it is required sometimes for updates and yes it will be back soon. Seriously, it's like people can't live 5 minutes without something.
  7. Dragon Quest Heroes 2. It really depends what type of game you want but out of them I would recommend Dragon Quest 2.
  8. Welcome to the site, I hope you enjoy it here! I really want Nier Automata but since I like to play all games in a series I'll have to play Nier and Drakengard first, luckily I already have Nier. I also had a look at your trophies and saw you're a Dragon Quest fan! It's rare to find someone who has actually played the spin off games (currently playing DQ Heroes for the 4th time ). If you would like to add me feel free to, already got something in common.
  9. Well since I've been watching Yu-Gi-Oh: Duel Monsters for the first time I've decided to give Legacy of the Duelist a go. ^_^


    I've got to say, don't know what I've been watching because there's 8000 LP not 2000 LP, you need to tribute monsters for anything higher than 4 stars so no 3 Blue Eyes White Dragon like Kaiba does in the show. Also there's banned cards such as Exodia, god help me. xD (I do know that the first season of YuGiOh doesn't follow the rules, it's just crazy how different it is). 

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    2. Masamune


      Back when the game was first released, you could get a Kuriboh just from the Yugi starter deck, don't know if they're in any of the current decks though. I've got 4 of them myself, probably one of the first cards I got. :D 


      I never messed with Fusion cards that much, it always took me too long to get the correct cards to use them. 😕  But then I got this:

      See the source image


      That was definitely one of my favorites, you just needed 5 dragon types & a Polymerization, that's it. xD You could also use DNA Surgery to made summoning him even easier. :P 

    3. FinalMiracle13


      i heard legacy of the duelist was being ported to switch and its triggered a yugioh binge of my own! Can't tell you about anything past 5ds though.

    4. Honor_Hand


      Seems like the forum got suddenly excited with my name lmao xxD 


      All those toon monsters were pretty cute and they had their strengths in the show. I swear Pegasus made them look so cool in the anime but no kidding, I always got beat when using that deck against my friends in high school xP Even so, good times. Hope you enjoy the series @LucianaRosethorn ^_^

  10. The reason why VII & IX has cheats is because it was a port from the mobile version, you can't get VIII on phones and it's also a remaster so it has a very high chance it won't. Which is great!
  11. I'm gonna say this will be an ultra rare platinum due to the fact it won't have cheats, only reason so many people platinumed VII & IX is because of them. It'll be great to see those who actually like the game and those who thought it would be another easy FF platinum.
  12. I can't wait for it! I was going to get it anyway but since it's only a day after my 5th Anniversary with my partner, this will be a great present.
  13. Final Fantasy XIII, to me this is the perfect JRPG. From the battle system, design, lore and generally everything.
  14. I've already got the platinum but I would happily take it since I'm planning on replaying it soon.