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  1. I should have been more concerned about who is Fat Chocobo but instead I thought whoever it is, is a God. xD Now every time I see you I'll have this in my head -


    1. Fat Chocobo

      Fat Chocobo

      I think it's cute! xD

    2. LucianaRosethorn


      It is! When I get FFXIV I get the collector's edition purley for this little (big boned) guy. ^_^ 

    3. Fat Chocobo

      Fat Chocobo

      It flies and, when it does, there's cake tied to the end of that stick. xD

  2. Think I'll start Bloodborne either today or tomorrow, I really want Sekiro but until it's cheaper I'll have to satisfy my urges with other souls-like games. :D 

  3. Platinum #10 Freedom Wars Enjoyment: 7 Difficulty: 4 Platinum #9 Conan Exiles Enjoyment: 0 Difficulty: 1
  4. Platinum #10 Freedom Wars! I earned this yesterday but I'm so happy it's done, I really wanted it on my birthday and somehow managed to push myself to do it. I did all missions solo and it only took 50 hours which isn't bad considering some later missions can be a real pain with the A.I. Now to clean up my games a bit and get the completion rate up. ^_^


    I also platinumed Conan yesterday but I really didn't enjoy it one bit, I'm hoping no DLC trophies get added in the future so I don't need to ever get back to it. :hmm:

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    2. PooPooBlast


      @DamagingRob but you'll get to go back to Rachel Weisz! :P


      I'm also waiting for a FFXV sale to finish the DLCs and delete that 100 GB monster...

    3. Honor_Hand


      Congrats on the Platinum! ^^


      And happy birthday too, even if it was yesterday x3


      ¡Feliz cumpleaños! :D

    4. Fat Chocobo

      Fat Chocobo

      Celebrating a plat adds 10,000,000 to your sentence. :P

  5. Penblwydd Hapus and Happy Birthday to my LucianaRosethorn!


    She’s hit the big 20 today, no longer a moody teenager now just moody. xD I’m in for a day filled with Anime and whatnot because it’s her wish and I must follow. :P  I hope you have a good day today. :) 

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    2. LucianaRosethorn


      @Midnightwards666Age 21 doesn't mean anything to me, I believe it's more of an American thing since you can drink at that age. UK law is 18 so I already have a bottle of wine waiting for me xD Also thank you so much!


      @SinisterPledge Thank you so much! :) Yes! Sylar is definitely crush material along with Peter, can't wait to force Kaiser into watching all the other seasons. xD

    3. DamagingRob


      Happy Birthday! Hope you both enjoy the day. 

    4. Midnightwards666


      @LucianaRosethorn I don't understand why we see 21 as more important, when 20 is the end of teenage years... and 31 is not seen as significant in any way. It's probably an American thing combined with the fact that people simply don't think. However, it's not up to me. The only person who should be allowed to decide which numbers mean the most to you... is you! 

  6. Platinum #8 Life is Strange: Before the Storm It's been awhile since I earned this and I'll be posting a lot today since I have two other platinums ready to pop. This game is a love hate relationship, sometimes I was so indulges with what's happening and other times they did something so stupid I wanted to strangle them. It was definitely an experience and I can relate to Chloe a lot since her dad passes way and gets a douche (in her words) of a stepdad call David, that's exactly what happened to me. The last episode was meh, it felt kinda rushed and didn't really answer anything, the ending also didn't really differ or matter when you know what's going to happen. I would definetly suggest playing this game first then Life is Strange and wait for this game to be on sale. Bring on the Storm - Complete all other trophies
  7. It was obvious they would make another one since so many people enjoyed Horizon so I'm looking forward to the sequel. But I just hope it isn't a disappointment like the first game.
  8. Time to start Final Fantasy Type-0! =D I love this game and so it'll be my 10th platinum on my birthday which is Tuesday. ^_^ Was going to make it Freedom Wars but I really burt myself out on it. 

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    2. LucianaRosethorn


      @OhDearGodRun It's really enjoyable, you have a class in which are you party members who are all named after cards. So you have Ace, Seven, Jack, Queen ect.


      The game is based on a war and each one of the four nations are experts in different things, yours is magic. The story is about ending the war and becoming Agito, which is the God or salvation God, I'm not really sure honestly. The battle system is a little like FFXV and you go in dungeons or at certain points command people to attack other nations. =) 

    3. OhDearGodRun


      Hmm, ok. I thought about getting it last time it was on sale, might look into when it does again :) 

  9. I really don't see the point in it, there's more disadvantages then advantages over something so silly. Plus the chance of losing the games/ saves really doesn't justify being called something else. You picked the name and Sony says you can't ever change it so I don't know why so many people complained in the first place. Also are people seriously going to start arguing about the date format?
  10. [Freedom Wars] I have a week left to get the platinum in time for my birthday but God some levels, specifically 7-8, are tedious without another person. I can almost do it but it's just the fact you waste 45 minutes and don't earn a single thing if you fail. =/ 


    If I can't get the platinum in time I'll make the birthday platinum Final Fantasy Type-0 instead ^_^

  11. Nothing is missable and you can replay all dungeons so don't worry about that, the main thing to look out for is all the items but I believe you can find them all in the infinite dungeon.
  12. Japan for me since the majority of games I play are Japanese. The games are more finished, not many have DLC which is needed but more just there for your enjoyment and bearly any patches. Overall they try harder than western games from all the games I've played. This doesn't mean every game is the same, it depends on the company and of course a lot of other things. Final Fantasy XV is a prime example, it's Square Enix yet its got god knows how many DLC's, it's still unfinished and has many, many patches.
  13. Borderlands 3 comes out 13th September, can't wait for it! Shame it'll cost £90 for the season pass along with the game but at least we get Butt Stallion! xD

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    2. Viper


      Honestly, money isn't something that I have a lot of. I might not have the required funds on September 13th to buy it day 1. I don't usually pre-order...but with this being what it is, it's either Pre-order or wait for a sale. And this being the game that it is...pre-ordering is a must right now. Again if this was anything else, I wouldn't bother. 1 Pre-Order once every blue moon isn't that bad.

    3. LucianaRosethorn


      @Viper I can understand that completely, I've got maybe £30 and don't have a job so new games aren't really an option for me. Since it's my birthday in 2 weeks I'll be getting some money and I'll be saving that up just so I can buy a few games from the Easter Sale which happens every April for the UK at least.


      I like to have a couple pre-orders a year just because it's nice to have a game on day one instead of the usual months later, so at the start of the year I plan out what games to save for and if anything else does pop up and see how much money I have a decide if its worth it. 


      So far I'm going to save for Nioh 2, Code Vein and Borderlands 3. Luckily the other two don't have release dates so I'm hoping I can have some more money by then ^_^

    4. Sir_Bee


      Don't get me wrong, I am not trying to tell you that you are wrong or that you need to do things differently.  I am merely inquiring as to why you choose to do what you do.  There is no need to feel that you have to defend yourself to a stranger on the internet :) It is interesting to me the thought people put into their actions, as it is so often something that didn't occur to me in the first place.

  14. When the person posted it wasn't on the store until around 12PM since that's when our store (UK) updates so I was confused