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  1. I try to not use them as much as possible so if there's aren't any missables then I go for it until I need help with something but if there are missables then yes, yes I will be reading it constantly. I definitely enjoy games a lot more when I can just play it how I want, not go for anything right of the bat or having to avoid doing this for that reason but every game is different so it's a mix 'n' match of yes and no.
  2. I generally didn't think any game could be worse then Conan Exiles and then I play Ginger: Beyond the Crystal. Oh my lord, I have never seen such rubbish game in my life. Everything single thing about it is terrible, the camera, the levels, the design of everything, the music and sound effects, the lag, the clipping in levels, trophies not unlocking properly, the fact the game makes it so you die incredibly easy with checkpoints not registering unless you're actually rubbing your body against the blob.


    And the most wonderful part about this is that I get to do a whole new playthrough because a trophy glitch and I couldn't be more happier. 🙃 Currently I am having to do a level dressed as a bunny who constantly hops and I need to land on rotating platforms which are going at high speed and get smaller each time, if that wasn't bad enough I can only die four times before you have to start again. Oh why did I buy this game? What inkling of great idea did my older self have which didn't do any research before hand?


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    2. IntroPhenom


      Well I don't see any trophies on your profile.  Are they too painful to witness?  ;) 


      Incidentally, how awful was Lichdom Battle Mage?  I see you almost platted it.

    3. LucianaRosethorn


      @IntroPhenom I made a new account, I put it in my about me on PS, here and in my interests so I guess it still isn't obvious enough. :hmm: I just got the platinum for it! I thought I needed another playthrough but only the first world was needed, so now it can be deleted and forgotten about! 


      Honestly I didn't mind it, it's really, really bad but I'm a sucker for anything magic so that was the only good point. The FPS were the worst I've ever seen, there was one particular area with rain and it could not handle it at all. I was lucky if I was moving 5FPS at that point, it's the only part which I had to hope for the best and run as slowly as I could to make it to the end. The combat makes absolutely no sense, I had watched videos and read so many guides on it but it still didn't make sense. I don't even think the people who wrote/made the guides had a 100% idea on it. The story I skipped because well, it made me lose interest within the tutorial. The platinum generally isn't that bad until you get to making the magic, in which point i didn't have a clue on what to do and there's a grind to max out all abilities. By the end of my first playthrough I hadn't even max out one so that was a big no no. Okay so I said I didn't mind it but reading this makes me think I'm just choosing to ignore how bad it actually was xD 

    4. IntroPhenom


      Appreciate the info, and apologies for not reading your profile thoroughly.

  3. My favourite game of the year is Code Vein, Remnant From the Ashes and Death End Re;Quest are close behind.
  4. Carrying on with Far Cry 5, trying to get the awful zombie DLC done. Luckily I've found a poor soul to help me out @KaiserVendrix
  5. Welcome to the site! I hope this year goes better for you and there's a lot of friendly people on this site so I hope you make some new friends, feel free to talk to me or add me since I love meeting new people Also a massive fan of JRPG's so I'm sure we'll have plenty to talk about.
  6. Honestly I would be really happy with the Uncharted games, I've been wanting to play them recently but it's a game series I put at the bottom of games to buy. So that would be great if that does come on plus! Goat Simulator not really but I'm sure some people would get pleasure out of it. We'll have to wait and see for the official announcement but I think people need to remember that even if they are dirt cheap to buy and always go on sale, there's still people who appreciate them and don't own them such as myself. It's not the best month but at the same time people constantly want triple A games which isn't going to happen.
  7. I know you can get the game for less than £10 on Amazon, GAME and Cex but that is of course for those in the UK.
  8. I traded in a few things to Cex and got a good amount out of it so I went all out and got myself some more games, my poor poor backlog. 😅 The games I got were:

    • Death Mark (PSVita)
    • Lost Dimension (PSVita)
    • Super Monkey Ball: Banana Splitz 
    • Attack on Titan 
    • Blue Reflection
    • Shining Resonance Refrain
    • Zanki Zero


    1. DistantFox


      Ayy Zanki Zero. Yeah, my backlog is in shambles atm. I'm trying to clear it up, but I keep getting more games 😭

    2. LucianaRosethorn


      I'm done for awhile, there's a couple of games I might preorder but at the same time I want to play everything I already have. That will take about 2 years itself xD

    3. DistantFox


      I have a few games I've gotten on sale, then there's a couple I got for Christmas, then there's games coming out early next year I want, and I'm probably getting the Yakuza collection for my birthday... there's just too much 😰

  9. At the end of the day it's just like anything else, time. If you stick to anything it'll get done soon enough, if you keep pushing it to the side then no progress is being made. I mostly just spend days playing games and the hours add up, even if it's only for 5 hours a day you'll get a ton done.
  10. I don't really see the point in 'game of the decade' since there's so many games that it would be impossible to have a fair contest, in the sense people who vote would have had to play every game to have a fair opinion. All it comes down to is whatever game was most popular at the time, who makes it and if its triple A.
  11. a

    It's a continuous story between all four games, if you want to know the whole story there is also an anime about V3 which is separate from the the actual game but it's a bit confusing in the order you're meant to watch it and when so you'd have to read that up.
  12. I hope every one has a lovely day and if anyone feels lonely or wants to talk to someone then feel free to send me a message, wouldn't want anyone to feel alone today. Besides that, enjoy your day everyone! ^_^

    1. DistantFox


      Can I message you even if I'm not feeling lonely? 😄

    2. LucianaRosethorn
  13. Thanks for the giveaway. Favourite platinum would be Final Fantasy XIII of course! I've played the game probably 15 times now and it never gets old, watch all the cutscenes every time and have earned the platinum multiple times. It's my favourite game and I can't wait to do it on my new account.
  14. The Final Fantasy XIII series are my favourite games of all time so no I don't think they're bad, I think people hate on it just because it was so different compared to the rest of the series just like how people don't like X or XII because it took a different route and you either like it or you don't. I wonder how so many people like VII but then you need to remember it's a lot of people's first game or Final Fantasy in general so a lot of memories more than anything, not because there's anything special to it. So I would say don't ever touch it since it's my second least favourite, nothing could beat XV in worst game possible. Anyway, the combat is great. I think the paradigm works especially well, no other game has done something similar (not what I played) and it's a lot more fun or complicated than people give it credit. A lot will say you can just mash the auto button in which is true up to a point, once you reach Gran Pulse (which is near the end of the game but also a good chunk of your time) you'll be needing to actually learn it properly. It's fun and it's different and it's hard to learn when going to fight enemies which require quick switching and planning. Story is perfectly fine, not sure why so many people hate it or maybe don't understand it to its full extent. It's a game which you get more pleasure out of the more times you replay it, no way you can understand the story from one playthroughs and not read all the logs in the menus. I will admit the characters aren't that great but let's compare it to VII for an example, those characters aren't anything special nor is the story. Yet people don't say that be because they enjoy it which is why I think it's important to hear both sides. FFXIII-2 is very similar but I think it's more of the baby version since it's a lot more simple and not as long but still feels that hole if you want more of the same thing. I didn't find the story that great and due to it being time travel it really fucked up which Lightning Returns has to fix, which I hate since something happens and it makes it kinda pointless without saying too much. It does add some new mechanics such as being able to control mosters, going through time but only the future from areas from XIII, some of the paradox bosses can be hard but nothing challenging, this game is purely made for the fans I would say but I know some people who don't enjoy XIII do enjoy this one. Lightning Returns is the most different from the lot and as much as I love this one like the rest it took me awhile to actually understand everything since it was so different. The story isnt great in this one, I can accept it but nothing more. As I said before, once time travel gets involved it all goes down hill and it did in that department. There are only four areas in the game, no more and no they don't get very exciting. The game is about repeating each area to find new missions and new people to talk to as the days go by, it's hard to explain but it can get boring quickly if you aren't enjoying it. The battle system is similar but at the same time it isn't, the concept is there but it's more like X-2 due to dressing up lighting which gives her new abilities. It's very fun to do and you can customise it a lot though when going for 100% you will need particular outfits. Also in this game you can fail but it does have a NG+ feature in which things carry over meaning you can speed past any other playthrough which is adviced so you get more stats to fight the final monster. Anyway, there isn't much more to this game but its an okay way to finish up the story. So I would recommend checking out FFXIII and if you like it then look into the rest, no point in worrying about them if you didn't like the first one. The grind isn't that bad, you just have RNG involved while grinding money. It's about 60-100 hours depending on if you know what you're doing and the RNG but that's only a small part. XIII-2 is a lot easier and nothing is that hard to do, I think it only takes about 50 or even less at most for a new person and much shorter for those who know what to do. Lightning Returns I can't remember how long it takes but it depends how many playthroughs you do so it varies.
  15. So games I decided to get from the sale were:

    • Far Cry 5 + Far Cry: New Dawn Ultimate Edition 
    • Which comes with Far Cry 3
    • MediEvil
    • Man of Medan
    • Sword and Fairy 6 since it's meant to be like Final Fantasy XIII
    • Prey Deluxe Edition 
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    2. LucianaRosethorn


      That would be a great choice since you get a bunch of games in the bundle, if you do pick it up then let me know! I don't have the patience for Hitman, I tried but I just end up pulling out my gun  -_- The only other game I really wanted was Assassin's Creed Origins but the gold edition is still too expensive.

    3. Bliss


      Will do. :)


      Oof yeah, quite expensive for the Gold edition... shouldn’t it be dirt cheap by now :hmm: It’s cheaper to purchase the standard edition and all the DLC separately right now. Little over £24 digitally.

    4. FilmFanatic


      I think I already knew the Far Cry 5 season pass came with Far Cry 3 Classic but I had completely forgotten about it and if it wasn’t for your status update I doubt I would have remembered. So a big thanks to you for reminding me and I’m downloading it now.