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  1. I think i remember seeing you quite a few times on PSNP last year with a different account. Why did you create another one and leave that old one behind may i ask :P 

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    2. SniperEliteDido


      oh i see... and yeah my PSN was based on Sniper Elite V2. I played the hell out of it when i was like so young and i decided to put that in my name and i thought i would sound so cool and stuff but it's been a cringe name to my classmates since now and hey i can't blame them. xD 

    3. LucianaRosethorn


      Personally I like your name, I love Sniper Elite so to me it's great! V2 is the only one I haven't played but I plan on getting it soon, I also think Sniper Ghost Warrior is also a great game but so far have only played the first. I think out of the ones I've played my favourite is Sniper Elite 3, the levels are great and in 4 it just doesn't seem the same.

    4. SniperEliteDido


      Yeah i haven't played 3 or 4 yet tbh. idk. i kinda hate the bigger theme 3 and 4 are trying to do. But the thing that keeps me going in those games are the sniper animations xD