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  1. Get the pink add-on, close your eyes, and pray for the best.
  2. The Walking Dead Collection The Long Walk It's been a while since I got platinum. But this was the last one I got. definitely worth getting!
  3. Excited For Eden Zero
  4. Personally. I would suggest taking the easy route. Every day in the regular multiverse this is an ability drop. Just wait until the event occurs and play it. Let the AI do it for you. Also two times a day their's another event that gives you gear, two platinum and diamond boxes. That way you get some credit to pay for the ability drop event. This method is longer, but less stress involved. You don't even have to play, let the ai do it for you. Getting the platinum now or 6 months down the line doesn't make any difference. You're still getting the platinum. At worst you spend 10 minutes of your day setting up the task and getting your ability gear and credits. That ain't bad, to be honest. Because getting the catcall trophy is a type of trophy that can kill your desire to hunt trophies. Which is why I decided to take the easy route.
  5. Anybody know a new site to get a game's patch? Because the site that was recommended to me no longer works Is their a new alternative site? I'm trying to get the seven 7 days to die NA 1.16 patch, in which i can kill the trader to get the 2500 player killls online.
  6. I don't have a second console. And i don't have time to meet up with someone else to grind this out. Is this possible via co-op split screen?
  7. Is the link broken? I can't seem to be able to access the site
  8. Is Seven Days To Die Cross Platform Via ps4 and ps5? I was thinking of creating a world in which i can self boost to get the 2500 kills. Would it be possible for me to create a world on my ps5 account and bring in my alternative ps4 account to my game. Because i don't want to get another ps4 account to self boost for these trophies
  9. Yea. I also see the same thing. Hopefully they update a ealier patch @pablocebo @Norillen
  10. Not sure if this has been already mentioned. But do we need Playstation plus to get the online trophy?
  11. It's been stated already that the game is short. You should have waited until the game went on sale, if you were on the fence about it being to expensive for being short. SMMM is a high quality short game. It's definitely worth the money. It's simply if you have the money to pay for it now. Game is definitely worth it.
  12. Can someone double confirm this? Can you really play the ps4 version on the ps5? I don't really care about the upgrade graphics. I will hate to have to redo all the dead by daylight trophies again from scratch.
  13. Ps plus is'nt that expensive. Wait until black friday, and buy the 12 month subcription for 30 dollars. By 3 of those, you will get 3 years of Playstation plus for $90 dollars. Seriosuly i don't understand why people are complaning. Don't be cheap. If you can afford to buy Fast food several times a month, you can afford Ps Plus. Perks For Playstation plus online 2 free ps4 games, vita games, and now ps5 games Double discounts extra room for saves playstation plus collection, and games will be added in the future. If your smart, this service is so benefital to a gamer!!!!