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  1. So i unplugged my router for a good 30 mintues. But i'm still having issues connecting to the network. for some reason, i can't even log into my account on the desktop. CE-33729-4 Still having the same error code. Guess my best opition is to called the router company, to change my router i.d. Thank you guys, for trying to help out
  2. Since it rotates occasionally. Can i just wait until the next cycle to new a get ip address? Will that work. Or i have to manually change it. Sorry, i'm really bad with coputer stuff, I don't want to mess up the router.
  3. That's odd. Why would i be IP banned? I rarely play online or even talk to people. To make things worse, i have no clue on how to cycle my router to get a new ip
  4. For some reason, for the past couple of days. i can't sign into my psn account. I tried to sign into my psn on my desktop. But for some reason i got a access denied screen. Are you guys experincing something similar? If not, do you guys have an idea, on how to fix it. I appreciate it I keep getting a (CE-33729-4) error code on the ps4
  5. How can you give a game 6/10 but not explain why. A one sentence explantion is not enough to warrant any creditability for a review. I find it extremely unprofessional for vg247 to have such a lazy review. Seems like they didn't even play the game at all. They need to set up a criteria were reviwers are forced to have a min of 300 words explaning their reviews, if not their reviews are blocked and not count.
  6. You have 11 left? Your so lucky, you basicly have the trophy in a couple of days! Just continue to grind slowly. Don't waste your coins, save them when the ability event pops up. And do the even where it gives your three platinum and one diamond box. You get that at least two times a day. You got this bro your just right around the corner, i have like 70 abilities left :(.
  7. I would strongly recommended my method. It's the lazy way, but you are guranteed to get cat call. You barely have to play the game at all. No need to worry about deleting save files, and constanly opening hundred and hindreds of gold boxes. My method, at it's absoulte worst you get at least one ability per day. On a good day you can get up to 6 if your lucky. All you need is about 140 total abilities with dlc charatcers, without the level abililtes. So things will go quick. i got 50 abilities in 8-10 days. And i only played like 10-15 mins only per session.
  8. After 40 hours, i finally finished playing my first playthough. I can understand why people didn't like the game, because it's to sadistic, brutal, and "REALISTIC". But that's what makes the game so great. We live in a time were people are to afraid to see the sadistic side of life. They are afraid to accept that part of reality. They want to be contempt with a happy adventure of Ellie and Joel traveling accross the country murdering countless amount of people, somehow surving with bullshit plot amor and having a happy ending with no consequnces. I'm sorry, but that's not how life works. Life is simply unfair, brutal, and a cruel sense or irony. Your actions have consequnces, especially in a time were people kill each other for "survival". Unforuntely in Joel case, he simply f**** with the wrong group of people. Do you honestly expect Joel to live a happily ever after for all the sh** he did? No, because his past will eventually gonna catch up to him someday. Which is why, I appreciate Naughty dog for trying to break the barrier trend of video games. Studios for the past decades have been afraid to pull the trigger to make a dramatic game decisions because they are afriad that the adudience will not approve of it. In which leads to games feeling boring and to repeptivie with no sense of urgency and consequnce. Oh look i murder hundreds and hundreds of people yet i don't face any sense of punishment for my actions. The Last Of Us Part 2 is simply, way ahead of it's time. Our society has not reached to that point in which people can accpet that type of reality in video games. If peope have trouble accepting that Ellie is a lesbain and feel unconfrotable watching her embrace her love to another women, and distaste that lev is a trans. Then there's no way people gonna accept the hard cruel sense of life. Maybe in a decade or so people will come to terms to this part of life, but for now we just have to watch people trash over this beatiful master piece of a game. It's a shame, because the game does not deserve all this hate. Thank you naughty dog, for creating the this brutal but realistic world of the "Last Of Us".
  9. Wasen't this method patched? Because there's a similar method just like that patched. It would be great if we can find a video online explaning it step by step and it showing that it's working.
  10. Level One Life Is Strange Level Two Life Is Strange Before The Storm Metro: 2033 (PS4) Level Three Metro: Last light (PS4) The Last Of Us Part 2 Uncharted: Drakes Fortune (PS4) Level Four Uncharted 2: Among Theifs (PS4) Resident Evil 0 (PS4) Resident Evil (PS4) God Eater Resurrenction Level Five Grand Theft Auto 3 (PS4) Grand Theft Auto Vice City (PS4) Doom Naruto: Ultimate Ninja storm (PS4) Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 (PS4) Hey guys, It's been awhile since my last post. Barely had time to play, due to online school . Can't wait until Sunday for my classes to be over. Wanted to give a update saying that i've compeleted Metro 2033 and Metro Last Light. If you guys haven't played it yet, i defintiely recommend. The game goes on sale occassionaly for $5 for both games! Here's a little review For both games, if you guys are interested in playing. Metro 2033: The enviroment, atomosphere, enemies, soundtrack, weapons are the key highlight of the game. It's top teir, which is shocking for a old game. The downside are the characters, and the story. I felt the story went to fast, and things felt to scripted. I would have liked the game to go on a slower pace, and give characters more room to grow. But overally it was a great ride. 7/10 The enviroment setting is the saving grace. Metro Last Light: Everything that was wrong in Metro 2033, was fixed in this game. The story and the characters finally got their justice! Everything felt organic and fresh. I even managed to get attached to the characters. If you can overcome the first game, you will be treated with an a great reward with the sequal! Overall, Excellent! 9/10 @dark_knight360 Let me know how your experince goes after playing Persona 5. After i saw some gamplay for Persona 4 golden. I've been intriqued to try out the franchise. Despite me never experincing that type of genre game before.
  11. For the moment no. I'm slowely working my way toward it. Here's my daily routine. (The slow but consisnet way to get call, or the lazy way.) *Make sure to have a level 25+ catwomen, so that you have a fast and easy time winning the ai battles, and of course you might get a lucky chance for the ability to drop, via bias drop. *You will only be playing maybe 5 mins for every session. Constantly check every three hours in the regular mutliverse. "You will be targeting two planets, which are the bottom two planets on the right side of the multiverse, regular one not the legendary one. Make sure the planet says "Giveing 3 platinums mother boxes and one dimaond box" You will earn about 40,000- 50,000 per run. The other planet is the random ability drop in which you have to "pay 150,000, or 100,000, or free entry for a random adbility to drop" Thats pretty much it. There will be days were you might get 6-7 abilities, or you get the occasioanly one abiity. You will need a total of 140 abilities inclucidng dlc charatcters, excluding their level 10,20 ability drops. This method is gurannted to get cat call, with the least amount of work to do.
  12. Guys, we have come a long way! God Bless Technology! Spider-Man 2 (2004) E3 Trailer Marvel Spider-Man Miles Morales (2020)
  13. The Greatest Manga of All Time and one of the best anime ever created. The one and only Berserk "1997 Version" Or you can simply just play the game
  14. I have, but only during online sports games. Especially MLB. I considered it a good way for me to stay focused for my matches. Listening to music for other games, just doesn't feel right. It ruins the inmersion of the in-game world.
  15. Level One Life Is Strange Level Two Life Is Strange Before The Storm Metro: 2033 (PS4) Level Three Metro: Last light (PS4) The Last Of Us Part 2 Uncharted: Drakes Fortune (PS4) Level Four Uncharted 2: Among Theifs (PS4) Resident Evil 0 (PS4) Resident Evil (PS4) God Eater Resurrenction Level Five Grand Theft Auto 3 (PS4) Grand Theft Auto Vice City (PS4) Doom Naruto: Ultimate Ninja storm (PS4) Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 (PS4) Finally finished the first two "Life Is Strange" games. I would have never imagined myself likeing these games so much. I'm glad i didn't decide to drop "LIS" during it's first episode. If it weren't for the platinum, i might have dropped it. But thanfully i went throught it. And i was rewareded with a great story with well developed characters and excellent plot twist with an enjoyable soundtrack. It sucks to leave these character behind, but evey jounrey has it's end. I definitely recommnded these games, since it's relaxing and easy to play. Well onto to my next project Metro!