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  1. Nioh. Amazing job getting it!
  2. RESPECT You Collected all DJMAX RESPECT Trophies.
  3. Just a heads up, if you are almost getting that sweet platinum, this DLC is the amazing for the amount of 10* and higher charts it has. Also, they aren't that hard.
  4. GTA V of course.
  5. A lot of red in there! 9/10
  6. I’m working on it atm and it’s now clear for me the trophy requiring coop. Clearing all nightmare levels playing coop means all of them in one sit? How can I keep track of the ones I did? Ive tried playing coop for the first levels and oh boy does it become a mayhem of monsters respawning. Do you have any hints to share to make it more bearable?
  7. The Order was already free. They don’t repeat the freebies.
  8. I’d say Doom (2016) and The Division 1. Doom makes a lot of sense for me since we are getting a new game by the end of the year. It’s a good way to promote it, plus the fact the game is kinda old and we are more prominent to get older games as free.
  9. For me it’s always physical. The ones that I manage to have digitally are because the unavailability of getting it physical (Duke Nukem for example) or because I got it free from PS+, although the ones I really care I try to get physically too. What bugs me the most is the risk of a game being delisted at anytime or something related to psn going bad, like losing my account due to hacking or having my password leaked. I don’t know, I can’t feel the same way about digital games, they don’t feel as “mine”. It’s not my case because I’m kinda the collector, but with physical games you can always sell or trade for another one.
  10. Feel free to add me. I’m not working in a specific game right now, but I have a average library of games and am willing to help if needed.
  11. Hello there! It’s always nice being in a community. Feel free to add me. I’m willing to help if needed.