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  1. I wrote the guide for Overcooked: All You Can Eat. As plenty have pointed out, ratings are subjective and it's fine not to agree with what I've decided upon. If a large group of people are unhappy about my 3/10 rating, I can change it, but it sounds like majority opinion is that Overcooked 2 is too low and that mine is OK. In my personal opinion, a 1/10 is a game that requires literally 0 thought or skill from a player, so I wouldn't call it that. All You Can Eat has an assisted mode to make the game much less demanding, meaning you still have to try a bit but the platinum journey will still be super relaxed, feeling like a 2/10, maybe a 1/10 for those who disagree with my criteria for a 1/10. Taking away the assisted mode makes it seemingly fair to increase the difficulty by one more, to 3/10, which is how I wrote the guide since I personally feel like the best combination of fun vs. difficulty is without assisted mode. That is my justification for my rating, but again, if I see a fair amount of opinions here believing that 2/10 is more appropriate, I can change it. I just wouldn't personally agree with that opinion, which is again fine because everything is subjective.
  2. This is completely and entirely just conjecture, but maybe restarting your game will help. I was missing 1 cipher in world 6 for 4 hours. I restarted my game and found it in my first run after the restart. That might have just been how the rng decided to work, but maybe restarting helps refresh the rooms you're seeing. I have no clue. Just wanted to share that experience, maybe it can help someone.
  3. I would second that difficulty and time required to finish the game is probably overstated. Finished today with 19 deaths and 14 hours - a good 8-10 of those deaths were just throws because I didn't like the start of a run. Really not that bad imo. I would echo the same tips other people have given here. Also would avoid rest mode, since that seems to possibly be glitching some trophies for some players.
  4. Great spot for this, thank you
  5. If you have a ps4 and multiple ps4 controllers, you can connect many additional players that way - so for example, if you have one ps5 controller and three ps4 controllers, you can remote play on your ps4, connect all 3 ps4 controllers, and get the 4 player trophy that way.
  6. I think I started seeing legendary crew at WRC2, maybe WRC3.
  7. Pretty sure the list of games that do support cross saves is shorter than the list of games that don't.
  8. Ez?

    The missions are pretty difficult, but I'm also not too good at fighting games.
  9. It also looks like they removed one of the side case trophies (silence is golden). I guess that part of the guide won't need to be followed anymore.
  10. There's a handful of them. Rainbow six siege, destiny 2, and hitman 3 for sure. Anything that saves server side has a good chance of working, and it seems like the CoD multiplayer stuff does, so there's at least a chance of it., although as described above it might require partially fulfilling requirements again.
  11. It is kind of unreal how many ps5 games have had trophy tracking issues. I wish Sony would take this a little more seriously and resolve whatever issue is going on, as this isn't the first game and I'm sure it won't be the last game with a similar issue. Rant aside, I'm playing through the first game now and am glad that I noticed this thread. Thank you in advance for the solution, Tidus - hopefully I won't need it for either game but it's good to know a solution is out there.
  12. I was a bit shocked about the price tag when I first saw it as well.
  13. Yes. Firsthand experience - everything will autopop. You can look at the 100% club to see I'm not the only one.
  14. A new community manager on their discord channel said the following: "The trophy issue is being worked on! Sadly it's taken a while longer as our QA team haven't been able to replicate it. But we're currently working with PlayStation to get it fixed. We believe our team have identified the issue now so it shouldn't be too much longer to wait for a fix." How much you want to believe that is obviously up to you.
  15. Even most ps+ games tend to be higher quality than this :-)