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  1. It can drop as a reward if the text of the dreamstone mission is - Epic Critical Hit Item. I had 2 dropping like that last 2 days. Lunara exalted was where I had most luck with that particular reward.
  2. Had the same problem but I was really lucky with it. This was an issue that was caused by a GIG for which I did not pick up my reward. So what I did was, open journal and track it (I know it didn't look like it would track it) and went to the location of the GIG. Then when I was close to it, it just prompted me to go and pick up the reward from a drop off point. SO try going to Northside Watson and see if it doesn't give you a prompt. Hope it helps I would go crazy if that woulda happened to me... but thankfully I got my plat yesterday.
  3. I got to DotN (Nioh 2) and then farmed the Underworld, in Nioh 1 if I remember correctly I only had to get to WotW (Way of the Wise) and farmed a full ethereal set and facerolled on WotD.
  4. I managed to finally do Against all Comers (last mission) after I farmed the Underworld and got myself 6p Susano. Thank you guys for the input it really helped and maybe it will help others in the future. What I really recommend to anyone struggling is to just rush the Underworld and farm till lvl 420 and full 190 + 40 (won't take that long) with that kind of gear you can pretty much finish WoTD without rerolling stuff on your gear and with a subpar weapon (I had a horrible divine odachi).
  5. I'm around level 350 with awful gear (most of it is 180 + 28/29 no good graces) and most of the bosses from the new dlc melt me in a few hits while I'm doing close to no dmg to them. Is there any build / video I could look at to finish DLC 3 in Way of the Demon? I would hate having to finish the whole game on WotW just to farm better gear in WotN... Thanks in advance guys n gals
  6. Got the plat, and also made me get 100% overall completion. Had 3 attempts where I only had lvl 16 left and failed. Had about 4 hearth attacks... the feels when I got it tho were intense as f***. Thanks everyone from this thread your comments and guides worked wonders. Also OP you are a saint for starting this...