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  1. My record with Air Barrys and magnetic belt is 4288 m and with Ice block and dash device is 3012 m. It's hard to get past 5km.
  2. Adam McDermott, just a great guy who uploads his Platinum Journeys on Youtube.
  3. Minecraft's 100+ trophies, here we go again.
  4. I hope there aren't any jumps like Payback, there was 1 I went crazy trying to 3 star it. If cops are as agressive as trailer shows maybe getting a million points in a night will be hard. The tiers concept without speed cards seems weird. Billboards confirmed, graffiti decals too. Interesting maximum parts names. Well I'm getting this one.
  5. Finally installed the 1.90 update, spent 4 hours, nothing. EDIT 1: I'm currently retrying the method and I didn't have to remap again in Charles, its downloading the 1.90 patch for default. EDIT 2: Got the trophy, this is what I did. I fully explored the Tutorial world, gave up. I used the Skyshard and the video posted in this thread, nothing. Created a world, seed is -7478157429680837278 size medium, biomes medium. Visited everywhere and died afk while searching tutorials, then I went back in the swamp direction and found a choral sea biome, it popped when i aproached it. I think the choral biome is not being registered. I don't have any screenshots because i forgot to pause the game and died while checking trophy data. I hope this information helps anyone doing this method. @NoMoreUpdates try this.
  6. -Boss missions: "Balance of Power: Lantos Battle", "Balance of Power: Chulos Battle" and "Balance of Power: Romanian Battle". After getting to the part you have to "help other gangs" and 3 missions will appear at the same time on your map. You have to do the 3 missions in order to other 3 missions to appear. After doing the 6 there will be another 3, make 3 saves and do each one in each save you did. -Jumps: Those were quite boring to find, i used the map below, note that this map has the jumps that are not story related, I suggest completing story first and then go for all of them, each icon has a black part which shows you the direction you have to jump. Pretty simple but time consuming.
  7. At first i thought it would be a hard long journey because i tried to do taxi missions first and didn't upgrade my car, getting C ranks everytime i finished a mission but then it was all easy. Hardest side missions for me were Hot Potatoes and 3 taxi missions, the rest is doable. Well, Panda missions too but they all have a way to be done.