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  1. And I never said you were bad.. 'Hard to win as the game is trash' only comes across one way. You implied it on either yourself or whoever you were referring that statement to. Why not charge for a beta? People will pay if they're keen for the game and will get rewarded for that when it fully releases like they've said. I don't know where you've got the 'will it even leave beta' thing from, but even if it doesn't, it's cheap anyway and i've got enough enjoyment from it to warrant paying. You don't need to buy it, just wait for the ftp. You've also gotten irritated pretty easily and quickly resorting to name calling too. I like your maturity
  2. That's such a 'I'm bad at MP games' thing to say. "I'm bad, has to be the game, not me." Also, saying a game that's in beta is trash is like calling an 8 year old a dickhead 😂
  3. Thanks guys. I'll have to see what happens to my trophies when I redownload it
  4. Probably, that could also work. At the very end of my guide, it shows a spot to afk the around the world trophy. You build up good speed too for not touching your controller
  5. Yeah, I really hope they patch and reduce it. Probably not going to happen though. I can't think of a grind that's as long, pointless, and requires as little interaction as this.
  6. I'm enjoying going through the challenges, but also every trick makes it feel important because it's much harder and more realistic than a Tony Hawk's. I'd love to see daily challenges or something like that where it goes up in difficulty. Or something to compare with others online. I'm looking forward to playing with friends if MP is ever introduced too. Go around trying spots with mates would be great
  7. All the grinds trophy? It's at 4:43. 5 different grinds without falling off your board or resetting to your checkpoint. Doesn't need to be in a combo.
  8. Like someone's already said, there's a perfect spot in Downtown where you can do this. I've made a platinum guide on YouTube showing where and how to get the trophies. https://youtu.be/jhi39fI4TbQ
  9. When in the game, press the touch pad to open the editor menu, then press Square while your replay is playing. Then options to save. Then X to save again. I go through how to get it in the video at around 4:07.
  10. Yeah, made the game so much easier to learn and get used to.
  11. So this game is pretty straight forward. Nothing really too hard about it, but this guide will show you what to do and where to do it. Trophy timestamps: Not Scientifically Possible & Dropping Jaws - 0:10 Flatspots of Hell - 0:35 Pro Skater XL & Birbman - 1:00 Ultimate Balance - 1:30 Mongo Pusher - 2:00 Treflip Master - 2:30 Ungrindable & Grind to Grind - 3:18 Flip In... - 3:50 Technical Wizardry & Filmer - 4:07 All the grinds - 4:43 Fashion Expert - 5:54 Around the World - 6:36
  12. Yes. I've won my first event which is an achievement. Whether that's a single race or 4 races which make up a full series, I don't know but I've done both. I've also used over 10 power ups which is another achievement. I go to my trophies and it stalls there for a while and takes a lot longer than normal, then nothing appears. No list for the game at all. It stalls and tries to sync each time but obviously always fails. So I assume it knows i'm missing a list and it's trying to find that but it can't. It syncs for nearly a minute.
  13. I've read some of the xbox achievements for this game. I've done quite a few of them, but the trophies aren't popping let alone synching. I'll just wait until it's working I suppose
  14. That thread is kind of dead. Doesn't get updated. Best to use the pst thread
  15. Edit: fixed my issue. Still getting this out of the way asap