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  1. 20 hours? Sounds like I have a load of fun ahead of me
  2. Yeah that's where I've been searching too. Seems to be a lot of spawns in and around Etzna. I've found that El Claro just east of Etzna always spawns a freezer, sometimes two. Found mostly premiums there, but I always struggle with Tactical. I've only ever seen them in two spawn spots on the big east pyramid. Been 1 off about 15 or so times with all but one being tactical that I needed. I'll get it eventually though, thanks for the help
  3. Where did you get the hoarder trophy for finding each type of freezer? Do you know what locations are best or is it just pot luck finding them?
  4. How would you compare this and Cuisine to Apex? Does this have a bit more action, whereas, Cuisine is slower with a more pubg feel? I'm looking at starting both
  5. I played this game on release for both PC and PS4 and spent far too much time on this game, so i've followed Bluehole / Krafton for a while and know what they're like. They didn't care what we complained about back then and did what they wanted which lost them a lot of players, and they continue to do the same for the game on console. So, I'll be very surprised if they fix this. They tend to say things that bring hope to players and never follow through, or follow through with something no one wanted. Them saying they're looking into it is likely just a ploy to keep you on their side and to stop asking.
  6. Driveclub, along with Driveclub Bikes and VR, were all delisted from PSN stores back in August last year I think, and the servers are expected to be shutdown in late March. I'm not saying to go find someone who has an account with those dlc's, but that's your only option if you don't own it yourself. I'd check what dlc's you own and need first.
  7. The 100% is unobtainable (no clue on if it'll be fixed). The placement trophies are broken since August and never unlock. The game is still active, though only really in Europe and Americas. I struggle with huge amounts of lag while playing, so unless you're from those areas, I wouldn't bother playing.
  8. Not sure if you've done that mission yet, but I attacked Pribyslavitz after dropping poison into all 4 or so cooking pots. That'll bring their health down by 50 which worked fine for me. I made some enemies attack me and just blocked everything. I've read people have used Bane on weapons and them dying to the potion with it still working for Merciful, but if you just check your kill stats and make sure they're all at 0 (animals don't count), then you're fine.
  9. I understand in war mode there's respawns, but wouldn't it still be easier to play normally and constantly drop in hot spots, get a few kills, play aggressive and start again? Boosting with 3 others is going to be 4k kills all up once you find each other. Unless you have 3 others only there to help you
  10. I'm getting to the age where I have started to notice that. My reactions are half what they used to be in my early 20's. Age can be a terrifying thing. Glad you finally got it!
  11. It deletes your stats in the career tab, but not towards your trophy. 1k kills can break but will pop eventually when it wants. I got to 1950 kills before it did
  12. They've added a few dlc packs for Driveclub into the Driveclub Bikes list because they reached the trophy limit. So yes, it has the most of all games and the most it is allowed to have.
  13. Not almost every loading screen like he's saying
  14. Yes, extreme case. With the amount you are saying, that makes it almost unplayable, and if it was like that with others, there'd be thousands of complaints not just 10 people in a couple of threads. It corrupted on me once on day one, and not at all for 7 friends of mine. Game is fine for most people.. And no I don't work there, just using the knowledge I have of it so far Edit: I mean corrupted, not crashed
  15. I've heard otherwise. Apparently your stats are saved to the servers online and may not pop if the game thinks you've already completed it. You'll then need to delete your save and start over while offline. Maybe this only effects some people too, who knows. Mine crashed 3 times, but only corrupted once. I know 7 or so others who have played, but none have had anything corrupt on them. You seem like an extreme case. I hope they fix it for your sake and for the pure annoyance that it is. Well, a few games kind of do/did. Pubg would delete everything after each game for about a week after release. And Battlefield V just doesn't track things anymore towards trophies for the last 6 or so weeks. Once you leave a lobby, your stats are wiped in BF5 (not visible stats, but the hidden stats that pop trophies), so I suppose that's similar in the way of your progress being wiped/corrupted.