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  1. It's really disheartening to go on their twitter each week hoping to see them announce an update for console, or at least acknowledge the broken game/trophies.. And then to only ever see new character skins, new weapon skins, new maps, limited time modes get announced for the game that is being fully supported. I really don't know how fixing a broken game isn't a priority anymore for many companies, but micro-transactions are. The game is amazing when it works, but seeing their lack of care towards trophies or a stable game for console will make me black list them for any future games I'll be buying. Even if they do fix the trophies eventually, I'll still likely avoid them in the future. It's a shame, the game is actually a great MP experience
  2. Japan has strict laws with nudity. If they're a Japanese company and get their games sent through a Japanese rating board/system, then those games will adhere to Japanese laws. They can, however, get their games rated through an international rating board which may allow nudity, but that will affect their sales in Japan which is obviously going to be where their largest profit would come from. I don't know much else than that, if they can have multiple ratings for different countries, and why it can't be censored in Japan and other countries with similar laws but not others. My guess is that it's a law thing in Japan and better profit for devs. I very highly doubt Sony hates Japanese devs an that's why it is how it is..
  3. Oceania is a test for that. It's rare I can find games with even just mediocre ping when I play a fairly unknown game.
  4. Yeah, this probably isn't your game then 😂
  5. Description for new DLC trophy.. "(If you're one of those people who can instantly see the solution in your mind's eye and/or an online guide, this is the new mechanic for you! It's not like I wanted you to play my game for real or anything... baka...)" They're onto us! Abort!!
  6. I played through it slowly first learning everything and then made a guide for it in one full run which in turn got me my 32min plat. I haven't posted my guide on this site, as there's already plenty.
  7. Rainbow 6 Siege does. Only thing is you need to have played the PS4 version within the last 6-12 months or something like that. If you haven't then play one game, then load PS5 version and it'll autopop. I hope Crash or some future games do this. I'd much rather play the PS5 games
  8. Is this delisted now? Can't find it anywhere
  9. If you search the game on this site and go to the games page, that will show the games trophies and different threads for that game. There's plenty of threads already talking about this and how to do it. There's a handy glitch for it. Here's the around the world thread: https://forum.psnprofiles.com/topic/92579-around-the-world/
  10. I agree with this and had the same sort of thoughts. There's a few moments before she gets taken that shows her dark side. First is when you're sneaking behind a bully and she jumps on them and kills them. I could be delusional, but when I first saw that I thought 'oh nice one, good job... wait are you coming?'. To me, she lingered on the dead body too long and had a weird look. It gave me the feeling she enjoyed it. The second thing was after defeating the first hand you encounter, you return to her breaking the fingers on the mannequins with that exact same slow dark look to her like she was just enjoying it in a dark way. Also, she LOVES the incinerator whenever you burn something (maybe that's a stretch). My guess, is she was always partly evil and when the thin man took her, he stripped her from any innocence she had. She was also alone, trusted no one until Mono came along. She then realised he was the Thin Man and probably felt betrayed and wanted to go solo again.
  11. It's likely exp from the battle pass. Each class gets one exp boost in the pass. Check and see if you just unlocked it. Before it would take my classes up by maybe 1/5 of a level. I guess with this patch it they didn't change it and still receive the same amount of exp boost.
  12. I have a playlist of guides that are in order from the start to the end of the game if that'll help you? Don't need to figure it out yourself on what missable is next. https://tinyurl.com/11j0xvil
  13. I put 500 hours into this for them to change it now.. Sounds like my luck. I actually would've rather it stayed the same and have a decently rare trophy at the end as a reward.
  14. Yeah, I'm Aus too. Cars driving around hovering off the ground. Teleporting away from me. Running through shards but not picking them up. Hitting cars on my screen, then 1 sec later they're driving away as if I missed. Yeah, it's a mess at this ping
  15. If there's separate lists, Aus will always be EU. If there's only an NA list, then it won't be in the store at all. We essentially just have a clone of the EU store.