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  1. If there's separate lists, Aus will always be EU. If there's only an NA list, then it won't be in the store at all. We essentially just have a clone of the EU store.
  2. Yes, you can plat on ps5 and then go back to ps4 and it'll pop ps4 plat too. Just choose the online save and I'll pop after that
  3. Yes you can. They'll insta pop after choosing what save you want to use
  4. That applies to every single game that has been released though. Games that have a rarer plat than this would be so much rarer again. All this game requires is about 5-10 hours of practice. It's just a learning curve that actually isn't that hard. Hence why a lot can plat it in the end.
  5. Yeah, I just spent the coins on boosting the loot. I didn't actually realise the battle pass would be useful for trophies until I had barely any coins left. I finished the 100% twice now though, so alls good. I learnt the second time around haha
  6. I'm pretty sure EVERY grey crate cycle has a weapon plan in it. Try get the crate drop at the end of the game as much as you can. It takes 5 grey crates for a full cycle and then it'll refresh. You'll get a weapon plan every cycle of grey crates. Therefore, you'll need around 100 grey crates for 20 weapon plans if you get super unlucky and not get a weapon plan in any other crates. I think I got about 7 plans in other crates, so I only collected around 65 crates from games. Completing all the recurring challenges (when at your hideout place, press up and then the touchpad for challenges) will give you a bunch of crates too, with the last recurring challenge being play an encounter with a friend. After that, they're normal daily challenges that don't give too many things you'll need. If you don't spend many coins on boosters, those challenges will give you enough to buy the battle pass making it essentially free. That pass will give you a bunch of cosmetics and 3 weapon plans. I think the 4th weapon plan is at tier 35 or 40, but you may not need to play that much to get the 20 plans. As for cosmetics, you can play the shootout game mode. It's basically a free for all, most kills/points wins. 1st = 3 crates, 2nd = 2 crates, and 3rd = 1 crate. Those shootout crates give mostly weapon and character skins, which I'm almost certain the character skins (gloves, hats, clothes, bags etc) is the only cosmetic that actually counts towards the trophy. If you're desperate for coins to get the battle pass and don't have enough even after the challenges, I know the shootout crates give 60 coins every now and then, but they're kind of rare and appear randomly. I had two lots of 60 back to back, then it didn't appear again for about 10 cycles of the shootout crate.
  7. To add to what others have said, at the beginning of a match, rush to a timed safe, locked container or barred house. People tend to go there first so you're bound to see someone. I also use the signal detector at least twice a game. Alternatively, you could just use the signal detector 4 or 5 times throughout the game and chase players down that way.
  8. I have a few character cosmetics and 19 weapon skins, so I am going to assume weapons skin don't count towards it. Thanks for the help though.
  9. Do you know what counts for the trophy? If it's only cosmetics under the customise tab, or if it's gestures and weapon skins too
  10. Anyone know the best way to get character customisations for fashion guru? It's honestly the only one I'm having trouble with, but no one else seems to be. I'd rather not have to buy the battle pass either.
  11. As I mentioned in a previous post, yes they do. Not all at once, but they do. I launched the game 3 times (with some trophies popping each time I launched) and played 3 matches with trophies popping after only 2 of the matches. You may be able to launch and close the game until you have 100% of the trophies, or you may have to play one or two.
  12. You can just afk the hours. Might take a long time, but afk'ing doesn't require you to do anything. The trophies also appear to autopop or near enough to it, so there's that
  13. Full name is Crsed: F.O.A.D (Cuisine Royale Second Edition: Fulfillment of All Desires). Neither the devs or psnp know what to call this game. In saying that, this game is literally a joke. It started out as a stupid, but somewhat funny battle royale to mock other BR games like PUBG and Fortnite. They added countless features and items into the game to try make players who weren't aware of their trolling situation to think 'wtf am I playing?'. It then turned out to be a success and they made decent profit on the game and have just kept going with it since. Just appears like they're continuing their ways by renaming it to this monstrosity. Funnily enough, it's actually a decent BR too
  14. Because I thought the ps4 wasn't showing exactly how good it can look. Which is true.. My ps5 doesn't look anywhere near as bad as the clip in the video from OP, but it still looks like garbage. With my ps5 running the ps4 version of the game as best as it can be played, it still looks like a 2013-14 title. Kinda disappointing, unless it's some dumb marketing strategy to make the ps5 version insane looking when it comes out to make everyone buy that instead for double profits..
  15. Even on the ps5 it looks like a late ps3/early ps4 title. The ps5 version needs to have some huge updates