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  1. Well that sucks.. I was waiting for this list to show up for it to convince me that I should buy it. Lucky I held off. Thanks for letting us know. I'll be waiting to see if it gets fixed
  2. Because he hadn't updated his psnp profile. Go have a look at his profile now
  3. Yeah, pretty sure stadium development 3 will be released in season 3. Season 1 is lasting 50 days, so it's safe to assume 2 and 3 will too. That means the plat will be obtainable mid to late January..
  4. Of course I go 2-1-2. Just my luck hahah
  5. Yeah exactly. I managed to do it on 2 accounts without a problem and a friend got 1400 or so too after completing everything. Definitely isn't a one off thing
  6. By quit I mean close app while I'm in my vehicle out front of the stronghold. And resume game. If that's not working, I really don't know. Told my mate to do that and he got it to work.
  7. After a session of playing for however many hours, usually has to be longer than 20-30mins, I'd go back to a stronghold and let it save. Then get in the car to leave and let it autosave again. Quit the game and instantly reload it. I'd spawn inside the stronghold and it'd give me scrap equivalent to how long my session was. If it didn't give it to me, which has happened maybe twice, I'd instantly quit and reload again.
  8. This IS true. I just got the plat on both my accounts in the last 10 days. Finished everything and got 403x4. Only thing different was I had everything done. I'm getting my stats from my own experience.. Here's my 1612 scrap This game is easily doable in 3 days. Potentially even 2.5 if you speedrun absolutely everything and wait 20-24hours for this scrap while also earning scrap online the whole time playing (which, yes, is a thing). So all those 7 or so people who got removed from the leaderboards for being faster than 5 days (except for maybe one guy) probably actually did it legit.
  9. Yeah, I remember seeing the dlc come out and my mate even bought them the next day saying the dlc got him the trophy. His timestamp was one day after OP so that lines up. The dlc costumes in the store say they were released on the 8th if that helps at all. Out of the 30 people who earned the trophy on the first day (and could've bought dlc for the trophy), only OP and one other got it early. 2/30 immediately paying for severely overpriced cosmetic items doesn't seem too farfetched to me
  10. I've noticed if you complete everything, you'll earn more scrap after the story and territories are at 0 threat. For 24 hours, I'd get 400-600 scrap, but after completing absolutely everything and waiting for scrap crews, I got 880 for 12 hours, and on my second account I got 1612 scrap for around 24 hours waiting. If it gets close to the end of the month, those people still going at it should finish everything asap and let their scrap crew sit there. They'll get easily 1500 in 24+hours. Only 3 weeks left as of today
  11. Also, to help out people a bit more, you can earn extra scrap towards that scrap crew challenge while being on the game too. It also seems to be time related, but I'm not sure if it gives as much scrap as not being on the game does. I was playing for 3 hours, I let it autosave, quit the game and instantly loaded it up again. It gave me 56 scrap towards Dividend (2000 scrap crew challenge). I played for another 40mins and did the same, that time it gave me an extra 28. Today I played for about 6 hours. I got my scrap when I first got on the game, and then after when I got off (and immediately back on again) I got another 88. It's not an awful lot, but for being on the game for a little less than 10 hours earnt me about 172 scrap towards Dividend. By the time you've finished the game and all other challenges, you'd have saved yourself at least an extra day or two of waiting. I suppose this'll be more important for those doing this closer the the end of the month
  12. Yeah, it must do that. Either after the first few days it slows down, or the 500 scrap is quick and the 2000 is slow. I got the first challenge with 500 scrap done in about 4 hours of not being on the game. Now, I'll leave it overnight and it'll give me 100-150 in total
  13. I usually like to start in Eng league 2 with a newly promoted team and then go crazy with free agents. I always end up with a bunch of Bolivian and Egyptian players to start off with every single year doing that
  14. No, it wasn't in the end even though people thought it would be. An actual 8/10 would see a lot or most people not being able to do it. This is like Crash Team Racing all over again. People said how insanely hard it was then all of a sudden most people can easily do it who actually put the time into it. That game now has a 10+% plat rate. This game is pretty much just one long grind. The only way it's hard is to get the gaps to register, and that's not a difficulty thing, it's the game being temperamental/buggy. A real 8/10 would be something on the WipeOut level which actually was given an 8. This is a 5 at most. Don't be scared of it
  15. Watch some guides on how to do it. You'll need to wallplant off an invisible wall, acid drop back down, then boneless over the big deck gap.