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  1. PES 2019 lmao I definitely want to play Horizon Chase though, it looks hella fun!
  2. I'd wait a bit more. Naruto Legacy Collection went for 18$ last sale, and that includes 1-4 + Road to Boruto DLC.
  3. That's nice to know. Thanks!
  4. I got Sonic Unleashed (I think it's from the other sale) and DMC Collection for PS3, really good price for these 2.
  5. So all they can do is give money to another player. I wanted to play a bit on public servers to get a head start on DM / some money, but I think I'll just wait until I get some people to play it in private. Either that or backup my saves just in case, so I can delete the profile without syncing trophies. Thanks for the answer!
  6. I read in another topic that, like in COD BO2, hackers can autopop MP trophies in GTA IV. Is this true? I've been avoiding it because don't want to have a flagged game in my profile. Thanks!
  7. Yakuza Kiwami
  8. I'd recommend some Xbox/PC only games, like Quantum Break, Alan Wake, Dead Rising 3 & ReCore. They are really good games imo!
  9. 1 week, 1 day I still don't understand why this is an UR plat though lol
  10. Damn... Hope SEGA will get around to fix this.
  11. Horizon Zero Dawn, really easy platinum
  12. I did all base game mp trophies in 2 days (besides level50 which I finished today), so I'd recommend you to go for it! Specially now that the servers are glitched again and you don't need to grind.
  13. The game just closed itself when I was almost at level 50, now the online is not loading for some reason (infinite loading) Edit: Going first into SP then into MP solved this This is a thread about RDR1 lol Edit2: Finally got it, from 29 to 50 in a couple of hours
  14. I'm aware that the pvp gives way more xp, I just suck at it lol
  15. When I started it back in March they weren't, did all base trophies apart from lvl50 @SnipeBear_ I did the whole damn grind for RDR2 online lol, really boring from like, level 30+, only doing the fort mercer mission