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  1. Vanquish, really want to try it out sometime
  2. OG Yakuza 1 & 2 HD Edition for PS3 🥰
  3. You need to get 10k in one sitting, but you can lose points and they won't be deducted from your earnings. From Gamefaqs: Source: https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/ps4/239455-yakuza-3-remaster/faqs/77723/poker
  4. Not sure if it'll convince you to try it out, but 4 actually improves alot over 3, and 5 actually uses the same engine as 0 so they are really similar.
  5. Well, you've already bought the whole collection for $60. I can tell you that Yakuza 4 is waaaay easier than this, you don't need to even look at the completion list for the plat. Can't say the same about 5 though, that one is just like 0/Kiwami where you need to do everything (and that completion list includes even all heat actions lol).
  6. 1. Yep, that's right. I remember that I had to fight every coliseum enemy though, don't remember if that was a separate trophy or if it was part of Minigame Master. 2. Aim for triple 20, push the right analog back only enough for Kiryu to raise his hand then push it forward. If you do this right you'll hit triple 20, if not you'll probably hit bullseye (which is not bad) 3. RE7 will be turn-based >:( 4. I don't remember much about it, but as someone who sucks at poker and don't know the basics I didn't have much problem with it. I think that your losses don't deduce from your earnings in the same game like Kiwami. 5. Boxcelios is actually really easy, just move into the enemies (literally) to shoot their core. 6. You have to finish them, but don't have to get S ranks 7. Can't really say anything about that lol
  7. I'll go with these for January: Rise of the Tomb Raider Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection
  8. Gem Smashers. Not only is it a really bad game, there's a quite long "story mode" that you need to complete in order to get one of the trophies. Also there's 1 glitched trophy where you have to do more than what's specified in its description.
  9. Both seem really good to me. Always wanted to try Titanfall 2, it doesn't seem like an over the top hard platinum. Monster Supercross also looks really good.
  10. lol IIRC you can only find the detective in Bantam at night, that's why you need to wait until the final chapter.
  11. I'm playing and enjoying Shenmue 2 atm. Already preordered 3 (physical import) a few weeks ago, should take like a month to arrive. I'm really disappointed with the day 1 DLC though, does anyone know the price for the DLC pass? I couldn't find it in the PS store.
  12. I've never used the amulet iirc, but if you're annoyed with the random battles I think it's fine to use it. Don't remember having any issues in the ultimate battles apart from one where you have to chase Mack and the final Ultimate battle, took quite a feel tries lol Btw not sure if you've already noticed, but the best way to deal with enemies is to use the quickstep+triangle move to get behind them, that way you can avoid the blocking spam most of the time.
  13. They fixed the AI blocking all the time in 4, actually they nerfed the enemies so much that most people call it the easiest game in the series lol. You can do everything in premium adventure, even the so called "missable" substories.
  14. Thanks for sharing your experience with the level 60 grind. I still haven't done it so it'll be really useful!
  15. Magic Or maybe they got the game earlier than everybody else.