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  1. Zombi The Ultimate Survivor (3.6%)Earn every Trophy in the game
  2. Really? I could swear they appeared just fine yesterday. It's not such a big deal then, as long as I can get the plat then it's fine lol
  3. My materials seem to be glitched, I spent some time farming Mythril Crystal on the 3rd galaxy, and after checking my materials they seem to be all gone from the materials menu. They also show up as 0 on the Synthesis menu, but if I highlight something that uses it as a crafting material, the real amount that I have is shown. Using mythril crystal as an example, pics: Did anyone experience this glitch too?
  4. Thanks! I seem to be missing only quail.
  5. Is there any way I can see which ingredients I didn't find yet? Sorry if it's a dumb question lol
  6. Online is a boredom fest, now I only need to revisit SP for another 300 hours to finish the plat, which I won't do that soon lol
  7. Thanks for the answers!
  8. I've been thinking about doing this game's online trophies lately. How many players are required for boosting? And how much time would that take? Thanks!
  9. So I got the disc version of RDR (non-GOTY) and I read on the guide you can reinstall the game, don't apply the patch and it gives 3x XP while playing LAN mode. Can I keep my savefile while doing it? At least my level? I just tried it and it put me all the way back to level 1, though reinstalling the patch did restore my previous level. Edit: Just did a test, did a backup of my savefiles and then uninstalled the patch, it doesn't seem to be giving me triple XP =/ Tested on Twin Rocks hideout. Was there any revision on the base game disc as well? Edit2: Well it seems only a few hideouts give more XP, Pike's Basin sure as hell gives lots more xp than with the patch.
  10. I did it that way with a friend, so yes, it works.
  11. Lol it's the other way around, you should be the sensei here (at least that's how it was in Kiwami 1 lol) I didn't find Haruka's song hard in Kiwami 2, the only one I had to retry 2 or 3 times was Ring. The pissing game is actually a bitch to play at first, you need to match the opponent's strenght and it's really annoying until you get the hang of it, but I believe all you have to do is pay attention to the controller vibration (if I remember correctly). About mahjong, you need to win Easy/Medium in Kamurocho and Medium/Hard in Sotenbori and then each tournament. I remember hard being hard af really lol, took me a few days to actually get it since I suck at mahjong. On the tournaments and the substory I used the 3 cheat tiles so they weren't a problem.
  12. I used the first robot and kept trying until I eventually did it, it took a hell lot of tries. It helps that you can use as many continues as you can afford.
  13. Do you guys have a list of animals not needed for zoologist / skin deep? Apart from the Guarma ones I mean.
  14. let's not spread it lol Btw there's a reddit page that tells you the street bosses by message name, I forgot to write it in my last message: Link
  15. Just look at the messages on your phone