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  1. I just bought a Full Burst disc, afaik it's the only way to get it (on PS3) nowadays.
  2. Does playing the unpatched disc version work? I'd like to start this game but don't want to waste my time going for an impossible plat lol
  3. Probably Binary Domain. It needs 6 players to boost versus, which can be really difficult to gather up, plus it takes about 90 hours to complete. If going by servers closed, a game I'd really like to plat would be Midnight Club: Los Angeles. No, they still work, I just did it like a month ago. You can do everything involving multiple players in a day, plus a day or two for level grinding.
  4. So how did you get this trophy? Did Snowy's method work?
  5. 28.5 was the appointed release date for the collection in Japan, so yeah one is Japan and the other is probably for the rest of Asia as @HuntingFever said.
  6. Ok, so I have synced my previously hidden trophies and they seem to be perfectly in place, since they were already synced to PSN on time. On other hand, a real late sync trophy I had from Watch Dogs got the game out of place on my list. So I guess I shouldn't have any problems with hiding games before updating here.
  7. Not really sure, never looked for it before lol
  8. It's "exclusive" because the base game wasn't up for purchase anymore before coming to PS+, it was relisted just for this reason.
  9. I have trophies in a few games that I have hidden before updating my profile here. Should I be worried? These are all of them iirc (the other hidden trophies were all updated here): Wipeout Omega Collection: 50 Kills, Connected 1, Connected 2 Resident Evil Revelations: Dynamic Duo God of War: Ascension: Blood Oath Will I get in trouble if I unhide them and update my profile now?
  10. The only solution is to replay all game modes until it pops. Are you 100% sure you've played all gang wars modes? I'd suggest for you to make a checklist.
  11. Same here, got scared for a sec lol Hope it gets fixed soon
  12. I could very well just buy the steam version, but would rather play it on playstation, specially since I already own both PS3/PS4 versions.
  13. It's really fun indeed. I also really enjoyed Adam's Venture as well, even though most ppl on this site seem to hate it.
  14. But is it still an improvement over the original? I do have the greatest hits ps3 copy, but also got this version from the malaysian store and am wondering which one is the better choice.
  15. There's also a "Content DLC Pack" listing, have you guys tried that?