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  1. So I'm about to start this after finishing Mafia 2 but, as everyone knows, this game has a few unobtainable trophies after the Definitive Edition update. If I were to play it unpatched (disc version), would I be able to get all the trophies? Or were they broken at launch too (before the pre-DE updates)?
  2. Same, hopefully it will work just like before. I have a few Vita games from PS+ even though I never owned one.
  3. Really excited by the lack of MP trophies, not that the first 2 were hard or anything. I'll wait for a price drop though, unless I can get a really good deal on a physical copy.
  4. The point is that NG+ was always included in every release up until Yakuza 7/Like A Dragon, and then they decided to make it part of a paid DLC.
  5. Yeah game prices in Brazil are becoming borderline unaffordable, thankfully physical games are still way cheaper if you know where to look (not even counting used games ofc)
  6. I can't be the only one having an issue after the secret passage section, not enough HP and plenty of encounters with the ghost with no save point between them. Anyone knows if there's a vending machine still accessible close by?
  7. My predictions for november: * Devil May Cry 4 Special Edition * Uncharted: The Lost Legacy
  8. This one has caught my attention just from the cover alone, really stylish imo. Haven't played it yet tho but looks like a Max Payne clone. Also the best Yakuza cover of all time I honestly really like RDR's too SH HD collection has really nice art too
  9. It's not hard in any way, you just need to find ppl to boost it with you since there is barely anyone playing the MP.
  10. Gave it a go and damn, the 60FPS really make a world of difference on the standard PS4 model, wish it was like that since release. But still, I'll just stay away from the game unless they add new trophies lol
  11. Previous level: 21 After update: 341
  12. Can anyone confirm if playing it unpatched works? I have the disc version.
  13. That makes no sense lol, these devs must be high.
  14. Great month, waaaay better than september's games.
  15. And this is exactly why I won't bother getting the PS5 on release, I'd rather wait until there are some nice discounts and plenty of games to choose from.