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  1. Yep, seems to be gone from the brazilian store as well. Not sure why though as it doesn't seem to be a licensed IP.
  2. According to the guides the online trophies seem to be obtainable solo in ad-hoc mode. Not sure about Freedom Wars, but I'd bet not since no one got them since October 3rd =/
  3. It's still available through PSN as @agorazUHD said, I bought it back when they announced the PS Store shutdown. I'd just wait for the PS4 remaster tho if you haven't bought it yet, it's included in the Far Cry 6's season pass and should come out soon.
  4. It's still up, doubt it'll be on sale before the definitive edition releases though. I'd grab it before it's too late in case you ever want to stack them.
  5. This wouldn't be a huge problem weren't for the Z-rated games =/
  6. Started this year with 73 plats, my goal is to get to 100. Not sure I can meet this goal seeing as lately I haven't been playing as much. 20 min plats are a no-go, I did a few of them in the past but that's not the sort of game I'd like to spend my money on lol Also it would be really nice if I managed to hit 80% completion, that's something I find very doable if I manage to focus on started games rather than starting new ones.
  7. I know Manhunt and The Warriors have graphical issues on PS5, not really sure about if any others got them as well. Enough to put me off since those 2 and AC Syndicate are in my backlog lol
  8. The fact that Ubisoft still hasn't pushed a patch for this is disappointing. Even Joe's Diner got fixed on PS5 but this didn't lol This game and the PS2 titles got me wondering whether or not I can get rid of my PS4 once I get the PS5 in the future.
  9. I'd bet it's cheaper for Sony as afaik devs get money based on downloads (or maybe just ppl who add it to library) Anyway, this year is a new low for PS+. It started strong but went downhill really fast.
  10. This month we had a "decent" lineup, Overcooked for PS5 and Hitman 2 for PS4. If this leak is true for October we have no way of defending it. PS5 users are getting a multiplayer focused shooter, afaik there's no SP element to it. It is a day 1 release on Plus so that could be a positive point? Meanwhile PS4 users get an outdated fighting game and a golf game that's about to get a new release really soon. Both are also online focused.
  11. Well that's a really silly DLC to have trophies lol Most ppl won't care if they don't want the 100%, but completionists might have to go for digital on this one with the deluxe/ultimate editions. There are no physical versions of those.
  12. Psychonauts 1 is finally on sale after almost a year. Time to add one more to the backlog lol
  13. the season pass is currently on sale
  14. I'd bet even the PS4 can do close to 60fps in this game, assuming it's properly optimized.
  15. Thanks! I'll just wait until the expansion pass is on sale then.