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  1. I just finished my 100% a few months ago. It's obtainable and not that difficult with boosting partners.
  2. For people who prefer text guides over videos, I recommend this one: The Last of Us – Collectible Guide Ellie's jokes are in a separate section from the other collectibles though, so pay attention to that if you want to get them all in 1 run. (I didn't lol)
  3. Yakuza series: Yakuza Kiwami Yakuza Kiwami 2 Yakuza 3 Yakuza 6: The Song of Life Almost done with Yakuza 4 and already have Yakuza 5, Dead Souls, 0 and Ishin waiting.
  4. I'm not a MP guy but I found this one to be really fun. Though I do find competitive MP modes to be a bit stressful lol
  5. How much time does all the series take to complete? 50 hours? I've been looking into it for a while but never actually played it.
  6. Even if you overwrite your clear save I'm pretty sure you can make a new one at Serena.
  7. Thanks for the detailed answer! It'll be really useful.
  8. If they're adding NG+ then I guess I can finish my 1st playthough on normal. Just hope that survival+ stacks for all previous difficulties lol
  9. More like a garage sale
  10. English subbed trailer
  11. Nice list, looks easier than even Quantum Break's achievement list.
  12. Got it on a sale and played for a few hours, but didn't enjoy it that much. Maybe I should give it another try! Did you also get the feeling that it's similar to a "horizon zero dawn with zombies"? That's the feel I got.
  13. You can try deleting your PS3 profile, creating a new one and then logging into your account.
  14. This is definitely not an 8/10 platinum, it's only that it requires you to do absolutely everything related to minigames. Not sure what the requirements are for mahjong & shogi though since they were cut from the PS3 western release. Overall I would give the PS3 version a 5/10 tops.