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  1. I meant after you already claimed the game lol The app only shows it as purchased, while the PS4 console store shows the "Buy it to own" option besides the download button.
  2. I believe you can only do this on console tho. On the app it only shows PS Plus games as purchased, with no option to buy.
  3. I'd join but of course I already have 1 of them (Far Cry 3 CE). Well, good luck to the ppl who join!
  4. Wow, Persona 5 at 85%? That's a deal I can't pass on. Hope it gets the same discount on NA.
  5. If all else fails you can just log in with a different account (which doesn't own FF7R from PS+), put the disc in your PS5 and upgrade it from there.
  6. I'll wait for a discount lol
  7. Both. I just buy the cheaper option lol
  8. Also available in Brazil right now. Can't really confirm atm if it's already free for the US but it probably is. Maquette (PS5) is also available to redeem for PS+ users already.
  9. Source: https://www.thesixthaxis.com/2021/02/25/yakzua-like-a-dragon-update-1-09-patch-notes/ Now lots of new people can join in on the franchise with the Portuguese / Russian languages available!
  10. Another month where they give a game I already have lol (2 in a row) Not bad tho, these first 3 PS+ lineups this year have been really good.
  11. Yakuza Like A Dragon's icon seems to have changed on console, still the old one on the app tho (at least for me)
  12. you have a point there lol
  13. True, I'm betting on Jedi Fallen Order because I just got that one last week lol
  14. This was the first district trophy I got and had no problems with it, just a few of the missions are locked behind gigs/sidejobs/main missions and time of day. If no more show up just keep playing the main story and eventually something will pop up.
  15. Nice, only got my PS4 a few months after it was on PS+ and I don't plan on getting a PS5 for a while, so this offer will be welcome.