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  1. click the 3 dots, there should be a download option with the "+" sign besides it
  2. I only buy full priced games physically, digital only on sale as it has no value at all.
  3. Considering this is coming next year we could see something at the RGG event that will still come out in 2021! My guess is Like A Dragon 2. Also I'm curious to see Dead Souls and Kenzan with this format. Maybe they will eventually drop the Dragon Engine altogether for Unreal 5 when it comes to next gen Yakuza games.
  4. I asked the same in a topic before. The responses were that those trophies were glitched at launch, then fixed with a patch, and finally broken again with the Definitive Edition release.
  5. Biggest one for me was Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition. Completely ignored it when it came to the montly games, but looking back through my library I had the urge to try it out, and gladly I did! If you like fast paced FPS games or arcade-y/humorous games it is definitely for you!
  6. Just got Deathloop lol Physical copy tho so no complaints. Same dude. No premium over here as well so can't really make use of PS3 games, thankfully I still have and use my PS3. Hope Sony doesn't just abandon the idea of adding trophies to old games, their latest additions didn't have a list.
  7. Was Dying Light fixed with the recent next gen patch? Happened many times throughout my Disaster Report 4 playthrough, you just have to wait long enough for the save menu to appear. Sometimes it takes like a minute but never had to actually shut off my PS5.
  8. Not the whole game, just tried to complete 1 full chapter in one session in case it's quitting the game that caused the trophy to glitch.
  9. Yeah all you need is 1 partner for 2 MP trophies and Briggs missions and you're set. If you have the free time you can even get it in a day without any issues.
  10. Just got Metro Exodus on the sale so fml lol. At least I got the Gold Edition so that's fine. Still gotta play 2033 & LL too. Hope everyone enjoys the Yakuza series! 0, Kiwami & Kiwami 2 should keep you busy for the whole month.
  11. Glitched out for me - PS4 version played on PS5 (already had started it before my PS5 arrived) Loaded up a cloud save from yesterday, let's see how this goes. Edit - As expected not working, I also suspect it's the threedom puzzle since I forgot to pick up the card at first, then did it again lol Can't really afford to play everything in one sitting, so I'll skip this one for now. Edit 2 - Worked after restarting the game from the beginning. 👍 What a waste of time tho lol
  12. Hopefully they can at least add it to extra like the devs from Deliver Us to the Moon did. It's been on my list for a while and my PS5 is scheduled to arrive this friday, so I can't wait to play some native games lol
  13. Only Splinter Cell Blacklist. Already have Driver SF, and will play the other AC games on PS4. My time for gaming is not as much as it used to be so I'd rather avoid stacks altogether.
  14. exactly what I'm doing right now
  15. Guys are these missions replayable offline? (Ik there's couch co-op, but I mean without internet/server access) I'm doing them with a friend right now but we just finished a few of the missions, didn't know they had collectibles and misc. stuff as well. Just in case we miss something.