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  1. I assume you're talking about Saints Row 3? I didn't know about it so thanks for the info! Also ran into this issue with Horizon Zero Dawn / Complete Edition, however the saves are only different on the latin american version so mostly everyone is safe.
  2. So my disc version has some scratches on it, it didn't give me a single problem until the very final chapter of the game. Instead of getting a new disc I had a friend of mine lend his account so I can download it, however the save files are different from the physical version unfortunately =/ Just a heads up in case you want to finish it in the future, but sold your physical version and will continue on a digital one.
  3. Not sure how big it is in the US, but Shopee is my go to website for 2nd hand games (and chinese imports), mainly due to frequent discount coupons.
  4. Can't wait for it! Another reason to get a PS5 in the future.
  5. $3 is a good deal since you even get the PS3 version with it.
  6. Hopefully they mean to increase their PS3 streamable games list, since it's half the purpose for the highest PS+.tier
  7. I'm in for Spongebob honestly lol
  8. The Vita itself is no longer supported. Only PS4 and PS5 are currently supported by Sony. I think I'll try out the deluxe sub, since PS Now is not yet available here.
  9. Wasn't going to get Horizon this early, but I found a bundle with a new DS4 that was really worth it! Also got Dreams for dirt cheap.
  10. Got Phineas and Ferb + a full set of PoP games on the PS3. Also one step closer to completing my Yakuza / Ryu Ga Gotoku collection!
  11. Good timing. Didn't know about it, thanks! I love the art style, it reminds be a bit of Gravity Rush, which is one of my favorite games on the PS4.
  12. Had my eyes on Dusk Diver for a while. Time to get it!
  13. Really good month imo. I got Ghost of Tsushima on the last black friday so that could be a good opportunity to knock off the MP trophies. Also interested in Sonic and even Ghostrunner even though I don't have a PS5 yet, but that's one more to the list when I get one.
  14. Can anyone post a link to it? I can't find it on PS Store / PS Prices at all. Edit: Found it by using the search function on the web store. It's not listed under the ZA4 DLCs and PSPrices shows it as "expired" (lol)
  15. My PS4 came with Uncharted 4, GT Sport and God of War as a bundle. I also picked up Yakuza 6 and Horizon Zero Dawn while getting a new monitor for it. The first game I actually booted up and got a trophy on was Horizon Zero Dawn.