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  1. outriders, tony hawk, avengers, mortal kombat 11 kinda, spider man, spider man miles morales, AC valhalla kinda, watch dogs legion kinda, r6 siege, rogue company, hunters arena legends, jedi fallen order, to name a few. you can get the whole list on some websites about ps5 upgrades I'm sure.
  2. blueshadow are you talking about mlb 18 or mlb 20? if mlb 20 takes 15 hours then I will do it.
  3. one mans ttrash another ones treasure muhahaha
  4. it would be nice if you can triple plat NA ps4 to PS5 and ps5 back to EU PS4 for the triple plat. I figured but that'd be sweet, so you gotta plat the eu ps4 seperately?
  5. it's glitched on me too the without falling into a hole+ in target time in challenge mode. idk what to do. maybe try deleting save and reinstall game
  6. I already collected the 10 eggs in savanna before collecting this page so the brachiosaurus isn't there anymore but the page is. The only way to try to get it is to use a propeller leaf and float to it but I tried so many times and I just float through it without collecting it. Am I screwed and need to make a new game and collect the page before the 10 eggs?
  7. this game sucks because of one thing: no fast travel to events, etc. Have to go everywhere manually.
  8. sweet, thanks for the timely response. I was dreading it because of this, if im a dps I could maybe just die in the middle of galchobar fight every time? and you dont need to avoid the appearing lava in the last boss fight right?
  9. im going for cooling your heels soon, im at like 93% trophies in this game and was wondering. does just YOU or does your whole team have to avoid lava damage in the dungeon to get the trophy? the trophy makes it seem like your whole team has to but you make it sound like only you have to. answer you or whole party all I need to know.
  10. i support this... it's really not that difficult of a plat if you are playing against average joes but the people that play are usually hardcore. The only mode you need to plat it is acquisition and that requires 51x2 people=101 people (80 boosters would suffice). dlc modes would make the plat alot easier too but those don't require as many (the difficulty in those is getting people with the dlc). it's not impossible to gather this many people it is just very very hard.. Our group got esca numbers to like 18 19 21 about 2 months ago. just message bob(or me) and can give you more info.