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  1. i heard only some cumulative online trophies pop after doing a race on the other version. i dont see single player popping since they are seperate save files if no cross buy is any indication.
  2. it's just too much man, im at 1000 plats and going insane from trying to keep up with shutdowns and constant dlc. I must create a time machine to prevent trophies from ever existing, FOR HUMANITY. And don't worry, nothing will mess up in the space time continuum, it'll help it because we know how many babies were not born due to trophies LOL
  3. oh cool if they're removing it for existing overwatch players. Is that only for existing players on the ps4 version or existing players going to overwatch 2 on the ps5 as well? Well my reason for this topic is I watched a SomeOrdinaryGamers video where he said they take recordings of your voice to match up to ingame to make sure that it's you if you troll,etc or something to that effect. I'm not sure entirely what he was saying but it got me thinking. Anytime a company wants more information it's to their benefit, not yours. But requiring a phone number isn't something to be taken lightly as email spam is bad enough, can't trust blizzard to not give your phone number out either.
  4. This phone number crap smells like a load of sh... leading into a dystopia that i don't want to be a part of. I know that we have our data routinely snuffed from us from tech companies but this is a bit much imo. I honestly think I will just leave overwatch incomplete since they added this phone number garbage. I have a legit phone number but it's the principle... i dont want them to take voice samples from my phone number and put it into a database. Who else agrees that blizzard can stick it where the sun dont shine?
  5. how do you think elder scrolls online feel (and ff14 ps5 will be neverending as well)
  6. Game is sameish throughout but overall button jamming fun. Grind is a bit repetitive at end but i enjoyed the game although i did not understand/watch the story much. Find a friend to do both versions with while joking about being in the babylon E League. I would say don't pass this up if you like looter rpgs and stacks with cool looking trophies.
  7. me and friend are planning to do this game... you dont need messages(that was disabled) to invite you can just join a lobby right?
  8. if i start the game now will i have a free level 65 boost waiting for me when i start the game? if so i would be up for partying up to do the world bosses.
  9. IS there a method to make bosses easier? i plat the worldwide before 2018 but I might want to plat the AS version....
  10. what they could do so that trophies aren't erased by people that dont own the account is put them in a "trophy graveyard" out of sight of the rest of the trophies that could be restored any time you wanted. This would be the only possible way i see them doing this.
  11. can you get revenge vs characters after shutdown anyone know?
  12. "I know mods dont like threads like this", but posts it anyway. You know the Sessions are for finding people, so use it instead of the forum.

    1. Stevieboy


      I just noticed you already have a session. No idea why you posted a thread when you know it's against the rules and will just get removed.

  13. yeah but it's hypocritical to say oh i am just gonna get a boatload of money then screw whatever happens down the line. How messed up is it that you dont keep servers open for people that gave you a ton of money in the first place? and besides they get more money from dlc/game sales than it costs to keep the servers up still.
  14. people are saying their all new horizon expeditions trophy glitched when they did it on ps4 first then went to ps5 where the tracker glitched and wont go up. so ps5 first before ps4
  15. So do both DLCs on PS5 first before PS4? I plat the game and want to make sure to get all the trophies.