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  1. Hi guys, sorry for the English right away, this is a google translator. And so, now the 10 m trophy requires you to run a free run in 2 minutes and collect 10 million. But, today I again caught a loophole how to do it in parks. We select the created character, turn off all cheats, go to the parks, look for the INFINITE COMBO 10 MILLION park, go in, jump to the center, collect a huge multiplier and points, go out through the rail along the wall, 100% of all your trophies will be, take it while it is valid, I myself thought that I would not achieve this trophy, good luck
  2. i got platinum but i very very very very HATE this game
  3. I played promo games, the result is 4 wins, 1 loss, total = 4 division, the green arrow appeared at 2: 0:0, use the exit glitch during the game if you lose, in promo matches I didn't know about it. It's better to do 5 out of 5!
  4. http:// I did it, guys, I bought two packs of 250 coins, plus there were also free coins for tasks. do not make mistakes like me, spend coins once a week on special agents, when I first went in, I didn’t have these agents, and I poured about 600 coins, or maybe more, on every slag. Plus, rent players, they also give strength. I also bought the Juventus team, I thought they would have great power right away, but no, their strength is ~ 2600 and nothing can be done with it, do not repeat my mistake. pictured team strength ~ 3183
  5. Hi guys. Tell me, how can I quickly raise this trophy? Some knock it out in 1-2 days. I asked these guys a question about donat, but they replied that they quickly assembled a team without donat, but to the question about how they were already silent. Maybe you have an effective method how to do it quickly? After the “win 100 matches” trophy, there is no longer any desire to play it for a long time.
  6. Oh..... @chicken_freak88
  7. THX Bro! we are waiting for the continuation))
  8. bro, thanks, I couldn’t do this for years, your post helped me do it in 15 minutes! THANKS!
  9. go to the gorilla when you have at least level 30, then everything will be all right. I also had an attack problem in 1 hp, at level 21, but then raised to 30, and there were no problems
  10. S**t EA😡
  11. bro, server work, very work!
  12. ITS WORK!!!!
  13. ITS WORK!!!!!!!!