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  1. I appreciate that change being made. I noticed it but didn’t think much of it in this way. Then it dawned on me this is the place say it. If I may so expand, Acceleration of Suguri X > Acceleration of Suguri X Edition (the “X” is the “Edition”) Bellator > Bellator MMA Onslaught (not going to expect the “Disney” to be chopped off “Disney Epic Mickey 2” or that “Disney•Pixar Brave” 🤮 but I’ll just whisper that anyway pwq) Hydrophobia > Hydrophobia: Prophecy Jumanji (PS4) (PS5) > Jumanji: The Video Game Rock of Ages 2 > Rock of Ages 2: Bigger & Boulder Rock of Ages 3 (WW) (JP) > Rock of Ages 3: Make & Break Scott Pilgrim vs. The World (PS3) > Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game (PS4) > Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game - Complete Edition The Fight > The Fight: Lights Out The Raven (PS3) > The Raven: Legacy of a Master Thief Ugly Americans > Ugly Americans: Apocalypsegeddon Zuma’s Revenge > Zuma’s Revenge! (Yes, an exclamation mark, I’m that petty)
  2. PS3 https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/2318-tiny-brains PS4 https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/2308-tiny-brains
  3. Someday, if the stars align, this topic type will bury “Trophy Thoughts.” Kudos on you OP.
  4. While the cloaking ability will be required where being detected fails the mission, all hostile encounters can be felled easily with the energy glitch, Titan armor, and the P.E.P.S. weapon.
  5. This was an Asian digital release. It’s delisted though. Imo not worth pursuing because some trophies in this list aren’t set up correctly to sync. I think it has something to do with mismatched trophy types between what the game installs and what is supposed to be synced with PSN. A similar issue affects the latest patch of PS3 Frozen Free Fall’s DLC.
  6. The reason that works is because each game on PST has a designated boosting thread and they are pinned so it’s at the top of page and ideally no one makes individual threads for themselves. You also don’t have to maintain your post on those threads once a week (to reset the timer) if you’re still waiting for a taker. The catch is whether or not people edit or delete their post when their case is closed, which seems to be the rationale of the self de-cluttering sessions page.
  7. Q.U.B.E. is getting a 10th anniversary re-release for PS4 and PS5 as well as the sequel getting an Ultimate Edition on PS5. Q.U.B.E. 10th Anniversary https://psdeals.net/2533608
  8. That is seriously so unfair for you guys 🙁 as if it were gamers who declared war, and not the one guy (afaik, as here only the president himself can declare war in USA) who has the power to declare war 😵‍💫👉👈
  9. A Way Out - early exercise related trophy Arcana Heart 3 Love Max - ranked matches (Aino Heart medium attack in Simple Mode), I’m fuzzy on Aquapazza Aquaplus Dream Match as I didn’t have a turbo controller then but there is a character with a suitable mode in Simple Mode Basement Crawl - can be idled with 1 PS4 and 2 controllers Blazblue Calamity Trigger and Continuum Shift - ranked matches and player matches (Taokaka vs Rachel) Broken Bots - you might have all the other trophies before having the minimum number of matches Caravan Stories - can be autoplayed strictly for the trophies Crash Commando - grinding exp to lv25 at a turret but you are vulnerable to enemy bots Dead or Alive 5 - ranked matches Dead or Alive 6 - ranked matches (Kasumi’s heavy kick) Digimon Cyber Sleuth Hacker’s Memory - online shop coins (10 coins per loss against AI match) in lieu of a boosting partner (though you could get 100 coins per win) Koihime†Enbu - can turbo player matchmaking, but not ranked matchmatching. Soso (girl with scythe and ‘Catherine’ pigtails) can automate matches. Mantis Burn Racing - online races behave weirdly when turboed, failing to display one or both racers, and then just disconnecting, restarting races for (probably) faster exp. Or, the online just sucks. JP version autopops from server stats. Marvel vs Capcom 2 and 3 - Scoreboard matches, ranked matches, player matches Military Madness Nectaris - helper must surrender matches Modern Combat Domination - 1500 exp per round won, though melee kills are faster Mushroom Wars - helper must surrender matches (at this time is unobtainable?) My Hero One’s Justice 1 & 2 - both can automate matches Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 - Naruto set to Ninja dash and Sasuke set to Attack can automate matches. Best if no one else is online and one player manually searches for the other. Nascar ‘14 and Nascar ‘15 - can turbo online races solo, but Inside Line requires constant course correction (for 250 offline races, though the trophy requires an online race to ultimately pop) PixelJunk Racers 2nd Lap - ghost races Resogun PS4 - can automatically rematch friend challenges for exp to lv50 (at this time is unobtainable?) Split/Second - requires start button for each race but all guests can idle Street Fighter 30th Anniversary - has a miraculous afk grinding method 😎 M. Bison in Street Fighter II Hyper Fighting, with turbo on heavy kick, left, and down.
  10. You may be able to get it by redeeming a game key like this https://www.gamivo.com/product/zombie-driver-immortal-edition-us-psn
  11. In terms of the side-quest layout, put off critical objectives as much as possible and keep your so to speak “dashboard” clear. You can keep up with the side-quests from those 3 characters as they come naturally, and also the other conversation bubbles that pop up from various figures. All of them contribute to the 3 affinity level trophies which take a while but you can get it off your back if you stay on top of it. When it seems like you’ve cleared out character interactions and available side quests, enter a free play session and venture to any area you haven’t been to before, with your next gun to get its 50 kills. Hopefully you may find more items like runes, documents and others along the way. When you return to the fort, it’s possible something else may crop up, because I think you have to refresh the fort to advance any of the minor characters’ to their next interaction/quest offering if you aren’t already caught up with them. Once you’re tasked with crafting the dawn shield, this is the moment of truth. If you still only have 1 or more quests left from Matthias it might be one that simply won’t pop up until after you beat the final boss. It didn’t entirely seem like the situation was “meant to be,” I can’t remember how well I’d judge Matthias knowing you are now in “post game.” My instance affected all 3 factions so I was a little confused about how the topic was specifically about Matthias. The interface screw alone (weird grey/disappearing bubble) certainly doesn’t help player expectations on when to expect to have these 3 characters side-quests done (for those who prefer to save final boss for last in every game) so this could simply be a mismatch between communication from the game, the guide, and the wikis, all stemming from a less than optimal development.
  12. Dungeon Hunter Alliance Ragnarok Odyssey/Ace
  13. It seems to already be “shut down,” as you can’t make multi man lobbies. You can however do all the ranked and player matchmaking needed for the trophies (perhaps it is “peer to peer”). Depending on the version, daily challenge (for nominal exp) and win streak bonus (from online matches) may or may not work. Vita version is up and down with streak bonus working. Ranked mode is not active anymore so it’s quick to boost.
  14. It may seem bleak, but I have my doubts. There could just be some trick to it to make it ultimately unlock. I haven’t pursued this trophy in either version, but I have a hunch. You might notice that if you get a bronze or silver medal in a Grand Prix, you cannot improve your medal to a gold on a reattempt, even if you place 1st in all events, unless you increase the difficulty level (⭐️, ⭐️⭐️, ⭐️⭐️⭐️). I’m not sure whether online or offline play is important to capturing consecutive days, but I don’t think everything has been tried yet. Regardless, the game is way too fun imo to pass up over trophy hangups.
  15. I was admittedly partial to the flying element. It’s a third person shooter with imo a generous regenerating shield and health hybrid keeping your character alive. It’s fun if you like collecting, min-maxing a power suit, and more than just bullets to count (you have unlimited turret, grenade, and melee swing on cooldowns). You are aggressively railroaded during missions especially campaign missions but outside of that, free play doesn’t seem to have loading screens for the entire outdoor space iirc. I can’t explain why fort tarsis puts you in first person perspective, or expound on what people were expecting before and after launch, but what’s there is fine. I would compare it to shadow of Mordor in terms of scale, for what little I meandered in that space during the then unobtainable scare at the time. To answer long vs short term play, I think you could go either way. Different elements refresh here and there. You may get weary of knocking down collection lists toward the end but some free play in between campaign missions is worth it to ultimately minimize that. I may have set out a month but I definitely did not manage to play every day and I still obtained the platinum in about 3 weeks real time. It’s hard to say it all in a serious tone though, as in the near future none of these bullet points will matter. Whether you had it disc or digital, this game isn’t something getting passed down a generation even if it had blown gamers and critics away (insert ticking time bomb and the impending fully unobtainable trophy list report). That point I hope isn’t lost on anyone no matter the cost of being captain obvious. The game listing and the guide say so and quite explicitly but I’ll say it again, it may be playable solo but it is 100% online.