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  1. Suggestion: Reevaluate trophy points yielded by games based on the agreed “trophy difficulty level” just for PSNP instead of the flat rate award from PSN. Of course this means every game would have to have a guide? It would be complicated but still, imagine getting more points on PSNP for the 100% on 1 Dark Souls game than for 100 rat plats. High trophy points can be a driving factor in buying a game, but if people keep buying them en masse then they’ll keep being made as long as it profits without being critiqued. However, a low point yield should NOT discourage anyone from playing a game. Jet Set Radio and Child of Light are small on trophies but you totally should still play them. That’s just scratching the surface. I’m sure everyone can mention a game that was great, whether it debuted on, or predated its release on PSN, that they consider essential, or at least a good staple, a sense of when trophies however easy or hard, were at first irrelevant prior to trying it.
  2. I think the only thing I hated about it was that you can’t get the exclusive shotlocks (or other command?) in the mirage arena version.
  3. I was literally trying to get those this morning 🤦‍♂️ It says you’ve been signed out (even though you’re totally signed in) and online functionality will not be available until you sign back in.
  4. Lately when I’ve attempted to open the PS3 store on the console, after the loading screen with the face buttons shopping bag, I just get a black screen saying that. I’m not sure what is the cause, as I’m signed in, and downloads and syncs work normally. However when I go on the VITA store, a similar transparent pop up occurred....as I bypassed it searching for a game, buying and downloading normally. It’s the offloading of PS3/VITA content from mobile/web that makes this all quite alarming.
  5. I think the best suggestion to give that can earnestly benefit all persistent PS3/VITA users is to at least download the free demos for ALL desired games. This is sometimes done to obtain a delisted game while the demo can still be found in your store or a foreign one. You can purchase the game at your leisure through the Demo on the XMB “triangle menu,” the same for checking for patches, sorting into albums, and deleting. In addition, this seems to totally bypass the roadblock with the PS3 console storefront “undergoing maintenance” issue.
  6. Key takeaways from this. We don’t know yet if this is a full scale “doomsday” for PS3/VITA. All we can hope for is that this will be the worst thing to happen. We have a few more days to buy whatever we can from the web and app stores. To be more specific, if you were interested in any digital title written in kanji, katakana, hiragana, hanzi, hangul, you might want to buy now while it’s easy to do by copy/pasting from the PSNP page. Unless you have the right keyboard to attach to your PS3. I have however been able to get lots of normal search results on JP, HK, CN with English typing. But last time I tried to open the PS3 store on console it was “under maintenance.” Oddly enough I got the same pop up on the VITA console store recently, but I was able to simply proceed, buy, and download. The wishlist removal looks really extreme, but if you already utilize PSDeals or PSPrices the impact on you will be less. I don’t think the games will disappear from your lists, but the thumbnails will go white, the store link will not follow, and you might not be able to add it back to your watchlist if you remove it as they may disappear from search results like all delisted games do. I think for now, for what we are about to lose, we have an opportunity to mitigate. We cannot stop this and no amount of complaining will influence Sony’s actions. However if PSN sign-in, console activation, download list access, or trophy syncing get adversely affected, those things we will absolutely have doubtless cause to take more seriously and only the collective backlash of sufficiently vocal fans can have a chance to overturn it. It’s hard to predict the true functional lifespan of the PS3 due to the PS2 predating the PSN and thus lacking a precedent for more than online servers for individual games. You can start by buying another PS3, loading it up for all it’s good for (ya get 500 GB), and also boycotting the PS5 Digital Edition. Funny how I just got the email for my main account as I write. After getting the same email for all my alts last night. Keep in mind this part at the bottom of the email. 👇 What about the content you already own?You will still be able to access all your previously purchased PS3, PSP or PS Vita content as before. Your existing PS4 apps, themes and avatars will remain on your PS4 console.
  7. Ay yi yi just thinking about this scares me 😱 If they do, we will finally have a real reason to riot.
  8. I guess I better clear the digital shelf while I can for what I haven't bought yet. There won't be any flash sales for PS3 anyway, there hasn't been in forever. At least we are getting a formal warning. Last I checked trying to open the PS3 store on console, it simply said the feature is under maintenance 🤔 That's plenty warning enough for me.
  9. Multiplayer has not been functioning at all. That’s bad because a bunch of levels are impossible with 1 person. It’s been booting me out of levels while signed in and trying to enter levels with other players. Fortunately, the dev team replied to my post on their facebook and said they will examine the server. Tell them your city while they’re working on it
  10. I think he meant Luthin VII. Lidium is present at the onset and absolutely works for a 1-hit KO. Aliens arrive soon (even though I’ve tried both Max and 3:00 match setting) but you have a little time, at least to get 2 kills. In Leonis Prime though, aliens arrive almost instantly (also regardless of match setting) and lidium is scarce as well as smaller sized.
  11. From what I understand, it just seems like aggravating an existing “problem” of point inflation. There won’t ever be a true correlation between game difficulty and the trophy yield anyway. Just change the trophy ping to the Kirby Air Ride checklist chime ⭐️. There was way more satisfaction from getting the surprise notice that you earned a thing, but just don’t find out what exactly it was until later. It’s scientifically proven :3. It was fine without any changes to level thresholds. Yes I totally thought the 10 trophy tiers chart meant there would be 3 different point values for 3 different grades of bronze, silver and gold trophies each 🤦‍♂️. As if trophy values would get any closer to being worth what it took to get them. But if they were in reality, then there’d probably be 30+ different trophy tiers 🤷‍♂️ (1 point for Freebie/game launch trophy, to 50 points for beating a base game final boss, to 100+ points for completing an RPG item collection) or something like that.
  12. The unlock key doesn’t seem to show up at the bottom of the screen, just the DLC. Looks like it’s gone for good? Star Trek D-A-C was still obtainable with this method. https://store.playstation.com/en-gb/product/EP1005-NPEB00594_00-VOLTRONDEMO00000 EDIT: It’s still possible. Not from the web or mobile store, but from the XMB. Press Triangle on the Demo and select Purchase.
  13. I started going after online trophies for several games that have them (to secure them in case they become unobtainable later) then hiding those particular games just because I wasn’t going to go back to finish them until much later. Before long, I noticed the the number of hidden trophies climbed up to 100! So I unhid them all. I think the biggest reason I don’t hide games anymore would be that it suggests or indicates something was flagged. After getting my own fair share of toxicity (involved educating me on what a gamer is...warning me about cheating) I resolved that the best defense is to never hide games for any reason. And kill with kindness if you can☝️
  14. I thought I could make my brother’s day, or at least give him something to go “oh well that’s somethin.” Roblox... 🤦‍♂️
  15. Hopefully the PS3 version is restored as well, especially if it’s a separate trophy list. Castle of Illusion and Ducktales remastered (both ps3 only) were relisted recently (I think within this year or last) so it’s possible.