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  1. [PS3 Version] https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/1048-skydrift to be linked with [PS4 Version] https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/13628-skydrift-infinity
  2. I was looking around on some PS3 stores and on the UK store, a digital version of this “Best of PSN Vol. 1 collection” (no dlc of course) is available for £24.99. So I didn’t have to pay $100+ for that disc after all TwT I wasn’t even seeking this specifically. I just went into the store scrolling down the “All Games” view. Pretty surprising find to say the least, among others on JP and HK stores.
  3. https://psnprofiles.com/trophy/14211-art-of-rally/3-in-like-a-lamb-out-like-a-lion https://psnprofiles.com/trophy/14211-art-of-rally/4-real-roads-real-fast Two online trophies according to the guide.
  4. The Grab Master deck was quickest for me. Just do 2 grabs and you should have all 5 gougi activated for the match.
  5. Still available in Korean store as well. English version though, not the Japanese list.
  6. PS3 highlights for me (non plat) A boy and his blob Beyond good and evil Brothers a tale of two sons Dungeon twister Flow Flower I am alive Ibb and obb Jet set radio Journey Knytt underground Landit Bandit Malicious QUBE Rain Robot Rescue Revolution Sanctum 2 Savage Moon Skydrift Storm Tiny Brains
  7. There’s a related trophy in the base game on PS3, a joke I didn’t get at the time I had played it. But yeah, what a shame. Might as well look forward to this “Satisfactory” as you mentioned ^^
  8. 😔 seriously? This is what Coffee Stain studio decided to pursue? They could have made a Sanctum 3. Or released the full version (not just the lite version we got) of Sanctum 2 to current gen. Or even introduced the original game to PSN. Anything would be more worthy. It’s hard not to feel how there has been a hard shift in focus for games being released, from serious, artistic, tactic and skill challenging, to slapstick, easy to consume, and sometimes even randomly generated. Not that gaming is doomed, and I’m sure it’s not a black and white picture for the developer, choosing what to develop. They did have a better choice than this. The joke was over after the first Mayo, the one goat romp was plenty, and the Pig D and it’s cousins are not fooling anyone (I think). The thing about jokes is they don’t need to be sequelized. Coffee Stain has a real crown jewel on their pedigree and I don’t mean the glorified physics sandbox that is goat simulator. Hahaha that’s so funny 🤦‍♂️ they skipped the number 2 for 3. Also, I’m deathly afraid we’ll be treated to some abomination like a first-person-view version of flappy goat. The 2D version was enough. Sorry if rants are illegal here but once you show the world that you can make an amazing game, you disappoint when your obviously less impressive work gets the promotion and you give that the next generation treatment instead.
  9. Mushroom Wars [PS3] online multiplayer server seems to be off. Connection to server progress bar won’t go past 80%. There are 5 DLC trophies which required connection to the server, including a 4P trophy, and a grindy ranked match trophy. Glad I got them before this happened; the release of the sequel on PSN was my wake up call. EDIT: Let’s not panic just yet, this has happened before according to PST.org thread and it was of course temporary, it’s just a temperamental server.
  10. Still available on the UK PS3 console store, cross buy with the PS4 version. Also Foosball 2012, there’s PS3/VITA bundle.
  11. I was about to post about this as the multiplayer guide seems to exaggerate the minimum duration of the exp grind. With this method, someone in my boosting session got up to 40,000 exp in just 1 match after perfecting the method (joker and bane doing the “zig-zag”). I just happened to notice that you still get a full 100 points after recapturing a partially attacked control point. The opponent simply severing the capture is enough to get another 100 points. This works even if 2-3 players are on the benefitting team, which is ideal as many more points are generated for your group! I thought this was rather unusual, even quirky, as when I boosted Enemy Front, you have to make a circuit around all the 3 of these capture points and fully capture as you take turns with partners, which was very time consuming. You wouldn’t get away with what you can do here in Arkham Origins MP.
  12. I knew what you meant ^^ I was just emphasizing your point, which was somehow entirely lost on someone else here, and surely others.
  13. PS Now never has been and never will be a substitute for a real PS3.
  14. Astrology and Horoscopes Premium https://psdeals.net/1667915 It still shows up on PSDeals, but once you follow the link to the store on the app, you do get a whole lot of nothing. So far I think this is just an error, it’s not necessarily delisted. I’ll have to check and see on the PS4 console store. It would be far from the first game I had to buy on the console because it wouldn’t come up in search on the app, even with a psdeals link.
  15. Now for them to fix whatever it was that made speedruns in their other game (N Verlore Verstand) so impractical. It seemed like you have to do levels blind while facing the sky to prevent the game from freezing?