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  1. By the time you get to 4000 points, you start getting less than 50 points per match. I started doing 2v2 against AI, and I went back to getting 100+ points yay for not taking forever. 2v2 is even 1/3 faster than 1v1 🙌
  2. Rock of Ages PS3 is still available as part of a bundle with Rock of Ages 2 PS4, at least in NA. Rock of Ages 2: Complete Bundle https://psdeals.net/1313638 Babel Rising I found in the HK store. https://psprices.com/region-hk/game/89538/babel-rising-full-game
  3. When Vikings Attack!!! shares the trophy list with PS3, but thank you for mentioning anyway, as I may not have the patience for it until after completing the PS3-only games
  4. Too bad PBS Idea Channel ended before they could make this video 🤷‍♂️
  5. You mean the patch that should have added a Memory Remix to the end of the rest of the chapters? And added more than 1 word of french to the script? And removed the final boss? And stopped all these characters from completely ghosting the plot... Yeah it never came out, but I didn’t hold my breath for it.
  6. I don’t think this in particular is a huge deal. Most digital-only PS3/Vita crossbuys I’ve seen have shared trophy lists. Trophy lists didn’t start splitting/duplicating for crossbuys until the PS4/Vita ones.
  7. This is why I’m going to prioritize the lowest priced games for now, then when the last month is around the corner, it’ll be just the high price ones left for a potential (and so very unlikely) sale. Fortunately there’s more turning up on disc as I search that I previously thought there were, though just for Europe or Japan.
  8. This site has every list. If the game in question is PS3 only (like Narco Terror) and there’s no PS4 list, playing through PS Now will fill in that same PS3 list. If it has separate PS3 and PS4 lists (like Tiny Brains), chances are good you’re only getting the PS4 list. I think PS+ save cloud should be compatible with the PS Now save cloud. On that note, can someone explain why both The Raven and The Raven Remastered are next to each other on PS Now??? Yeah you can double dip the trophies but I thought the main point was to be a lifeline for the legacy games that PS4 can’t download, only stream.
  9. Check if you can purchase it on the PS3 store. It will say on the item page the platform and the storage space. If it’s a PS4/Vita game there probably won’t be a purchase button (undertale for example) There is probably gonna be hella vita piracy when this goes down.
  10. Thanks for demystifying this one! I was wondering how something goes nearly unnoticed for over a year after release, until I saw the sticker price and figured its played with a one of a kind peripheral.
  11. Yeah I looked in other accounts to see if the offerings were different (they are a little) but I found out Hong Kong, Korea, and China do not have PS Now at all on their PS4 dashboard 🤯 A workaround would be to subscribe on another account, launch the game once to get the application square, then switch to your own account to play.
  12. I don’t have a huge problem with streaming/subscription based preservation. The problem is that PS Now is not a substitute for a real PS3 (it’s not being advertised as one I know 😅). The PS Now library seems to be about 50/50 with disc available/digital only, and maybe just maybe <1% of the digital-only PS3 library is there to be found. The aims are laudable but the methods are ineffective in current form. Gonna be some cash droppin’ over this month and next 🤷‍♂️ Ngl... Take my advice, go to Games, sort by PS3 or VITA, and start screenshotting pages (~50 for PS3) and make your choices. 37+ games I know of are already delisted but come this doomsday they’re All gonna be delisted.
  13. Yeah I can see how it’s easy to mistake and think it’s wrong at a glance (May >> January, 6:00 PM >> 5:00 PM, etc) but there’s a 3 year difference and it is in order. I guess the 2014 >> 2017 part got overlooked? Wouldn’t surprise me, though it shouldn’t. I thought this game too popular to not know this...not to mention the overall ratio of open ended trophies in KH series in general. @PrincessKairy don’t sweat about this, it is also very possible to reach the end of the game without clearing any missions, especially if you don’t upgrade your ship until then. The polarizing nature of the gummi ship mode is enough to make the best of us put it off until after everything else (coliseum, synthesis).
  14. The beginner mode/speed-run trophies cannot possibly be the reason...that’s how everyone who ever got this platinum earned those trophies (except for the maniacs who speed-run Proud mode) so instead of assuming it was (and looking dumb doing so), we’ll have to see a staff view screenshot first (the one with the chronological order).
  15. Omg thank you 🙈 I was about to return the disc for being defective. I didn’t want to admit the crashing could possibly be my fault for having only <1.5 GB free space on the HDD 😊