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  1. Tales of Graces (just for that battle system 👌) Ico & Shadow of the Colossus Prince of Persia 2008 SSX 2012 ibb & obb Jet Set Radio Nights into dreams… Oddworld Stranger’s Wrath Papo & Yo (“Ico 4” kinda) Storm (delisted?) Savage Moon Beyond Good & Evil Castle of Illusion starring Mickey Mouse (relisted?) Eat Them! Skydrift Knytt Underground Landit Bandit Dungeon Twister Red Johnson’s Chronicles + One Against All Sanctum 2 (so far what I didn’t see already mentioned, this also reminded me of an idea of being able to give any of the games on your list a 🌟 if you’d recommend them at all. I excluded anything that was also on and especially updated for PS4)
  2. Super Pixel Racers https://psdeals.net/1639067 Says 2-8 network players. So 8 then. Would be cruel if a top down pixelated racing game didn’t allow more than 1 entrant per console :/
  3. Somehow for a second I randomly misread it as “could you put some elbow grease into getting the trophy list onto the servers” 🙈
  4. Sanctum 2 was a great experience. Be advised that the co-op is region locked. My partners were tenacious, dedicated, and so positive throughout.
  5. I voted for Cotton Candy Break ^^ please consider >.>
  6. Surpriiiiiiiiise 🎂 🎊 https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/13431-wizards-wand-of-epicosity
  7. The multiplayer trophies in Dreii, a game very few people even bought on PSN. To put it simply, in order for me to get a shot at the remaining trophies, I would have to make a trip to Europe, so as to be close enough to the only working global server in Zurich, Switzerland. 2 PS4s, 2 Vitas, and the iOS version should more than suffice for headcount requirement (3 players).
  8. Thought I saw FFIV finally getting a trophy list ._.
  9. Not a fan of cards like that in my type of deck. It may see better use in a deck or card combination that more incentivizes special summoning from the graveyard. Call of the haunted, like Premature Burial, is pretty much having a monster with 2 weakspots (like Spirit Reaper), as in your opponent has the option to attack the other card to more easily take down your summoned monster, and it takes up an extra field space for the same monster while it lasts. I’m just not into Beatdown and such deck types, because any opponent can always have a monster with higher attack for whatever reason (Blackwing for example…🙄)and the silly numbers rat race continues. For me, the whole concept of Beatdown is trivial in the face of cards like Wave Motion Cannon, Tower of Babel, and Lava Golem (with Reflect Bounder, Magic Cylinder). Also goddamn XYZ monsters bypassing Gravity Bind/Level Limit - Area B 😤 This build is also more a consequence of the absence of Malice Doll of Demise and Ectoplasmer than anything else. They are present in LotD though.
  10. Agents of Change is still on the store for $4.99 as of now. I’m getting it immediately before we have any more disappearance surprises… The 2 skin DLCs don’t seem important at all, and the JP version doesn’t seem to have the DLC trophies for 100%.
  11. Maybe it wouldn’t have to be based on the total time for 100% completion, instead it could just find a string of 5 or 6 consecutive trophies to make the discernment. This is arbitrary, it could totally be a higher number, it’s only because I think the most 4 trophies is the most I’ve ever popped at 1 time (like game clear trophies, play-through restriction related and/or difficulty level related). You never know, I’m pretty sure there games out there with feasible opportunities for 5+ consecutive trophies.
  12. Safe Mode >> Rebuild Database is always worth a try. Also, I add to the PSN wallet via Offgamers (obviously get the highest denomination because each card has a processing fee) because using a normal credit card no longer works either. Just be aware that if you have any games sorted into albums, it will nuke your albums and you’ll have to sort everything again. I discovered 250+ games just got thrown in 1 Unknown Album just because I needed to fix either some store freezing or sluggish trophy syncing and I had to…do that all over again 😅 The only alternative to searching in the store to download is by finding it in your download list (especially if it’s your latest last-gen purchase ^^) and taking it from there, which you can do from either account management, or from the identical section in the store in the ribbon on the left.
  13. The PS3 store now will not recognize my password if I require it for checkout. Yes, I tried more than once, on a different PS3, and yes, I typed slowly. Fortunately, the fix is simple. Just go to account settings on the app, disable the password requirement (the PS3 will honor the change instantly, without needing to refresh), and proceed.
  14. Introducing…the actual reason you couldn’t find it.
  15. I would check who you’re following… You might want to unfollow someone? 🤷‍♂️