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  1. If OP may permit me to go OT once more, I believe we could begin a whole thread discussing the ethics of awarding users of this site any Guide/Roadmap Credits at all for EZPZ game guides (at least if it’s actually for equal worth to credits awarded for other guides), much to the tune of the game’s own trophy list. Idk, the concept feels real meta at the time of writing~ 👀
  2. I recall that PST.org requires 75% of the games trophies unlocked prior to submitting a guide (didn’t check the requirement on here, I can’t imagine it’d be much higher). I think it’s fair to ask about “what 75%,” as in, 75% of the trophy weight, or simply 3/4 of the trophy count? Both can be quite different from each other, depending on which trophies you’ve unlocked. In regards to difficult games (or in this case, i suppose fake difficulty), I would suggest agreeing upon a game’s hardest trophy, or more likely 2-3 hardest, while making those specific trophies the benchmark for making a guide. My reasoning is that 75% (by either means) can help rather little to control guide quality if everyone can unlock 9/10 of a game’s trophies without guidance, but next to no one can achieve that 10th one without a certain strategy or guidelines to follow. Isn’t that whole purpose of making a guide? Excuse my subtle jab at any guides submitted for EZPZ games >.> kinda surprised those game’s “make a guide” buttons don’t respond to a click with “Are you serious?” But if that is the case, that would explain why they tend to post in forum instead of in guide section.
  3. @HusKy Thank you so much for this program OwO the game list function left me speechless. I used to screenshot game pages and just crop the image or scratch games i finished or didn't care for. I don't have to do that anymore~ Just click the + sign ^w^ like shopping till you drop!
  4. @enaysoft At least this time you get 2 levels for the price of one~ They listened to you 😗
  5. Not opposed to platinums being excluded from the rarest trophies list (despite them not tending to show up on top 5). Not just because platinums are more of a broad achievement (I’m not sure if another platform does a standardized “achievement for all achievements” like the PSN platinum) but also they don’t necessarily conjure what it took to get them for any given person glancing your rarest trophies. Unless 100% of a game’s trophies are equally super hard to get, it’s the specific trophies (often 1 or 2 in the list which players generally know are the hardest trophies) that warrant the spotlight. I mean if people want to show off plats they have the trophy cabinet, though I would still use that for trophies which stood out for me despite not being as rare. I will say I came across a profile where the guy interestingly makes all of his milestones platinums. Oh yeah, and sometimes DLC gets delisted even ones related to trophies 🤷‍♂️ so I’m sure that helps too for those who didn’t get it.
  6. 🤦‍♂️ Misread this as about related to “Galadriel” (who is not Tamriel lol) DLC trophies in Middle-earth: Shadow of War, which I have yet to touch~ Still glad I follow you so I at least hear stuff like this before it’s too late 🤷‍♂️
  7. This https://psnprofiles.com/trophy/13950-baseball-bout-otterrific-arcade/1-like-a-baseball-outta-heck-ill-be-gone-when-the-platinum-comes and this https://psnprofiles.com/trophy/13950-baseball-bout-otterrific-arcade/38-twofifty-meeples Just about says it all. Couldn’t have been more subtle. They know what they’re doing, and if they’ve confessed it aloud once before, I never caught it. Now they’re saying it to our faces. This is the wake-up call. Is a platinum really a platinum if you got it in less than 10 minutes, let alone in less than 20-30 hours? If you paid a dollar for the game, and if it made no approach to the genres you love to play? Guys…don’t make this show up in top 10 most popular games like you did with both stacks of ZJ the Ball 🤦‍♂️ Or do I guess. This will neither be the last eye rolling trophy list, nor the last post lamenting the skewed value of trophies. 😩 It’s time for me to more earnestly consider posting, however in vain or shortage of detail, about the concept of the Genre Leaderboard.
  8. If you look you up on PSDeals, you’ll see the “online features may be terminated at any time” clause on the PS3 listing. However, even if the person claiming it was shut down, simply because he didn’t find anyone, shouldn’t conclude so hastily. If it was truly shut down, there would have been some popup saying along the lines of “you have been signed out of the network,” and force you to play offline. Journey™ https://psdeals.net/2310 Also can someone explain why we never got “Sky” yet from thatgamecompany? NX did, as did iOS… Sky: Children of the Light https://ntdeals.net/80940
  9. Honestly I think posts like these should just go straight to everyone’s notifications (I intentionally only get emails related to Sessions but see everything else when entering forum). Regardless of how speculative the claim is, and whether it’ll go on discount before leaving the store, even if this isn’t sourced from an official post like on Twitter, this is important. More people would get the chance to choose whether to grab the game now or leave it before it possibly disappears. I only saw this because it was in the recent posts section 🤷‍♂️ I sure happened upon and read the similar thread on Skylar and Plux way too late >.>
  10. Scott Pilgrim didn’t come back to the PS3 store when it was released for PS4, so that’s enough for me to dismiss this one’s potential return on PS3.
  11. Does this mean the “Team17 Variety Pack” will be delisted as well? Sounds like a dumb question, but I’ve seen individual games leave the store before while still being available within a bundle afterward.
  12. Is there by chance a “Limit Content Items on Home Screen” option automatically checked off on the PS5 like there is on the PS4? It could be why you only see the first 10 installed applications. I found out about this quirk when I first tried to self boost online trophies with alt accounts on PS4. On PS3, I have each game inside its own album of the same name, and its region if a foreign one. It is the only way to keep them in alphabetical order. I keep another folder at the top (*Online!) for online trophies I still need to get to. On Vita, I don’t really like the “Live Area” with the tin pin bubbles 😒 I don’t know what was wrong with the XMB like it was on the PSP. I do the same though, try to keep in alphabetical order, and group together whatever has online trophies in their own bubble (10 is not enough space 🙄). PS4 is a different beast all it’s own. The Library which is accessible without going into the PSN store keeps alphabetical order by default, and splits installed items vs not yet installed, and you have the option to hide anything you want, so as you finish games you can shrink the size of your library. Much appreciated. The folders and applications however work a little differently from the PS3. The most recent application or folder you use will bump to the left, but whatever you put into a folder will stay in that order you manually set. So you can alphabetize it. I have Online Trophy games and other games (only installed what I think I should play next for 100% for real, like the artsy games and such).
  13. At least the DX edition with some extra characters goes on sale for $18. The ultimate edition has more for $24 while on sale, depends on what it’s worth to you. If you’re up for a grind past 100 matches, there’s plenty of “10 matches using this character” titles in the base game (as it should be 😗).
  14. I was stuck at 88% forever because of those 2 trophies. Which are most likely to be most people’s last trophies for the plat anyway. It was my first game with online trophies, and I was pretty jaded as a result. Now I know it’s just one of the outliers in terms of online trophy frustration overall.