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  1. These games are whackadoodle 0_o Campaign mode is hard in Zuma, but easy in Zuma’s Revenge, challenge mode is easy in Zuma, but hard in Zuma’s Revenge. What is the point of 1 power up in the chain if it’s prohibitively walled off by the chain itself? Even doing 3 matches over and over doesn’t win, you Have to make the chain recoil to survive Iron Frog.
  2. Alarmed by this 😨 Everyone do this now while you can... Magic DotPW - EU store Magic 2012 - EU store Magic 2013 - EU, HK store Magic 2014 - EU, NA store Remember “: the Gathering” is not included in 3 titles, so search by PS3, highest price
  3. Watch out for Magic the Gathering Duels of the Planeswalkers games online. The first 3 games have been delisted T_T Now I have to rush and arrange boosting with recent players 😩
  4. Playstationtrophies.com forum has a thread linking to a Japanese youtuber with videos for each escort level. His solutions are mostly extreme and off the wall but they do work, it comes down to execution. G-12
  5. It may be the internet connection requirement or the genre shift in an RPG series making people somewhat shy of this game. It could also be the lack of an official localization ._. I wonder who will be the first to construct a trophy guide and roadmap for any version of Ciel Nosurge. I could end up foisting the challenge upon myself...how strange if my first guide ever were a Japan only sim/visual novel! Considering the real time format of the game, there may be missable trophies in between the automatic/unmissable ones. The fastest achievers are of course native speakers with minimum 2 months completion time. In order to learn what is required to earn them over the course of a playthrough, or cleanup in post game if at all possible, a JP only guide (available on eBay as well as all 3 game versions) made for the RE:Incarnation version could shed light on the in-game goals and possibly even an explicit disclosure on how to work toward these trophies. After coming across Ar Tonelico and Ar Nosurge, this is a tantalizing piece of foreign ground. While there is a good looking fan made translated run on YouTube, the text navigation and overall digest may be manageable with a translation camera app. That is, if you can suspend your phone in the air over the Vita screen. It’s all touchscreen so no compromise to the player’s ability. Even though these are physical cartridges, DLC must be installed to the Vita from a JP PSN account, so you’ll have to play on the JP account for the first 2 versions then utilize this trick to sync trophies to your main account. Anyone having played this already, share your knowledge May I soon forsake my inhibition and dive into this export exempt entity.
  6. It sucks when not all games in a series are shared between platforms, but in the case of Bayonetta, the sequel meeting the PlayStation is the least of my concerns. I'll agree the prologue in the city with the planes and suspenseful angel introduction and all was perfect. That's where my good impression ended. I was expecting Jeanne to be side by side with Bayonetta during the campaign, but again she was absent the whole time. The chapter select menu conceals the fact that your character and her YuGiOh sidekick never make any lasting progress up the mountain, they keep falling to the bottom and come back from somewhere else. Who puts a boss as the 3rd level? Who puts the weakpoint (the face no less) on the shield? No angel or demon was particularly difficult to beat. You didn't even have to learn any combos to get through any super armor. I wish the story post-prologue got a do-over, along with FFXIII and Tales of Graces. Bayonetta 2 had one redeeming quality, being that your magic meter had an alternate use for the boss battles as you cannot torture attack bosses. In my opinion, until Bayonetta 3 sees any daylight, I don't consider this a series. It's just one good game, with a fair anime adaptation, and an eye-rolling sequel. I'm satisfied with her spot on the Smash roster, despite her not being able to cancel Forward Aerial with specials anymore.
  7. I understand the inner demon that comes from a game left unfinished. KH1 gummi ship missions, FF13 item collection, and Kirby Air Ride checkboxes come to mind. Chain of Memories is largely at fault for frontloading the least useful information possible in the tutorial. I wouldn’t expect every player to excel at this game without some extra pointers. Everglow on Youtube has a comprehensive video on how to grapple with the battle system. To boil it down, you want to take note of how strong an attack card (different keyblade faces) is in a different step of the 3 hit combo. The damage output varies greatly, and is most relevant as attack/defense stats are absent in this game. Heartless hordes should pose no issue; there can be 10 units against you but due to the card system, only 1 can attack you at a time. It’s the boss battles where you’ll need to fine-tune your deck. Number 0 cards let you nullify those powerful sleights the bosses keep killing you with. There are several potent sleights that are easy to remember for their card requirements. Favoring Card Capacity (CC) over HP helps, gives you more room. Sora’s final boss is not as fearsome as it is said to be. The first form uses no sleights whatsoever, and the second is completely stationary, while each of the sleights used have enough startup to avoid, whether by dodge roll or glide. If I wanted to change a thing or two about Chain of Memories, I’d start with getting Deep Jungle back into one of the floors while shifting 100 Acre Wood to a skippable section on the side, adding some collectibles that could have been relevant to Sora, his past, and the game’s concurrence with 358/2 Days (I don’t count the room of rewards keyblade cards sorry). Or I guess you could just spam Lethal Frame, Blizzaga, etc.
  8. I’m about to give up trying to get this version of the game. Brazil merchants, even Amazon, simply won’t ship internationally. You positively have to have a local address. CPF (SSN equivalent) generator won’t get you anywhere because of the thick layer of buyer verification required. Good luck to anyone who tries, at least there wasn’t any hassle at all getting JP Alice: Madness Returns (get 100% without playing the original AMA), physical Earthlock: Festival of Magic (delisted), PS3 Naruto UNS 3 Full Burst (DLC is on the disc, not the PSN!), etc. Somebody for goodness sake oughta put this one up on eBay already. Amazing how with a backlog of 1000+ games, I’ll get down over a handful of maybe ~20 delisted games, some unique, some just stacks (R.I.P. JP Brothers: a Tale of Two Sons T_T)
  9. I played this a while back on a PSP emulator. I wasn't sure if I was ever "doing it right" as I was trying to play it like Tales and Kingdom Hearts, except I observed neither defensive maneuvers nor discernible combos. I felt like I wasn't really in control as mobile enemies are chased and jumped after automatically. So I literally button mashed as Roddick until the final boss killed me with a screen nuke. Only then did I start looking at the symbology menus. BTW...those befriending trophies. If that's the only holdup against a single play-through platinum, and you're not too attached to the early game prospects, I suppose you could save before accepting each friend, pop the trophy, then reload and continue without them. I only played it once though, so I may have an oversight if it turns out certain friends require a previous recruit's presence to be possible. I mean I took the first couple friends without thinking and missed the rest 😭. I'm surprised there's no battle trophy update. Don't rock the boat I guess? Despite all I felt was missing, I owe much to this game. The OP theme (HEART by Asunaro) is bar none my favorite song of all time, which is saying something as it was previously Mamoritai ~White Wishes~ in Tales of Graces. So much my favorite in fact, that I made an English dub I am very proud of. All thanks to the sole convincing translation on youtube.
  10. I’m pleasantly surprised to see this come up on the PSN list! Now how about LISA, and Delta Rune and Mother 4/Oddity: Under the Moon.