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  1. Probably the first one. Beating "Sky Kid" was pure torture, even with the rewind feature. There's some pretty lengthy games in the first collection as well, like "Tower of Druaga" and "Dragon Buster". It's a shame we only got NES ports though, while the Switch got the actual arcade roms😒
  2. Sure! "Overdrives" basically clears the entire screen for you, and after you've beaten the high score for all the "score attack" levels, you'll get a cheat that gives you an infinite amount of them. You can use your smartphone as a controller through the official "PS Remote Play" app, which includes a virtual controller on the screen. There's several apps on the Google Play store that will automatically click the screen for you, like "Auto Clicker", so just point it at the O-button and make it click it every second. You'll basically kill all the enemies on-screen every second. There's a few spots where you'll have to manually move the camera around to get the enemies in your view (like the second boss fight), but it still saves you from a lot of work. This only works for the "direct assault" levels though, because using cheats will disable high scores, and most of the other trophies requires you to beat a high score.
  3. A hard platinum motivates people, but a tedious one just isn't worth wasting time on. There's only 5 levels in the main game, and you'll have to repeat these same levels several times in different modes. Not to mention that you'll have to play through the entire game again SIX TIMES in "direct assault" mode. I would've given up on the platinum if I had to play it like normal at this point, but you can basically just use your smartphone as a controller, download an app that pushes buttons for you every second and make it hit the O-button (if you've unlocked the "infinite overdrives" cheat). The game will play itself.
  4. Got it for christmas and waited, since the progress couldn't be transferred to the PS5 version. I'm just at chapter 2, but I like the new main character a lot more than the "Judgement" main already. Really looking forward to trying out the mini-games!
  5. If anyone outside of Japan plan to play this game, remember to set your console to Japanese. Playing in any other language will freeze the game after the title screen. I learnt this the hard way and spent hours trying to find a fix for this.
  6. The first one was pretty good in my opinion. It's completely different from the second one, but still fun if you enjoy 3D platformers with huge open levels and lots of collectables. The story in the second one is completely independent though, so you don't really need to play the first one in order to understand it.