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  1. To get Under the weather you have to start working for Glen, the guy from a petrol station. I'm not sure but decide for Rene to stay with the kids at home. For Roasty Toasty in the winter, go to your garage, in the back on the right, it's like a utility room with washing machine, you gonna fine what you need, just put the all on Always there is more complicated, not working for the city is simple, but not working for Isla is hard to guess the right dialogue. You have to stir all dialogues in the right direction, or maybe just don't take Sage on the jobs I guess, so he doesn't have anything to show to Isla when she is in town. Hope I help a little bit
  2. Weekly challenges, all the rest is pointless!
  3. Sorry for the late reply. I will give it a try on weekend and reply here if I got it or not. Thanks
  4. Hi, can you guys explain in more detail what has to be done? So, reveal to the father that the fire was Sage fault but don't tell the mother that the father has money deal with Humphrey? Done two options, I reveal Sage secret but didn't tell about the money, I reveal Sage secret and didn't the mother about the money. The outcome is the same, Sage never work for Humphrey, and when speaking to Robert is always the same option "go with Robert, It's your choice or the third one", there is never an option to build Sage sculpture. So what am I doing wrong? Any tips please, that's my last trophy.
  5. Hi, is anyone have more info about this trophy, do you have to work for Mike, what do you have to do in the chapter Priorities to get this job? Thanks for any tips Update: Don't worry, I get the trophy.
  6. For the 10th you have to use a Peculiar Pinion on an eagle statue, the statue is on the small island North West, the one with a small hut, where are 3 wracked boats.
  7. Just to confirm, Inazuma region has 10 fishing spots? One is after you interact with a statue on Tsurumi Island.
  8. Just get the trophy, yuppie! 53 086, so happy. The whole match I concentrate on the enemy squad, 36 kills In total. It's a little bit strange because the match before I got 38 kills and 5 AI kills and get only 44K. I use A-wing, with jammer and reflect hull as @Charizarzar suggested, thanks Done it on Nadiri, they glitch like crazy, at some point my squad didn't even attack the flagships, so I get kills, it's like the game new I wanna get this trophy Thanks everyone for the tips, glad I get it, now just 1000 kills
  9. Hi, congrats. Can you tell me what starfighter did you use and what weapon, did you play on easy or normal? I'm trying but I'm not even close to 40K
  10. Hi. Does anyone know how the multiplayer works? Can you boost with friend of does anyone have any info. Can we do our own game?
  11. Hi, I'm missing 3 walnuts in savanna, are they glitched or you have to do something to get them? I can't see them on the map Thanks in advance for any answer Update: After I finish a game, I found them in the caves It's strange because I been there before.
  12. If you think you doing everything right and the trophy not popping, try to change the host. It works for my friends, we was doing it in private matches. BTW, just down them and do the quick claim. All the rest the same as the posts above. If they stick together, try to jump on them, it's taking a quiet lots o damage, then try to finish them with blades. I rarely see people using the charge jump in quick matches.
  13. Hi, just got the trophy. I think is around ~12 full games, running on trees. And yes, done in private matches
  14. Hi, does anyone know how to get this trophy - So Close, Yet So Far... / As the Predator, kill the entire Fireteam while they are waiting for the exfiltration chopper. There has to be full fireteam, 4 people? When exactly you have to kill the entire squad, when the chopper is on the way or when he drops the lines?
  15. Hi. Someone know's how to do the Mario wannabe trophy, I have no idea how to jump on companion head.