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  1. On Trueachievements someone mentioned about filing a complaint with the BBB, as it got black ops 3 fixed and an achievement on killer instinct. Maybe if it gets enough traction we might get a good outcome as well?
  2. I got a similar answer as well. Was told; ‘As I checked our database I see that our game development team is actively investigating the issue. It effects both PS3 and Xbox 360 as you pointed. We are unable to give you any kind of support about this issue at the moment.’
  3. Sounds a bit promising “Thank you for contacting Ubisoft Support!We've been receiving reports about players being unable to access the ShadowNet challenges, and we're currently investigating the issue, in the interest of having it resolved as soon as possible. In the meantime, we'd recommend following the official forum at: and our Support Website ('d also like to apologize for any inconvenience this may be bringing on.If you have any questions, or need anything else, please let us know and we'd be happy to help.”
  4. Thanks for the update, hope you can get somewhere. I have been sending in tickets but again always get different answers like “the devs are looking into it” or “they are just unavailable” . You try and ask for more info and they just double down on what they said previously.
  5. Just simply log in to your ubi account here and make a case. Depending on what time it is you maybe able to do a live chat, but you can always send an email.
  6. I sent one in asking for it to be forwarded to the devs. You thought they would have brought them back for a bit since it got Xbox one X enhanced not long ago.
  7. Thanks for keeping at them although I will be shocked if we see any developments. But if they would just fix it then we would stop asking! 😆
  8. The shadownet trophy can be obtained offline, it’s only the 2 challenge trophies that are officially unobtainable. I’m not sure about the MP servers though as they haven’t announced any recent server closures, plus the game’s on the server maintenance list again for 1st April 2019.
  9. Thats strange? I haven’t checked in a while, they were up when I last checked. They are still up on xbox (not the challenges though). I know the servers were down for a long time on PS3 around Dec 2018.
  10. The servers are still up as you can still play the multiplayer and co op, it’s just the daily & weekly challenges and gone dark missions that aren’t appearing. The info ubi support is using to explain why they are not working just says the uplay app will no longer work on the ps3/xbox360 and that to see what the uplay challenges are and to redeem any rewards you will need to use another device. It also mentions nothing else will be affected and as far as I know the other games mentioned in the list haven’t lost any features by this change. I think it’s just the devs can’t be bothered to fix it which is frustrating, but its not the first time this has happened to a game nor will it be the last.
  11. It is a shame really because all they have done is lied about fixing it and then given out a silly reason as to why it can’t be fixed. I know the games old and all that, but they still continue to sell it digitally so they should still continue to support it.
  12. Have you tried a fresh ticket as they’ll just repeat what was said previously. Also avoid saying weekly challenge say daily/spies vs merc challenges and also mention the gone dark missions are not appearing.
  13. Seems like that response was a bit troll like? 😉 Intrestingly when you read the article about the DECOMMISION OF THE UBISOFT CLUB APP FOR PS3 AND X360 SYSTEMS it mentions it only affects access to the app and nothing else will be affected.
  14. I can’t really give a link because it was part of my live chat, but here is part of the conversation after I told him it was the challenges found on shadownet not the ubi club challenges. ”Ok so sorry about this. We have misunderstood the club challenges to be linked here. The shadow net challenges are still active. And we do have reports of users not being able to see these challenges from the PS3 and Xbox360 consoles.” He then said they are meant to be fixing it, but that hasn’t happened yet but he said he’ll ask around to get a defintive answer. Regarding listing the trophy as unobtainable I would list it as unobtainable as a fix is not guaranteed, but if it does get fixed then change it back to obtainable.
  15. I asked last week on a live chat and they said the challenges were still meant to be active and they are aware that players can’t see them. I asked if they knew when it would be fixed but they said they don’t know as it up to the devs when they do. If anyone else wants to try contacting them on live chat ( I found live chat alot better) and see if they get a similar answer?