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  1. Does anyone know if the EA Play version also contain PS5 edition?
  2. Does the EA Play version include both PS4 and PS5 games?
  3. Are there any DLCs included? I don't think there are, but I might be wrong.
  4. I got the trophy after 28:04:32 real time and would like to give some feedback. As soon as I left the prison, the very first thing I did was take a car and drive to the shop window. It took some time, but eventually I managed to drive through the window and let my PS3 do the magic. The car was falling into oblivion for almost two days. That is because even though R2 and one of the buttons were held down, the game still paused from time to time. The Millionaire trophy popped along the way, after give or take 4 hours. I did not save at all, was logged into PSN all the time and the console did not freeze. Well, I guess I was lucky. Now is the time to breeze through the rest of the DLC trophies.
  5. How difficult are all four zombie DLCs in WWII compared to zombie DLCs in World at War?
  6. Of course I did this. Did this 3 times, each after starting a new game.
  7. As the title says, chapter 4 is missable. It is about 2 minutes long and starts right before the game ends. If you happen to miss it, as I did, you will have to do another playthrough! For me the game ended after chapter 3 and thereby I got stuck with 30/32 trophies. Think twice before attempting this or you may have to spend another 2-3 hours or more.
  8. No, it does not. It has been years since PS3 games were on sale.
  9. If anyone's wondering, the glitch still works as of 14/05/2020.
  10. Unfortunately, it seems that I've encountered a game breaking bug. During the Woods segment, wherein I'm supposed to enter the grave, then exit and run to the left so as to escape from a monster until it falls through the ice, the monster keeps catching me. Does anyone know how to pass this section? I tried many times, even started a new game but still no success.
  11. Yep, it happened to me too. Trying to figure out a fix for this. Edit: it's either glitched or it has to be done in one go. That's how I got the trophy.
  12. The game is screwed up but fortunately I found a solution. Just switch off the subtitles in the settings.
  13. After starting a new game, the loading screen is visible for a few seconds and then the screen disappears. I can only hear the music in the background.I've got the standard PS4. Any solution for this?I even redownloaded the game and the problem persists. I guess a patch is needed.
  14. Ditto. Minecraft: Story Mode to be precise.