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  1. Yep, it happened to me too. Trying to figure out a fix for this. Edit: it's either glitched or it has to be done in one go. That's how I got the trophy.
  2. The game is screwed up but fortunately I found a solution. Just switch off the subtitles in the settings.
  3. After starting a new game, the loading screen is visible for a few seconds and then the screen disappears. I can only hear the music in the background.I've got the standard PS4. Any solution for this?I even redownloaded the game and the problem persists. I guess a patch is needed.
  4. Ditto. Minecraft: Story Mode to be precise.
  6. Not a single one.
  7. Yes, you're right. It was added to the collection in August 2012.
  8. Are all the trophies story related?
  9. I also experienced this. All you have to do is restart the game.
  10. Do you guys happen to know where rations are located in the third level? Any tips on how to shoot down a target? I've been trying to shoot down a doe, but either it's bulletproof or there is an invisible wall in front of me.