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  1. Well seems like nobody play right now, tried for days, during day and night, still nobody, sometimes someone joins then leave but that's all
  2. Hey, as said above: - Servers are up again, but nobody knows for how long (though it has been up again since december 2019) - Platinum is still available, but you may have some problems finding a team for team trophies related - Sellout trophy is still available - All DLC can be done offline
  3. Hey, mind if you upload a video about that please? I tried a few times and i didnt manage to get it work EDIT: Nevermind, pretty easy to do if you start the right mode
  4. I'll obviously buy it but clearly not first gen. I will buy it in a few years like i did with the ps4, ps4 had some problems with the first gen, luckily i never had any problem with my 40gb ps3 fat but i recognize it was a bold move 😂
  5. Here in France it got first released under the Canis Canem Edit name, then Bully Scholarship Edition when they released Wii/PC/X360 version
  6. Hmm idk, I don’t remember if there was a feature to hide your team back in the days, so I assume there are really only 15~ active teams
  7. Good luck for finding a team, i've been trying for two days (by request to join teams and messaging team leaders), and nobody answered me (or accepted me in their team)
  8. Play in private sessions, or add "sane" players from psnprofiles and play in friends-only sessions, i guess i'll do that when i'll get enough faith to continue the grind lol
  9. What about if a hacker/modder boost your level to an insane level? (which would unlock you level 50 and level 100 trophy) Because i was wondering if it was safe to grind those trophies online, i sent an email to psnprofiles but didnt got an answer...
  10. Looking for a very rare item and a certified item (a good one if it’s possible), got 4 cases (or I can return item ASAP if you don’t want to trade and only borrow) if you have one of these (or both), add me on PSN dot--moe
  11. Weird, i always get redirected on my iPhone (using safari), hopefully now i got a vpn app that blocks those adds
  12. Any updates if they're going to put the online back up? I still need a few trophies for the plat
  13. Same problem here, but it's been like that since i bought the game in december, so i don't think a reinstall would fix it
  14. heart me (only need profile) and I will heart y’a back (profile and level if you need both)! Starting to heart everyone on this topic