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  1. #100 - Cuphead 10/10 Game
  2. Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 (PS4) PSNP Rarity: 7.29% PSN Rarity: 0.7% Master of the Secret Arts
  3. finally the successor to BFBB is here
  4. damn this almost became a mein leben chat lol
  5. #186 & 100% - The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt (PS5) Enjoyment/Rating: 9.5/10 Difficulty: 5/10 Tiime: 162 Hours PSNP Rarity: 7.99% PSN Rarity: 0.5% I didn't finish the game 1st time around on the PS4 because I think I was burned out from another game, but mainly it's because it didn't run so well on base PS4, so I let it go. What a MISTAKE that was, I missed out a masterpiece! The better PS5 version came out so I wanted to play it once again. Ran mostly fine for me and some frame drops here and there but overall the experience was immersive! The strongest parts of this game comes from narrative and characters, all of them are memorable! The monsters/enemies were so nicely designed and the music was superior in every way. The side quests in this were also very strong and can be its own story. The way you can set up your alchemy/signs class was also pretty fun in anticipation for the fight. You can also literally overpowered the game with a good alchemy/combat build (Euphoria). Literally almost no positives for this game and it came out nearly 8 years ago! It holds up well for all those qualities listed above! The only thing that i think didn't hold up well is the sword combat as in itself, it is just press square or triangle, or to cheese it, just hold square to use whirl and it becomes exploitable. I think over time, the combat did show its age. While it was fun and still satisfying, this is probably my only negative of the game. However, everything else overshadows that negative and the experience was barely altered. I can see why it won GOTY in 2015, it is nearly a perfect game and it beat out my favorite game of all time Bloodborne. I gotta say that just because, The DLCs Hearts of Stone and Blood and Wine are some of the best I've ever played! The story was so good and well written! The new area in Blood and Wine was amazing and the antagonists in both the DLCs were really thoughtful! The standard CD Project Red set was so high man, it's the reason I rated this game as high as I did despite my combat statements. Did I forget to mention Gwent? I was addicted to it from nearly the beginning! i love card games in general so this appealed to me in every way. It was pretty cool to realize in an already huge game, they decided to add a unique card game that allows players to decompress from the gameplay a bit, it was a smart move but ultimately it was one of the most unique parts of the game! If you haven't play this then you should obviously.... I mean im probably the only person that just played through this for the first time lol. Had great memories with this game.
  6. Best action game of all time (dante as my pro pic), Mission 8 and 10 on DMD and HAH were the hardest for me, youtube has some good strats around them. Anyone going for this plat good luck!
  7. Amazing game and I played it on PS3 not too long ago, holds up well! Im not gonna buy it right away but I'm interested in watching some gameplay of it
  8. Finally, it’s here. I’ll be using the Switch Axe to start with, love being on the full offensive of things! My main MHW/Iceborne was Insect Glaive! Wonder if it is good in this game
  9. Im excited, i loved world and iceborne
  10. Powerpyx has it up i believe
  11. My first time playing Witcher 3 ( I played it a bit before), well worth the 75 hours so far lol
  12. #185 - Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII - Reunion Enjoyment/Rating: 8/10 Difficulty: 4/10 Time: 40 Hours PSNP Rarity: 31.27% PSN Rarity: 5.5% I forgot to post this year so......the game was good and it was my first time playing the prequel since I never played it on the original PSP. The game's story imo holds up pretty well and has some emotional scenes that would eventually carry on to FFVII! The combat is kinda dated imo but it was pretty fun making an OP build, really makes you feel like Zack! The levels are linear and short and some of the minigames were pretty bad lol. However I think the quality of the story and materia fusion options make the game worth investing to. It is an old game so a lot of things will feel dated, however if you're a Final Fantasy 7 fan, you will definitely have fun with this! (Like I did).
  13. Don't know about favorite platinums, but some of the best games I played this year were: God of War: Ragnarok Sifu Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 Elden Ring Deep Rock Galactic Wolfenstein II
  14. Ill get this for sure! Played P4G, P5, P5 Strikers and P5R!! Im interested on this for sure
  15. First time going through the game in a while, this happens near end of the game right? I’ll make note of this for later