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  1. Dead By Daylight (PS5) 100% Done with this version for now. Will do PS4 version over time since I have more incentive to continue playing!
  2. #130 - Dead By Daylight (PS5) Fun: 9.5/10 Difficulty: 5-6/10 (skill and luck dependent) Time: Over 300h+ PSNP Rarity: 2.31% PSN: 0.1% THERE IT IS BOYS THAT IS A 0.1% (PSN) AND ULTRA RARE PLATINUM RIGHT THERE! "Brief" explanation of the game: The game is involves 4 survivors (4 players) trying to escape the map from the killer ( 1 player). There will be 8 generators on the map but only 5 are needed to unlock the gate in order to escape and win the match. The killer is responsible for hooking survivors up to three states in order to count it as a "sacrifice", which basically means 1 point or kill for the killer. The killer is also responsible for regressing generators so that no progress is made and that the survivors get no opportunity to escape. The hooks or sacrifices the killer has, the more points added to overall performance. If a survivor escapes, does gens, heals and avoids the killer in chases, then those points are also added to the overall performance at end game. There is a ranking system as well (Ranks start at 20, highest being 1 for both killer and survivor), the better you perform the higher you go up! Also, every killer and survivor have unique powers or perks that alter the game and allows for unpredictability. Hence every game you have is going to be a new experience. But really though, was not expecting to get far with this game since I only got it to play with some friends. I started on the PS4 but since I got the PS5 a week after getting the game, I switched to PS5 version for better graphical and performance upgrades, disregarding the PS4 trophies and what I had left. The more I played the more fun it got with friends and eventually it became the game I played the most because of enjoyment and uniqueness. Honestly there really isn't anything like this, that is why it held my attention. Working with your team to go up against a menacing killer can be nerve racking but extremely fun, you will never know how the game will end. The best part is that there are 20+ killers and survivors which allows for many options for what perks they can use. Every player plays differently and that itself along with the perks they chose allows for unpredictable results. Killers such as Oni, Nurse, Doctor allow the strategic gameplan to change within the survivors so that they find new ways to escape the killer. Depending on the perks or add-ons, survivors or killers must adapt to best playstyle in order to get the best out of their opponents. In my opinion, the game gets its critical appraise and recognition for its unpredictable player base and actions, which means the game is meant for LONGEVITY. With many killers and survivors, there is a lot of progression to take into account. I have more to say about how much I had fun but it would be a long post (already is). Only complaint I have is that in the higher ranks, many survivors and killers begin to abuse the meta perks or add-ons, which can make some games extremely long and torturous or some times unfair. But let's be honest here, this is normal in every online game at some point, so in actuality it might not be a problem because at that point you'll be prepared to take on the challenges these players offer. Overall, the experience is unique and I think everyone should give this game a go with their friends. YES it is not the most graphical and gameplay driven game ever, but man it's an experience with your friends and players you come across for sure! Okay now the trophies, there's over 150+ trophies in this game but you just need the base game for the platinum of course. If you like the game enough to get the DLC, then go for it and get some extra challenging trophies on the way. For the base game however some trophies require to get adept, which means either escape as a survivor with their perks or get a merciless killer as killer with their perks. Compared to the other trophies, these are the hardest trophies to obtained as it is dependent of skill and rank, for my case I was a decent rank when going for these trophies so it was quite a challenge. The other trophies require some natural but also doing tasks as killers and doing gens in certain maps and escaping. Some are progressive such as leveling up to III-50 or sacrificing 500 survivors. Over time, you will get most of this but on average it will take over 150h+ as it takes time to level up killers and survivors, hence is why many of the trophies are RARE or ULTRA RARE. But for me, it took me 300h+ and still going for DLCs as I still really enjoy this game! I'd say go for the platinum if you like or love the game enough to do it. Additionally the DLC is there for more options (new killers, survivors), which can enhance and prolong the experience in DBD. I played the game enough to be a RED RANK 1 in both killer and survivor at some point, so there's that Currently I am 97% of trophies done in Dead by Daylight (PS5), I am going to 100% it ofc and will go for the PS4 trophies as well since it gives me more incentive to play and do these trophies in a different matter. Let me just say: THIS IS THE ONLY GAME I DON'T MIND GETTING PLATINUM AND 100% WITH THE PS4 AND PS5 VERSIONS , since the game and its' matches are so unpredictable, it won't feel like I am doing the same thing all over again, which is amazing! So catch me with my profile trying to 100% both versions! Yes I know this was a long post, but since the game gave me fun memories while also investing hundreds of hours into it, I had to make it this long
  3. plays games that are only to his/her liking and does not disappoint! have some pretty impressive trophies that define your PS experience.
  4. #129 - South Park: The Stick of Truth Fun 9/10 Difficulty 3.5/10 PSNP Rarity: 20.45% PSN Rarity: 4.0% You guys want to know something crazy? I played the sequel before I got into this game! I platinum that one as well. But man I really did enjoy this the experience I gained from this game was that it was fun, crazy and sometimes "wtf"! Since I played the sequel first I thought this one would be more of a downgrade... but it wasn't! The game is just as good as The Fractured But Whole! The story and entertainment value is what made this game fun and enjoyable all the way through. Even the trophies were fun to do! The only catch is that pretty much all of them are missable... atleast the game is fun so it's worth it. As a South Park fan, I recommend this to anyone including the sequel! Waiting for a third game
  5. Hello I am Q-Force Cadet I have platinum for 4 R&C Games: Ratchet and Clank: A Crack in Time (PS3) Ratchet and Clank: Into the Nexus (PS3) Ratchet and Clank (2016) (PS4) Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart (PS5)
  6. #126 - Ratchet and Clank: A Crack in Time (PS3) 9/10 Fun 3/10 Difficulty PSNP Rarity: 20.71% PSN Rarity: 3.9% This was the first time I played this game and absolutely loved it. The story and the overall effort in this is great. I played the original trilogy on PS2 and I consider this game one of the better ones for sure, Top 3 I'll say. This is also the first time I got back into this series and I loved what the game had to offer, felt like coming back home. #127 - Ratchet and Clank: Into the Nexus (PS3) 8.5/10 Fun 3/10 Difficulty PSNP Rarity: 31.10% PSN Rarity; 6.8% This game concludes the Future series and imo it was still a fun game. The game is meant to be short but still it remained true to the series and had some of the better arsenals in the series. The quality is a little lesser than Crack in Time, but if you're a R&C fan, this game would still appeal to you and is still fun. Trophies are fun and the rarity is higher because it is also a short game. I recommend this game fully and is worthy to be added to my collection! #128 - Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart (PS5) Fun: 10/10 Difficulty 3/10 (hardest difficulty) PSNP Rarity: 56.43% PSN Rarity: 14.8% Alright let me just say this game was insanely fun and smooth which brought me into more immersion. This game is top notch in gameplay, warm felt story, and stayed true to a lot of things R&C fans love. Yes the game may appeal to more kids than usual, but the core and heart of it should appeal to everyone. Playing on the hardest difficulty made it an intense and fun experience for me! Definitely one of my favorite PS5 exclusives along with Returnal and Demons's Souls. The trophies rarity on this game is also insane! Yes the game is easy and the trophies are too, but this game has to be the easiest of them all because solely of no collectible and difficulty trophies. But man, nearly 15% of ALL players have it, and it will go up for sure, but that makes me glad many people are going to partake in the platinum because the experience is worthwhile. For me I wasn't affected by this, I enjoyed the game regardless and even 100% too and finished a NEW GAME + as well. Overall this game had me excited for a while after playing the PS3 Games. Conclusion: It was a blast to play the PS3 ones for the first time and reliving my childhood. This led up to Rift Apart, and blew my mind on how flawless the game ran and played. Yes these game are quite easy platinums, but they are great games and many enjoyed them, you should play it for the quality of the game not the trophies and for sure they are worth having for the collection. If I ever get to play the OG Trilogy again, then Ill get the plats for sure cause they are amazing. But for now, my R&C journey comes to an end or a hiatus lol! Thanks for coming to my TED talk.
  7. I have quite free time till mid-July, I am open to any recommendations! This is what happens when you play many genres
  8. I have 4 Persona platinums and loved all of them! Worthy of my collection. I have Persona 4 Golden, Persona 5, Persona 5 Royal, Persona 5 Strikers. So according to this thread I would be in "The Great Seal"! I would love to be added!
  9. #125 - Resident Evil Village Fun: 9/10 Difficulty: 6/10 PSNP Rarity: 18.34% PSN Rarity: 2.0% AND THERE IT IS NUMBER 125 FOR THE MILESTONE!! I had to choose this game as I am a fan of the Resident Evil series and have platinum some of the recent titles as well. The game's more of an action approach but I really enjoyed it. I thought it was well paced for the most part and the gun customizable options made it better for combat. The trophies were rather fun and not too hard, except for the mercenaries. I am genuinely surprised how 2 percent of players were able to achieve this, thought it would be a rarer platinum. Anyways, this game is great and I recommend it to anyone!!
  10. #124 - Returnal 6.5/10 Difficulty 9.5/10 Fun PSNP Rarity: 7.50% PSN Rarity: 0.5% Definitely one of the most fast paced and intense games I played in a while. The developers HouseMarque created a game that basically puts all their games that the created in the past into this high budget game. The gunplay and movement is so smooth and the boss fights are amazingly designed. While also the PS5 is able to maintain 60 FPS throughout the intensity. This is technically my first rogue-like platinum, since I couldn't complete Binding of Isaac or Enter the Gungeon. The fact that this genre is became a AAA game, gives me hope that more of these games out like this in the future. I had played some of HouseMarque's previous entries such as Resogun and Nex Machina, and man those games were addicting and fun! I was able to platinum both of them and they are the easiest plats at all. But this game blew me away on how they were able to budget this and make it an exclusive on PS5! The trophies weren't bad but needed skill and patience, the game is not everyone and not many people will have the plat. The grind for the final trophies can put many off and make the plat rarer. But since I loved this game it didn't really bother me at all. So I am glad I was able to include this on my collection! Prob my game of the year so far! This is also one of a handful of playstation exclusives that won't have a high rarity by PSNP AND PSN standards. Skill can be as daunting as Bloodborne (Fav gave btw) and grindy such as any rogue-like. Hope people don't give up on the rare plat! For 125th it will be Resident Evil Village (another damn good game by Capcom).
  11. #123 - Mortal Shell (PS5) 6.5/10 Difficulty 8.5/10 Fun PSNP Rarity: 13.01% PSN Rarity: 1.2% Yay another souls game added to the collection! This one is pretty cool and made by a smaller company but tbh, I thought the game was fun to play and that anybody looking for more soulslike games should play this! It is not ripoff since it has its own identity. The trophies are harder compared to most souls games because you have to beat the game without a shell, or beating the game without getting hit! This would be a test for anyone but honestly it wasn't too bad until the final boss, but is still very doable. The stone/shell mechanic is fun to use and the game runs and looks great on PS5! Rarity is much lower compared to most of the souls games, but don't let that fool, the game is great and also offers a great challenge!
  12. For my case, I am at echoing ruins (4th Biome) of the game and was just going for a normal run to the end. However, I hit the door glitch that everyone is talking about, so then I just restarted cycle as a result. Then I wanted to check my activity for Echoing Ruins and now it is no longer there. I closed the app and everything but it didn't want to come up. The activity progress for the other biomes work but this one doesn't. So is my trophy going to glitch? Since I have no way of knowing what's left to collect.
  13. i got the Nier Automata platinum and loved the game! I am excited to play this!
  15. #119 - Control (PS5) 4/10 Difficulty 8.5/10 Fun PSNP Rarity: 32.98% PSN Rarity: 4.2% Honestly a very fun game with fun gameplay and story was interesting to get into. Will play DLC at some point. #120 - Resident Evil 3 3/10 Difficulty 8.5/10 Fun PSNP Rarity: 37.89% PSN Rarity: 8.3% Another fun resident evil game after RE2. This game is more combat driven and cinematic but overall a fun experience. I recommend this fully. #121 - Persona 5 Strikers 4/10 Difficulty 9/10 Fun PSNP Rarity: 21.24% PSN Rarity: 4.2% This game is a fun sequeal to the original Persona 5. The combat is different from the turn-based combat but overall plays well. The story and characters are still great including the new ones as well. Whether you played Persona 5 or Persona 5 Royal, this game is legitimate as a sequel and fan service all around. I now have the plats for P5, P5R and P5S!! #122 - Immortals: Fenyx Rising (PS5) 4/10 Difficulty 9/10 Fun PSNP Rarity: 32.13% PSN Rarity: 6.8% Definitely one of the better Ubisoft titles for sure. This game has surprised me with its combat, humorous story and puzzles, and I mean that in the best way possible! This is pretty much the closest we will get to Zelda, and I am glad we were given this instead because it is still really fun! Will play the DLC soon for sure! Some of these games were challenging in their own right when it came to their mechanics, but overall had fun in all of them! Proud to have these in my collection!