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  1. #138 - Sackboy: A Big Adventure (PS5) Enjoyment: 8.5/10 Difficulty: 5-6/10 Time: 35hrs+ PSNP Rarity: 14.07% PSN Rarity: 1.0% I'll be honest to you guys, I never played a LittleBigPlanet game before, so this has been a breath of fresh air honestly. The platforming was fun and many of the levels were creative and astonishing! I played the game mostly in co-op with my friends and they enjoyed it for the most part. There were some glitches and bugs where the platforming actions didn't register, but maybe it was just a connection problem. Sometimes it would put us off but once we got back into it it was still very fun and had many laughs. The harder levels were maybe a bit too long or big difficult spike that made the game a little more demanding when it came to the platforming. But overall, I was having fun regardless because I typically love platformers and this one hit the spot in terms of quality and innovation. As for trophies, most were for completing the game and co-op related. However there was one where you had to do a 10 min platforming challenge....all I am going to say is... good luck!! Overall I really enjoyed this game! I would recommend for sure especially if you're into platformers!
  2. #137 - Deathloop Difficulty: 3.5/10 Enjoyment: 8/10 Time: 25h+ PSNP Rarity: 20.04% PSN Rarity: 2.0% Ah, another Arkane game that I absolutely enjoyed all the way through. Yes the game the is not a "masterpiece" but if you played any of the Dishonored games or even Prey. there is a very high chance of getting similar enjoyment from those games. I do have to admit that i LOVED the concept of the story and how great the voice acting is. Gameplay was good as expected and it ran well. The AI is probably the worst in the series but you can still be very creative on how you approach different scenarios. There is no difficulty, however you can die very quickly if not being cautious enough. The trophies were fun to do and actually added to the overall experience. This game may not be the same quality imo as the first two Dishonored games, but it sure is damn good and I had a wonderful time experiencing a less serious game but maintaining the Dishonored identity. I recommend this especially if you enjoy Arkane games! Arkane Studios has never made a bad game change my mind
  3. DMC5
  4. #136 - Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Enjoyment: 10/10 Difficulty: 5/10 Time: 600+ Hours PSNP Rarity: 7.01% PSN Rarity: 1.2% Man where do I start? This has been one of my favorite games to play on and off and the combat while also playing with friends had intrigued me to go for this platinum. And after about two years playing this game, I finally got it! No doubt I have had so much fun grinding my ideal weapon and gear set (aka Fatalis) and playing along with friends that one day strive to get the platinum. I got the vanilla MHW platinum in 2019, although it was extremely fun I have to say Iceborne took this game to another level in terms of difficulty, longevity, and monster design.I thought I would never get the platinum mainly because of the time it required for me to do everything which included getting the small and large crowns (again) and MR 200. Well here are some of experiences with the game. Crowns: Yes, the reason why many people couldn't get the platinum, however the way I tackled these trophies were that I played with some friends who wanted to get their MR level up, so we tackled the 5 monster event and during these times I would get majority of the crowns. If it wasn't for the events, I wouldn't even be close to obtaining this plat at all! For the rest of the crowns, I mainly farmed the guiding lands and slayed mostly tempered versions of monsters because they give a higher chance of gold crowns. While doing this, My MR level rose up quickly since you get more xp for slaying monsters in the guiding lands. The best part of the platinum and crown trophies is that the RNG gods had blessed me. For my last two crowns, I needed a Large Beotodus and small Barioth. So I loaded up this one event quest that had a chance to drop both crowns..... and blessed with rng, I got both crown trophies to pop along with the platinum! (check for yourself ) Overall, yes the crown hunting was grindy and took majority of time, but thank gosh for events and playing it with friends that made the crown grind more tolerable. Endemic Life: Pretty short note on this is that you have to be patient and definitely use zoomaster for more rarer spawns Monsters and Free DLC Monsters: The reason I was able to farm more efficiently was using Fatalis armor while using Alatreon or Raging Brachydios armor/weapons. These are the META in the game so it is recommended to make things quickly. Although I still recommend doing these special quests because they were the best monsters to fight in the game.... the fight, ost and communication of teammates is much needed. I have to admit I was surprised on how epic these fights were, the best part of Iceborne to me. Combat: I am an Insect Glaive user since I love to do air combos ( Thanks DMC), it has been my main weapon from the start and It has never failed me since. Other weapons I have used are the Longsword and hunting horn. The combat has always been fun for me especially when the team is obliterating the monster, making the battle more intense with us carrying the momentum. Conclusion: I am glad the platinum journey is over, but I will miss this game. I will play it with friends sometimes since it is technically the only MMO I played religiously. I hope Monster Hunter Rise may approach to consoles or maybe a new MH for next gen. But yes, I am extremely happy with this addition
  5. #135 - Life is Strange: True Colors (PS5) Enjoyment: 8.5/10 Difficulty: 1/10 PSNP Rarity: 65.71% PSN Rarity: 19.9% I gotta say I really enjoyed this one, it reminded me on the enjoyment I had with LiS: Before the Storm. The characters and story in this game are pretty enjoyable and it can get very emotional especially towards the end. This story focuses on the concept and powers of empathy, and it executes well within the narrative. The game feels real in many ways than in other Life is Strange games. That is because the plot kind of revolves one major event and we get to see people's feelings unfold and the truth about many things in the society these characters live in. Overall, I liked a game a lot more than I expected, maybe some day I will give Life is Strange 2 a chance. I recommend this! especially if you enjoyed any Life is Strange game!
  6. yeah sorry it made some confusions for some people. I also meant platinums that popped on PS5 regardless if it has a PS4 version.
  7. Nearly been a year since the PS5 launched. I do want to share the platinums I obtained during the time I played on the PS5. (Not considering PS4 plats) So here goes, in order from first to recent: 1) Astro's Playroom 2) Spider-man: Miles Morales 3) Devil May Cry 5: Special Edition 4) Demon's Souls 5) Maneater 6) Control 7) Immortals: Fenyx Rising 8) Mortal Shell 9) Returnal 10) Resident Evil Village 11) Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart 12) Dead by Daylight 13) Hades 14) Life is Strange: True Colors So far, I enjoyed all of these games and glad they were able to join my collection. Next games will probably be mostly: - Deathloop - Sackboy: A New Adventure - Tales of Arise? (haven't played yet so don't know if I will get)
  8. PSN ID: victorrfuego Country: United States PS Systems: PS4, PS5, PS VITA, PS3(PS NOW) Accepts Blank Friend Requests: Just send a message I like trophy hunter friends lol
  9. #134 - Hades (PS5) Rating: 10/10 Difficulty: 5/10 PSNP Rarity: 19.30% PSN Rarity: 3.7% This game was so damn good!!! I know this game came out last year, but I became patient and it finally arrived for playstation! This is a roguelike and is also one of the best I've played. The narrative, gameplay, art design, music and overall atmosphere of the game is amazing! This is a high quality and I recommend it to anyone. The game is addicting and it can be challenging at times, but it is rewarded with more story and items to increase your progression. I wish I can say more about this game, but I don't want to spoil anything. Anyways this is probably my favorite game of 2021! Don't miss out on this gem!!
  10. Seems everyone here is enjoying the game which is awesome. If you guys look at metacritic they are review bombing the game but a lot of the comments made laugh lol
  11. I put around 6 hours and I am already loving it, as a fan of Dishonored games, the gameplay and design already feels similar. That is good news because more Dishonored = more fun! I find the concept of the "loop" interesting and how it ties in with the narrative and gameplay. There is only much more to discover since this game encourages exploration. As of right now..... LOVING IT!
  12. #133 - Dead By Daylight (PS4) and 100% Rating: 9/10 Enjoyment: 10/10 (with friends) Difficulty: 5/10 PSNP Rarity: 1.92% PSN Rarity: 0.2% Well there it is boys like I promised.... platinum and 100% both PS4 and PS5 versions....until that 1 trophy gets patched lol
  13. As someone who loved and platinumed the Dishonored series, this has me pumped and the trophy list looks just as fun! Definitely will be added to my collection!!
  14. sorry i have a couple but: Bloodborne Devil May Cry 5 and Special Edition Crash Bandicoot 4
  15. #132 - Knockout City Difficulty: 4/10 Rating: 9/10 PSNP Rarity: 5.60% PSN Rarity: 0.2% (Super rare sheesh) Time: 75h+ This game has a unique PVP 3v3 concept with dodgeball and it makes it work like magic. This game is ONLINE only! But actually I love online trophies just as much as offline. The gameplay is fun and smooth, and it's even better with some friends. I guaranteed you will have fun with this game solely due to the adrenaline it gives you. 90% of the games I played were so intense and fun but also keep in mind that your competitors will always try their hardest. The game can seem very "sweaty" a lot of the times, by that I mean try hards that will not allow for such an easy fight, and will use their all to defeat you lol. I went for platinum because I was playing ranked with some friends for nearly a month (Ruby Rank baby) and then I saw the trophies were racking up, so I decided to go for it. Since the game has some time investment and some skill and rng, I can see why the 0.2% rarity is as it stands right now. This game was an experience, and I will still play this if friends tell me too some day. I RECOMMEND!