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  1. appreciate the guide!! Cannot wait to play it when I get the chance
  2. The plat was my #100!! Excited to come back to this masterpiece!
  3. Out of curiosity, I wanted to try this so let's what I have here... 1/10 - ??? 2/10 - Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga ( ) 3/10 - It Takes Two ( ) 4/10 - Battlefield 2042 ( ) 5/10 - Tiny Tina's Wonderlands ( ) 6/10 - The Last Guardian ( ) 7/10 - Elden Ring ( ) 8/10 - Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor's Edge ( ) 9/10 - Outlast 2 ( ) 10/10 - Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus ( ) I am missing one more game lol
  4. I'm just here reading all this..... I'm just happy more ppl are playing the game.
  5. I been on an indie game journey lately.... having fun with all of them so far. Wanted to ask how is the game like compared to Titan Souls? I did not realize untill today that Acid Nerve made both of these games..... I do I have to say I did enjoy Titan Souls for sure.
  6. #162 - Titan Souls Enjoyment/Rating: 8/10 Difficulty: 6/10 Time: 15 Hours PSNP Rarity: 1.92% PSN Rarity: 1.3% After yet again another game in my backlog for several games, I finally found the right time to play it. Basically to summarized the game you have one arrow to slay a boss and you die in one hit as well. However, you must find ways to slay the boss without ever getting hit, idea sounds masochist, but it's not as bad as you think. This indie boss gauntlet type of game was fun and creative in lots of ways. the art and aesthetic of the presentation was nice, and most of the bosses required some nice puzzles to figure in order to defeat the boss. Game reminds me of "Hotline Miami" or "Broforce", two similar in artstyle (kind of) and have the same one hit-death mechanic which works well in this game too. Overall the first playthrough was really fun and nothing too groundbreaking of quality, it knew what kind of game it wanted to be. The game wants to have replay value as it has modifiers to make the game different. After you beat the game on normal once, it unlocks everything else. The hard mode was fine and made some bosses more chaotic then they should be, I was expecting more movesets but actually the bosses just attacked faster and take up more space, which was okay. Iron mode is basically permadeath mode, which has to be combined with hard for the hardest trophy in the game. The worst mode imo was the no-roll mode, meaning no dodge or sprint to avoid attacks. It kinda sucked cause it slowed the game down but it wasn't too terrible until the final two bosses.... sheesh. On my road to platinum, all of these had to be done. Luckily there is a cross-save glitch that can help make the game easier and save you lots of time, however you will still have to fight the hardest bosses of the game, which means skill and knowledge of the bosses matter a lot here! Overall I was satisfied with the game and had a memorable experience of it, and will always! The other modifiers were kinda okay, but it made me understand the game a little more and prepared me on the road to platinum. I would recommend this to an indie fan and fans of boss gauntlet-like games!
  7. Alright I’ll see how it goes later
  8. sounds like breach mode is the platinum stopper lol.... thanks guys ill take this into account
  9. I played Human Revolution on Xbox 360 and I was really young. I always wanted to play this but was sitting there in my backlog. Would love some tips or anything I should before starting this game?
  10. Prob like 20 ish hours if you’re just running through it or less. For me the plat was 50 hours
  11. Just got the 5th boss stem cell trophy, only the collector trophies left and at 100%! I guess more people won't be afraid to plat! It's such a great game I want more people to play it anyways
  12. #161 - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder’s Revenge Enjoyment/Rating: 10/10 Difficulty: 4/10 Time: 15-20 hours PSNP Rarity: 9.41% PSN Rarity: 0.5% I got to say, I loved this game fully and it was especially fun with friends and playing arcade mode! It follows the source material really well and is a good throwback to old school beat ‘em up games that many love. Though I have to admit, I’m not into much of the arcade style of gaming in general, but this game made me appreciate it a lot more and I actually wanted more to play! Game is short(how it was designed) and the gameplay was satisfying from the get go! Only complaint I have with this is that it can be buggy and sometimes bosses or levels will not load, causing everyone to leave the lobby. Otherwise, not much to complain here or look for flaws. The game is pretty much perfection in what it achieves and desires to be. This is a game that knows what it wants and it’s identity being TMNT, it does a great job and and is the best version of fan service possible!! Really recommend this to any TMNT fan or beat ‘em up genre. The arcade and art style is appealing and I think it’s a game you shouldn’t miss 💪🏻
  13. #160 - Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor’s Edge (PS4) Enjoyment/Rating: 7.5/10 Difficulty: 8/10 Time: 80 hours PSNP Rarity: 6.66% PSN Rarity: 0.6% Welp there it is boys, the trilogy is COMPLETE! However this one, was lacking the most in quality unfortunately. I was enjoying the game and the only reason I give the game a higher rating than it is because the combat was really fast and chaotic, in good and bad ways. Mostly it was just fun with the amount of gore and dismemberment this game brought! For the platinum run though, the combat starting lacking as the difficulty got crazier. Sadly there wasn’t many options when it came to combat with the weapons, as the “Eclipse Scythe” was the way to go for the road to plat. Though it was still really fun and satisfying either way, it’s unfortunate you cannot mix up your weapons like you would do in the first two games. Other complaints were the story (lol) and many designs of the levels and bosses were very… questionable. When doing the trials and playing as the other characters, I had fun with them tbh, and made the game better for me as there was a lot of content in the game. Overall, I might be a little biased because of the score I gave the game, I loved the combat mechanics in all these games and in this game it’s no different. These type of games the COMBAT carries the quality, which I love cause gameplay > everything else. Sadly the game didn’t live up to the first two highly appreciated games. But to say I didn’t enjoy the game…. I wouldn’t “platinum” a game if I didn’t like it. (Duh) Anyways, this game is a hard recommendation only because other than the gameplay of the characters, the game is lacking in many areas. If you love Ninja Gaiden like I do or love action/hack and slash games. Then I would say go for it!! Will really miss this trilogy! I wish sometime in the future there is a new game or reboot….
  14. still works? let's see if it does in 2022
  15. Looks fun! love the sound design and gaemplay. Will prob pick this up with Metal: Hellsinger as well! Fall looking fun!