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  1. 2013 - 1. Common/Rarest: Lego Marvel Superheroes (19.20%). 2014 - 2. Common: Resogun(10.75%), Rarest: Battlefield 4 (7.46%). 2015 - 2. Common: Infamous First Light (22.34%), Rarest: Rocket League (21.12%). 2016 - 2. Common: The Division (11.92%), Rarest: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered (10.26%). 2017 - 10. Common: My Name is Mayo (96.36%), Rarest: Star Wars Battlefront 2 (3.51%). 2018 - 22. Common: Batman: The Enemy Within (70.84%), Rarest: Overwatch: Origins Edition (1.88%). 2019 - 21. Common: Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice (33.77%), Rarest: Devil May Cry 5 (3.87%). Crazy how I became a trophy hunter in the past 2 years!! Cannot wait for Outer Worlds and Star wars fallen order!!!
  2. Okay cool. Got it
  3. Just really curious, do you need to have all large and mini gold crowns in the base game in order to get the platinum in Iceborne? Or is it its own separate list for crowns, so that you don't need to have all crowns for both Base game and Iceborne? (Sorry for bad english lol)
  4. Pretty basic question but curious anyway. Mines are: 1) Overwatch: 0.2% (1.90%) 2) Star Wars Battlefront 2: 0.3% (3.44%) 3) Hollow Knight: 0.7% (3.57%) 4) Devil May Cry 5: 0.4% (4.00%) 5) Monster Hunter: World: 1.2% (5.60%)
  5. Monster Hunter: World The crowns for big and small monsters grind is insane. Though not really hard. It’s so tedious to the point where it’s hard to beat this lol
  6. #57 Hotline Miami
  7. Storyteller - Have 12 murderous dates with Calendar Man CURRENTLY trying to 100% Batman: Arkham City!! I miss this game.
  8. Okay I did cheat, I used my friends save, I’m sorry and knew it wasn’t right, I definitely learned my lesson. I do have another question that has nothing to do with this, how come I am unable to view my PSN on other games’ leaderboards? For example DmC: Devil May Cry or Devil May Cry 3: Special Editon. I enjoyed these games however my profile doesn’t appear on the leaderboards. Or does it take time to update the leaderboards?
  9. victorrfuego Devil May Cry 5 SO what had happened was after I finished mission 20 HAH(My last mission for s ranks), during the end cutscene my ps4 had an error(which the trophies wouldn't pop until the final cutscene is over. When I load up the game again, "Worhty of Legend" unlocked but "Hell of a Hunter" didn't. It was pretty weird and I got a little worried. I ended beating it again 2 tries later and I got it with the platinum. However I did not know it would affect me on psnprofiles. I am sorry if it appears I did something wrong. My ps4 is pretty old(since 2013) and had some problems with its software as well for it running slow on applications, making new games harder to run. Any more questions or disputes feel free to contact me back. I hope this gets removed.
  10. Mine was Crash Bandicoot, love the classics. Also deciding on going back to Arkham series.
  11. I've been playing Binding of Isaac: Rebirth lately and loving it. Any others titles I should play after this?
  12. Yes I know nothing new, but I'm still curious For me it is The Evil Within 2 Crash Bandicoot Trilogy Kingdom Hearts 1 and 2 Final mix, along with 3 Sekiro: Shadows die Twice
  13. I actually played that lol I loved it Yeah I heard those games are very good
  14. After I finish having fun on Crash Bandicoot I need another JRPG that will feel engaging, any suggestions? I will give my comment on your suggestion.
  15. I know it is a basic topic but I'm still interested in knowing what trophy/trophies stopped people from getting platinum. For me it was Devil May Cry 5, getting "Worthy of Legend" is so out of my league.