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  1. #91: Saints Row The Third Remastered 9/10 Fun 3/10 Difficulty GREAT GAME WITH A FRIEND I RECOMMEND IT FULLY!!
  2. So you did not talk to the guy at all? Because I want to select my support team before doing the cursed dolls. Maybe am I allowed to pick "create a team"? Or should I just completely avoid "see view story list"?
  3. #89: Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 4.5/10 Difficulty 8.5/10 Fun Rarity: PSN (0.4%), PSNP (3.40%) Very fun game in coop and with close friends. I am surprise the platinum is rare but glad to be apart of it now. There are some difficulty related and time consuming trophies but it isnt too bad #90: Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2.5/10 Difficulty 8.5/10 Fun Rarity: PSN (5.1%), PSNP (33.36%) My first Naruto Storm game ever!! Loved the anime as a kid so this is a good start. A very easy platinum to obtain, but who cares the quality is what matters and this game is just that!!
  4. #88 Final Fantasy VII Remake 9/10 Fun 5/10 Difficulty My first FF game ever! I was hesitate at first now I don't regret any of it. This game is great for those trying to get into this franchise. I had played Kingdom Hearts which can be said to be similar. But this has helped me with my interests.
  5. #87 The Evil Within 8.5/10 Difficulty 9/10 fun
  6. have some nice platinums! but a lot of games!
  7. I just play any game that has my attention lol it’s as simple as that.
  8. Hey guys I just been seeing certain threads where some won’t play a game because “it’s too easy” or “ rarity is too high”. The thing is that the game could be of good quality, like Resident evil 3 remake or Control. Just thought it was weird lol so I wanted to ask how do you guys feel about rarity and why it might or might not matter to you? (This is not a shot at people but rather a discussion )
  9. Good taste in games. That gtav and ufc2 though!!!
  10. Overall, what’s the final difficulty rating? I’m considering getting this on PS4 since I had it on switch
  11. Definitely loves overwatch and Kingdom hearts 3, and the Transformers plat indicates that they are of great skill in combat-related games!!
  12. Heavy Metal Acquire all Trophies. #84: DOOM Eternal 4/10 difficulty 10/10 fun The first DOOM amazed me, this game dialed the gunplay to 11. I loved this and the game was actually pretty challenging as opposed to the first game imo.
  13. Well I am a completionist, it has applied to me my whole life. But I won't plat games that I don't like or just extremely tedious/boring. I just plat what i love easy or hard doesn't matter to me
  14. Honestly I think it comes down to the games you play and enjoy that show your determination to finish a game completely. Personally I am happy with my list cause I only play games that intrigue me or atleast interest me. I'm also surprised I have some hard and rare plats lol.