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  1. Good month for me, the only game I have zero interest in is Dirt 5. I just got Persona 5 Royal a couple of weeks ago, I did plan to play Strikers at some point too, so getting it this way is nice. But who knows when I will get around to Strikers since I heard P5R is over 100 hours, and I am currently playing another long jrpg, DQ XI. I heard only great things about Deep Rock Galactic, but it's not the type of game I am particularly fond of, I tried a few of them over the years, but I get bored super fast for some reason. But I might give it a try since I am subscribed and all that.
  2. Dororo. Watched the 1st 9 episodes, some great episodes, some less than memorable ones too. A bit overly reliant on tragic stories to have an impact on the viewer, the main characters are also pretty meh. Taking a break from it, will return and finish it at some point. Made in Abyss, finally watched this to the end, I was very intrigued by the world and the lore, probably my favorite part of this. Compared to Dororo this beautifully builds up to its impactful moments, incredibly touching at times. Trigun episodes 1-4. One of those anime classics I never got around to watching. Often recommended to those who enjoyed Cowboy Bebop, an anime I love, I think I will stop with Trigun at 4 episodes, there were plenty of things that I am not a fan of in this episodes, so no point in watching more.
  3. Pretty happy that I managed to get the physical version of both Persona 5R, and Ghost of Tsushima. These two games were at top of my wishlist, and I hoped to get them this holiday season. Luckily, I managed to find both of them at good prices during the same week.
  4. Ever since Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, I always look forward to what Fares and his studio release, so I am glad they won. I still need to play Psychonauts 2, it looks like a lot of fun and I only heard great things about it. Maybe also Metroid Dread, but at that price...plenty other great and cheaper metroidvania games out there that I have not yet played, plus I am not really a fan of how it looks, then again I see plenty of people praise it so who knows. Honestly for me the highlights of this year's awards were listening to that Sting song for the 1st time (I really need to watch Arcane), also that Cuphead musical performance was great, the d.l.c finally has a release date! Alan Wake 2 getting announced was cool too, I love the 1st one, but it's a long time until 2023.
  5. January - I played a bit of Shadow of the Tomb Raider, will return to it since I enjoyed the 1st 2 in this trilogy. February - I got the plat in both Control and Concrete Genie. March - tried out FF VII R and Remnant, will return to both. April - tried Zombie Army 4: Dead War, meh, not for me. September - played Hitman 2, completed the levels multiple times, fun game.
  6. This just crossed my mind, but if this will be exclusively tier based, and you can't also get the benefits of the a tier by buying it separately, then that could suck, for example on xbox you can buy gold and game pass separately, but you can also buy game pass ultimate which gets you both of them at a reduced price. People do say that ps now is kinda like game pass, and in theory it is, but there is a reason why many consider game pass to be the best value for money when it comes to gaming, and clearly sony feels the need to do something to revamp their services, maybe in response to it, maybe not. Will be interesting to see how sony will handle it.
  7. Since they are saying that it will most likely have 3 tiers, I would imagine the lowest tier will allow you to play multiplayer games and maybe you also get the other benefits that ps+ offers. Would be pretty crazy to put access to online play in a higher tier. Then again, this is Sony, based on their last decisions anything is possible, I honestly have very low expectations of this, I expect some pretty ridiculous prices, definitely not in line with xbox. Then again, the last few ps+ months have been incredibly lackluster for me, so maybe something good will come out of this. Also, since ps now is only available in some countries, it will be interesting to see how this will work.
  8. Just bought Yakuza 0 yesterday. Guess it's time to finally start this series. Based on the little I know about this franchise, this should be fun.
  9. Pretty ok month for me, while none of those 3 are something I want to play asap, I like souls-like games, and I heard some good things about Mortal Shell. I never played a lego game, but I might give this one a try, it looks like it could be fun. As for Godfall...I am just gonna skip this one.
  10. Currently watching the 1st season of K-on, a slice of life anime with a music theme, the music does take a backseat here however, but I am fine with that since this is quite a relaxing anime, and that is the main reason why I started this. I think that because this is a KyoAni produced anime I did not watch it sooner, I just associate them with drama intense anime, even if clearly they have done plenty of other stuff too.
  11. I got Outer Wilds from the ps store, I read only great things about this game, and since I was also in the mood for something that focuses on exploration, and gives you a sense of wonder, without holding your hand, I finally decided to buy it. Installed it, and will play it today.
  12. Now that the BF sale has started too, I gotta say this one has far more games that interest me. I am not sure what I will get in the end, but I very interested in the following: A hat in time, Outer wilds, Shovel Knight, Cuphead, Minoria, What Remains of Edith Finch What Remains of Edith Finch.
  13. At a first glance none of the games that I really wanted seem to be on sale or have a good enough discount, kinda disappointed tbh, I think I am gonna get something from the indie sale instead. I was hoping the standard edition of Persona 5 Royal would be on sale, oh well, I should have gotten the Deluxe Edition when it was on sale a couple of weeks ago. Gotta say, I am not in the US but I've seen some of the retail deals they get for much better than what sony is offering, I am jealous lol
  14. I only watched a bit on Elden ring, I don't want to be spoiled that much. But considering how many open world games we get nowadays, most of them with huge maps but as shallow as a pond, I am glad to hear that exploring this games world feels satisfying, it encourages you to explore and discover its mysteries, without telling you where every single one of them is. While I am not a big fan of Red dead redemption 2, that was the last open world game that I just loved being in, exploring that world felt great, felt rewarding, I was curious of what I might encounter next. With Elden Ring if they manage to capture that open world feel, plus the kind of combat I already know I love, then this should be an amazing experience.
  15. Adept Kate In a public match, escape with Kate, using only her 3 unique perks. I've mostly been playing Dead by Daylight lately, I recently got it, and I am surprised by how much I enjoy it, even with its issues this is a really fun game.