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  1. Ps3 library will be eventually available through bc (sooner or later). Im more worried aboud my vita. Playing On ps3 or ps5 isnt that different but, vita portability will be lost
  2. Update: So yep, preordered
  3. There are no such trophies I always go with "I can do everything" attitude to eventually dissapoint myself (or try long enough)
  4. I see you already have plat but for future use: Wheee - just find a pool of Blood and walk through it back and forth until trophy pops, youll notice he moves diferently Second one you have to be chased by both - get into a chase, jump through a shortcut, catch another and go back so the one looking for you kills you
  5. Release date is 04.06 for europe. Also wanted to find it in PL but no luck
  6. Mostly i dont mind crossplay but there are few cases where you cant even use mouse on PS and that would give unfair advantage in some scenarios (eg. dead by daylight as killer)
  7. First time took me also 80h to beat (~60% pantheons), second region few months after took me sth like 30. I continued playng cuz i really like this game and when decided to go for all steam achievements, it took me less than 8 hours but thats including hard speedruning strats, perfect bosses with weak nail and charms and pantheons first try and poh 2nd. So yup, its impossible
  8. #32 Dead by Daylight Dead by Daylight 1.63% Ultra Rare Pretty proud
  9. Waiting for reaveal, probably will wait, my backlog is long anough to keep me busy but if they will show a list for ps4-compatible games and/or will have trophy progress system then im in. SSD alone makes me hesitate
  10. Got it few times, always report and block. Last time was sth like "there is no escape snaki :)" with strange letters 😬
  11. Woah, i wonder what were the numbers before reduction
  12. So far played only carnival dlc but i like the difficulty. As a hardcore gamers with my gf we exceeded base game 3* scores by quite a lot even first try so the challenge was nice addition.
  13. Probably no one wants to play the killer due to broken matchmaking Recently grinded killer trophies and on rank 9 i was constantly matched against 1-3 rank teams. Up to this point i enjoyed killing but man, last games were just pure frustration. Queues always took few seconds at most and never had the same opponents, I woudln't mind waiting longer for a fair game