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  1. oh no.. did I miss it.. is this done?
  2. this challenge is just ridiculously impossible on the vita. It behaves nothing like any of the "recommended" ways to do this. I tried the L1 + X but the Satyrs just block everything and I do not stay up in the air like they do in the videos, the animation to get up in the air also takes too long by the time it starts ive already been hit and it cancels the animation.. then im pushed off from the 6 other hits. They also hit me in the air and stop my swings.. which never happens to any of the recommended videos. I tried the L1 + O and that does kick off the dogs but the Satyrs just laugh at it and then instantly kick me off because the animation for getting back up takes forever. I tried the Artimis blade holding L1 + Triangle to launch in the air, but even if an enemy goes up with me hitting with Square after does not knock them out, barely does nothing. I tried the Square, Square Hold, and it sorta works for a while but eventually you just get swarmed once the Satyrs start blocking everything. It's a complete disaster that just ping pongs you from hit to hit to hit till you get thrown off. I really dont see how this is possible on the vita, it just behaves completely different than all the PS3 videos online. Ive spent hours and have not even come anywhere close to the height required.. I dont think I even got it up to the bottom of the island. Videos online all show people getting all the way up there in less than 1 min. Even when I have a "good run" and last more then 1-2mins I'm not even half way up. Basically I cant even get hit once.. as soon as I get hit once it's over.. because it cancels my move's animation and then it takes too long to start a new one so i just get hit over and over and over till i bounce out. Update: Well.. I finally did it. I guess I am nothing but a sucker for punishment and just kept trying and trying. There is absolutely no right way to do this, there is no method to the madness.. it's entirely RNG and just pure BS luck. I used the L1 + X strategy at first then when the Satyrs started blocking everything I popped the RoG just to keep myself alive, and finished off with a combo of L1 + X and just some good ol Square now and then. I had been playing this crap over and over for I dont even know how many hours that I zoned out when I finally made it and did not even notice that I got to the top until a few seconds later, thought to myself WTF am I still doing fighting for my life and jumped over to the platform. It is absolutely horrible.. I possibly did damage to my X button on my Vita pressing it so much.. but it's done. I almost had a heart attack when the trophy did not pop right away at the notification screen. It only pops after you hit X.
  3. The Vita version has not been updated in years. It was abandoned. The current vita version is still fully platinumable and yes you can get the NPC trophy, you just have to get all the NPC's that are available on the vita version, and obviously not any of the new ones that do not exist.
  4. Thanks for this.. I'll give it a shot! UPDATE: Thanks, it worked.. it's on floor #4 right when you walk in if anyone else is interested, i got the Root Rot Armor in one of the previous floors which had Food Reserves enchantment that let me survive the damage easily
  5. wow.. there have not been wildfires in forever.. anywhere else i can get wildfires without any DLC?
  6. It's just as good as playing on PS4 Pro. There might be a slightly better loading times, but that also might just be me remembering things taking a bit longer.
  7. Thanks for doing this giveaway! I have not played that game before, in fact I have never played any Final Fantasy games. I do know that they are supposed to be very very good, but also very very long with crazy requirements to beat massive bosses. I could be completely wrong in this though, because they only thing I've ever heard (other then they are great games) comes from Conan's Clueless Gamer bit where they did FFXV. It's one of the funniest every Cluess Gamers, you can watch it here: My knowledge of Anime is very limited. Way back in the day I really enjoyed Akira, but that's about all I know. My Country is Canada. I've been saving up for God of War Ragnarok! Cheers again!
  8. My second guess will be Demon Slayer. Cheers!
  9. Dragon Ball would be from my childhood.. so I guess I gotta go with that. Cheers for doing this!
  10. The game may be pretty straight forward but it is in fact a pretty challenging puzzler. Once you get two mummies going at the same time the difficulty level really increases and you have to think about your next several moves pretty carefully (I have not made it to 3 mummies yet!). Some of the trophies themselves also seem to be pretty difficult and a fun challenge. I was not a huge fan of the way the controls work, but it does get very easy to get used to. I would actually love to have seen this type of game on the Vita, since these puzzle type games are always perfect for a quick on the go gaming session when you only have a bit of time here and there to try a level. If you're looking for a decent little puzzler this game is for you!
  11. I agree with these.. but id put Uncharted at the top of any list
  12. I'll give it a shot, NA code would work.
  13. This actually sounds like fun! Since it's only a US code however, I'll have to pass on this one. Looking forward to reading everyone's entries!
  14. I went into this expecting shovelware, and I was at least surprised that it's not that! It's not an overly complicated game, sure, but its not completely trivial either. The maps are pretty well thought out and some of the cats/yarn are actually kinda difficult to find. There are also A LOT more maps than I was expecting making this game a lot longer than a shovelware type game. I have to say that the controls in my opinion were lacking. I kinda get why they went the way they did with needing to hold down the bumper to look around, but I think it should have been made the other way around where you could move and look freely with the sticks and then hold the bumper if you wanted to just move the paw (cursor) to fine tune. The way things were set up I was only able to play about close to 50% of the maps before I kinda started to get nausious (and I play A LOT of games, this rarely happens). Overall I'd say it's an OK game for a very young kid, but my 10-13yr olds did not have much interest.
  15. Sure, I can use either NA or EU code, if the EU works for UK